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Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 250ml 250ml

4.6 of 196 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.50

Or 4 instalments of $12.50 with LEARN MORE

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A gently cleansing shampoo for damaged hair, featuring bond rebuilding technology. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Breakage and split ends
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Colour protection

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 250ml

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 250ml

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Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 250ml Reviews

4.6 of 196 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing for damaged hair


I was recommended this product during the transition from black to blonde. Highly recommend! Reduced breakage and my hair never went dry and brittle while using this in conjunction with the number 3. Lathers really well, the bottle although small lasts ages!

Most Helpful Criticism

made hair heavy and greasy


didnt live up to hype still looking for a good shampoo that doesn't weigh my oily scalp down
  1. Terrible shampoo


    Terrible product. Even when using the smallest amount (5 cent piece size) it completely dried out my hair, causing it to break and thin out. Unfortunately it is causing more damage than benefit and I have thrown it in the bin.
  2. Amazing for damaged hair


    I was recommended this product during the transition from black to blonde. Highly recommend! Reduced breakage and my hair never went dry and brittle while using this in conjunction with the number 3. Lathers really well, the bottle although small lasts ages!
  3. Great shampoo


    My hairdresser recommended this to me. You need the tiniest amount which is great! since the bottle is pretty pricey... My hair feels hydrated and less "dead" from the colouring it has had. Great smell and also love how it lathers up.
  4. Lather up!


    Product lathers up heaps and is very thick, but my hair doesn't feel soft after and is quiet knotty. Must be my hair because I have friends that use it and it leaves their hair super soft!.
  5. Well-made shampoo


    This shampoo works wonderful on my hair. It makes it feel really natural and does the job my making it refreshed and clean! Would definitely buy this product again!
  6. Great


    The olaplex range is amazing, the shampoo is an effective cleanser without stripping or drying the hair.
  7. amazing


    I love olaplaex. I brought the shampoo and conditioner a week or two ago. Ive got it say its the best. I Have like past waist lengthen hair Very fizzy hair. This smooths my hair out. My hair just feels amazing. When I brush my hair there is very little fall out. easier to put my hair into hairstyles. Yea its a little expensive but its the best. I LOVE LOVE LOVE
  8. Possibly the best shampoo on the market ever


    Dare I say the price tag is justified ? Well I just did and yes it deserves the hype . Is my hair thicker smoother shinier and longer after using this amazing shampoo ? I must say yes again because it’s all true . I have blonde chemically treated hair so not all shampoos are kind . This one is not only kind it’s my BFF
  9. Decent, wash hair twice


    When people say it doesn’t foam up on an oily scalp, you have to wash your hair a few times. I have waist length hair with oily roots, and use a lot of dry shampoo. I use a hair scrub like Christophe Robin, and then this shampoo TWICE to get rid of all the build up. You have to do this if you don’t wash your hair often. I used to have the same issue of oily residue no matter what shampoo I used t...
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  10. The fabulous reviews are right!!!!


    I purchased this after reading all the fabulous reviews. Initially I wasn’t thrilled, my hair felt greasy and felt it needed to be washed more. Given the great reviews on all hair types, I wasn’t prepared to chuck in the towel. So I did some research, I reduced the amount being used to a pea size, rubbed it in my hands to ‘activate’ before applying. This made all the difference and I can now s...
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  11. Great for frizzy thick hair


    I have thick hair, it's frizzy and breaks easily. Olaplex shampoo is great for helping improve shine, frizziness and taming hair in humid conditions.
  12. Life changing!


    I was recommended this product by my hairdresser as I had damaged, frizzy and dry hair. I have very long hair and was struggling to maintain the length without compromising on the quality. After using cheap supermarket shampoos, I switched to OlaPlex as a non sulphate option to protect my hair. This product has honestly changed my life! My hair is less frizzy, feels moisturised after every wash an...
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  13. Hairdresser Recommended


    My hairdresser recommended this to me after I had blonde foils which ruined and dried out my hair and this totally helped and fixed my broken/ splitting ends!
  14. THE BEST!


