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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF50+ 50ml

4.5 of 117 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.49

Or 4 instalments of $7.49 with LEARN MORE

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The La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF50+ is the suncare solution that oily, acne-prone and/or sensitive skin types have been looking for. With a lightweight, mattifying finish, this sunscreen features very high UVA/UVB protection, while easily absorbing into the skin to avoid a greasy finish.


  • Paraben Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF50+

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF50+

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4.5 of 117 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good Sunscreen!


I got this as a sample and it doesn't have the sunscreen smell and is super moisturizing! I was worried it was going to dry out my skin but it didn't!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not good for dry skin types

Bridget B

I originally purchased this thinking it was appropriate for dry skin types, which it is not. It is much better for oily/combo skin as dries very matte, and irritated my sensitive skin. My boyfriend now uses this sunscreen, and thinks it is okay but pretty thick.
  1. Not good for dry skin types

    Bridget B

    I originally purchased this thinking it was appropriate for dry skin types, which it is not. It is much better for oily/combo skin as dries very matte, and irritated my sensitive skin. My boyfriend now uses this sunscreen, and thinks it is okay but pretty thick.
  2. Good for oily skin


    verified purchaser
    I really like this sunscreen but I find that it may or may not pill or leave a white cast depending on what I use underneath this.
  3. Good Sunscreen!


    I got this as a sample and it doesn't have the sunscreen smell and is super moisturizing! I was worried it was going to dry out my skin but it didn't!
  4. Good


    This is very mattifying for my oily skin but it does leave a white cast and pills up
  5. Good sunscreen - very dry touch


    This sunscreen is good if you have oily skin or hate the oiliness of most sunscreens.

    I am outside a lot so I like the high SPF, however I also have dry skin and this applies almost too dry...it feels grippy like a primer after application, so it would be a good base before makeup.

    I don't mind this as it prevents my face looking greasy and shiny.
  6. Best western sunscreen


    To be honest most la roche posay sunscreens are superior to any other western sunscreen, they feel relatively light weight, but leave a little greasy residue but its not as bad as some sunscreens. As i have dry skin i dont mind a bit of residue however i dont think im going to get this again, korean and japanese sunscreens are for me far superior especially if you have oily skin. Also its not that...
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  7. Great sunscreen


    I like this product but I find it still leaves a slight greasiness to my face, but compared to other sunscreens it is far superior. A nice thin texture.
  8. Excellent dry touch


    I love this sunscreen. It actually gives a beautiful velvet dry touch which is perfect for me! I hate greasy feeling sunscreens and this isn’t at all.
  9. My go-to SPF


    I wanted a sunscreen without fragrance and this one is perfect. It dries rather matte and leaves zero white sheen. It's also very, very light, and doesn't feel like a sunscreen
  10. Nice, non greasy sunscreen


    I like that I can apply it to my face and not have that oily sunscreen look.
  11. Finally a non-greasy SPF!


    I bought this on a whim and took it on a trip, not expecting very much. But I could not believe how well this product worked! I have combination/oily skin that gets ridiculously shiny, but this keeps the shine at bay all day. It's lovely and lightweight, and does not break me out. An added bonus is that it's 50 SPF so it's perfect for Australian summers.
  12. Great sunscreen for oily skin


    My skin is notoriously oily and a shiny forehead is just a part of my day. I found when I used this sunscreen my t-zone was noticeably more matte than usual and the oils wouldn't start to show until a few hours later. A part of it being so mattifying is that it clings to any dry patches which isn't great for my combination skin!
  13. Great for oily skin

    Jackie Cos

    Love this sunscreen! It is the first sunscreen I have found that doesn't leave white (ghosting) marks all over my face. It goes on smoothly and does not leave an oily film on your face. The bottle is great value and lasts for ages.
  14. Excellent


    Love the velvety dry touch this gives wears great under foundation too
  15. Good sun protection


    This has a very dry application so works well with oily/combination skin. Even too dry to use for oily skin. No greasy feel though and sets straight away which is good for make up application. If anything the skin lacks room to breathe with this product but a good sun protection overall.
  16. Nice but pills


    Nice sunscreen if you're not wearing anything else on your skin.... pills terribly with all of my moisturizers, serums and makeup; even if I leave 10 minutes between applications and change the order of product.

