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Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser 75ml 75 mL

4.6 of 265 reviews


4 instalments of $9.51


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4 instalments of $9.51


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser 75ml

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser 75ml

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4.6 of 265 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So hydrating
This moisturiser is amazing! It makes my dry skin feel super hydrated, especially in the winter when my skin is at its driest. Love it

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure about the texture
I originally picked some of this up in Paris several years ago, and was excited about it then. I don't know if my skin has changed, or the formulation has changed, or it's the difference in climate here vs France, but I don't love it anymore. It doesn't seem to sink in properly? That said, I think it could be really nice as a slight barrier cream for cold winter days, ie skiing or hiking.
  1. So hydrating

    This moisturiser is amazing! It makes my dry skin feel super hydrated, especially in the winter when my skin is at its driest. Love it
  2. Amazing!!

    I have dry skin and this feels amazing!!!! Would definitely recommend using it as an overnight moisturiser or even under make up :)
  3. Perfect

    Amazing! I use it as a moisturiser and primer on my skin and couldn’t be happier! Even helps with the redness for pimples and blackheads
  4. Rich and Creamy

    I bought this for my mother as she has quite dry skin and its her new favourite cream. She was amazed at how fast it worked and so was I, her skin was instantly glowing. I use this cream sometimes on my arm where I get little dry patches on my arm and this really helps them heal up quickly.
  5. LOVE IT

    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  6. Skin creme del a creme

    my skin loves this. It's light, yet it has substance, like you're getting what you pay for - i don't know how they do this. My skin is really sensitive and i have had no reactions and it soaks it up. I recommend!
  7. Winter must have

    Beautiful, rich moisturiser & primer in one. Gives skin a gorgeous dewy complexion. Amazing under makeup, and has actually changed my skin from dry to normal. My only dislike was the strong fragrance.
  8. Dreamy winter moisturiser!

    Love this stuff - can certainly see why it's a cult product! I've tried plenty of other moisturisers, but I always come back to Embryolisse. It leaves the skin super supple and hydrated and really works a treat on my combination skin. Also, the scent is v fresh and clean. Never without a backup!
  9. Not sure about the texture

    I originally picked some of this up in Paris several years ago, and was excited about it then. I don't know if my skin has changed, or the formulation has changed, or it's the difference in climate here vs France, but I don't love it anymore. It doesn't seem to sink in properly? That said, I think it could be really nice as a slight barrier cream for cold winter days, ie skiing or hiking.
  10. There is a reason it s a cult classic

    I love this cream/mask. It always feels like a moisture surge for my skin which in winter especially is much needed.
    It doesn't break me out while still feeling rich in good oils. It mixes well with other products and although it keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day doesn't make me shiny under makeup.
  11. oily but good for makeup

    very oily but works well under the foundation
    It got a strong smell which I don't like.
    Also, it's got a thick-feeling on the face.
  12. Primer & moisturising facial mask

    I like using this product as a primer & moisturiser in the evening. I also use it as face mask when my skin is dry because it’s a thick, rich cream. Great all rounder.
  13. Best!!!

    This is the best moisturiser I have ever used. It is extremely nourishing, doesn't have an overpowering scent and is suitable for sensitive skin also. I have dry skin, so it works wonders for me. Highly recommend.
  14. Not for me

    I have been using this moisturizer in summer and winter. I find it too oily for me in summer but not moist enough in winter. I don’t think I will repurchase.
  15. Good primer/moisturiser

    I use this in the mornings as both a primer and moisturiser. It is silky smooth and provides a great base for makeup.
  16. Favorite product!

    I love this moisturiser, very hydrating and such a perfect base for foundation!
  17. Favourite!!!

    Love, love, love this moisturiser! This is my 4th tube and I don’t think I’ll ever use another brand.

    I have combination skin type and this works best on me regardless of the season. It’s not too heavy but def thick enough to moisturise and hydrate my skin on cold days and nights.

