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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ 50ml

4.2 of 28 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.24

Or 4 instalments of $8.24 with LEARN MORE

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For the highest of UVA and UVB protection, this La-Roche Posay Sunscreen is 50+ and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Fragrance-free and lightweight this sunscreen is also eco-tested to ensure its respectful of marine life - no coral bleaching here!

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ Reviews

4.2 of 28 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fave face sunscreen

Melissa Fine

Soo light and sinks in with no sticky residue or white cast. Love the runny texture. Been using this one for a couple years now and it’s worth the slightly higher price tag.

Most Helpful Criticism



It felt really great at first, really lightweight on my skin, however I have been noticing a few breakouts that may have been caused by this product.
  1. Fave face sunscreen

    Melissa Fine

    Soo light and sinks in with no sticky residue or white cast. Love the runny texture. Been using this one for a couple years now and it’s worth the slightly higher price tag.
  2. Lightweight and absorbent


    I’m really fussy when it comes to sunscreens. I have oily skin and a lot of sunscreens feel too greasy and uncomfortable. This one is excellent. It’s really runny, but that makes it lightweight on the skin. It sinks into the skin really well and works great under makeup. Even on really hot days, it stays put.
  3. good price, wish it was bigger


    nice light sunscreen not oily or smelly good price but i wish they made a bigger size id call it a good mid range sunscreen
  4. Tames the oils


    I have extremely oily face and this sunscreen actually works! My face doesnt look shiny at all and instead leaves a very natural finish. Also very easy to apply and you dont have to tug at the skin like you have to with other anti shine sunscreens.
  5. One of the best facial sunscreens!


    It's definitely one if the best ones I've tried. Previously I've been using the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch sunscreen for face and body but it was a bit too heavy on my combination skin type so I tried this one instead. I think it's better because it's nice and light. It doesn't irritate my skin and I have never had a bad reaction. It doesn't make your skin matte but it doesn't add to the s...
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  6. Love it


    I absolutely cannot stand having that greasy look and feel that many sunscreens leave. Although this sunscreen is not completely "non-greasy" it's definitely a winner for me. It leaves a slight shine on the face but I think it just looks like skincare, not sunscreen. I also find it to be a bit hydrating as well witch is a bonus. It's easy to apply and doesn't irritate my skin. I shall be repurchas...
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  7. The perfect SPF!


    Finally after spending hundreds of dollars on overhyped and overpriced spf's I have found one that is perfect. Extremely light formula that is really easy to rub in even with using the amount you're meant to (which may seem like a lot for some people), I actually just pat it in most the time. For such a light formula i find it nicely moisturising and it leaves a nice subtle, dewy glow. Also does n...
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  8. Great for sensitive skin


    I bought this for my partner who has developed an allergic reaction to most sunscreens. He loves it. It has not caused any reactions and he has commented on how easily it absorbs without feeling greasy.
  9. Quality sunscreen!

    Sarah D

    No whitecast, no greasiness, and sits great under makeup! What more could you want in a sunscreen? ... (oh, and it’s affordable)! I’ve chewed through so many sunscreens that irritated my skin, congested my skin, would separate my makeup when it’s applied, but I finally found the perfect one! It’s perfect for you sensitive skin gals n guys!!
  10. Best SPF for under makeup!

    Hannah Allen

    My absolute go to when it comes to SPF! It sits under my makeup so nicely & isn’t oily whatsoever.
  11. sensitive skin.


    Great for sensitive skin, doesn't make me break out.
  12. Very good for sensitive skin


    Great sunscreen, I have very dry sensitive skin and this is pretty much the only sunscreen that hasn't made me break out. Can get very oily though when reapplying throughout the day.
  13. perfect refill over the day


    i quite like the light texture of it, is running along the face. perfect for the adding on during the day when i need to repatch on my face.
  14. Light feel!


    After puting it on it absorbs straight into the skin, carnt even feel or tell I’m wearing anything on my face
  15. Great sunscreen


    Good try on this gift. Not greasy at all, love this sunscreen, Healthy ingredients, sunscreen black, UV protection, not fake white. Worth to purchased.
  16. Invisible


    Lives up to the name invisible shine free no white cost doesn’t make me break out very breathable and comfortable
  17. Best suncream


    I love this suncream! It’s light weight and goes on so smooth. The tint isn’t too dark (I have light skin that tans mildly). It doesn’t break me out either. The smell is very strong though, so do consider if you’re sensitive to smell.
  18. Favourite product