    Love some of the other products from this brand, but this one will have to be left for my boyfriend to wear.
  17. Good


    This works for my oily and acne prone skin and helps with mattifying. However it can pill and make my skin white
  18. Good for summer


    This is for a great sunscreen for summer which I usually use on my neck & arms. Personally I prefer the ultra-light Anthelios fluid for my face as it doesn't leave as much of a white cast.
  19. too matte


    I thought this would be great for my oily skin but I find it too powdery and matte feeling. good for those hot days where you get way too oily though!
  20. Great


    This leaves a white cast on my face but does not leave a white cast on my neck or hands. Good for the neck but I do not prefer the dry look on my face with this
  21. perfect for my sensitive skin

    Chele Pagno

    I'm really impressed with this, and believe me, I love it. My skin is very sensitive.I was looking to ditch wearing makeup on week days and switch to a solid SPF to let my skin rest and get some proper protection. This is doing exactly what I had dreamed. It doesn't irritate me, hasn't caused any clogs or breakouts and literally feels like nothing is on my face. For the first hour or so, my skin ...
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  22. Good for oily skin


    This is the first sunscreen I have found that works well on my oily skin.
    I have sensitive skin, but this does not cause any irritation. Very happy with it.
  23. Nice sunscreen


    This is a thicker textured sunscreen, and despite this it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin even after a full day wearing it. I assume this is to the dry touch formulation that is referred to in the name. I always wear a moisturiser underneath and I think it would be too drying on my dehydrated but combo skin without it, but I’m worried about becoming too oily in the t zone if I tried the moisturis...
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  24. A must have


    This product has been my face sunscreen for many years now, and I can see it staying for a lifetime. Gives a dry effect on the skin, excellent sun protection and is value for money.
  25. Nice


    This sunscreen gives a matte finish and it didn’t block my pores.
  26. No burning, no breakouts


    I am super pale, and have oily skin which is a nightmare combination in a place like Australia where sunscreen is a non-negotiable. Prior to this I used the O Cosmedics Mineral Pro, which I loved (the added zinc is great for redness), but I found that in summer I was still getting burned. My aesthetician recommended this to me as a more protective suncreen/moisturiser that wouldn't lead to break...
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  27. One of the best!


    While it has a thick consistency, it is spreadable and is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a no-shine matte finish. You can barely feel it on and best of all it doesn’t cause me to break out!
  28. Brilliant but thick


    I love this product. I bought it and found I needed too much to get the cover I needed (3 pumps for my face AND I have a beard, so less skin exposed). it doesn't spread very easily but once it's on, WOW. No shiny face, no heavy feeling... after going after a few other products and not getting the result I wanted, I now use this every day and don't look back.

    If you need to spread...
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  29. Just what I was looking for


    I have been looking for a good every day sunscreen for ages....I often wouldn't wear SPA (bad I know!) because the ones I had tried were either too thick, didn't sit right under my make up, became flaky when I tried to rub my foundation in or made my skin feel super greasy (I usually dryish skin with a t-zone that tends to get a bit oily).

    I have found this product to be perfect for...
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  30. Dry to touch


    This has a thick consistency which makes it hard to blend in but at the same time it has a very dry touch for oily skin types that gives you a no-shine matte finish which is great under make-up. It is surprising though, it feels like you aren't even wearing sunscreen which is exactly what you want.
  31. I love it!


    I really enjoy using this sunscreen, it doesn’t leave a purple cast on my skin, and it isn’t greasy which is great for daily use. It is thicker in consistency but I don’t mind that.
  32. Best facial sunscreen


    I’ve been looking for a daily facial sunscreen that sits well under makeup and doesn’t make me break out and this is it.