    Worth the money!
  18. Simple yet like no other

    I absolutely love this as a moisturiser/primer in the morning, it’s so hydrating and leaves a satin finish that’s perfect for applying makeup on top of. It’s such a simple product but I haven’t found anything quite like it since first discovering this.
  19. Sublime luxury

    i am 66 years old. I have used this cream and I can honestly say that it is a sublime product. It is luxurious on the skin has no scent asn I am allergic to many creams. My skin looks ten years younger and I just love this product highly recommend it!
  20. Fragranced

    Lovely face cream for dry skin. Keeps dry skin at bay without irritating the skin. Doesn't leave greasy film either. Fragrance is very floral but calms down during day
  21. Trouble absorbing

    I really struggled to get this cream to absorb into my skin. I tried many a things but I just found it to sit on top and I didn’t wake up feeling like I had moisturized. I wanted to love it but didn’t quite get there.
  22. Excellent for winter

    The days are getting colder and my skin has become drier. My usual moisturiser stopped working for me. Decided to give this a go after seeing it in the dry skin section, having heard about it over the years and read the great reviews. Wow, glad I did. As always, postage was quick and arrived the day after I ordered. No more flakey itchiness for me. ( btw should mention I just have flakey skin that gets a bit sensitive and itchy, not eczema or anything too serious). It works great for my skin type. I can definitely see this becoming a staple for me. It's good value too, a little seems to go a long way.
  23. Smooth & Silky

    This smooth and silky moisturiser is great to apply to your skin. Beautiful as a hydrating cream or even as a base under foundation. Has a floral scent and is medium consistency - easy to spread!
  24. Strong floral fragrance

    This is a good moisturiser but I just can’t get past the fragrance. It is a strong floral that is quite cloying and unfortunately for me it is migraine inducing which means I can’t use it. It is a shame because this moisturiser leaves my skin feeling lovely. If fragrance doesn’t bother you then this might be a good product to try
  25. Absolute holy grail face cream!

    A friend whose mother is a dermatologist recommended this to me, and said their whole family uses it religiously. I can see why! This beautiful product is very soothing and nourishing on the skin, and can be used as a moisturiser, primer or hydrating face mask. I have quite sensitive skin and this product works incredibly well for me. It does have a subtle fragrance which may bother some but I really like it! Also you only need the tiniest amount, a little goes a long way, so a tube ends up being very cost effective. I will use this moisturiser forever as I can't imagine finding anything better.
  26. Beautiful

    It is my favorite moisturizer! It quickly absorbs with a nice scent leaving the skin looking hydrated and beautiful.
  27. Amazing moisturiser at a reasonable price point...

    I came across this moisturiser while training as a makeup artist and it's pretty much in everyone's kit! The creams texture is amazing, it feel luxurious on, has a beautiful scent and sits wonderfully like a primer underneath makeup. Another staple in my beauty regime and perfect for Winter when you need some added moisture!
  28. Magic Potion!

    Fantastic product! Particularly like using it overnight, skin feels incredibly nourished in the morning.
  29. Amazing

    Very hydrating, I use it every night and I definitely see an improvement in my skin. More younger and youthful looking
  30. Favourite moisturiser

    I have been using this product now for 15 plus years! Makes the skin plump and beautiful for priming makeup. 5 stars
  31. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser 75ml

    I absolutely love this moisturiser, I've been using it for 2 years and will continue using it for a long time! My skin can be quite sensitive to some products but it has no issues with this. I use it everyday and I don't need a primer either. I've recommended to many of my friends and have got them hooked, so if you haven't already tried this you definitely should soon!
  32. One of the best

    This moisturiser is very thick and moisturising. Perfect makeup base!
  33. Thick but dry

    This is a cult favorite so was very excited to try and can see why, but for my very dry skin it isn’t the greatest as a moisturizer. It goes on really thick but drys down to almost a matte dry feeling. I use it mainly as a primer - ie after moisturizer for the tackiness or if my skin isn’t feeling to dry or I’m using a thick sunscreen. Note the smell is super strong perfume - like most French cosmetics - it’s not unpleasant just really strong
  34. Marvelous multipurpose moisturiser

    I used this as a night cream when my skin is tight and dry, as a hydrating mask, a lipbalm, a hand cream and as a makeup primer. Never has my skin recovered quicker from the summer to winter transition nor had my makeup looked as dewy and natural.
  35. Hydrating

    I love that this product can be used as a moisturiser, primer and mask. I’ve noticed a change in my skin as I approach 40, specifically with dry patches. I’ve used this for a few days as a mask and daily moisturiser and the dry patches are gone. My make up looks better and my skin looks and feels hydrated.
  36. It is the perfect daily moisturiser.

