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Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

4.2 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $4.99


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4 instalments of $4.99


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Saturated, inky matte lips that last. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is a super intense, matte liquid lipstick that gives a flawless finish that stays put up to 16 hours. With a unique applicator, this lipstick may be applied with precision straight out of the bottle.

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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4.2 of 43 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Non drying formula


Great colour and non drying formula. Highly recommend giving a go.

Most Helpful Criticism

An OK liquid lip!


I found the shades don’t match up to the pictures online so it’s best to swatch in store first. The smell is so delicious! The applicator works great too but overall, the colour loyalist washed me out and started drying my lips out after a few hours.
  1. super


    super long wearing and not drying like most matte lipsticks
  2. Too drying


    Disappointing - enhances any dryness on your lips so you have to really work on putting something hydrating prior this one. Does not hydrate the lips despite the claims. Nice colour though.
  3. Non drying formula


    Great colour and non drying formula. Highly recommend giving a go.
  4. Super creamy


    I really enjoy this recent purchase, I found the formula is super creamy, pigmented and not drying at all. The smell of the matte lipstick is very sweet and not for everyone but I love it
  5. An OK liquid lip!


    I found the shades don’t match up to the pictures online so it’s best to swatch in store first. The smell is so delicious! The applicator works great too but overall, the colour loyalist washed me out and started drying my lips out after a few hours.
  6. Decent staying power


    I have this in Pioneer and wear it for events. It stays on really well, comes off slightly with eating/drinking and I do often need to touch-up throughout the night. Still, it is the best cheap long-lasting red lip I've tried.
  7. Unsure


    Definite pro's and con's. Good price, rich colour, long lasting but also drying as most mattes are. Good product if matte is your jam I personally prefer more hydrating formulas.
  8. Natural


    This is a hydrating, matte lipstick that lasts me for 8 hours during the work day. I apply a little bit and it also looks super natural which I prefer
  9. Disappointing


    I really wanted to love this lipstick, as I'd bought it in a super-brick colour, and couldn't wait to wear it. However, it was quite disappointing. It set really "powdery," and made highlighted all the lines in my lips. It didn't stay put anywhere near as long as some other long lasting brands I've used. Other than some cool colours, I don't think there's anything special about this one.
  10. Super pigmented


    This is super pigmented and as the name implies it is very matte! But I love that it stays on my lips all day and I don't have to touch up
  11. so GOOD!


    These are the best liquid lipsticks! They are soo long lasting and the nude shades are to die for. Definitely better value than my higher end liquid lipsticks.
  12. SUPER long lasting!


    SO long lasting - that I find it difficult to remove! However, the longer you wear it, the easier it is to remove (so say after a long day). It's staying power is amazing though - not even greasy food budges this guy. Yes, it can be drying, but it is a matte long lasting lipstick. Colours are super pigmented, but I wish there were less 'nude' shades that are for the walking dead... Great 'drugstore' buy!
  13. Not my favourite


    Quite dry and I didn’t like it a whole lot. Not for me!
  14. Decent staying power


    I have this in red, its a bit more pink than I expected but it is a really nice colour. Definitely need a lip liner with it to avoid smudging, but it stays well. Doesn't last with eating though. Good budget option.
  15. does not move!


    I am totally afraid of lipgloss (because I wear my hair out and i can't stand it getting stuck on my face) and lipstick (because I just don't know how to maintain it, save my teeth from it and keep it on the inner part of my lip) but this is AMAZING. I bought it after reading some rave reviews and the next day I went out and bought four more shades. It does not move. The only downside is getting it off - there's no room for error putting it on but even when I use the most gentle oil-based remover I can find, it still leaves my lips a little aggravated and cracked.
  16. Amazing.