    I tried Ultra Violette and I wanted to love it so badly, but sometimes you have to cast aside the beautifully packaging and roll with the practical product in stead.

    This absorbs into my skin so quickly. It’s not sticky and provides that SPF 50 that i...
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  33. Not bad


    I tried a sample of this as I was looking for a more mattifying sunscreen and it's not bad! It's quite heavy on the skin and doesn't settle for a few minutes but it does keep any shine away for a while.
  34. not good


    way too heavy for me, i didn't like the texture of this either
  35. No shine all day!


    I use a lot of active ingredients on my skin so SPF is a must for me. My skin therapist recommended I try because of the high the SPF is and it's anti-shine properties. After using this for a few months now, I've definitely noticed that my skin is less shiny at the end of the day, even if I've been wearing makeup all day. The downside though is the application - it's quite a thick cream, which mak...
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  36. Great sunscreen, not as light


    Great sunscreen, but just not for daily use.. too heavy!
    I was after a light, dry touch sunscreen so will not use this for everyday but will use it occasionally.. but overall I gave 4 stars cuz of the high spf and not oily feeling afterward
  37. Best face sunscreen


    I love this product!
    I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my face so normally I avoid it. Most of the better feeling sunscreens are out of my price range but I wanted to try this brand after a recommendation and I love it.
    Absorbs so well and leave no feeling on the skin.
    It’s a great midrange price option (in my opinion)
    Worth spending the extra $10
  38. No breakouts with this Sunscreen


    I really like this sunscreen, so many of them clog my pores or i have reactions to them. This one goes on nice, only slight downside is the absorbtion rate, it usually takes about 3-5 mins to fully soak in and go matte, but its not enough of a hassle to not buy it. I just pop it on as soon as i get out of the show and by the time im back in my bedroom getting ready its all soaked in. Haven't been ...
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  39. The best


    This does exactly what it says. I have oily, acne prone and sensitive skin and this makes my skin almost matte, doesn't break me out and it absorbs quickly. Although, I have not had much luck with this under the makeup. I would highly recommend to get some samples and try out for yourself.
  40. Great


    This leaves my oily skin matte but it flakes off a lot on my skin
  41. Amazing


    I love this and use it every morning on my face, neck and hands for sun protection. It feels weightless and absorbs quickly. no complaints
  42. Great for all skin types


    I received a few deluxe samples of this and it is brilliant. Works for my ageing dehydrated skin as well as for my teenage sons acne oily skin. Doesn’t break you out, protects to a really high degree and absorbs easily. Wonderful!
  43. My Favourite Sunscreen


    This is probably the only sunscreen that doesn't make me breakout! It is super fast drying and doesn't leave a shine like other sunscreens do if you have oily skin. I am eager to try the other La Roche-Posay sunscreen's to see if they have the same effect. Overall super happy with this product
  44. Best sunscreen


    I use three pumps of this every morning, this does my face, neck and chest easily. It’s moisturising enough to use alone, on still damp skin from a face mist.
  45. Yes


    This sunscreen leave a matte finish and its not greasy. My makeup looks good on top of it. Definitely repurchase.
  46. Life changing sunscreen!


    I have very pale skin and have had to wear sunscreen every day of my life -_- I hate applying sunscreen, hate anything thick and greasy on my face. This sunscreen has legit changed my life because I actually don't mind applying my sunscreen now! Its not greasy, sinks in super quick and makeup applies perfectly over the top. I have sensitive, oily acne-prone skin and this hasn't caused me any irrit...
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  47. Non greasy


    I've always struggled finding a sunscreen that doesn't make my face look and feel greasy. It leaves a nice matte finish. I did expect the bottle to be bigger for what you pay. A bit expensive for me.
  48. Like it but a bit too pricey for me


    This is a pretty good face sunscreen that works well for me with tinted moisturiser. I think it's a bit pricey to be honest as I don't think it does anything amazing. Probably would only purchase when it's on sale
  49. Fantastic


