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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ 50ml

4.4 of 262 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.49

Or 4 instalments of $7.49 with LEARN MORE

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ is an ultra light non greasy formulation with the next generation filtering system so you receive reinforced UVA protection.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

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Customer Reviews

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4.4 of 262 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great ultra light SPF


This is a beautiful spf 50 that goes on really light ( as the name suggests) and can definitely be worn under make up. It’s also really affordable and you don’t need much to cover your face. I’ve since moved on to another spf for a more dewy look but I make my husband use this every day and he has made no complaints!

Most Helpful Criticism

Over-hyped Sunscreen

Bridget B

I've tried this sunscreen a few times, and every time I have been disappointed. It feels thick on the face, and causes my sensitive skin a lot of irritation and dryness.
  1. Over-hyped Sunscreen

    Bridget B

    I've tried this sunscreen a few times, and every time I have been disappointed. It feels thick on the face, and causes my sensitive skin a lot of irritation and dryness.
  2. Great sunscreen


    Great sunscreen! I use this daily on my face as an alternative to make up. The only down side I find is it’s slightly too oily at times.
  3. Great ultra light SPF


    This is a beautiful spf 50 that goes on really light ( as the name suggests) and can definitely be worn under make up. It’s also really affordable and you don’t need much to cover your face. I’ve since moved on to another spf for a more dewy look but I make my husband use this every day and he has made no complaints!
  4. A pretty decent face sunscreen


    I was a little startled at first by how small the bottle was considering the price, but soon realised you really don't need a lot of this product to get full coverage. Very liquidy/spreadable, non-greasy and works well under make-up.
  5. The Best!

    Maddie J

    The best daily facial sunscreens I have used. Absorbs well and doesn't leave the skin oily or cause me breakouts.

  6. The best facial sunscreen


    I actually use this sunscreen as a base before applying makeup. It's a great facial sunscreen as it doesn't leave my face looking ashy or greasy.
  7. Grainy


    A few sunscreens have that grainy texture, and this is one of them.
  8. Best facial sunscreen ever!!


    I have dry skin prone to some congestion in my t-zone, and bought this after another well known brand made me break out, and I'm so pleased I did! It feels great and sits perfectly under makeup. Never greasy, yet not drying or uncomfortable. Absolutely love it!!
  9. Successfully converted by husband to SPF with this


    This SPF is perfect for people who need to start using it everyday. It is very thin (quite runny actually) but that makes it sink in so quickly. It doesn't leave skin oily and doesn't have that horrible sunscreen smell either. My husband now wears SPF daily thanks to this product. I am light to medium in colour and hardly notice any tint, so I personally don't count on the tint for colour.
  10. Greatest sunscreen of all time.


    I love this sunscreen. It is light, doesn't feel gross on, is nice and thin and doesn't leave much of a whitecast. Perfect!
  11. Best sunscreen available


    I have really fair skin, I’m a natural redhead. I’ve been wearing sunscreen under my makeup since I was 25, but finding a good one has been a challenge. I tried la Roche posay abd I have to say, it’s the best. It offers high protection, and doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin, or do anything to makeup application. I have dry skin since I was prescribed roaccutane, and this doesn’t dry skin out f...
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  12. The ultimate sunscreen


    I have been looking for a sunscreen for months. I’m on accutane which makes your skin extremely sensitive so tried multiple brands that made me react and break out in hives. This sunscreen is the only one that didn’t, and it easily had the best finish of them all. I have quite dry skin so can layer this on top of moisturiser and under a light tint without a greasy or heavy finish.
  13. Need sunscreen


    I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen for everyday use that won’t interfere with the products I will then layer on top. This is close to ticking all my boxes, but adore beauty has caused me to be ultra fussy to continue searching for what is right for me, then mixing up further
  14. The best body sunscreen


    I like this sunscreen because it spreads easily and blends well into the skin. Worth the investment.
  15. cheap but good


    very cheap, it is a little bit oily but perfect for my normal to dry skin.
  16. Lightweight and good coverage


    A great lightweight sunscreen that I can barely feel on my skin and keeps me protected all day. I was in the sun all day and only applied this once and it kept my skin protected all day.
  17. Excellent face sunscreen but not enough product


    It's absorbed quickly and feels very light on my face, but the tube is quite small, only 50mL so it doesn't lasts long. Texture is very runny and light, good to apply, I notice it spills a bit after utilisation, when I use The Ordinary serums before applying it. I love the good UV range protection.
  18. Perfect!


