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Want flawless skin? Join the club! Although nobody was born with spotless skin, everyone can buy it! All you need is the right foundation. Make oily skin matte. Take dry skin and make it glow. Pimples and red spots? Forget about them! There's nothing a good foundation can’t tackle. Still using your favourite pharmacy foundation from your school days? It’s time to move into the 21st century! Your skin needs and deserves a top-notch luxe formula. Whether you want an all-natural 'makeup-free' look or a full-on glam style, there’s a foundation out there for you. In fact, there are a probably a few foundations that would suit you well, depending on what you want to achieve. While many ladies go the simple route of one foundation for all occasions, it’s good to have a few products on hand. Want a quick and easy look? Get a BB cream. It’ll give you everything you need for a daily glow-and-go style. It’s also good to have a couple of different full-coverage foundations. And, remember, even with SPF, your foundation shade changes colour from summer to winter, so you’ll want one darker and one lighter foundation shade.

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asap pure base mineral makeupasap pure base mineral makeup
asap pure base mineral makeup

Didn't love it sadly

I was a bit disappointed with this product - it works better under the ASAP mineral foundation obviously but I just don't have the time to do both each day and even still I didn't feel it was enough coverage. I'm a full coverage girl and it just didn't meet my expectations. It is lovely and light and I know it is probably better for my skin but I think I prefer BB creams and other products with a...
Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place MakeupEstée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup
Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup

Perfect for oily skin types

Long-lasting foundation that is perfect for people with oily skin. When applied in the morning there is minimal to no signs of oiliness by late afternoon. I found it to only provide medium coverage for the blemishes on my skin, even after trying to build it up. With a good setting powder and spray it looks amazing! I also found the Try Findation to give me the perfect colour match.
asap pure mineral foundation - available in 5 shadesasap pure mineral foundation - available in 5 shades
asap pure mineral foundation - available in 5 shades

Amazing Mineral Foundation

Amazing mineral foundation that doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. Love that the skin can breathe through it. However, I have oily skin so when applied in the morning by mid-afternoon my skin was very shiny - but I guess that’s the minerals letting the skin breathe! Also, I have very fair/ivory skin and the lightest shade was still noticeably too dark for my skin. But did use this foundation for a coupl...

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