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La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist 100ml

4.5 of 68 reviews


4 instalments of $2.99

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4 instalments of $2.99

Or 4 instalments of $2.99 with LEARN MORE

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Cool, refreshing and awakening, the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist is the refreshing spritz you need after a long tough day on the skin. This mist is suitable for all skin types, and is a great alternative to a makeup setting spray.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Baby
  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Mist Reviews

4.5 of 68 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Generally Good


I use this right before I put on my moisturizer and it has helped my skin to absorb the later products. And in summer time this one can be very helpful after long time exposure to the sunlight.

Most Helpful Criticism

A nice enough product


I was trying to find some products to soothe and calm redness in my skin. It's calming on the skin, but let's be honest it's just an expensive water spray.
  1. Generally Good


    I use this right before I put on my moisturizer and it has helped my skin to absorb the later products. And in summer time this one can be very helpful after long time exposure to the sunlight.
  2. Nice and refreshing for sensitive skin


    I have very sensitive and dry skin from eczema and this does not sting or irritate. I get quite dry through the day and this is a nice refresher.
  3. Refreshing


    This is a very light and refreshing spring water. It seems expensive for what it is, but it has actually done wonders for my dermatitis and rosacea. My skin is often very red and raw, it stings! A light mist of this water will dull the pain and redness and it has been a lifesaver for me
  4. Cooling


    Nice fine mist. Cooling and calming skin.
  5. Amazing for the Aussie summer!


    This is the most refreshing and luxurious face mist for summer refreshment and a dewy glow. A staple in my skincare collection!
  6. Feels lovely but is just water


    I got this as a gift and was skeptical after all it just is pressurised water however it genuinely feels lovely as a mist and does hydrate the skin quite well. I look forward to using it but can't justify repurchasing given it is just water.
  7. great


    This is calming for my skin and gives it a healthy look
  8. Refreshing


    Nice and refreshing facial spray when it's hot. Only downside is the price
  9. A nice enough product


    verified purchaser
    I was trying to find some products to soothe and calm redness in my skin. It's calming on the skin, but let's be honest it's just an expensive water spray.
  10. So handy in the summer


    I use this to spritz my face in the summer so my skin doesn't get dehydrated- it's so handy!
  11. The OG!


    I love this mist for when I feel like my skin just needs a cooling refresh, without the actives (or exorbitant price tag). This is probably the original and one of the best.
  12. Great for on the go!

    Elle H

    This water is super refreshing in summer / warm weather and I also love using it before face and body products that need the skin to be damp for better absorption! Would buy again.
  13. Loved it so much I bought the big size


    I wanted to try this because my skin is sensitive and I thought it might help soothe it. It worked perfectly! I love it so much, I used it every day after my shower before I moisturise my face. It feels really nice to use, and when I ran out of the small can, I bought the 300mL size. This one is great if you're not sure, because it's not as expensive so you can try it first.
    Not a must, but...
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  14. good


    Sprays are delicate and soothe and tone the skin. I usually use them after a good treatment.
  15. Super fine mist


    Although I don't use this on the daily I find that during that this rather comes in handy during hot days. This small sized bottle fits nicely in my bag and I tend to spritz a little on during the afternoon to rehydrate and refresh my skin. It feels refreshing but other than that I don't see other additional skincare properties. Definitely not a must have but its a nice thing to have.
  16. Lovely and light


    This spray is great both as a toner, and a spray to take with you and use anytime to refresh, awaken your skin or just wake you up, Its great to apply pre skincare and i love it at work when it is hot, it cools me down and refreshes my makeup after i have touched up my makeup
  17. Soooo refreshing


    A really refreshing and soothing mist. Effective when I’m wanting to calm down my rosacea skin. I use it after cleansing and during the day to keep my skin hydrated!
  18. Super refreshing


    A gorgeous refreshing and calming facial spray. I love keeping this small size in my gym bag for a post workout refresh. It gives skin a glossy, healthy look, and would be awesome kept in the fridge during summer for a quick cool down. Definitely going to be a permanent part of my skin care routine.
  19. amazing


    This is awesome, a great boost of hydration in my bag. It’s really great especially in summer, just to refresh my skin!
  20. Really refreshing


    I have this and the toning spray and I think I prefer this one. It's great to use as a refreshing pick me up and also to spritz prior to putting on your hyalauronic acid.
  21. Great for feeling refreshed.


