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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ 50ml

4.4 of 182 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.49


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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ is an ultra light non greasy formulation with the next generation filtering system so you receive reinforced UVA protection.
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+

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4.4 of 182 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great sunscreen


Got this sample with one of my purchases. Feel great on my skin and can be used under my make up. This is a good brand which I'm glad I've tried. Will purchase in summer

Most Helpful Criticism

perfect for the beach


I bought this hoping to use it as an every day option but have found it doesn't sit quite right under make up and required a lot of rubbing in.

However it has been perfect for beach days or any time i want something a bit thicker or full coverage compared to a more light weight option.
  1. Great sunscreen


    Got this sample with one of my purchases. Feel great on my skin and can be used under my make up. This is a good brand which I'm glad I've tried. Will purchase in summer
  2. Love/hate relationship


    I keep coming back to this one but I can’t really figure out why. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few sunscreens that doesn’t break me out. I have combination, acne prone skin and the pros of this sunscreen are that it’s lightweight, not greasy, sinks in well, no added fragrance and high SPF. The cons... it pills so bad!, the high alcohol content can be irritating and it stings my eyes.
  3. Perfect size packaging


    Perfect size packaging - easy to pop into a purse or handbag. Feels great on the skin, non clogging.
  4. perfect for the beach


    I bought this hoping to use it as an every day option but have found it doesn't sit quite right under make up and required a lot of rubbing in.

    However it has been perfect for beach days or any time i want something a bit thicker or full coverage compared to a more light weight option.
  5. Ultra Light SPF50+


    I tried a sample of this product, its not thick i would almost say its on the runny side. You only need a small amount.
  6. Ultra sunscreen


    i really like this sunscreen, its not to heavy on the face and great to wear under your makeup! it doesn't clog your pores either!
  7. My go-to SPF


    This is my go-to SPF. I wear it every day, even in winter, over my usual serum/moisturiser routine. It doesn't make me look shiny on a no-makeup day, and it's a fantastic base for my preferred glowy makeup look. It doesn't break me out at all! Have repurchased over and over, and I keep coming back.
  8. Mmmm not sure


    Feels quite runny and doesn’t sit right under make up. Not a fan.
  9. Love this


    My skin usually doesn't respond well to SPF. It causes breakouts and makes me oily. But this product doesn't at all. It's light, you don't need much and I think it's helped reduce the oil my skin produces, helped tighten and brighten my skin, and helped with acne scarring (SPF is essential to prevent scars from getting darker!) I now use this SPF everyday. Be sure to allow any products used before (such as serums) fully absorb to avoid pilling, same goes for applying moisturiser post SPF.
  10. Doesn’t absorb, looks shiny


    I like the fact that this is very high SPF, unscented, and lightweight. But it doesn’t work on top of any other moisturiser or serum because it forms little bits / crumbs. Doesn’t absorb well and leaves skin looking oily.
  11. stings eyes


    Even when I'm careful to keep it away from the eye area, I always seem to get stinging eyes when I use this. The texture is a bit runny which makes it difficult to put on. Other than that, seems to be a good sunscreen
  12. Great Under Makeup


    I received the sample size of this and i usually have oily skin, so i wear mattifying primer and this doesn't make me oily like other sunscreens do, i love it, time to order the full size!
  13. Perfect


    This sunscreen sits incredibly well under makeup and can even act as a primer. Absorbs quickly and dosent leave a sticky feeling with or without makeup on top
  14. Not for me


    I have tried so hard to love this product. It is lightweight but yet still makes my face looks greasy. If I use a separate moisturiser with it, it will cause pilling/balling! It also have a heavy alcohol scent when use first open it.
  15. Best EVER


    Finally! A Sunscreen that does not cause me to break out! i have been trying for so long to find a SPF that doesn't cause a reaction for my skin. This product honestly feels amazing.
    It does come in a small bottle but I've actually found it useful as it fits in all my bags so i have no excuse not to reapply in the afternoon. I really , really recommend this product.
  16. Blendable and not too oily


    A great sunscreen for the face and neck, I apply it over my moisturiser, under any makeup. It blends in very well, and doesn't leave my skin too oily even in my T-zone. Hasn't broken me out unlike some other sunscreens!
  17. Love this sunscreen


    This is a really nice sunscreen! Layers really well with skincare and works under makeup. Super lightweight and doesn’t make me look like a ghost.
  18. Great!!