    I discovered this cream after a trip to France after reading a review from Goop!
    I couldn't believe how great it was for my skin at such an affordable price. I dispaired that I would never find it in Australia. (Thank you Adore!)

    I am in my early 50's and like a rich cream that doesn't feel like it evaporates on the skin. However this is also not heavy or oily. It is readily absorbed and keeps the skin feeling nourished. All 3 of my children use it too, from teen to 20's, male and female, and they all love it.

    I couldn't recommend it more! For me, it's perfect.
  37. Good basic moisturiser

    I didn't find this moisturiser to do anything amazing for my skin, but it was very hydrating and nourishing for my dry skin. I have used creams that have left my skin feeling super soft, but this is a good basic to have with high quality formula and ingredients if you haven't found your holy grail moisturiser yet.
  38. gorgeous and thick perfect make up primer

    i had seen so many people using this as a primer so i figured i will give it a go

    i am 40 with dry skin
    this is a beautiful thick cream i use it morning if i am wearing foundation and in the evening at the end of my night routine

    i am happy with the product i have been using it for 7 weeks so far my only negative is the smell, i guess im used to fragrance free products so this was hard for me to use in the first week its not a bad smell just a strong floral one, not offending just floral

  39. strongly fragranced

    nice texture and feel but I really wish this didn't have parfum added to it :(
  40. so soft

    I used to just wash my face and put oil on it, that was it. Than I came across adorebeauty and discovered that skin care is actually important so I did a little research. And found this cream and it is so amazing. My skin is so soft en makeup sticks good to the face.
  41. best moisturiser

    I absolutely love the smell of this moisturiser and the soft dewy glow it leaves on your face. soo hydrating it feels amazing, perfect for winter.
  42. brought based from reviews

    i purchased this because one of my favorite makeup artists always raves about this product, being good for multiple things i thought id give it a go, personally i use this a moisturizer and then apply my primer as i am a big advocate that primer matched to your skin can make a huge difference to your makeup application!but this is s great moisturizer and i would 100% buy again
  43. Very hydrating

    I finally got this and it is amazing. My face feels very moisturized after using this. A must have
  44. My favourite moisturiser!

    I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and have tried so many different products to get some moisture into my skin without success. I noticed quite a few make up artists use this as a primer and thought I should give it a go. It’s been so amazing for my face; it feels hydrated and my makeup goes on evenly without anymore dry patches. Would definitely recommend!
  45. Great Primer!

    After hearing so many professional make up artists discuss how good this product works as a primer I decided to give it a go!

    I found it to be super heavy and very hydrating! Make up sits so beautifully on top of it and lasts all day! Great product!

    I personally would not recommend for those with oily skin.
  46. Skin so dewy and soft <3

    I have very dry sensitive skin. Its very hard for me to find a good moisturizer. Usually moisturizers either don't penetrate through my skin, causing dry spots or I have a reaction to it. I was very skeptical trying this product but from what I read in the reviews with all the positives about it being suitable for sensitive skin and leaving a glow on your face, I could not resist and all I can say is WOW! So happy I found this product. Not only does it penetrate through my skin leaving it soft and fresh looking but it leaves my face glowing. Definitely will be stocking up on this!
  47. Love this moisturiser and its scent!

    I use this moisturiser as a make-up primer and it keeps my makeup in place all day even for my dry combination skin which becomes oily throughout the day. I love the subtle perfume of this product and do not find it overpowering at all! Definitely recommend!
  48. Great prep for foundation and red aggravated skin

    I use this to prepare for thicker foundations and to plump up the skin. Its soft and calming on the skin. I also used it as a mask and my skin felt lovely and hydrated thr next day. I also used it on my husbands skin as his gets quite red and sensitive and the next day it was even!
  49. Cult product for a reason

    There's a reason why this is a cult product... It's excellent. Love it and keep re buying
  50. Holy Grail

    I understand why this Moisturiser is a cult product with the French! I use this as a day cream currently, but I'm waiting for my night cream to run out so I can use this all day round. This cream nourishes the skin, leaves my skin feeling incredible and when applied before make up application, make up applies smoothly.