    Love this sunscreen! Tried so many sunscreens under my foundation and this one is by far the best. It doesn’t make me oily, I’ve had no break outs and it sits beautifully under makeup.
  19. good everyday sunscreen


    This is one of my favourite lightweight facial sunscreens. Normal sunscreens break me out with acne and make me look so oily but this one does not do that, and works really well under makeup.
  20. Not bad


    I received a sample as a gift with purchase. Such a small sample is hard to review, but i did find this absorbed well and did not leave white cast. Not sticky and no overwhelming smell.
  21. Absolutely loved the light weightless texture


    This is an awesome and affordable product! The texture is super light, better than the regular formulation, no pilling under makeup and absorbs super quickly. This brand is really trusted in sun care too, so I love using it to feel protected. The price-point is right so make sure you use the right amount and don't under apply!
  22. No excuse!


    I love the convenient size of this product, there is no excuse not to apply SPF as it will fit into the smallest of bags! Also, it’s lightweight, non greasy and doesn’t cause me to break out like most heavier sunscreens do. I would be keen to try the tinted version of this.
  23. Runny and grainy


    A very liquidy runny texture. So maybe you think it will mix well with a foundation before application. But then you find that its also quite grainy upon application. Probs works as a sun protector, but i dont like it personally
  24. Favourite everyday moisturiser


    This is my favourite everyday face moisturiser as it's very light & I can wear it under my makeup. I usually apply this after my moisturiser and serums, but before any makeup.
  25. Onto a winner!


    I dont usually like the way spf products make my skin feel, they usually make me break out too but this product has been great a so far. Light enough that it doesn't feel gross, doesn't sweat off in the humidity of QLD and goes well under other products. I won't use any other spf now.
  26. Light and easy


    I love this sunscreen. I got onto it in their Australian Open campaign and now wont use any other sunscreens. Its really light, its a strong protection against the sun and doesnt make your skin all oily and gross.
  27. Great durable sunscreen


    I used this on my trip in Queensland and loved it. Durable and lightweight and practical for the humidity and swimming. Will be purchasing this again.
  28. Thickness


    Even though it has a high SPF, it's thick and oily and it's not good for makeup.... So I won't buy again.
  29. favourite


    My favourite of la roche-posay sunscreen. Feels a little oily but it sinks in quickly then doenst bother me
  30. Good for oily skin


    I had to give it a second go, as at first I thought it was greasy.
    I now use it everyday and absorbs perfectly
  31. Great


    Most sunscreens make me look oily but this does not. It also works well with my acne prone skin
  32. Perfect non-greasy sunscreen

    Trish S

    Love this sunscreen! It’s light wear, non-greasy fluid is great! It goes on under my Giorgio Armani power fabric foundation flawlessly! With my combination skin it doesn’t leave me oily or shiny.
  33. Lovely sunscreen


    This is a really really good sunscreen! i find it doesn't feel thick on the skin and works lovely under makeup. The formula is very light weight and does not smell or feel like normal sunscreen!
  34. The best sunscreen


    i have read so much about this! i decided to purchase! it is so expensive for the size i couldn't believe it! this better not clog my pores for the price you pay! & so far so good! great texture not thick at all, almost on the runny side!
  35. Very good


    I received this as a sample and had been on the hunt for new SPF50+ as my previous one had an awful smell to it. This is very good, although makeup looked a little odd after application. Good for 'au natural' days though.
  36. Great under makeup


    Tried so many sunscreens under my foundation and this one is by far the best. It doesn’t make me oily, I’ve had no break outs and it sits beautifully under makeup.
  37. Good


    This is one of my fav sunscreens. It does not make my skin look oily or shiny
  38. Great for sensitive skin


    This is honestly one of the few sunscreens I trust since it doesn't further irritate my sun intolerant skin. At first I didn't realise that this fluid formula is actually formulated for normal to oily skin but although it is slightly on the drying side I don't dislike and find that it can still be used on my more dry skin.
  39. Perfect


    One of the best sunscreen I have ever used. The texture is very light, it didn’t block my skin. Definitely recommend.
  40. Perfect in everyway!


    I never (eek!) used sunscreen until I listened to the Adore Beauty podcast. I always connected sunscreen to memories of being a kid and it feeling thick, greasy, heavy and gross. I received a sample of this and was so surprised by its light texture and the way it quickly absorbs into my skin. It sits so well under makeup too! I was so impressed I purchased the full Size!!
  41. Light but pills


    I find this pills terribly over my skincare which means my makeup doesn't sit nicely over the top. You have to give it a good shake or else it comes out too watery.
  42. Glad I didn't buy this


    I received a sample of this in an order from Adore Beauty and I have to say that this sunscreen is almost everything I don't want in a sunscreen. It has a white cast, is greasy and feels cloying and also doesn't absorb easily. It's only plus is that it's a light fluid texture. There are better sunscreens out there
  43. Feels like you aren't wearing SPF!