    First sunscreen that doesnt break me out! Feels lightweight and doesn’t leave any white cast
  19. holy grail


    The best sunscreen I have ever used! I have combination skin that is dark olive. Most other sunscreens leave a horrible white cast on me. This product gives a slight sheen, is truly translucent on my skin, and stops any sun damage. Have recommended it to friends, all of whom are now also converts.
  20. No other sunscreen like this


    Protects my skin all day long, non greasy and doesn’t have a gross smell to it. Worth the pricey cost!
  21. Just what the Dr. ordered


    I was recommended this by a dermatologist, I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin and this product was my only real hope of using spf. It goes on smoothly, no white cast ( although I am paper white anyway ) and it absorbs fairly well. Make up goes over it smoothly just let it dry for about 5 to 10 mins prior to application for best results. It works well as a primer, seems to blur pores and leave the skin with a nice dewy/radiant shine. I would definitely recommend. Great chemical sunscreen. It doesn't burn near eyes either. Best way to remove is with a oil cleanse at the end of the day.
  22. Lovely!


    The nicest sunscreen I have ever used. Goes on well, isn't think or have the sunscreen smell. Goes well under makeup, I cannot fault it. Really pleased/surprised
  23. Holy grail sunscreen!


    This was recommended to me by my dermal therapist and I cannot love this product more! Glides into my skin & sits beautifully under make up. Zero irritation, so light, barely feels like you’re wearing anything. Amazing price point for such a great product.
  24. Perfect sunscreen


    Prior to this I was using a super expensive facial sunscreen by Eve Lom, I'm as pale as they come and i use retinol so sun protection everyday is a must. This sunscreen out performs more expensive ones by epic amounts, it's very liquidy so you have to be careful but it sinks into the skin in a few minutes and dosnt cause your face to be super shiny like most. Will always have at least a couple of these on hand
  25. Flakes & crumbs everytime


    I don’t know why, but every time I use this suncream, it goes crumbly and leaves bits all over my face! I love la Roche Posay products but this one doesn’t work for me
  26. Best sunscreen for sensitive skin!


    Hands down best sunscreen I’ve tried! So great for sensitive skin and really sinks in and doesn’t leave you with any oily residue. So comfortable on the skin all day!!
  27. Best sunscreen for sensitive skin!


    Hands down best sunscreen I’ve tried! So great for sensitive skin and really sinks in and doesn’t leave you with any oily residue. So comfortable on the skin all day!!
  28. UVA and UVB and perfect under makeup


    I have always had issues using sunscreens as my skin didn't tolerate them very well even when I was a child, I had to use very expensive thick sunscreen that barely sank into the skin and as a child I hated it. This sunscreen is amazing and I wish it existed back then, its light, it sinks into the skin and it doesn't cause me any irritation. I use this everyday and its by far my number 1 skincare product, sunscreen is the most important skincare product to have and I absolutely love this one. I own 3 of them, one in my handbag cosmetic case, one in my bathroom and one in my dressing table!
  29. One of my faves


    It is so light and easy to wear under makeup and doesn't pill up or interfere with layers on top.
  30. YESSSSS x100


    This sunscreen is the best! Absorbs fast, goes on smoothly, no white cast, actually feels nice and hydrating on the skin- not oily or clammy at all!
    I wear this every day- doesnt break me out, washes off easy, Good, simple sunscreen! Thumbs up from me!
  31. Recommend!