    Highly recommend! Has fast become a must have, holy grail product of mine!
  51. very concentrated

    it is very concentrated cream moisturiser as the bottle says

    i usually use this in winter as my primer before my foundation

    or anytime my skin feels too dry or dehydrated

    but not everyday feels too heavy daily use still a great product

  52. Better than primer

    I actually use this under my makeup each day instead of primer! It's not too heavy and just the perfect amount of hydration for sensitive combo skin
  53. Beautiful rich face cream

    Love this! A staple in my kit.. i'm yet to find a skin type that it doesn't work for
  54. Great moisturiser

    This is a great everyday moisturiser! Especially for under makeup as it absorbs well and is nourishing but very light weight
  55. Love

    A staple in my kit. Great for dry skin and works really well under makeup. The formula is moisturising without being too heavy and oily
  56. My New Obsession

    Wow! This multi-use moisturiser is incredible. I am officially obsessed. The scent is to die for and the beautiful glow it gives my skin is just gorgeous. It plumps, hydrates and lifts my skin so that my makeup sits perfectly with or without a primer and makes my skin so smooth to the touch. I have dehydrated skin with fine lines but no more after discovering this moisturiser. The size is super generous and the pricing is so reasonable for this quality product. I’m in love!
  57. Amazing for my dry skin

    This is such a great moisturiser! I never look oily and my skin looks very supple. I use it a lot before I apply makeup and it acts as a great primer also. Highly recommend
  58. French skincare at its best

    Love this creme. I bought the micellar lotion and creme in a duo pack during my travels in France. French pharmacy brands are so brilliant, I don't know why I didn't stock up on 2 or 10 more packs to take home in my suitcase!
  59. AMAZING!

    This is super moisturising. Great to wear every day and before applying make up, so hydrating and make up applies so much better after apply this moistures. Recommend this product to everyone.
  60. A must-have all rounder

    I love this cream! I use it as a moisturiser on clients and it gives such a beautiful fresh hydrated look, regardless of if they are dry, oily or normal. It feels super nourishing and is a little thicker than my regular moisturiser - so I use it on damp skin if I'm using it for skincare, and on dry skin if I'm using it on a client or as a makeup base!
  61. Rich

    Amazing to rehydrate the skin fast, however, I wouldn’t recommended using as an everyday moisturiser because it blocks up pores easily. I found I broke out if I used it too often in winter.
  62. Great for makeup kit!

    Purchased this for my makeup kit. Great for those with mature and very dry skin, hydrates deeply and helps the application and look of makeup.
  63. Nice moisturiser

    Nice hydrating moisturiser that works well under makeup and doesn't make me break out :)
  64. THE BEST

    This is the best moisturiser I've ever used. It's a bit expensive, but worth the price. I use it during long haul flights as it gets very drying on the plane. During summer, I only use the smallest amount as it is very moisturising.

    There's just something about this moisturiser that makes your skin glow.
  65. Fantastic

    This is my favorite moisturizer so far. I have tried so many different brands from expensive one ($280) to the cheap one ($25) but this product truly amazed me. My skin got bumped and hydrated immediately after applied. I dont feel sticky or oily at all. Highly recommend to use in autumn or winter.
  66. Will be with me forever

    This is now a staple in my life. I use twice a day and love it! I don’t like using products with fragrance in it but this fragrance is nice and not overpowering. This is a beautiful product I’m on my third lot.
  67. In love

    This moisturiser is perfect for every time of day! Not oily and leaves skin feeling moisturised and smooth
  68. Feeling soft

    This is good for dry skin making it feel super moistured
  69. Just Awesome

    I love this. If your just looking for a moisturiser that just moisturises this is it. Beautiful texture. Perfect under makeup. Gives your skin a nice glow, but not oily. I used to spend quite a lot of money on moisturiser but now I just use this with products from The Orindary. Super impressed.
  70. Felt nice but strong scent and caused breakout

    This felt quite rich and nourishing but it does leave a bit of an oil slick. Great if you are struggling with very dry skin, however, the rose scent was way too strong for me and caused a breakout which never happens with my skin.
  71. Holy grail moisturiser

    This product is a staple in my beauty routine. It works amazingly well as a primer and as an everyday moisturiser on my combination/oily skin.

