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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ by La Roche-Posay

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ is an ultra light non greasy formulation with the next generation filtering system so you receive reinforced UVA protection.


Suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ offers the highest protection against UVA and UVB rays.



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Only sunscreen I would use on my face - 19-05-2018 by

My friend recommended this sunscreen to me as I tend to get a rash from from other one I have tried. This is amazing. Does not irritate my skin at all. Highly recommend

A wonderful face suncreen - 17-05-2018 by

I have fair sensitive/rosacea prone skin and find it very difficult to find a sunscreen that doesn't irritate my skin or cause breakouts. This does neither. It has a lovely thin consistency and wears beautifully under makeup. I have finally found a sunscreen I will continue to purchase. Love it

Best under sunscreen for under make up! - 08-05-2018 by

I absolutely love this sun screen, it doesnt leave a white cast or an overly-oily residue, it settles into the skin nicely and I find a little bit goes a long way. I use light reactive skin care products and I feel confident that this sunscreen is giving me great protection from sun exposure! Will definitely purchase again!
Its important to note that the product/bottle may be smaller than anticipated, I had to ask for the products weight as its not listed anywhere.

Holy grail facial sunscreen - 11-04-2018 by

If you're a "wear sunscreen everyday" kind of person you need this. It is the best sunscreen I have found for use under makeup and a little goes a very long way. It's also very effective - I'm as pale as they come and haven't had any issues with getting burnt whilst wearing this.

It is a thin, almost water-like consistency which makes it easy to apply. I wouldn't say that it soaks into the skin completely but it's certainly not greasy. It also doesn't leave a white cast like some facial sunscreens I have tried.

If I ever forget to apply before makeup, you can even rub this between your hands and pat it on over your foundation and no one would ever know. Totally foolproof!

My absolute favourite sunscreen! - 03-04-2018 by

I use BHA almost daily so sunscreen is super important. I absolutely love this sunscreen! Not only is it 50+ but it's super lightweight and has no strong sunscreen smell. It leaves absolutely no white cast - which isn't surprising as the fluid itself it an off-white, cream-ish kind of colour colour. I love that I can use it on its own and my skin looks radiant, natural and glowing as well as being able to use it as part of my daily makeup routine where I can put primer and foundation on top with no issues. Pricey but well worth it! I'm onto my 4th bottle & can't leave the house without putting some on.

Love it! - 03-04-2018 by

This is he first sunscreen I’ve tried that I don’t hate. Not only does it protect my extremely sun-sensitive skin (I’m very pale and after being a housebound agoraphobe for the better part of the last 7 years, my skin has a hard time dealing with the sun, I burn remarkably easily) but I love how it feels.

It’s quite runny, but it applies smoothly and soaks in well and relatively quickly. It doesn’t leave an obnoxious greasy shine for my skin, though it does leave a slight glowy sheen when in certain light; for the most part is absorbs and dries without making me look caked in sunscreen. Maybe a semi-matte finish, I would say. Feels smooth on my face but not greasy.

I love that it doesn’t *feel* like I have sunscreen on. Once it absorbs I don’t notice it.

It hasn’t broken me out either, though I’m not overly prone to acne. I have dehydrated combo skin.

I did buy the XL Ultra Light spray after purchasing this, as it’s far more product for only slightly more money, but it leaves more of a shine than this one. This goes on my face and the spray goes on my neck and ears so I won’t go through a $30 bottle every couple weeks because that feels a bit insane!

Overall I loooooooove this sunscreen and would definitely recommend it to others with very sun-sensitive skin who want adequate protection without feeling greasy.

My saviour - 29-03-2018 by

I recently went to thailsnd and I forgot my sunscreen (I have very sensitive skin and a lot of sunscreens break me out). I went into every shop in Thailand and I couldn’t find any sunscreeend that I knew wouldn’t set off my skin. Luckily one of my friends on the trip had this sunscreen and I tried it and I loved it. The moment I got home to Australia I bought my own bottle. If you have sensitive skin then this is the sunscreen for you, also doesn’t go on ghostly white or overly oily. Love it!!!

Great facial sunscreen - 22-03-2018 by

Lightweight and works under makeup. I use this every day.

Great but Irritates eyes - 20-03-2018 by

I really wanted to love this product, and do, except that it is terribly irritating if it gets in your eyes. It also separates easily and needs to be shaken before use (which I always forget to do and end up with oil everywhere). Other than that, I love the finish and the packaging is very handy, no offensive scent, no noticeable tint (but my skin is very pale).

Best sunscreen - 13-03-2018 by

This is definitely the best facial sunscreen that I've tried. It's really lightweight, doesn't leave a sheen on my face and isn't oily. It doesn't discolour my skin either (ie lighten it). It works really well as a primer too.

Best Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin - 19-02-2018 by

I have hormonal acne, a small amount of Rosacea on my cheeks, and very sensitive skin. This sunscreen is the only one that doesn’t sting or burn my skin. My dermatologist recommended this brand and I am glad she did! i have a sensitivity to the sun due to Chronic Fatigue and this product enables me to cope. Brilliant.

AMAZING - 28-01-2018 by

I absolutely love this sunscreen. The first one I come across in a long time where it is lightweight and almost mattifying to the skin. This is your summer must-have! I took it with me everywhere I went on holiday this year and my face has been clear from sun damage.