    You only need the tiniest bit of shampoo, and it lathers up really well. So even though its pricey, its definitely worth it. I get compliments on how healthy my hair looks. I am very happy with it. I def recommend it if you bleach your hair!
  15. love this


    love this shampoo so nourishing and makes my hair so soft
  16. Worth the money


    This is definitely worth the price, it makes your hair so soft and smooth, I use it with the matching conditioner. The best shampoo I have used by far.
  17. Too heavy for fine hair


    There’s soooo much I wanted to love about this shampoo - use the tiniest amount for a great thick lather, hair feels stronger and lengths thicker but I was starting to feel like I was going a little bald at the crown and realise now that this shampoo was the culprit. It’s just too heavy for my fine hair, weighs out down and makes it feel in worse condition than it really is. I’ve switched to using...
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  18. YES


    Quite expensive, but I heard from friends around its the best ever.
  19. Keeps my colour looking fresh


    My hairdresser recommended this shampoo and after umming and ahhing about it for a while I decided to take the plunge and can honestly say that this has done wonders for my colour treated hair. You only need to use a tiny amount (i.e. the size of a fingernail) so a bottle lasts for quite a while, and more importantly it helps to preserve the colour of your hair in between visits to the hairdresse...
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  20. Your hair will thank you


    I have super thick, frizzy hair and live in a super humid climate so I need all the help I can get. The olaplex range is so amazing at taming frizz and smoothing my unruly hair. I’ve moved away from this range before but I always end up coming back and my hair always thanks me for it. Really is worth the hype. The shampoo is a lovely consistency and lathers up really nice so you feel like you are ...
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  21. lathers nicely


    this shampoo lather up really well, and you dont need much of it at all, smells is nice and works great on my damage hair.
  22. Love!


    I love this shampoo! Its not stripping of the hair, but leaves it feeling so clean and nourished at the same time. Another beautiful product by Olaplex.
  23. The BEST shampoo


    If you're on the fence with trying Olaplex, just do it! It's made a massive difference to my hair and my curls are so much happier and less fluffy when using the Olaplex system!
  24. Hands down the best shampoo


    I recently switched to a cheaper competitor brand and I really regret doing so! Olaplex is where it’s at. My hair felt the smoothest, fullest and most vibrant when I was using this and I’m definitely going to repurchase.
  25. Keep coming back to this


    I keep coming back to this amazing shampoo, it suits my blonde coloured hair and offers maximum protection. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed. I also believe it works on darker hair types.
  26. my new favourite


    this is perfect for after i dye my hair. it’s super hydrating and makes my hair extremely soft i love it!
  27. Soft hair


    Leaves my hair so soft and has restored my hair to a healthy state. A little goes a long way and it's vegan!
  28. love it


    i love this brand! make sure you get both 5 and 4 and you wont regret best for blonde maintenance
  29. Love it


    Love this shampoo. Used it for over a year without my hair getting used to it. I bleach my hair regularly and this has helped.
  30. another great product from Olaplex


    I do didn't want to like this because of the price when you buy the conditioner too. Paired with the conditioner, this and the conditioner is the so far my favourite Olaplex products (yet to try No.6).
    Having recently just had a whole heap of colour put in my already pretty fine dry hair, I decided it was time to leave the supermarket shampoos and conditioners In the past & try this out. My ...
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  31. So good!


    This shampoo helped so much in strengthening my hair after it become so weak from multiple dye sessions. Just wish it was a bit cheaper, can’t completely justify continuously getting it! But it really is so good, especially when used with the conditioner and also the treatment!
  32. made hair heavy and greasy


    didnt live up to hype still looking for a good shampoo that doesn't weigh my oily scalp down
  33. Lives up to the hype


    I've been impressed with Pureology Strength Cure for years, and this is the only other shampoo that has wowed me.