    I'm a skin therapist, so you can imagine I've tried MANNNNY SPF's out there. A lot of them feel thick, and makeup doesn't apply well over the top. I did not find this happened with this sunscreen. It is so beautiful and light weight, it feels like you aren't wearing anything! It soaked right into my skin, and left it feeling slightly soft with no shine. I received a free sample of this in my last ...
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  44. Feels good but has drying alcohol


    I really liked this at first. It felt good. It was light and it sinks in. That was before I started experiencing the initial dry/flakey stage of retinol. It aggravated the dryness.

    After using a couple of other sunscreens with no alcohol, I can now see and feel the difference when a sunscreen has alcohol in it and it no longer suits my skin. I still wouldn't recommend it to someone e...
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  45. easy to wear


    very light but full cover sunscreen , feels nice on skin and easy to apply ..will definitely be purchasing again
  46. Good


    This provides great protection and is good for my sensitive skin. Will repurchase
  47. No greasiness guaranteed !


    Product absorbs into the skin very quickly. Once absorbed, your skin feels dry and ready for your moisturizer and makeup.
    Fantastic product that does not leave a hint of greasy residue !!!
  48. The best.


    I stopped using this for a while because I work outdoors and have to reapply several times a day, so this was getting a bit expensive. After trying out loads of other sunscreens I’ve decided to suck it up because this stuff really is the best. Even after 3 or 4 applications it never gets greasy, doesn’t break me out and never causes redness or irritation. I love it and will continue to repurchas...
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  49. Luminous skin but has it's problems


    This was my go-to sunscreen for many years as it gives me this gorgeous 'your skin but better' glow. However it can give you a white cast considering it is a dropper formula which also makes it confusing to know how much you're supposed to use. I also CANNOT wear anything underneath this, sadly all my serums pile up. I recommend if you're going to use this alone but it might interfere with your se...
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  50. A step up


    I have been trying this product for a few years. I've not always been happy with it because whilst it works it's still been rather heavy for my skin. This is definitely a step up and so much less greasy or oily it's predecessor. I am much happier with it as so far no rosacea reaction.
  51. The best face sunscreen


    I have very sensitive skin when it comes to sunscreen. Either I react to it, or it clogs my pores and makes my otherwise dry skin super oily. This is definitely not the case with the Anthelios fluid! It is super light, applies easily and most importantly protects my face from sunburn.
  52. Best face moisturiser


    This sunscreen sinks in very quickly, doesn't irritate my skin like most other face sunscreens and sits well under my makeup.
  53. Best Face Sunscreen


    This is by far the best sunscreen I've ever tried for my combination skin. Light-weight, fast absorbing and doesn't leave a white cast which you normally expect with high SPF sunscreens. Most of all, this product does not make my eyes sting. I don't ever use sunscreen directly on the eye area but with what I've tried, you get a stinging sensation after use. La Roche Posay never did so I'm truly ha...
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  54. Gives me pimples


    I had bought this thinking it was the best sunscreen for breakouts. I use The Ordinary skin care products and my skin has been great but on the days I use this sunscreen my skin breaks out. I feel it isn’t the best for my skin and I am disappointed in this purchase. I had less breakouts when I used a cheap sunscreen (le tan)
  55. The best sun protection


    This has become my go to sunscreen. It provides great sun protection and feels good on the skin.
  56. Hype


    I've been reading so much about this sunscreen i was a bit funny purchasing it for nearly $30! i do like the sunscreen and it doesn't clog your pores! however im shocked at the size!!!!!!!! so small!!!!!!!!
  57. Amazing


    I love this!! I usually HATE wearing sunscreen, especially on my face as it is thick and greasy and it you're swimming it stings your eyes. But this is SPF is amazing! It's so light it's like you're not even wearing it. Great for everyday wear. And it stays put when swimming and doesn't sting my eyes at all! Might try the tinted one next time :)
  58. Not a fan of the graininess


    Not sure why but this sunscreen has a bit of a grainy feel to it (like the neutrogena spf50+ sunscreen). Dont like that texture, and it makes it feel thick. But in terms of effectiveness, this is great!
  59. Love it!


    LRP sunscreens are amazing! I've tried many of them and other product from LRP and I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed. The formula is light and cosmetically elegant unlike many other sunscreens I've tried. I love how this has broad spectrum protection too!
  60. Extremely light and effective.