    Protects my skin, doesn’t clog my pores or make my skin look sweaty! Recommend most of this brands sunscreens! Been using them for years :)
  32. Lovely


    with having very pale skin my skin burns very easily, but i have finally found a sunscreen that protects my skin 100%! this sunscreen is amazing, the formula is great and it doesn't take long to sink into your skin so you can go into the sun almost straight after putting it on
  33. Prefer other La Roche-Posay products


    I find this sunscreen doesn't not work with my moisturiser or foundation and prefer other, moire lightweight products
  34. My new go to.


    This has become my new go to sunscreen. i love the way it feels on my face, doesn't feel heavy and oily like most sunscreens. My only issue with this sunscreen is it doesn't work well with any other products. If i use my foundation or moisturiser etc it starts to clump?
  35. Grainy and liquidy


    Grainy texture, even after applied and rubbed on skin. Also liquidy which is personally not my preference. But I'm sure it does the job.
  36. very runny


    not sure how i feel about this. its quite runny and feels sticky
    didnt work with my skin . i have acne prone oily skin
  37. Good formula


    This is a very lightweight, clear sunscreen that i wear everyday. It feels so good on the skin and makes me want to wear it daily to keep my skin protected
  38. Great


    I like the high SPF 50+. Absorbed by skin easily. Doesn’t give greasy or unable to breath feeling on the skin after applying it. Transparent Color. Recommend it
  39. Highly Recommend


    My dermatologist referred me to La Roche Posay products. I love the sunscreen it is great on the face, light and lasts forever. I have had mine for months I use it as a primer and at the beach (it also looks pretty)
  40. A real lightweight sunscreen for face


    I have used many sunscreens which claim to be "lightweight" and this product is one of the few that really made the cut for me. No harsh ingredients except that it's not alcohol-free, however it doesn't bother me too much as I am usually quite sensitive to alcohols but this one still feels pretty gentle on my face.
  41. Great chemical sunscreen for sensitive skin


    I normally only buy physical sunscreens because the chemical ones bring me out in a rash after a few days. I bought this anyway even though it's a chemical one because it's supposed to be good for sensitive skin. It is! I've had absolutely no reaction after a week's use. The texture is lovely and I haven't noticed a white cast (though I have quite pale skin). Be careful pouring it out though because it is very runny. I don't find it greasy or heavy at all and it seems to sit well with my mousturisers under it. Haven't tried it yet with makeup but I think it would be ok.
  42. Great but often pills/balls up


    I do like this sunscreen but I'm not entirely happy with it. I find it can ball or pill on top of my skin care, especially into my hairline. So far it is the best sunscreen I have used, but I feel I'm still searching for something better.
  43. Good sun protection but drying


    I find that this sunscreen offers great sun protection but the formula is a bit drying on my combination skin.

    It is nice cause there is no white cast but since it is a fluid, I find it is sometimes difficult to apply evenly, and causes my other products underneath (like moisturiser) to pill.

    Didn't work too well with my skin.
  44. Nice sunscreen


    This is a nice sunscreen but not my favourite, it's a light and watery texture that spreads easily. It feels very oily upon application but give it a minute or two and it settles into a nice soft touch consistency on the skin. I do worry about the lack of moisturising properties in this and the amount of alcohol, sometimes application close to my eyes would make them water. A decent option but i'm going to keep experimenting and see if there's something better out there
  45. Offers fantastic protection


    Love this product, it gives great protection from the son and wears fantastically all day long, goes on a bit white but absorbs super fast and doesn't have that nasty makeup smell.
  46. Good sunscreen for the price


    I really like that this sunscreen really hasn’t got a white cast, it goes on nicely & doesn’t feel heavy or greasy like other sunscreens.
  47. Not sold on texture


    This is a great SPF, but it feels almost oily going on. Not sure that I will buy again.
  48. Nice Texture & Great Protection!


