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Fueled by romance and endless wanderlust, Memo Paris is the brainchild of John and Clara Molloy, eternal explorers who combine their Irish and Parisian heritages with their love for fragrance and well-traveled imaginations. Memo Paris presents a curated collection of ultra-luxe fragrances, with scents that are original, mysterious, evocative and alluring, uniting the classic with the unexpected.

Recalling far-flung landscapes, from Asia to the Americas and everywhere in between, Memo Paris taps into the unique ability of fragrance to encapsulate memory, leading you on a journey of olfactory elegance. Presented in exquisite heavy glass bottles and leather cases, Memo Paris invites you to find your next signature scent. Four collections rechart the map of a sensory world, steeped in emotion and revisited through fragrances, ingredients and sensations.


What are Memo Paris' four fragrance collections?

  • Les Echappées: An olfactory map of the world, a travel log like no other. Far-off places reinvented as fragrances, the magic of the destination captured and prolonged. Try Lalibela Eau de Parfum - a magical rose.
  • Graines Vagabondes: Fragrances inspired by the natural world, vibrant and botanical. Try Ilha Do Mel - a sweet, honeyed jasmine.
  • Art Land: A collection that pays tribute to territories readopted and transformed by the inspired hand of humankind, a fleeting creation like the trail of a fragrance. Try Marfa Eau de Parfum - the eye of a tuberose.
  • Cuirs Nomades: Scents inspired by and revolving around leather, the faithful companion of globetrotters and adventurers everywhere. Try African Leather Eau de Parfum - A spicy blend of cardamom, geranium and leather.


Let The Scent Room help you find your new signature scent, risk-free.

Each full-size Memo Paris fragrance purchased through The Scent Room comes with a matching sample vial. Simply try the fragrance vial before opening the full size perfume, and if you don’t love it for any reason, return the unopened full size fragrance for free. For more information on the Scent Room’s risk-free return policy, please see here.

Please note that only full-size fragrances (30ml+ per bottle) are eligible. Unfortunately, Memo Paris fragrances are available only for shipping within Australia.

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Recent reviews on Memo Paris products

Memo Paris Ilha Do Mel Eau De Parfum 75ml
Memo Paris Ilha Do Mel Eau De Parfum 75ml

Gorgeous white floral

I’m a sucker for a good white floral fragrance and this one is just beautiful. I love the sweet honeyed gardenia/jasmine combo. Reminds me a bit of Diptyque’s Do Son.
Memo Paris Italian Leather Eau De Parfum 75ml
Memo Paris
Memo Paris Italian Leather Eau De Parfum 75ml

Tied with African Leather for the best

Absolutely stunning. I thought I loved African Leather, but Italian Leather is positively swoon-worthy. It has almost a chocolatey or coffee like feel to it that, while indeed being a somewhat more masculine fragrance, makes this totally wearable for a woman as well. It’s a shame I discovered it in Spring because this is a cold weather fragrance for sure, but Italian Leather has me looking forw...