    You cannot go past this for a matte lip, I apply it in the morning with a brush and it lasts 6-10 hours. However, do not swatch this product on your hand as the swatch will be there for two days. I'm not joking this product stains skin but works great on lips.
  17. obsessed with some colours


    This is my holy grail matte lip, but some colours definitely work better than others. I find the bright colours and the mid-tone pinks to be incredible, my favourites being Lover, Heroine, Pioneer and Ruler. The paler shades can be a bit patchy on me (I am very fair with pale mauve - rose lips) and the brown shades don't layer as nicely so I prefer one swipe then a balm. Overall my favourite lip colours for daily use when I don't have time to keep reapplying.
  18. Good on a budget


    If you're looking for a matte lip that won't move and is cheap, this is a great option. It doesn't require a primer and will stay on your lips - as long as you don't put any balm or gloss over the top! If you apply too much it can go gluggy and rub itself off your lips. The applicator is amazing and makes it very easy to line your lips and get a sharp lip. It smells great and the packaging feels nicer than a general drugstore lip product. I no longer use it because it is so intensely drying on my lips and I am prone to dry skin - but if you don't have this issue then this may be the perfect budget product for you! I love it so much, I just wish it was less drying.
  19. Excellent and at a great price


    I have tried a lot of high end liquid lipsticks and many are either incredibly drying or not that long wearing - this outperforms them all! I love the true red Pioneer colour.
  20. Lives up to the hype!


    Super pigmented, super long lasting, and a great range of colour options!
  21. Pigmented


    Super pigmented and a great addition to your makeup collection. It dries down matte but has a slightly drying feel so I generally wear a lip-gloss over this to disguise that feeling. Looks great and doesn't emphasise every line in my lip. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a drugstore nude shade.
  22. One-swipe pigment


    I have this in multiple shades and they all perform great. You only need one swipe/one layer for complete coverage. I would recommend not doing two or more coats as it would get too thick and sticky. It does dry down to a matte, but remains slightly tacky so your lips don't look completely shrivelled. However, it doesn't transfer at all despite being slightly tacky. After a meal, there's about 80-90% of the lipstick left. It only fades on the inner rim, but reapplies nicely so that's not an issue. This has lasted all day long for me for a day out with lunch and dinner, so very impressive stuff. Scent is nice, like vanilla cake. No taste detected. Highly recommend you give these a whirl.
  23. Really good


    This product is not only affordable but works great, it is pigmented and stays on all day long!
  24. Very matte


    Great colours that last long but I find it too dry, I have to mix it with lip balm
  25. I'm a LOYALIST!


    I got this on the weekend and love it. I’m quiet fair skinned so I’m using the colour ‘Loyalist’ for a nude-ish shade. It really stays on through eating and everything, however it is a little drying so make sure your lips are well moisturised and not flaky as it will just make them look worse. I have also used this as a base and applied normal lipstick on top. Also used Maybelline chrome ‘cocktail party’ gloss on top and it looks pretty good.
  26. Great colour pay off


    These lipsticks are very pigmented, best to be light handed with application though as I noticed it can look a little dry if you apply more than one layer. Can last a whole day without needing to touch up.
  27. Beautiful colours


    Love these lip colours and the colour payoff. Not overly matte but can be work with lip primer or lip balm to prevent drying
  28. Heroine


    Such a pretty colour that isnt sticky or too heavy. Love 5ye matte finish.
  29. Feels Beautiful


    I love matte liquid lipsticks and the maybelline superstay one is no exception. The colour pay off is fantastic and I find that it stays really well on the lips. I also like the feel of it on my lips
  30. fab!


    love the colours in this range - great staying power, nice applicator and smell, but can be drying with no lip balm underneath.
  31. lovely texture


    I love the texture of this lipstick. The colour pay off is great and it does not feel drying at all. I can wear this all day and it still looks great. Also very easy to apply. Great value for money. If you love matte I would highly recommend this product.
  32. amazing formula


    pioneer is such a beautiful night time dramatic look shade that lasts all night without transferring and smudging, i am yet to try the rest of the shades but so far i really love this formula, it is matte but not drying
  33. Awesome product


    Great range of shades, application is easy and it lasts! Smells amazing also. I will continue to add all colours to my collection.
  34. Great shades