    Being a POC I am always skeptical to put sunscreen on because it leaves a white tinge on my face. However, this sunscreen is life changing. It leaves no white tinge on my face, it is so light and doesn't feel sticky at all. I use it everyday and it has helped my skin so much with substantially less tan, as well. Although the price is higher, it is so worth it for this product.
  19. Amazing


    I was unsure about trying this one, as I'd tried another sunscreen from this brand and I didnt like it at all, but this one is amazing, so light and easy to spread!! I have oily sking and it gave a nice and healthy glow all day. It was great when I had to reapply it too. Will repurchase!
  20. Caused a horrific rash


    Loved this sunscreen to begin with, beautiful non greasy formula that doesn’t cause breakouts. But after a while I realised it was causing a painful eczema-type irritation on my neck. I have never had eczema or sensitive skin before but reacted badly to this. Avoid if you have sensitive skin.
  21. Beautiful sunscreen


    This is an amazing everyday sunscreen. It is lightweight, easily absorbed, and truly invisible on the skin. Non-greasy and sits perfectly under other serums, skincare, and makeup. The price point is also amazing. I just wish that it came in larger sizes, but this size is great for a sports bag or travel.
  22. Excellent Sunscreen


    This stuff is amazing - melts into skin instantly and no white cast. I tried this first and then moved on to the tinted version which works really well with my Olive skin. I'm always on a search for the best sunscreen and this is so far the best I've tried. I am ridiculously impressed at how good it is and such a great price-point!
  23. Must Have!


    Im a sunscreen convert because of this! I had been using another product that was recommended by a dermatologist but it was $80!! for a tube, so I found myself using it sparingly and not every day (which kind of defeats the purpose of sunscreen)...until I found this! The cost alone is enough to make the switch, but the consistency, the non greasy feeling it leaves, the fact its SPF50 and I can wea...
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  24. really good


    this is great for my face! It is spf 50 which is fantastic and hasn't been too irritating on my face either
  25. Stinging sensation


    This sunscreen works well, not much is needed for full face coverage and no white cast is present. However, I found that it gives a stinging sensation to my face upon application which does goes away after a minute or so.
  26. good


    this is a good sunscreen, does the job and isn't too irritating for me
  27. good


    this is good, it is a good quality sunscreen and I love that it is spf 50!
  28. Great, lightweight sunscreen


    Love this product, received as a free gift and purchased straight away. Non oily, absorbs well no white residue. Is also great under makeup.
  29. Holy Grail Sunscreen


    The title says it all. This is my holy grail sunscreen. Unlike it's predecessor, it leaves no white cast; it has an off white, almost cream color when squeezed out of the tube. It's ultra spreadable, watery texture is great if you're in a hurry. The sunscreen goes on a little shiny but sinks it super fast and becomes totally invisible. I can touch my face an hour of application and feel nothing, a...
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  30. Great stuff


    I use this sunscreen daily and it’s great. I like the smell and how easy application is. I suffer from acne and blackheads so finding sunscreen that doesn’t clog my pores is top of my list, this product doesn’t do that. Yay!
  31. perfectly light


    a perfectly light sunscreen that doesn't turn dark skin that annoying purple hue that some SPF's do. it is in a perfectly compact size so it's easy to keep on you for reapplication. It is just a really runny liquidy consistency and can be messy to apply
  32. Silky sunscreen


    I always break out if I use sunscreen. I still broke out a little bit but this is the lightest silkiest sunscreen I've used.
  33. Good product


    I am very particular about choosing sunscreen as I want it to be 50+, non greasy, also not making my sensitive eyes water. This product ticks all the boxes! Highly recommended!
  34. Matte SPF, kind to eyes


    My skin stayed quite matte using this sunscreen, it's not greasy and didn't break me out. It doesn't sting my eyes like other sunscreens can. It's expensive but I'm protective of my face skin condition so I think it's worth it.
  35. Best SPF


    The only spf that hasnt caused a clump of breakouts, a rash and does not give the skin a white cast! Sits perfectly under make up, not oily but gives a lovely glow! If you have sensitive skin give this a try!
  36. Best for the price


    I received this for a sample and I loved it. I landed up buying the full size. I think it’s great to use under my makeup and doesn’t change the way my foundation sits.
    Great price too.
  37. Pilling disaster


    No matter what I tried (applying thin layers and waiting or not), this always pilled up on me - not cute when you're trying to apply makeup. This didn't happen when I switched this out for another sunscreen so the problem isn't within my routine - wouldn't recommend
  38. oily at end of day


    this sunscreen is super lightweight and pretty matte once applied onk, but i dont know why i feel quite oily after a while, and when i apply i get a little bit of stinging sensation? even though i dont have sensitive skin or anything
  39. Okay but not my HG