    I love this sunscreen, it dries down matte and my make up applies perfectly over the top. No more greasy sunscreen face!
  50. Not the best


    I haven't been impressed by this sunscreen. It's not greasy but it tends to just sit on the skin and flakes off as it dries. It also leaves a white cast so I wouldn't recommend wearing this under makeup.
  51. Great SPF


    This is a great SPF, keeps my skin matte through the day and does not leave my skin white. I do feel like it pills under my makeup though which is a bit annoying. If I mix with my moisturiser so it's not super thick I think that makes a slight difference.
  52. Great to keep matte


    I've tried a bunch of different sunscreens for my face and this is the best one that doesn't cause irritation, isn't too thick, and is actually matte. I use it everyday under primer and have gone through several bottles of it. There might be others that can match it but they would be at a much higher price point than all the ones I tried.
  53. Non greasy, great for every day


    I received a sample from my skin cancer clinic, the lady could not recommend it more and I can see why. It glides in quite well, you have to work quick and dries so quickly. My bb cream goes on so well afterwards.
  54. Great for oily skin


    Nice product for oily skin. Dries very matte and dries extremely quickly, so you do need to use a primer or moisturiser prior to applying foundation otherwise i found it doesn't glide on. Good value for a spf 50+
  55. Did not work for me


    I have very oily skin and my skin clinic recommended this product. After using for a month I could not even finish the container. My skin felt even oiler when using it. I have now changed to a dermalogica matte SPF - and its working great!
  56. The perfect facial SPF


    After my latest rosacea flare I committed to a daily SPF (not just relying on the spf in my makeup)! This product absorbs quickly and allows for smooth application of bb cream or makeup on top. It lasts for hours and my skin doesn’t get oily like it does with other sunscreen. Now a daily staple.
  57. quite matte but feels light


    this is great for oily skin. is veryyy matte but feels lightweight on the skin
    would be perfect for beach days and under makeup.
    if you have dry skin i would stay away
  58. Amazing! Loved the formula


    Best sunscreen that I have used for my oily skin to date. This is great at keeping your skin matte throughout the day. Super affordable as well. Totally recommend it!
  59. Great


    Great for oily skin
    I brought this for our cruise. It was quick to apply with the pump applicator. Didn’t have a strong fragrance. Will buy again
  60. Non-greasy or streaky


    This is a nice sunscreen that is easy to blend in and doesn't look greasy or streaky. It doesn't break me out. Only problem is sometimes it doesn't work so well under makeup and can pile up and cause the foundation to separate. It's hit and miss with makeup some days so once I figure out the trick to make it work it'll be perfect!
  61. Doesn't feel like sunscreen


    I like that this sunscreen isn't thick or heavy. It feels quite nice on the skin and makeup sits well on top of it. I can't really wear this on my cheeks or around my mouth though as it will create congestion or worsen my perioral dermatits.
  62. The best going around


    I’ve long been on the hunt for a good quality tinted sunscreen and after using this SPF 50 my hunt is over. It’s the only sunscreen that hasn’t caused my skin to breakout. The consistency is thicker than others but it dries quickly and doesn’t leave me looking oily. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
  63. Best oil free sunscreen


    I’m a ginger working in the Pilbara and I’ve tried every sunscreen on the planet. This is by far the best one for the price. Apply in the morning stays on all day never makes my skin oily or shinny and I’m never burnt. Love love love it
  64. Great for oily skin, but I don't like the texture


    I have oily skin and this is great with helping to mattify my face, but I don't personally like the dry touch texture as it makes it hard to spread over my face and I feel like I am pulling at my skin to spread it evenly across.
  65. Absorbs so well


    Love how quickly this sunscreen absorbs into the skin. Absolutely no greasy residue.

    Looks beautiful under makeup.

    Only downside is it has a weird smell, but you get used to it.
  66. Best Sunscreen!