    I've long been a fan of Olaplex No. 3 and only a recent convert to the shampoo and conditioner in the line. This is definitely an instant favourite and one I plan to switch up between Pureology.
  34. Not worth the hype


    I bought this after having amazing results from the number 3 treatment, and seeing everyone raving about the whole olaplex system online but my results were really disappointing. The shampoo itself feels really sticky and even when I lathered it in my hands before applying it was really hard to distribute and felt like chewing gum in my hair. It took me forever to rinse it out and even after that ...
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  35. Nice shampoo


    I really enjoy using this shampoo. It foams up really well and cleanses my hair without drying it out. The smell is subtle, which I enjoy.
  36. Step forward to repairing damaged hair


    To be used after Olaplex No.3, use No.4 sparingly and rub in between hands to activate bonding compounds before applying to damp hair.

    Best use of Olaplex is to get Olaplex No1 & No 2 treatments in store (salons can be found on Olaplex website) to start the bonding process followed up with using No3, No4, No5, No6 & No7 at home
  37. Favourite Shampoo


    I have bleached (dry/damaged), coarse hair so I need as much hydration and repair as possible.
    This gives the hydration without heaviness.
    My favourite shampoo ever, will continue to repurchase.
  38. The best thing to happen to my hair!


    My hairdresser recommended this amazing product to me as we worked on getting my hair back to optimum condition. For over a year I used this product religiously, nothing else and within the first month, my hair was noticeably different. It's so hydrating and truly is one of the best products on the market for looking after your hair. I wish I had've found it sooner!
  39. Worth the price


    This shampoo is very efficient. You only need a small amount to wash long hair. I use it once a week and feel like it is worth the price. Good value to add into your hair care, espeically for blondes.
  40. Perfect


    Cleanses hair without drying it out.
  41. Little bit goes a long way


    Smells amazing and you only need the tiniest bit as it does go a long way. my hair has become so silky smooth and healthier from this. the product definitely delivers what it says! i did expect to have healthier hair from using it and thats what i now have it has changed my hair in such a good way,
  42. smooth hair


    smooths the hair.... my hair feels thicker and rejuvenated. I have been using for months now and it works a treat! Hair growth is more prominent now too
  43. The best!


    Hair feels soft and clean, and a little bit goes a long way even with my thick long hair.
  44. amazing


    Amazing shampoo my hair feels softer with a shinier finish
  45. Its a good shampoo


    I like it personally and having been using it for weeks. I tried their No.3 and that was amazing!! I dont know why they stopped it. I am using the shampoo and conditioner right now and have no complaints so far. Considering my hair is bleached and crazy frizzy, it does soothes and calms my hair. I do leave the conditioner for good 5-10 minutes though. I will be buying the No. 3 when it gets availa...
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  46. Ola Shamp


    Amazing shampoo for my colour hair
    Holds my blonde tones.
  47. Moisturising


    This is a very lovely shampoo. It feels like a thick gel and even after adding water, it feels like it's staying the hair instead of running off straight away.
    It lathers well and washed off cleanly. My scalp and hair don't feel stripped or dry.
    There is a strong scent, but it dissipates quickly.
    I don't like the cap, the consistency is way too thick for the tiny hole so I just u...
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  48. New Hair


    I have been using Olaplex for over three months now with incredible results
    I had very damaged shoulder length which is very thin and fine
    I was my hair a couple of times a week using #4 and #5 being careful to rinse thoroughly. I follow with #6 on the ends,(especially if I’m going to blow dry)
    I noticed some improvement immediately and that has continued. My hair is still th...
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  49. Best for blondes?


    Another Olaplex product that I find just average. I think it's probably just not suited to my hair (wavy, on the frizzy side, split ends but not dyed). A little goes a long way, so the bottle will last AGES. I feel like it makes my roots oilier than usual, even though I only use a tiny amount of product. It cleans my hair just fine, but I wouldn't re-purchase.
  50. Amazing shampoo, smells divine!