    This is certainly a lighter sunscreen in texture than most out there! It is quite runny in consistency and thin. It spreads easily on the skin and 'sets'/absorbs nicely. It doesn't feel like you are wearing a traditional sunscreen. It does leave skin a bit shiny. Sits well under makeup and doesn't change the consistency or finish of your foundation. Really nice product!
  49. Great sunscreen to put underneath your makeup


    I'm not really sunscreen kind of gal. I'm kind of lazy in that department. I mean I know I should use it and it's good for my skin but I'm also lazy and cheap! The closest I ever get to applying sunscreen these days is when I apply my foundation or BB cream which just happens to have an spf rating but alas it's a lousy spf 15+. Not only that using ordinary sunscreen with the full 50+ protection on my face tends to be a miss for me. The normal stuff usually leaves an oily/ sticky residue feel which isn't exactly great when I'm going to makeup on top of it especially when you have a pimply face like myself.

    However I find this to be a pretty solid face friendly sunscreen! I use it to complement my cheapie drugstore bb cream to up the sun protection because the BB cream itself has lousy protection for the Australian sun. It comes out as a watery formula much like a liquid foundation and you can apply it with a beauty blender. It doesn't have an overly oily/sticky residue feel. Much like the rest of the La Roche's range it's a no nonsense product, it's all about function. There's no fancy pants fragrance, colours or allergens so it's awesome for sensitive skin :)
  50. Great product, but remember to shake


    I have normal skin, but a fair amount of allergies, and if I don't remember to shake this product I will react to it. However, shaken up, it works great and protects me from sunburn in a way most spf products can't seem to manage. I also find this product layers well under makeup, and doesn't leave much of a residue behind. Just remember to shake! If it comes out too watery, it may not be fully reconstituted yet.
  51. Doesn't mix well over my daytime serums


    I found that it doesn't really mix well under the foundation I use or over the serum I use in the morning. Causes it to pill because of the formula. It's also not a physical sunscreen so keep that in mind. It is very light and high spf so it depends what you need?
  52. The best affordable SPF


    This La Roche-Posay SPF is go for if you want high sun scrren which is must, especcially in Australia. Recent study says to use SPF on daily basis and there is a lot of recommendation about this product. I have almost finished one bottle and can highly recommend as well. It is light, no fragrance hence no irritation. It is not greasy and leave moisture feeling. The roll ball inside the bottle is great idea so you can shake it well before using. Love this product.
  53. OK


    There is a nice lightweight consistency to this sunscreen which is fantastic, but by the end of the day, I feel that it makes my skin quite oily.

    For the price, it's quite expensive for what you get. Especially considering that you have to reapply every few hours to get properly covered.
  54. Adore!


    I absolutely love this product, been using it for ages, foes on smoothly, absorbs smoothly, I find it works really well underneath makeup and doesn't move all day long, also smells lovely!
  55. Adore!


    I absolutely love this product, been using it for ages, goes on smoothly, absorbs smoothly, I find it works really well underneath makeup and doesn't move all day long, also smells lovely!
  56. everyday


    i would recommend it for daily use. its formula is light and i have aged skin and it has never given me any problem. i use it under makeup
  57. Great face suncreen, a bit pricey


    This has been the best face sunscreen I’ve used so far, perfect consistency to apply, it has a very mild sunscreen smell, it melts instantly into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It is a small bottle though, good to keep in your bag but I wouldn’t waste it on any other part of my body. I’m waiting to see how long a little bottle will last with daily use.
  58. Best sunscreen for problem skin!


    I suffer from breakouts in summer from a combination of sweat and sunscreen constantly creating breakouts. This sunscreen i feel finally stops that! It's lightweight and not too thick so doesn't clog your pores. Great for underneath makeup too!
  59. Favourite sunscreen


    This is my favourite sunscreen. The size is perfect for always having on you in a bag which is perfect for summer when I need to do multiple applications in a day.

    The product itself doesn't give me a bluish tinge like some other sunscreens do and seems to work well as a makeup base. It is a little greasy but very minimal compared to most other sunscreens I've tried.

    Definitely give it a shake before using otherwise it can start to separate out after a while.