    There's some great colours and the product is really light. It gives a natural lip, even in the darker shades, and works just as easily with an everyday look as it does with a more glam, dressy look.
  35. Pretty


    Such a lovely lippy. I like that it's in a liquid form and that it's a matte finish. Feels good on my lips.
  36. Nice


    A really nice range of colours that suit me well. I like how lightweight this is and that it isn't sticky.
  37. Great colours, so natural


    There's some great colours and the product is really light. It gives a natural lip, even in the darker shades, and works just as easily with an everyday look as it does with a more glam, dressy look.
  38. Drying


    I have very dry lips, and giving this is a very drying lipstick it did not work well at all.
  39. Brilliant


    I have this in a few shades and I believe the shade "Lover" is the superior one out of the bunch. It lasts through oily foods like pizza, pasta, burgers, fries etc while still looking perfect afterwards. Not sure what kind of sorcery it is but it's the longest lasting liquid lipstick I own. The darker shades - after you eat the inner rim of the lips will show signs of wear as darker colours are less forgiving and are more noticeable, so you do have to reapply. All shades are richly pigmented and completely opaque in one swipe. I also recommend you also apply only one layer anyway, as any more and it can get very sticky and tacky. The formula is comfortable and hugs your lips without drying them out, because it never really dries down to that "ultra matte" finish. The formula is pretty unique and you have to dry it yourself and play around with it for a bit to love it. When I first applied it I was taken aback by the slight tackiness but soon got used to it. Overall I definitely recommend Lover, and all the darker shades, especially if you don't plan on eating greasy foods during the wear time.
  40. HOW?


    This formula just stays put! Through anything.... Even when I try wiping it off with my fingers.... there it is! It comes off pretty easily with makeup remover but it lasts so well. Bloody amazing, I don't know how they do it...
  41. So, update on my last review...

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I now own 4 of these shades: Pioneer, Escapist, Believer & Creator. I want Lover, too, but it keeps selling out before I get a chance to buy it, and it's never in stock at my local stores either! D:

    This is, hands-down, my favourite matte formula to date. I don't actually prefer a matte lipstick in general as I just think a creamy texture looks more healthy, but I love that these are tenacious without looking dry at all. And wow, boy do all these colours last! See my earlier review - I still definitely think the darker shades are the way to go with this range.

    Just a quick note - the light purple, Creator, isn't completely matte. Which for me is an absolute bonus, as it looks like a freshly applied satin with a hint of sheen throughout the day. Beautiful.
  42. I'm a snob but this is changing my ways....

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    WOW. This held up through, coffee, sushi, a choc-top at the movies, and pizza. PIZZA! THIS HELD UP THROUGH PIZZA.

    OK - full disclaimer, I've tried a few shades and there seems to be a bit of a trend - the lighter shades seem to be less tenacious and a bit more drying, unfortunately. While the darker shades are pretty much perfection. Generally I think it's harder to formulate a light shade in a matte formulation. And, I really don't like to wear light colours in a matte formula - I prefer something satiny, or glossy as I think it adds more life. So I'm just going to talk about the dark shades from here on out.

    These stay put, and don't dry out your lips. Most importantly, they don't emphasise lip lines either - not sure how they pulled this off but it's very comfortable, lightweight, and disguises fine lines.

    My fav, fav, fav shade is Voyager. It's a deep, vampy red that doesn't dry your lips, doesn't budge, doesn't transfer, looks freshly applied for hours and hours. I have no idea what magic they put into this particular shade but I would recommend it to literally anyone, it's so beautiful.

    I like the applicator, it's soft and it means I don't need a lip brush to apply. I find also that this formula reapplies well - it doesn't look cakey or like you've applied multiple layers. This makes it easy if it does start fading, you can just patch re-apply and no one will know.

    I'm literally buying another shade after I finish this review! Fabulous stuff.
  43. Usual faults of a liquid lipstick


    This formula is unfortunately one of the most drying liquid lipsticks I have come across. It pills after an hour of wear and looks very unappealing. Such a shame because the colours are beautiful!
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