    This is the best sunscreen I have ever used! I have been using it for 2 weeks now, after my previous sunscreen gave me a chemical burn. Really does mattify the face and control oil, while giving, dare i say it, a glow - which is usually something oily skins like mine avoid but it just looks beautiful! Gentle enough for me to use all over my face (eyes included) and I find it doesn't sweat off eith...
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  67. Good sunscreen, but a bit pricey.


    Good sunscreen with a high SPF factor. Better than most SPF 50+ sunscreens in how well it absorbs, but it's a little pricey for the amount that you receive.
  68. Could not make it work!


    This sunscreen has left me so baffled. I have extremely oily skin that's also prone to breakouts so I have been unable to use sunscreen for most of my life. When I saw this one I really thought it was made for me. I really like the pump packaging. The sunscreen however just would not spread evenly on my skin. It would stick to one spot and dry quickly no matter how fast I moved. It left my skin wi...
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  69. Great Product


    Awesome product, goes on really smooth and doesn't make my face oily, works really well under makeup too!
  70. Great for oily skin - but not for dark skin tones


    The only sunscreen I can use without looking like a shiny mess. Never breaks me out, and I used to be scared of sunscreen for that very reason. Works well under makeup and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. However, my friend who has darker skin has found she can’t use it because it leaves a white sheen on her face.
  71. The only sunscreen I will ever use


    Having oily skin type the thoughts of applying a sunscreen is painful. However this sunscreen has changed my life, literally. Apart from sun protection factor, my skin is not oily at all throughout the day. It keeps my makeup on all day without having to do a touch up. Highly recommend to anyone. What a great find!
  72. Love the matte finish, not such a fan of the fragrance.


    I love that this sunscreen sinks in instantly - to the point that I have to apply it to parts of my face at a time or it dries too quickly for an even spread. It has great matte/non shiny finish and the pump is so handy for application. The price is great, and the I love the high SPF rating. My only concern is that the fragrance or another ingredient in the product irritates my skin slightly - I f...
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  73. Non greasy sunscreen


    Idol for sensitive or oily skin. I don't like the sticky feelings from other sunscreen. This product is totally dry after applying.
  74. Great sunscreen for the face


    Never purchased this before but I was pleasantly surprised. It spreads evenly, soaks in well and leaves no greasy residue. Offers great sun protection as well. Would definitely recommend.
  75. Non greasy


    The best sunscreen for oily skin, leaves skin protected but not greasy. My only complaint is I wish it came in a bigger size.
  76. Amazing


    This sunscreen is great. It is not heavy or greasy like other sunscreens. It keeps me hydrated throughout the day. A great formula. Will purchase again!
  77. Super high SPF skin saviour!


    If you're going out in the sun, you're going to need sunscreen, and if you don't want to look like a big oily mess, this is the sunscreen for you. It took a bit of getting used to, but now I love La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ Anti-shine for an everyday sunscreen, and carry it with me everywhere. Don't get this confused with some other multi-tasking moisturising anti-aging cream - this is just a ...
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  78. My favourite sunscreen


    I personally love this sunscreen and have been using it for the past 6 months over spring and summer. It has definitely done the job from protecting my skin to leaving me with a matte look. It goes great under make up and non greasy
  79. Left a film on my face


    Definitely protected my skin which is very sensitive to the sun but I found that after a few hours if I touched my skin, the sunscreen kind of came off in little bits and felt slightly sticky. Probably won't purchase again.
  80. Product pilling


    While this sunscreen is non-greasy, it's thick mattifying formula makes it difficult to apply all over the face.

    I have been using it every day for nearly three weeks now and while I haven't broken out, I have experienced product pilling immediately after applying it, every time.