    This shampoo was recommended to me by my hair colourist.
    After a bit of hesitation due to cost (I previously bought supermarket brand haircare), I purchased the shampoo and conditioner and have not looked back.

    I only use a 10c worth and the product lathers up into a luxurious foam. Upon drying, my hair is soft, smells great and retains its colour well. I have gone from washi...
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  51. Am I the only one that's disappointed?


    So my hairdresser has been raving about Olaplex and i have had bleached blond hair for 4 months now. My hair was even quite dry and puffy before the bleach, so i decided to give this a try. I have used it for 3 weeks now combining with the No.5 conditioner. I will have to be honest, for the price, I really don't see that much of an improvement if any at all. My hair is still quite dry and brittle....
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    Tthis product lathers so well. Cleans hair great and a little can go a long way!
  53. Smells beautiful


    I loved this, my friend gave it to me as a gift when she did her order here, I will purchase again. PWDKWN!! Smells great, I’m sure the bonding is happening somewhere underneath but just a good size and a lovely clean


    This is the only shampoo I have ever used that actually added some result to my hair after rinsing it out.... it really gets rid of frizz and makes my scalp feel really clean and fresh. There is a noticeable result in the my hair when I use this shampoo. My first bottle has lasted 8 months so far and I have ALOT of hair.
  55. bottle has lasted forever


    This bottle of shampoo has literally lasted me forever. You do not need a lot to get a full lather and all your hair washed. My hair always feels clean after using this shampoo and find i can get 3 three days with gym/ active job/ sun before washing again. It hasn't helped in reducing my frizz, but I find it takes a lot longer for my ends to become proper split ends in need of a haircut.
  56. The best!


    I’ve been using this on and off for years and swear by it. I only have small breaks from it when my stress dandruff flares up. Otherwise this makes my hair amazingly soft, manageable and stronger. It smells amazing too
  57. expensive


    Superior shampoo! I noticed that my scalp is very clean after I use this shampoo and there is also less breakage and itch
  58. Great


    I only bought this a few weeks ago but after the first wash I knew I was in love. A little goes a long way, and it has a pleasant not OTT scent to it. It lathers beautifully and makes my hair feel clean. I do wish it didn't have silicone in it, and that alone will make me question repurchasing after this...
  59. Not worth the price


    I do really like this product it leaves my hair looking really lush and healthy however only for about 5 hours until it starts to look oily and then flat. I have very long very thick hair and find it’s just to heavy and will require more work washing regularly then it’s worth.
  60. Worth it's weight in gold (and price)


    Don't glance past this product just from the price tag!!! Trust me, as a long hair-ed lady in a quest to find the greatest hair care routine this one had me stopped in my tracks. I was told before I purchased that you do not need to use as much as you would expect, but me being me I applied my usual amount into my palm and lets just say.... it became Christmas in June and you'd call me Mrs Claus. ...
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  61. Saved my hair


    I used this and the conditioner and over 12 months my hair doubled in thickness. I dye my hair blonde so my hair was thinning out and I was getting so worried. I did also take the JS Health Hair + Energy Tablets whilst using Olaplex and combined I feel they made such a difference.
  62. hands down the best shampoo


    this shampoo is honestly the best shampoo I have ever used, I have dry coloured hair and by using the shampoo and conditioner has really helped with hair breakage and the overall condition of my hair.
  63. Saviour


    I bought this with 3 and 5 from the set. I was initially quite reluctant to fork out so much money on such a small bottle of shampoo. After using it however I will never buy anything else. I bleached my hair to death and combined with the rest of the set my hair is now healthy, shiny and strong. I have a bob so I only need the tiniest amount of shampoo to wash my hair, the lather in this product i...
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  64. Great!


    I use this with the conditioner and bond smoother. My scalp feels really clean and I notice that my hair doesn't fall as much as before either. Previously my scalp would get itchy even after shampoo, but not with this shampoo.
  65. very hydrating


    This is really hydrating on my normally dry hair, works well
  66. Amazed


    Thank you sooooo much. I have ver fine thin post menopausal hair which was frizzy and dry from over bleaching

    One wash and condition was all it took to see a major improvement

    I cannot praise Olaplex enough
  67. I like this!