    I always buy this when travelling, and try to keep one in my bag during summer. Doesn't make me break out, and is nice to spritz on the neck and face. Will continue to buy this and definitely recommend for on the go hydration and freshness. I have combination skin, so really helps when feeling dry during the day.
  22. It is OK


    It is good for refreshing your skin, but I never got the point of spending money on products like that unless you have super dry skin
  23. Refreshing


    Nice to use before hyaluronic acid for plump hydrated skin but can get the same effect with regular water. Refreshing in the summer though
  24. Omg i loved it


    it was so soothing I would definitely recommend especially for itchy face and neck
  25. Refreshing pick me up

    La Roche Thermal Water Mist

    The spray is light and refreshing, with a reasonable price tag. The product lasts me about 2 months using it daily. Really good for winter for indoors where it is really dry.

    Likely to repurchase and recommend!
  26. Lovely


    So far so great, was using another brand and I will be sticking with La Roche-Posay. It is soothing and very moisturizing. If you have allergies or sensitive skin this will help immensely.
  27. I love this product


    This product keeps my skin so hydrated and it gives a healthy glow, really noticed the difference after use
  28. So refreshing


    This spray is so refreshing, perfect to use on a hot summers day to cool down and in winter when your skin is feeling dry and thirsty
  29. Good toner , bad makeup setter


    So I brought this and loved it. I was using it with the ordinary’s products and I found it worked well. But then I switched down to just it and the ordinary moisturizer. I found that without the other serums which I feel it helped glide on, it was disappointing. I did decide to stop using the ordinary moisturizer as I realized with other more oily serums it dried out the skin. I used to really lov...
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  30. Can't live without


    The best mist! It's so cooling and refreshing and works so well to freshen up my makeup throughout the day. Just love this product!
  31. Love it!


    I always use this after skin needling treatments. Have one at work on my desk, to use whenever needed. Excellent for winter!
  32. little overprice but..


    I do love this product. it is just water to be honest but it Keeps your skin fereshed and hydrated throughout the day
  33. nice refresher


    Is basically what you expect water in a can to do. Refreshing on a hot day or a small hydrating boost in the skincare regime
  34. I am never without it


    The best thing to have to quickly hydrate your skin. Perfect as a spritz to refresh you in summer without the weight of any oils or scents. It is perfect as a pick me up and just to wake you up in the morning.
  35. So refreshing


    This is so easy to use and so refreshing. Like standing under a waterfall, love it
  36. Excellent for travel and everyday use


    I too this with me on holiday and found it so refreshing both in the morning and at night. I have since bought another bottle for home, and spray my face every morning after I wake up. It wakes me up nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. While I like Avene's thermal water spray I prefer this one. Great for all skin types, including sensitive.
  37. Nice and calming


    A nice and calming thermal spring water. Also very versatile.
  38. Good product however so expensive..

    Thermal water

    I bought this as I was running low on my Avene thermal water-
    It barely lasted a fortnight. Not sure if it’s the dispenser but it isn’t good value for money in comparison. Product itself was fine.
  39. Feels amazing but...


    I loved using this spray and have bought it a couple of times. It feels great right after you spray it and it is super refreshing. However, I have stopped buying it because I go through the bottle very quick (be mindful I do use skin care in excess a lot of the time!) and so I don’t think it is something I can sustain in my skin care because after all, am I just paying $11 for water..?
  40. Good for summer days


    I know this is just a water spray, but it feels great on hot days, and when my eyes are tired from looking at a computer screen all day. I usually keep one at my work desk.
  41. works well in summer


    I like this heaps eve though theres nothing special about it really it keeps my skin from getting dry
  42. Refreshing


    I was worried I'd shelled out for fancy face water but I'm now on board. I spritz after washing my face in the morning as a pre-toner. I spritz after hot yoga to cool my red face down. I spritz after a long day at work before taking off my makeup. It's soothing and cooling without leaving my face wet.
  43. Great


    This soothes my skin and helps with my skin inflammation. Really affordable too
  44. Soothing


    Soothes and refreshes skin but is a little pricey as it’s just a small can of water
  45. Hydration


    This product gives my skin an instant hydration and leaves my skin plump. Big love.
  46. Hydrating


    I love this it’s super hydrating and feels like it just resets the skin. I use this after cleansing and just as a face mist during the hotter months when you need refreshing.
  47. Refreshing

    Katy B

    I use this water spray as the first step in my skincare routine after cleansing (every night) and chemical exfoliation (1-2 times per week). It is gentle and makes a great base to apply hyaluronic acid serum over the top. Also use it as a quick refresher in summer. The mist is super fine and feels great on the face.
  48. Beautiful hydrating spray


    I carry this in my bag and use it at work or if I travel. It’s a light hydrating spray that isn’t greasy or overly perfumed. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
  49. This water mist spray helps refresh and tone the skin.