Excellent but very small - 08-01-2018 by

This is a fantastic sunscreen without upsetting my sensitive, acne prone skin. The only down side is it is very expensive when u consider the small amount u get for the price. Great size for travelling though.

Light sunscreen - 21-12-2017 by

This sunscreen is wonderful. Really light and not oily at all. I have fair skin and this is the perfect sunscreen for me. Protects my skin without causing oiliness and break outs.

Very light sunscreen. - 19-12-2017 by

I have a normal, oily skin. Oily on t-zone.
I use this product everyday. It’s so light, absorb to skin, no fragrance, and doesn’t break me out. The texture is very liquidy. It does have a little bit of shine, but all in all it’s worth a buy.
Will definitely purchase again.

Light, long-lasting and does the job - 15-11-2017 by

I keep coming back to this because it works under my makeup (I'm a full-coverage gal, with multiple products layered over the top of this) and has incredible staying power. It's light enough for all climates; cold, humid, dry - you name it.

Tends to leave me looking oily - 30-10-2017 by

I got a trial tube of the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+, and while it certainly is very light and I love the fact that its SPF50+, you can sort of tell that it has such a high SPF.

I tend to get an exceptionally oily T-zone in hot weather and I found this product tended to just leave my forehead and nose super shiny and more so as the day went on.

That being said for such a high SPF they've done an amazing job because it's actually much LESS oily than you're average sunscreen product of equal sun protection value. So if you're someone with dry skin this would be perfect. Its just not the right product for my skin

Perfect sunscreen but tiny bottle! - 25-10-2017 by

This sunscreen is super lightweight and non-greasy. It's perfect underneath makeup too, not ruining it at all. Smell is pleasant, though the bottle is very small unfortunately - wish it came in a bigger size so it wasn't as expensive.

Light weight but still sticky - 16-10-2017 by

It is quite light weight but I can still feel the stickiness when I apply it. It wears well under makeup though. I will keep repurchasing it if I can't find a better alternative.

Brilliant non-greasy sunscreen - 15-09-2017 by

This is a fantastic everyday sunscreen. It layers beautifully over moisturizer and under makeup and doesn't leave my combination skin greasy or shiny. It comes in a tiny bottle, but it is a very thin consistency and a little goes a long way. I was concerned that the high alcohol content would dry out my skin, but I've had no problems.

The best sunscreen for oily skin - 07-09-2017 by

I love it. Non greasy, lightweight. High protection. The best sunscreen for me. I've finally found my go to sunscreen.

Light, non-greasy great for oily & sensitive skin/rosacea - 08-01-2017 by

I absolutely love this sunscreen for my face! My skin type is: fair, sensitive, rosacea, combination with oily t-zone. I have tried numerous sunscreens before but they were too shiny, left white marks or I ended up with breakouts, redness or rash after prolongued use. This sunscreen however:
- is non-greasy/ no sticky, oily residue or white residue
- light and easy to apply (melts on your skin)
-skin feels smooth after application
- effective sun protection for sun sensitive skin (if applied 2-3hrly)
- does not irritate sensitive skin even with whole day wear (no rash, no itchyness or stinging feeling)
-does not flare up rosacea
- you can apply make-up on top with ease
- no bad smells

I cannot think of any cons appart from price, but it is definately worth the money!

lightweight - 11-11-2016 by

beautiful moisturising sunscreen that goes on extremely well and smells gorgeous. However after a day of gardening i did still get burnt, however i only applied in the morning and didnt reapply again as i maybe should have. Product was only used on my face. Great product but seems more luxurious than actually sun protective!

Fantastic product - 28-09-2015 by

I use this as it is the best UV protection available. It goes on nicely and doesn't have a 'ghosting' effect. Doesn't make me break out. Good under makeup or alone. Definitely will repurchase.

Great UVA/UVB High SPF Protection, Perfect For Oily Skin - 18-03-2014 by

So glad La Roche Posay is finally available in Australia. Their sunscreens are highly recommended! This sunscreen has a high SPF of 50+ with both UVA/UVB protection. It's very fluid, milky consistency so you need to shake the bottle before using it. It is not greasy. Contains no fragrance. Water resistant.

I have oily skin and I found this sunscreen to be great. It leaves me feeling slightly less oily, and feels so light weight on the skin. It leaves a silky finish though. It does contain alcohol in it and may dry out the skin slightly, but make sure you wear a moisturiser and let it absorb before applying the sunscreen. I did notice it cling onto a few dry patches.

This sunscreen can be applied under makeup and looks fine. No problems at all. I would compare this sunscreen to a lot of Shiseido or other Japanese sunscreens which are absolutely amazing but very expensive and harder to get. I would definitely repurchase this because its easier to access, and works just as good.

A downside to this product, is that it may leave a slight white cast, especially if you're medium to dark skin tone it would be very noticeable. I have a light medium skin tone, but it doesn't bother me, especially if I'm wearing makeup over it.

Just a note, I find these sunscreens need to be removed with an oil or balm type cleanser, otherwise it would be difficult to remove with other types of cleansers.

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  • From La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF50+ at 28/04/158:56 AM
    • Q: I want to purchase the tinted fluid. Is this product tinted?
    • A: Hi there,

      Thanks for your product question. This is the untinted version of this product - you'll find the tinted version here:

      I hope this helps! If you have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

      Kind Regards,

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