    This is quite nice and it smells refreshing too! You only need a little bit as it goes a long way so this lasts a long time. I use this with no.3 but i find the conditioner a little heavy.
  68. Finally found my shampoo


    Works a treat on my oily hair, fine hair. Suffered for years with having to wash daily, and after using this product, I've been able to move to every second day. So nice.
  69. Must have


    I love using this product together will the conditioner. I have noticed a massive improvement in my curly hair and fizz. You only need a little bit too i've noticed and i've got quite thick hair.
  70. Great shampoo


    Love this! The texture, the smell! It’s really great. Restoring the health of my regularly bleached hair
  71. Best sulphate free shampoo


    This is the best sulphate free shampoo that I have tried.
    It lathers nicely and I dont end up with any product build up.

  72. Tiny bit goes a long way - feels drying so don't use unless combining with no. 3 & 5


    Expensive but foams really well so a tiny amount goes a long way. I'm still on my first bottle of this whereas I've been through 4-5 bottles of no. 3.

    It's really drying though and leaves my hair with a rough texture. I think it has to do with really stripping out grease and dirt from the hair so that no. 3 and no. 5 can do their job properly when applied. So I wouldn't recommend usin...
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  73. Fine hair


    My fine very straight hair loves this shampoo. I does not weigh it down, keeps it really bouncy and gives it the life it REALLY NEEDS. My hair is also coloured and it has nicely kept it from not going brassy too quickly.
  74. Best shampoo for bleach damaged hair


    I have been using this once a week along with the conditioner for the past 5 months and my hair has never been in such good condition, it makes your hair feel so clean and removes any build up of product in your hair from the week ! But it doesn’t dry your hair out at all ! Also you only need to use a tiny bit so it last you for ages !
  75. Small bottle


    I was a bit shocked with how small the bottle was! Extremely pricy for what it is.
  76. Insane!


    I absolutely love this shampoo. It makes your hair smell amazing and so smooth. Definitely would purchase again.
  77. Best shampoo


    I've been using Olaplex 3, 4 and 5 for over a year and my hair has never been better. It has helped reduce breakage and has definitely strengthened it. A little bit goes a really long way so this bottle will last you ages.
  78. Can't live without


    Olaplex saved my poor over bleached, damaged hair that was also thin and ruined by tape in extensions. I use the shampoo in conjunction with the conditioner and treatment, and my hair is noticeably thicker, longer, healthier looking and I have no split ends. I would recommend using the whole system if you have over processed, bleached or damaged hair.
  79. makes a difference


    I have definitely noticed a difference since I started using Olaplex on my damaged hair. I went into isolation thinking I needed a haircut. I started using Olaplex at the same time and surprisingly, I think my hair might even be a bit better. I use the treatment along with the shampoo & conditioner. Packaging and smell is nothing special but the results are.
  80. The best shampoo ever!


    I was originally sceptical about the hype but once I tried I haven’t looked back. The aroma from this shampoo in the shower and the results speak for themselves! If you are looking for a shampoo to help revive drab looking hair look no further!
  81. Great but not an everyday


    I loved this shampoo, i could feel it repairing my hair and doing all the good stuff and it smells great. However, it is really heavy and weighs my hair down a bit even when its dry again, so i would use it more as a once in a while wash not an everyday as you don't get that salon lightness feeling.
  82. Great Shampoo from Olaplex


    I have oily hair and can last a lot longer without washing it when using this product.I have been using this product for a very long time and have noticed my hair is more dense and feels a lot stronger.
    I recommend this highly for thin hair.
  83. Love love love!


    After deciding to ditch the Pantene a few years back, I tried a number of salon quality shampoos, without finding one that worked for me (most didn’t lather well enough So my hair never felt clean enough).