    Would recommend this to anyone including those with sensitive and acne prone skin.
  60. Loved everything about it, except it made me breakout


    As someone with hyper sensitive skin when I discovered this sunscreen I was super excited. I didn’t have any reaction - no eczema, dermatitis, rash, nothing!
    The texture was amazing, it was hydrating for my super dehydrated and at times flaky skin.
    I did find it piled slightly with some of my serums, so I changed up my AM routine to suit.
    Out love affair ended a few months in when I realised I was having consistent breakouts which is really unusual for my skin and was unable to find the cause. I started a process of elimination and unfortunately it was the culprit! Devastating!
    I’m going to try their matte oily skin version to see if it is any better..
  61. Great reasonably priced face sunscreen


    I go through bottles of this in summer. I use it every day and keep one in my beach bag and one for home.

    It's not the cheapest face sunscreen but it's also not the most expensive.

    Not oily and I don't find I break out from it.
  62. Variability in quality


    I formally to love this product, however my most recent purchase was noticebly different. It had a gritty texture which I had never experienced before. I will try it again to see if this happens again only because it is such a fabulous combination sunscreen that my and many other dermatologists and cosmetic nurses recommend.
  63. Best face sunscreen on the market


    I cannot speak highly enough of this product. Although it is pricey, I love wearing this product and have the comfort of knowing that my skin is protected from the sun every day. This product is very light and sits nicely on my skin. It’s so light that I apply my foundation over the top and don’t feel like I’m wearing a heavy sunscreen. I like the soft smell of the product. The bottle is also very unique, which I like.
  64. Nice sunscreen


    Nice sunscreen...not my favourite but it’s nce, not too heavy or oily and my makeup sits good on top of it
  65. I'm unsure!


    I've been using this product for a couple of weeks before applying my makeup. I have quite oily skin and this product is good as it's not too thick or heavy. I do however find it is difficult to spread across my face and it kind of sits on top of my skin, rather than being absorbed. My foundation then needs to be applied with a brush, as I find it hard to blend with my fingers after using this product. I'll keep using this until it runs out and then I may look for an alternative SPF for every day.
  66. Ultra light and doesn't gives breakout like other sunsreen products


    I have combination/sensitive skin. A friend of mind recommended this product and I have been using since. A single bottle lasts long and you only need small product to be applied on top of your daily care. Its very light and is good for people who may feel a bit heavy or uncomfortable with daily sunscreen. It doesn't breaks out your skin unlike other spf in the market. Good for all seasons.
  67. Great


    Received a free tube of this and took it trekking in high altitude. Protected my skin better than other sunscreens from sun and wind burn. Highly recommend.
  68. Great product


    Received a small sample, used as a sun cream under my makeup and happy with it.
  69. Holy grail

    Kitty kat

    I have been looking for a sunscreen to use on my face for ages. As I have sensitive skin, I had to trial & error a few to ensure my eczema would not appear again after using sunscreen.
    After using this for a week this stuff did not cause any eczema to reappear on my face. It's got decent coverage for such a light weight sunscreen and doesn't really leave a white cast on my face. I use this over my moisturizer and under my make up. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone to wants to give it go!
  70. Good as an overall sunscreen, not great on the face I found


    I used a sample of this for a couple of days, to replace an ASAP sunscreen moisturizer I use daily. I don't have sensitive skin, so if you do, I would definitely try this as i feel it would be good at not setting off your skin. But for me, it almost felt a bit too light and was not moisturizing enough for me face. Was great to use as an overall body sunscreen though, but probably slightly expensive to use it that way anyway.
  71. Light weight


    Light weight and easily disappears into the skin. Not oily like some sunscreens. But a very small bottle and will be expensive to maintain as sunscreen should be used daily.
  72. Liquid Gold


    I dont go a single day without this product on my face. First I apply moisturizer, then this product straight over the top then I wear a Chanel foundation. My skin looks epic and glowy!
  73. Worth the cost