    If my skin is feeling dull or dry I apply a thick layer overnight and my skin looks noticeably more radiant the next day.

    It does have a floral scent but it is not unpleasant, I didn't notice it until I read reviews mentioning it. This is the one product I recommend to everyone.
  72. Too much for acne prone skin

    I am prone to breakouts and this moisturizer did nothing for my skin apart from cause me to break out. I can see if would be great for someone with no acne and feels super hydrating.
  73. Excellent Moisturiser for dry skin

    It definitely lived up to what it claims. It's great under makeup and leaves a nice dewy finish and removes makeup very well. This will also be my go to product when I need a bit more hydration especially during the winter months. I'm very happy with this product. Definitely recommend this product.
  74. Staple Moisturiser

    Really staple moisturiser won't dramatically change your skin but provides a great base under makeup.
  75. Beautiful product

    After the hype of this moisturiser, I decided to purchase for my kit. I tested it myself and it’s just beautiful. My skin has been tricky to predict at the moment but this moisturiser is so lovely, no matter what my skin is doing. Under makeup it’s a total winner!
  76. It's ok

    The moisturiser is ok, I don't feel like it did much for me.
  77. Great Moisturiser!

    Bought this moisturiser on a whim after hearing how well it applies underneath makeup and I have to agree.

    It provides a perfect base to apply foundation on - not too greasy, soaks into the skin quite well and produces a well moisturised base for foundation to sit nicely on.

    Most days that I use my Double Wear foundation I'll squeeze a tiny pea-sized amount of this moisturiser in the foundation to produce a more luminous and thinner consistency that doesn't compromise coverage at all.

    My biggest criticism of this moisturiser is the old lady perfume scent. The scent is extremely overpowering and even lingers for half an hour to an hour after application.

    I would recommend to all skin types, I have combination skin which gets very oily in the t-zone. This moisturiser does not make me greasier throughout the day but still manages to effectively moisturise all other non-oily areas of my face.
  78. Versatile moisturiser!

    This moisturiser is a holy grail of mine! I have purchased many tubes and I’ll continue to buy many tubes. I have incredibly dry skin in the winter and this is my daily saviour. Perfect in the morning, perfect in the evening, works amazingly under makeup.
  79. My go to

    Love love this moisturiser it’s affordable, it’s fantastic under makeup and smooths my fine lines
  80. Great moisturiser for dry / sensitive skin

    This moisturiser smells wonderful and has a great consistency - sinks into the skin without feeling tacky. My skin is getting slightly dryer as I age and it plumps it up nicely. Possibly too thick for younger/oily skin types. Great in winter when skin really needs added moisture.
  81. Fantastic value for your money

    Purchased this product when i was in Paris as i read that it was the holy grail of many French women, and now i understand why! It has so many uses and even with my oily skin it never leaves me feeling greasy. I use it especially when i am wearing make -up and it gives me the loveliest base to work on, erasing all my dry spots. It is also a great product to take travelling as it is so versatile, I can take it away on a weekend and use it as my moisturiser, primer, hydrating mask and even a make up cleanser as its so thick it really helps to break down make up before i wash it off.
  82. Supple and radiant by tomorrow - No joke!

    The French know how it is done - four products in one! *mic drop* think i've said it all. Simple, effective & super nourishing. makeup primer, face moisturiser, treatment mask and makeup remover - and all for $35 - hello why are you still here!? Get yourself one now!
  83. Keeps my skin plump!