    Olaplex is different. A tiny bit will lather so well in my thick hair, leaving it feeling super clean and smelling amazing.

    Great product that lasts a long tim...
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  84. It smells like pineapple!


    It's a great product! (I've got recently obsessed with olaplex, want to change my whole hair routine to olaplex only) and the smell is just amazing! Pineapple
  85. The best shampoo!


    My hairdresser put me on to olaplex 3,4,5 to treat my dry/damaged ends that easily split and tangle. My hair is uncoloured. I am trying to grow my hair from shoulder length and it was splitting easily and needing cuts often so I couldn’t get any length. With this system I have only started getting split ends after 12 weeks, which is a big improvement! Sure, it’s not cheap, but #4 lasts 7 months fo...
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  86. Wouldn’t repurchase


    I had heard great things about this product, but for a shampoo it doesn’t really feel like it’s cleaning my hair, I’m quite oily and it felt like it’s just produced more oil , and like an earlier review I found it really matted my hair.
  87. Great shampoo for all hair types


    I love anything from the Olaplex range - this is a great shampoo for all hair types to use with the other range of products from Olaplex.
  88. Great product


    This shampoo is a little on the expansive side but it is worth every cent. It is so moisturising and makes me hair feel and smell great. I have less breakages and my hair has actually grown substantially.
  89. Lush, smooth hair


    My hairdresser first washed my hair with Olaplex shampoo and whilst you can never really replicate a hairdresser wash and blow dry, this product helps you to get pretty close. I didn’t purchase the Olaplex conditioner, but may graduate to this, after being very happy with the results of the shampoo.


    This stuff is awesome and my hair is never felt better! doesnt strip oil but leaves hair clean and smooth
  91. Revived my dry damaged hair


    I have been using this and the conditioner for a few months now and my hair is finally coming back to life. You dont need a lot of product so it lasts quite a while. I use this maybe once a week and my hair is growing back stronger and is much healthier looking. I had quite bad breakage and my hairdresser was really impressed with how well my hair has recovered. The breakage has grown out and is n...
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  92. Great shampoo for blondes


    This shampoo lathers so easily so you only need to use a little bit of it, which is great considering the price. It makes my hair feel clean without stripping it dry but I do find that this means my hair gets greasy. My bleached hair does feel stronger after using this
  93. Great Shampoo


    I really like this shampoo! Works really well to strengthen my hair and improve its overall health. It is not cheap, so I use it sparingly. I follow it up with the conditioner and treatment (once a week) and have noticed a big improvement in my hair :)
  94. L O V E


    Have been using these products for over a year now, and all I can say is - if you're a blonde, or someone who regularly dyes/bleaches their hair - meet your new best friend!
    My hair has become so much more healthy! ** Use with conditioner
  95. Amazing


    I have been using this product for a very long time and have noticed my hair is more dense and feels a lot stronger. I recommend this highly for thin hair. I have oily hair and can last a lot longer without washing it when using this product.
  96. hair feels great!


    I love the olaplex shampoo. Heair lathers easily and feels great after every wash!
  97. Awesome product


    This shampoo and the Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner were recommended by my hairdresser and I have been using them since September 2019. I have thin hair that is prone to breakage and dry split ends. This product has really made my hair turn a corner from being super fine and dry on the ends and now feels and looks much thicker and healthier - so much so that last time I saw my hairdress...
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  98. great product range!


    have been using this in combination with no3,4,5,6 and loving how my hair feels after use!! SO much healthier!
  99. Amazing


    This shampoo has been really helping my hair. It cleanses well and my hair is not left feel rough or dry.
  100. Amazing, love love love


    I had nothing to say but amazing things for this shampoo. My hairdresser recommended it to alternate between my regular Kerastase Bain Satin 1. Now I'm totally hooked and love it more than Kerastase. It's concentrated so I don't use as much and foams really well (which I love with the Kerastase). I have fine hair and this doesn't weigh it down. Makes blow-drying easy too.
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