    This is my favorite face sunscreen I have tried to date. It is extremely light and feels more like a primer than a sunscreen. Face sunscreens generally end up making my skin quite oily and I eventually break out. However, this one dries matte on my skin and I have had no issues with breaking out. It also blends perfectly with my foundation. Would definitely recommend!
  61. Leaves a cast and piles up


    I read so many good reviews on this and thought it would be great for my very oily and acne prone skin. I like the little shaker bottle and the product itself is very liquidy. However, this does leave a white cast on me and it starts breaking down and leaving white streaks everywhere you sweat and piles up in the lines on my neck. I am finishing the bottle by using it on my hands and will not repu...
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  62. Nice but pills


    This is a nice lightweight sunscreen however I find that if I put this on before my makeup it pills and balls up. Not my favourite one for everyday.
  63. Favourite spf


    I’m a redhead, and I’ve always hated sunscreen because when I was a kid, all of the adults around me would douse me in it whenever I went outside. It’s hard to find a sunscreen that is easy to apply, has no smell, and dries down to such a light layer that it feels like it’s not even there. This is easily one of my favourite sunscreens.
  64. Light sunscreen


    Love this brand of sunscreen, doesn't block your pores or cause breakouts! very lightweight!
  65. Ticks the boxes


    I usually prefer to stick with a 30+ sunscreen as I have found 50+ to be heavy and greasy and not overly pleasant to wear on an every day basis. This one surprised me though - it's lightweight (as it says) and I'm happy to put it on in the morning before makeup (or without makeup) for almost all day protection. I would only reapply if I am in full sun for extended periods (like a beach day) or in ...
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  66. The best


    Wow wow wow, this sunscreen is simply the best! It is sheer and comfortable, and sinks in so nicely. It actually leaves quite a nice little dewy glow on your face afterwards. My dermatologist also loves this product and says it's one of the best sunscreens out there. I have used this for upwards of two years and have never had a problem with it pilling under makeup, feeling chalky or most importan...
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  67. Fabulous on Mature Skin & under Makeup


    I wanted to try this having seen several dermatologists on YouTube recommending it and I'm really glad I did. It's lovely and light, absorbs really easily and sits really well under makeup. It doesn't leave a white cast on my skin like some zinc-based sunscreens. The 50ml size is great for carrying around in my bag, in case I want to reapply. I will be getting some for my teen daughter too.
  68. Good but careful with the quantity


    This is good product but be careful with how much you use, small amount goes far.
  69. One of my fav


    This is the best sunscreen for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. This doesn't break me out, absorbs quickly. My skin still gets oily though but I think that's just my skin. Definitely worth the price.
  70. Good as a high SPF sunscreen


    This product is good as a high SPF sunscreen - it's lightweight and not heavy and doesn't feel / smell like sunscreen

    It leaves a white cast in photography and probably would underneath makeup.

    I also find that it doesn't make for a good base underneath makeup, so perhaps use a primer on top or use a different moisturiser for makeup application
  71. Absorbs quickly and great under make up


    Finally a sunscreen I like that does not break me out! Absorbs well without the dreaded sunscreen sheen.
  72. Super Light


    I really love this sunscreen. I have sensitive, oily/dry skin and this is the perfect texture and consistency. Works well on top of my day cream and under my foundation and feel like I'm wearing nothing. If only it was cruelty free!
  73. Seriously good SPF


    I don't know why it's taken me so long to review this sunscreen, but this stuff is amazing! It's one of the only SPF's I'll use on my face and it's extremely silky and lightweight. I find that it layers well with both skincare/ makeup and doesn't clog my oily/combo skin. Definitely a product to give a go, especially at only $30!
  74. Not for under makeup


    I love that this is light and has SPF 50 but unfortunately leaves a white cast so I wouldn't recommend this for everyday use.
  75. Reliable


    A great sunscreen for the face and neck. I apply it over my moisturiser, under any makeup. It blends in very well, and doesn't leave my skin too oily even in my T-zone. Hasn't broken me out unlike some other sunscreens! Was recommended this when going to get my moles checked.
  76. Everyday product!


    I love this sunscreen! It is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Its container is small and you can always bring it in your bag. You only need a couple of drops to cover your face. I recommend it
  77. Not the best


    This seems to be everything I want in a sunscreen, it's very lightweight, goes on clear and has a minimal scent.
    The lightweight bottle is excellent to slip into my handbag to reapply as necessary.
    I always shake well and smooth this all over my face. I use patting motions to get an even application and to encourage the product to sink into the skin. It seems to do so and although it d...
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  78. Can’t Even Feel It!