    Thought this was a little pricey for the size but such a good everyday face sunscreen. Soaks into skin and doesn’t leave a greasy layer and Can apply makeup over the top fine. I’ve tried a lot of face sunscreens and will continue buying this one
  74. Excellent sunscreen


    This feels quite rich when you apply it, but quickly settles to feel like almost nothing on your skin. I have very fair skin, and this adds no extra whiteness for me. Having tried many, many sunscreens, I think this is the one I'll stay with. I have normal to oily skin and apply this over serums. I don't need a moisturiser as well.
  75. Ultra-light with a big hit of SPF!


    I'm a big fan of sunscreen - after baking in the sun all through summer in my childhood, and struggling to find sunscreen that I could use with cystic acne in my teens, I finally found sunscreen I could use on my face in my mid 20's. Now in my early 40's, sunscreen is a huge part of my life, and I wouldn't even go outside without it! I've got a combination of dry/sensitive/acne/rosacea/fine lines/pigmentation, yeah just about everything. So I guess the ideal sunscreen has to address a lot of challenges. Well this little package is pretty good - a very effective sunscreen in a tidy little pack, good to keep in your bag for when you're out and need to top up or reapply. But I'm not sure I've found my ideal sunscreen in the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Xl liquid. It has a really strong sunscreen smell, the texture is a bit odd (sort of slimy?), it seems really hard to remove and blocks my pores. Oh well - I'll keep looking for that ideal sunscreen, I'm sure it's out there!
  76. Great for OILY and ACNE prone skin


    I went from the Mecca cosmetics 30+SPF to La Roche-Posey 50+SPF and my skin did clear up a little. It's very light weight, oh and don't be fooled by the images as I was - the product is quite small (fits in your hands).

    If you have oily acne prone skin I would recommend this product to at least give it a try.

    Also when I said it cleared my skin - I used the Mecca for a year and I thought it was something else that was causing my breakouts but once I swapped for something light weight, it helped my skin out a lot!!
  77. Highly recommended sunscreen


    Very nice and light consistency. Doesn’t look chalky however it’s a bit pricey but worth it since it provides good sun protection. Highly recommended
  78. Works fine


    It is not overly greasy or drying, and it doesn't create an obvious "white veil" on the skin. Although it has alcohol as the 3rd ingredient, my sensitive skin actually goes with it well. The only thing that bothers me is the triethanolamine due to potential health issues...
  79. Good but Pricey


    It's good that it sort of melts on your skin, however I still see whitish residue on my skin and I have an olive skin - but not extremely dark. It's very light and watery, which I like rather than those thick sticky lotion. In saying that, it's very pricey for the volume.
  80. Must Have


    I am prone to breakouts and sunscreen tends to add to the build up of oils on my skin. This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist and i have not looked back since. Its lightweight and dries quickly as well as being tinted which works wonders for my redness
  81. expensive for what you get


    Only been using this product for a week but the texture is quite watery and such a small bottle for the price.
  82. Great but teeny!


    This is a great sunscreen; it dries quickly and you can't feel it on your skin. Unfortunately the container is very small! (as in, it fits in the palm of my hand!)
  83. Sensitive skin


    I found this sunscreen great for sensitive skin, I have eczema and psoriasis and normally my face reacts to most sunscreens but my skin tolerated this product great! No irritation at all. Its nice and thin too so I wear it under my makeup. Love this sunscreen.
  84. Does not sit well under make up


    I have oily/combination skin and although this is very light, easy to apply moisturizer, that does not feel anywhere near as oily as any other sunscreen, I didn’t love this as I thought I would. I got it as I wanted a sunscreen to use under my makeup however this does not sit well under makeup, not sure if it was because I have oily skin or what, but it came off in flakes, I noticed my foundation flaking off after only a couple of hours. This was very disappointing as no one want to look like their face is flaking off!!
  85. Easy part of morning routine


    This is such and easy part of my morning routine now that there's no excuse for not wearing Sunscreen.