    I’ve been using this product for about a year now and I’m onto my second tube. I find this product to be extremely hydrating! If I apply it under my makeup as a primer, at the end of the day my skin is super plump and glowy. It is also an excellent night cream. I have oily skin and I have found that if I use a small amount and just pat it onto my skin, it does not exacerbate oiliness.
  84. Amazing rich yet light moisturizer

    I have combination skin prone to break outs of dermatitis around my eyes and lips. This is the perfect moisturizer! Absorbs really well into your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. Make up does on really well after applying as well. When I’m feeling a bit dry I just use a bit more.
    It’s got a gentle scent which is lovely. This is such a good product and lasts for ages. Highly reccomend!
  85. Great for my dry skin in winter

    A make up artist friend recommended this product. A fairly heavy moisturiser but absorbs into the skin well. I find it a little heavy in summer but perfect for my skin in the cooler months!
  86. Probably good for very dry skin

    I have fairly normal skin that can be a bit dry sometimes. This moisturiser felt a bit thick for my skin. It was definitely moisturising, so if you have very dry skin, I think this would be really good. I still sometimes use it if my skin is feeling especially dry and tight but won't use it everyday.
  87. very moisturizing

    Love this product, it smells so good and i love that i don't need to apply a primer on top.
    I found that in the summer months it was way too thick for my skin so will continue using it in winter and switch to a lighter moisturizer in the hotter months.
  88. Multifunction

    I saw this as a cream that makeup artists swear by. So I was curious and bought one. I don’t wear a lot of make up but I can see how useful this cream is. It is light however moisturisers and smooths naturally. You can feel it as opposed to cheaper creams that sit on the skin. It is great even by itself as it gives you a nice canvas. Put makeup on top and it is a great primer. It is a multifunctional cream. No scent great for sensitive skin and leather it on and leave at night for mask effect. Not sure of its use over time so have given it a four for now.
  89. Holy grail

    I absolutely LOVE this moisturiser! I have sensitive skin and have had no reaction whatsoever. Its so hydrating and my skin feels incredible ever since I first used it. 100% recommended!
  90. Great product

    I have dry skin and this product made my skin feel soft and hydrated for the whole day. Feels so nice on. Affordable and would highly recommend
  91. Light and lovely and does the job!

    Nice and light moisturiser that helped my skin survive the dry Canberra winter and spring. Kept my skin hydrated and soft. Effective removing tinted moisturiser. Not super keen on the scent though but you eventually get used to it. Would buy again!
  92. Amazing product

    I’ve been through a few tubes of this and even after trying other products, I always come back to this one. I love everything about this product, it’s so hydrating but not greasy at all, feels great on the skin and works really well under makeup. Even on lazy days when I can’t be bothered applying primer, this cream works just as well. I find I only need to use a small amount so the tube lasts for ages making it very cost efficient. I will definitely be purchasing more.
  93. Good for dry skin

    My tube finally arrived today and I am in love. For those wondering, the cream's texture is quite light but it provides a heavy hit of hydration. I was expecting it to be thick and balmy, but it is similar to the Sukin moisturisers. It has no scent and almost instantly plumps up your skin
  94. Best moisturiser!

    I purchased this product a year ago after looking for a cheap but effective moisturiser.
    I have to say, this is the only moisturiser that I have purchased again. I've tried so many different ones and this is by far the best moisturiser I've used. I have dry/oily skin, using this makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. It lasted me about 8 months, I use it day and night, you don't need that much. It also works well with makeup, I normally moisturise my face then use a primer, then make up. Definitely well worth the buy!
  95. Very good humectant!

    I have been looking for a moisturiser that is affordable and thick in consistency. All the other moisturisers I have tried are usually too watery and doesn't do much hydration with my dry patches (I have combo skin).

    I like this product for its consistency and properties. It contains mild fragrance which I don't mind, plus, a little product goes a longgggggg way!

    I will definitely repurchase this again.
  96. Best moisturizer

    Love this moisturizer, skin always feels hydrated after it, never gets dry or oily after using it. I have combination skin and it services different skin zones perfectly. Doubles as a primer too. Can't go back to any other moisturizer after using this!
  97. Great primer!

    Make up artists secret. The best primer. Can mix with anything
  98. Have been using for years

    This is my go-to moisturiser - it is the best value out there. I have used this product for 4 years and have not looked back, it is always in my skincare cupboard.

    I have dry skin and this keeps my face from flaking and drying out throughout the year. The scent is not overpowering and just feels fresh.

    Would recommend 100%
  99. So rich and creamy yasssss

    This is my second tube and you don’t need much for daily use. I love love love the texture, it feels amazing in the skin and is really hydrating.
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