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Hello and welcome to the home of Nära at Adore Beauty. These sustainable, plastic-free safety razors bill themselves as the last razor you’ll ever need, and on top of that, they’re much more elegant than your typical supermarket disposable. For a closer shave, and a more beautiful bathroom shelf, read on. These eco-friendly razors suit men, women, and anyone else who’s looking to shave their face or body.


How should I use my Nära safety razor?


The first thing to note here is that using a safety razor is a little different to what you might be used to. But: deep breathes, steady hands. It’s all good.


Start with a generous amount of Nära shave oil - this will help the razor move smoothly, which means you’re less likely to knick yourself. Then, holding the razor at a 30 degree angle, gently guide it over your skin. Use short strokes and take particular care around your joints.


Rinse the hair and oil from your razor regularly and wipe dry with a towel before continuing with your shave. Remember to apply more oil to keep things slick, and of course, rinse and dry your razor before putting it away.


Are safety razors better than disposable?


If you’re thinking in terms of lessening your use of plastic, safety razors are absolutely better than disposable. Making the swap means less packaging, less rubbish, and a closer shave. Yes, the process takes a little getting used to, but we’ve got full confidence in your abilities.


How should I dispose of my safety razor blades?


We have good news: there’s a Nära option for that. They make something called a blade bank, which is like a little money box, but instead of your pocket money, it’s made to hold used blades. Much more grown and sophisticated. Anyway, this has the doubly positive effect of safely storing your blades (even one that’s too blunt to shave with could still cut you, so be careful) and helping you recycle them. Once it’s full, put the whole thing in your recycling bin. Success.


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Nära Safety Razor - Matte Gold
Nära Safety Razor - Matte Gold

Sleek and luxurious

This reusable razor feels so luxe to hold and use. It also doesn't ever cut me and makes the experience of shaving so much better.
Nära Shaving Starter Kit -Matte Black
Nära Shaving Starter Kit -Matte Black

Sustainable swap

This took a little time to get used to, but now I love it. Sustainable swap, and great value compared to buying disposable razors all the time. Really like the bag this comes in too- makes it look so well presented.
Nära Shaving Starter Kit -Matte Black
Nära Shaving Starter Kit -Matte Black

Upfront cost for long term gain

with the intention of becoming more environmentally conscious this year, buying this product has been a step in the right direction. First thing that surprised me is the quality of the razor itself. it has great weight and feels super precise and lux when using, in comparison to a cheap supermarket razor. The only drawback would be that this only has a single razor blade, whereas typically disposa...

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