    Living in a dry climate and having dry skin I love using this product, I spray it on before applying my moisturiser and use it during the day as a skin pick-me-up. Great product.
  50. Refreshing and hydrating


    This spray is super refreshing! I use it throughout the day when I am at work to give my face is bit of a boost. Love it in the summer as it is super cooling. I always have the small size in my bag
  51. lovely


    a bit expensive but it makes my skin feel very hydrated and soft
  52. Refreshing


    This spray gives you a refreshing feeling and boost throughout the day. I use it in the warmer weather when I'm feeling on the oily side or want to relieve a tight feeling in my skin.
  53. a little pricey


    although this is a bit pricey for what it is I love it in the summer, keeps my skin so hydrated and soft
  54. Nice for summer


    Very light and fresh but I don’t reach for it much. Lovely though.
  55. The Best


    so good for my sensitive skin love it always makes you feel so fresh
  56. thermal spring water


    Great for sensitive skin. Cooling and hydrating and soothing
  57. Soo refreshing!


    This product is super refreshing for the skin and really helps to control dryness and revitalise your skin throughout the day. Great on top of makeup or fresh faced!
  58. So refreshing!!!


    I use this product in the morning instead of washing my face, and before my usual skincare products. It makes me feel so fresh and clean and I have noticed a difference in my skin's radiance since using this product.
  59. Good for my sensitive skin


    This is great for those with sensitive skin because there really isnt anything in this that can cause irritation. Very cooling, particularly with the packaging that helps it retain the cool temperature.
  60. Makes a difference


    This spray really hydrates the skin and gives it a dewy finish. Is great to have in my bag and spray during the day to refresh my face and give me a little break for a moment! The spray mechanism is also very soft and even, doesn't saturate the skin.
  61. Handy Hydration


    Having slightly dry skin over the winter months this is my new go to ... a light spray after the shower and before my serums and skincare routine ... this locks in extra moisture and much needed hydration. No more tightness and dryness.
  62. Cool and refreshing!


    My face gets super red and hot sometimes and instead of using something with heaps of ingredients, I just spray this on my face and neck for a quick soothing effect and it really helps! I love the size too, it's perfect for your handbag and I take mine to work with me.
  63. Gentle, soothing, refreshing!


    This product doesn't sound particularly special (thermal water spray) however it is such a lovely all-rounder to have on hand! Great to use throughout the day in an artificially heated/cooled work environment, it refreshes your makeup and soothes the skin. Its also a nice little pick me up to use on car trips or on flights! The ultra fine mist is great and I find even the little cans last quite a ...
    Read More
  64. Refreshing


    Super refreshing, I prefer this over Mario bedascu sprays. Nice little pick me up, also doesn’t react bad on sensitive skin.
  65. Perfect all rounder.


    Full of refreshment, perfect for skincare, ideal pre and post makeup application, I even keep it handy to clean eyelash extensions. Especially helpful in the warmer weather just pop a can in the fridge to cool down. Travel size is perfect to keep in handbag on the go.
  66. Refreshing thermal spring water


    I received a sample size of this in a 50g can. A multipurpose product to soothe , hydrate and calm skin. Can be used to set makeup, refresh skin on a hot summers day or to hydrate your skin on long haul flights. Didn't realise how much I needed this until I had it!
  67. Amazing during summer


    Super refreshing during the summer, hydrating, and revives make-up throughout the day.
  68. Refreshing, hydrating, perfect on the go


    This and avene are my favourites - and the travel size versions are a must for on the go, at your desk or constant hydration - perfect over makeup and as a skincare prep step before all your toners, serums, oils, moisturisers.
  69. Good


    Has been a staple in my family for years! Great to calm a sunburn or to cool off during summer (keep it in the fridge). Gentle enough to use on irritated skins.
  70. La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water


    One word, AMAZING! I loved these product's, Especially the thermal water - it's so refreshing and small enough to chuck in the nappy bag.
  71. Lovely for carrying with you


    I keep this in my bag and keep a larger 300ml bottle at home , this is so great for staying hydrated and cool all day long
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