    This sunscreen is thin to apply, but feels tacky on the face and feels like you're wearing sunscreen. It has no white cast and didn't pill with other products, but I didn't like how it felt or dried on my skin. I wouldn't repurchase.
  40. Great protection yet still cosmetically elegant


    I thoroughly enjoy this sunscreen. It has great UVA and UVB protection but is also really cosmetically elegant so it does not leave a white cast. It sometimes leaves my skin a bit too glowy (or oily looking) for my liking but with a bit of powder, it's not a problem!
  41. smells like sunscreen


    This honestly feels like watered down sunscreen. It smells like your typical sunscreen and has the same texture and feels the same on your face. It also leaves a white cast on my skin (medium tones). i dont hate it but was expecting something else
  42. Great sunscreen for under makeup and sensitive skin


    Excellent for my very dry, sensitive skin. I use under makeup with excellent results.
  43. My HG sunscreen


    I used to use a different La Roche-Posay sunscreen but it was recently discontinued, so I thought I'd try this one and even happier!

    No whitecast, lightweight, non-greasy, doesn't pill under makeup and spf 50+! It does have a light, inoffensive 'sunscreen' scent but that is only whilst applying. Highly recommend and so glad I found it.
  44. My First SPF


    This is the first proper SPF I’ve ever had for my face. It’s a really liquid consistency so great compared to creamy sunscreens. It was smaller than I expected but it does spread relatively well. I have dry-normal skin and I haven’t had issues with breakouts like some other reviewers have said. I would definitely recommend this to people interested in trying an SPF.
  45. Bring back the old version


    I used to absolutely love the Anthelios XL Ultra Light fluid for my sensitive skin and eyes. This new formulation has a horrible sunscreeny scent which really lingers through the day, doesn’t sit as well under make up and the UV chemicals really irritate my eyes, I tear up every time I put it on lol. So sad as the previous formulation was my holy grail! Why fix it if it ain’t broke?
  46. Good for everyday


    As a beardy man this is the first sunscreen I've found that doesn't leave me looking like Santa Clause. Also completely non-irritating.
  47. Rave about this to anyone that listens


    I've tried so many sunblocks and finally I've settled and stuck with this one. Looks and feels nice under make-up and I really like the texture of it. Good price point too and it seems to last for ages.
  48. Lightweight and protective


    This sunscreen was one of the best I have tried and it left my skin radiant but not oily. It was lightweight and did not clog my pores. The reason why it’s losing half a star for me is because the smell of the sunscreen was a little too over powering for me and I much prefer the laroche Posay sensitive eye sunscreen which had less of that typical sunscreen smell.
  49. breakouts


    It felt really great at first, really lightweight on my skin, however I have been noticing a few breakouts that may have been caused by this product.
  50. Favorite chemical sunscreen


    It's my favorite chemical sunscreen. I like the dispenser. The texture is very liquid and lightweight . It gets get absorbed quickly and doesn't leave a white cast.
  51. would've been great except for breakouts!!


    In theory this sunscreen would have been great. Not greasy, no whitecast, lightweight, didn't pill under makeup. But it broke me out! I had tons of tiny little spots and bumps. Normally my skin doesn't react to many products like this so I was surprised (and disappointed).
    I would suggest trying to get a sample and seeing if it works for you because all the other factors are great, just obv...
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  52. lightweight non-sticky sunscreen


    my favourite sunscreen from LA roche-posay, it is one of the most light weight quick absorbed sunscreen, leaves no white cast and not oily either. It can sometimes a bit hard to blend around my hairline but overall it is very good
  53. Great for sensitive skin


    I got this as a sample and it really felt good on my sensitive skin and not too sticky either
  54. Good sunscreen


    I really like this sunscreen. It is bit oily at first application but after 2 mins you will not feel greasy and no white cast. This is really good sunscreen but I think it is also really good to wear it under the makeup (act like primer)
  55. The only sunscreen I'll use on my face


    I have never spent any real money on sunscreen, just opting for cheap brands that give me SPF, BUT everything I've used on my face so far has left me greasy and leads to breakouts. I tried this and I love it. It's super thin and runny, and goes on so lightweight that it doesn't make me feel like I've plastered my face with something nasty. It's almost mattifying! It sits so well under my makeup an...
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  56. One of the better facial sunscreens out there


    This is one of my favourite facial sunscreens. It's non-irritating to sensitive skin, and doesn't have that yucky sunscreen fragrance. It leans more on the moisturising side, I wouldn't call it greasy but might not be suitable for oily skin.
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