    As someone with extremely fair skin and an oily T-zone, I really wanted to love this sunscree...
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  81. Not greasy and soaks in perfectly


    This is my fav sunscreen Ive tried so far. It doesnt leave a greasy layer and makeup sits on top of it super well. It also doesnt leave a white cast on my skin (though I am generally pretty pale).
  82. not oily or dry


    This sunscreen is quite different from many other sunscreens on the market. It doesn't leave my skin greasy nor dry. It keeps me hydrated without making me irritated with the application process
  83. Excellent


    Not heavy or oily like other sunscreens. 50+ SPF if a bonus. Works well under mineral powder. Disappears into the skin quickly. Will continue to buy.
  84. Not oily like other sunscreens


    It is a light weight formula and you don’t even feel it after few seconds. I never liked other sunscreens which are too thick in the face and make my combination skin oily really bad. This is a keeper.
  85. Bit difficult to spread on the face


    As this dry's super quickly , it can be a bit difficult to use on the face. I find it left a white cast on my tan complexion.

    The dry texture , even though I felt would be preferable for my oily skin would work well. however it did not .

    I did break out with small bumps as well.

  86. Non greasy


    This sunscreen is great for under my makeup, it's not heavy or greasy.
  87. Good for sun protection


    This is a bit too thick for my liking however i do really like the fact that its 50+ which is essential for summer
  88. Great coverage


    This does not feel oily, doesn't leave a white cast on the skin and goes under makeup well. Would definitely recommend
  89. Dry and non greasy


    The formula seems quite thick and white when you pump it out, but it blends so nicely and you can’t feel it at all on your skin. Great base for makeup. The bottle is also great, with a pump dispenser on a soft squeeze bottle that stands upside down.
  90. Sinks In


    This sunscreen is great especially in the hot Aussie weather when I need a high SPF level to protect my skin.
    This sinks right into my skin and leaves no greasy residue feelings behind, works amazing under my makeup and helps keep my combo skin a little less oily for longer.
    Great purchase, no regret.
  91. Best sunscreen


    I have been a user of La-Roche-Posay sunscreens for a few years and just purchased this one and its amazing. I have, dry combination skin and I don't even notice I'm wearing it, it hasn't got a sun screen smell or feel at all and has a great matte finish. It doesn't create any problems with makeup either. My new favourite!
  92. Great Product


    I have combination oily skin and this sunscreen smoothly goes on my skin without the feeling of having a heavy layers like some other sunscreen does. I definitely will rebuy.
  93. Great Sunscreen


    I have combination oily skin and most sunscreen makes my face feels so cakey. This one smoothly covers my face without sunscreen feeling. Definitely worth the money.
  94. best sunscreen for oily skin


    Both my husband and my brother love this sunscreen. Its oil free with high sun protection. When it comes to sun protection, you can't go wrong with La Roche-Posay.
  95. My fave

    Kylie Q

    LP make some of the nicest sunscreen products that I have tried lately. I’ve had issues reacting to other brands but have had no reactions from any of the LP products.

    I love this sunscreen. Sinks in easily. Goes well under make-up. Does not irritate my skin. Will definitely re-purchase this product. I only wish it kept my skin more matte as I’m a bit shiny by the end of the day but f...
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  96. My Summer Fav!


    Received a sample of this and I turned up my nose. Thinking, yep, another sticky sunscreen that will not be easily absorbed. I recently went to Asia and took this with me and my golly gosh, i was so wrong to have judged this before trying. I have combination skin and sunscreens normally causes breakouts too. This product applied with ease, absorbed well and had a matte effect. Hence, my face didn'...
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  97. Great for Oily skin!


    Bought this sunscreen a few weeks ago looking for a good matte sunscreen. I was worried I would burn through it quite quickly, which was sort of true because it comes in a relatively small container. However, the results are incredible. So much better than other matte sunscreens I've used. Keeps my face dry all day.
  98. Great for oily skin


    I received these as a sample and took them with me on a trip to Fiji. I have very oily skin and wearing any type of sunscreen underneath my makeup makes it slide right off. But this was amazing, couldn't even tell I was wearing sunscreen, and it stayed put even in the humidity. Definitely recommend, doesn't feel greasy at all!
  99. It is good


    I got this as a sample and must say I like it as it is a good sun protection and is not heavy for my combination skin. I used it in the winter so I don't know if it works in the summer as well.
  100. great product


    great for wearing under makeup. doesn't feel greasy or thick and no strong scent
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