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Ultimate Guide to Foundation
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Luxe Foundation
Want flawless skin? Join the club! Although nobody was born with spotless skin, everyone can buy it! All you need is the right foundation. Make oily skin matte. Take dry skin and make it glow. Pimples and red spots? Forget about them! There's nothing a good foundation can’t tackle. Still using your favourite pharmacy foundation from your school days? It’s time to move into the 21st century! Your skin needs and deserves a top-notch luxe formula. Whether you want an all-natural 'makeup-free' look or a full-on glam style, there’s a foundation out there for you. In fact, there are a probably a few foundations that would suit you well, depending on what you want to achieve. While many ladies go the simple route of one foundation for all occasions, it’s good to have a few products on hand. Want a quick and easy look? Get a BB cream. It’ll give you everything you need for a daily glow-and-go style. It’s also good to have a couple of different full-coverage foundations. And, remember, even with SPF, your foundation shade changes colour from summer to winter, so you’ll want one darker and one lighter foundation shade.
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Professional Foundation
Did you know that women have been using foundation since way back to biblical times? The Ancient Egyptians were makeup-crazy. Greek women back in 200 B.C. used white lead powder and chalk to get the pasty-white look—a far cry from the bronzed glow we adore today! Even men got in on the (poisonous!) action to achieve that ivory complexion. Since tanned skin was associated with working outside, people loved to flaunt their wealth (and dreams of wealth) with pale skin. The trend continued during the Middle Ages, throughout the Renaissance and Elizabethan eras, and even into the 20th century. It was just white makeup until 1914, when theatrical makeup artist Max Factor hit the scene and invented the earliest version of the modern, flesh-toned foundations we see today. And now look at our crazy array of options. With every shade on earth available in a wide variety of powders, lotions, and creams, we’ve got the early work of Max Factor to thank. We’ve definitely come a long way from the options that our great-grandmothers had!
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Essentials Foundation
Want to lay the foundation for flawless makeup? You need an amazing foundation! From buildable minerals to long-wear full coverage, applying the perfect foundation will transform your look. Gone are the days of cakey foundation coverage. If you associate foundation with a heavy and unnatural look, forget about it! There are so many amazing foundations out there that work for every skin type and makeup style. Down about your dull skin? Get a brightening foundation formula that illuminates your skin. Overwhelmed by oily skin? Go for a matte foundation that leaves your skin smooth and shine-free. Long day out? Get a double-wear foundation that keeps up with you all day and all night. Want to skip the SPF? Ditch the sunscreen and keep your skin looking impeccable with a foundation that features a built-in SPF. Dealing with dry skin? Opt for a moisturising BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. It’ll give you the hydration you need, and then you can create more coverage with a concealer layered on top. Whatever formula you go for, foundation is essential. Even if you only do a quick one-step routine, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with foundation.
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Ultimate Guide to Foundation

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