    I received this sunscreen as a promo gift. It’s very fluid, lightweight and you barely feel like it’s on your skin! I have dry skin, and this felt neither oily nor drying. Nothing like the thick sunscreens I’ve grown up with! I forgot it was even on. If this were 100% cruelty free I’d definitely consider purchasing.
  79. Great sunscreen


    Got this sample with one of my purchases. Feel great on my skin and can be used under my make up. This is a good brand which I'm glad I've tried. Will purchase in summer
  80. Love/hate relationship


    I keep coming back to this one but I can’t really figure out why. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few sunscreens that doesn’t break me out. I have combination, acne prone skin and the pros of this sunscreen are that it’s lightweight, not greasy, sinks in well, no added fragrance and high SPF. The cons... it pills so bad!, the high alcohol content can be irritating and it stings my eyes.
  81. Perfect size packaging


    Perfect size packaging - easy to pop into a purse or handbag. Feels great on the skin, non clogging.
  82. perfect for the beach


    I bought this hoping to use it as an every day option but have found it doesn't sit quite right under make up and required a lot of rubbing in.

    However it has been perfect for beach days or any time i want something a bit thicker or full coverage compared to a more light weight option.
  83. Ultra Light SPF50+


    I tried a sample of this product, its not thick i would almost say its on the runny side. You only need a small amount.
  84. Ultra sunscreen


    i really like this sunscreen, its not to heavy on the face and great to wear under your makeup! it doesn't clog your pores either!
  85. My go-to SPF


    This is my go-to SPF. I wear it every day, even in winter, over my usual serum/moisturiser routine. It doesn't make me look shiny on a no-makeup day, and it's a fantastic base for my preferred glowy makeup look. It doesn't break me out at all! Have repurchased over and over, and I keep coming back.
  86. Mmmm not sure


    Feels quite runny and doesn’t sit right under make up. Not a fan.
  87. Love this


    My skin usually doesn't respond well to SPF. It causes breakouts and makes me oily. But this product doesn't at all. It's light, you don't need much and I think it's helped reduce the oil my skin produces, helped tighten and brighten my skin, and helped with acne scarring (SPF is essential to prevent scars from getting darker!) I now use this SPF everyday. Be sure to allow any products used before...
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  88. Doesn’t absorb, looks shiny


    I like the fact that this is very high SPF, unscented, and lightweight. But it doesn’t work on top of any other moisturiser or serum because it forms little bits / crumbs. Doesn’t absorb well and leaves skin looking oily.
  89. stings eyes


    Even when I'm careful to keep it away from the eye area, I always seem to get stinging eyes when I use this. The texture is a bit runny which makes it difficult to put on. Other than that, seems to be a good sunscreen
  90. Great Under Makeup


    I received the sample size of this and i usually have oily skin, so i wear mattifying primer and this doesn't make me oily like other sunscreens do, i love it, time to order the full size!
  91. Perfect


    This sunscreen sits incredibly well under makeup and can even act as a primer. Absorbs quickly and dosent leave a sticky feeling with or without makeup on top
  92. Not for me


    I have tried so hard to love this product. It is lightweight but yet still makes my face looks greasy. If I use a separate moisturiser with it, it will cause pilling/balling! It also have a heavy alcohol scent when use first open it.
  93. Best EVER


    Finally! A Sunscreen that does not cause me to break out! i have been trying for so long to find a SPF that doesn't cause a reaction for my skin. This product honestly feels amazing.
    It does come in a small bottle but I've actually found it useful as it fits in all my bags so i have no excuse not to reapply in the afternoon. I really , really recommend this product.
  94. Blendable and not too oily


    A great sunscreen for the face and neck, I apply it over my moisturiser, under any makeup. It blends in very well, and doesn't leave my skin too oily even in my T-zone. Hasn't broken me out unlike some other sunscreens!
  95. Love this sunscreen


    This is a really nice sunscreen! Layers really well with skincare and works under makeup. Super lightweight and doesn’t make me look like a ghost.
  96. Great!!


    First sunscreen that doesnt break me out! Feels lightweight and doesn’t leave any white cast
  97. holy grail


    The best sunscreen I have ever used! I have combination skin that is dark olive. Most other sunscreens leave a horrible white cast on me. This product gives a slight sheen, is truly translucent on my skin, and stops any sun damage. Have recommended it to friends, all of whom are now also converts.
  98. No other sunscreen like this


    Protects my skin all day long, non greasy and doesn’t have a gross smell to it. Worth the pricey cost!
  99. Just what the Dr. ordered


    I was recommended this by a dermatologist, I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin and this product was my only real hope of using spf. It goes on smoothly, no white cast ( although I am paper white anyway ) and it absorbs fairly well. Make up goes over it smoothly just let it dry for about 5 to 10 mins prior to application for best results. It works well as a primer, seems to blur pores and lea...
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