    It's lightweight, sits really well under make up and moisturiser, and you only use a small amount for full face coverage.

    I bought this after seeing Gemma Watt rave about it during the Australian Open. So glad I did!
  86. Greasy, gritty, and pore clogging.


    I have oily skin - but live in the harsh climate of Australia so I like a good sunscreen.

    Bought this sunscreen - this ain't it.
    It has a strange texture; somewhat gritty.
    But I found it to be very very heavy, which I dislike, it felt suffocating on my skin, and further to that, it gave me very deep acne - when usually almost never break out!

    If you have oily skin i'd recommend something like etude house sunprise mild airy finish - it's much lighter.
  87. The only sunscreen I now use


    - great as an all in 1 for body and face
    - I can use on my face without breaking out a day later and it’s good to apply under make up
    - fluid texture, so it rubs in well
    - leaves some white marks and sometimes transfers to your clothing, so just be careful of that
    - will keep using this product. Love it!
  88. Very Watery Texture


    The sunscreen was fine but the texture was very watery. One thing to point out, for this price I expected to get a lot more product.
  89. Awesome product!


    Applies really well and wears well under make up!
  90. Very lightweight, moisturising and doesn’t leave a white mask


    This has got to be my favourite sunscreen, it doesn’t clog pores, it feels like I’m not wearing anything as it’s not heavy on the skin and it also doesn’t leave that white mask that most sunscreens do!
  91. The only sunscreen I use on my face.


    Love this sunscreen. It’s not greasy, heavy and doesn’t make you sweat. Doesn’t make you look white either. It’s easy to use under makeup and I actually put it on everyday because it is just so easy and I don’t notice that I have it on.
  92. Good but weird texture?


    This is a nice light weight sunscreen but for some reason the texture is grainy?
    I also wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin, even though it says it’s suitable.
    It stung a little bit in areas of my face that were sensitive at the time due to dryness. Otherwise, it’s great.
    Sits nicely under makeup and absorbs into the skin fairly quick.
    I don’t mind the price because I have paid similar prices for sunscreen before.
  93. Good suncreen if your skin isn't sensitive


    This is a safe bet for a sunscreen. It is effective, sits well under makeup and does not leave a white cast. It can be a bit greasy if you have oily skin. However I would not recommend it if you have sensitive skin and it has caused me irritation during periods when my skin was sensitised for other reasons.
  94. Didn’t cause breakouts


    Very lightweight and it’s quickly absorbed. Doesn’t leave oily feeling or cause breakouts.
    Don’t use too close to the eyes as it burns badly!!!!
  95. Love the texture


    I love how light this sunscreen is, it goes on so easily and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy and clogged!
  96. Non oily sunscreen


    Lovely texture, non oily, effective sunscreen.
  97. Just the best!


    This is a light- textured, spreadable fluid sunscreen that lasts a surprisingly long time, given the size of the bottle! I always slather on sunscreens (Australia, eh!) but even so this product has lasted a good 4 months with everyday use. A bit too expensive for using on the body, but for the face it’s brilliant. I’m 63 with dry/combo skin and have had no new pigmentation problems since I started using it, and the other small ones are already fading- win!
  98. Lightweight and fast absorbing


    This sunscreen is perfect for when I'm in a rush in the morning - it's quick to apply and soaks in quickly unlike those thicker sunscreens. I only apply it to my arms/neck though, so I can't attest to whether it works well on the face.
  99. Must have for summer


    feel good on skin, moisturize and not sticky at all.
  100. Good sunscreen


    This is one of the better SPF products I have used. It is a little sticky/tacky on the skin, and has a tendency to pill skincare products underneath. It also leaves my face shiny when I put makeup over the top, and I have dry/dehydrated skin. Although there's a few negatives to this, I still feel like this is a very high quality product and my makeup sits on it well. I am interested in trying other SPF in this range. Definitely worth trying even if you have dry skin!
  101. Review & Earn

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