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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Tinted SPF50+ 50ml

4.3 of 40 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.49


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With optimal SPF 50+ protection from the sun, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Tinted SPF50+ contains a patented sun filtering system called Mexoplex that is stricter than the European recommendation for sun protection in skincare products.

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Tinted SPF50+

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Tinted SPF50+

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4.3 of 40 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

It works great!


It works perfectly for me, even under makeup, photographs beautifully, gives the skin a youthful glow,. The coverage is very light and works wonders for no makeup days. For me, its a priority on my skin care routine.

Most Helpful Criticism

Does it’s job !


Good sunscreen that does not leave white on your face, blends in easily and quickly and is very light but for me it felt a little too greasy.
  1. It works great!


    It works perfectly for me, even under makeup, photographs beautifully, gives the skin a youthful glow,. The coverage is very light and works wonders for no makeup days. For me, its a priority on my skin care routine.
  2. Good light SPF


    This sunscreen is pretty good, doesn't feel super heavy unlike some other sunscreens. The texture of this is actually quite runny, I like the fact that it is SPF 50+.
  3. stings eyes


    feels tight on skin and stings and burns the eyes so badly...
  4. Does it’s job !


    Good sunscreen that does not leave white on your face, blends in easily and quickly and is very light but for me it felt a little too greasy.
  5. Nice!


    I bought this purely for reapplication during the day after my morning routine which i use asap daily defence spf50. Reason being its tinted. Im steering away from wearing makeup everyday now so i apply concealer as my final product in the morning. Then before going in the sun again in the afternoon i apply this one. If im going for a walk or doing gardening or simply just walking to my car, i apply this. I have dehydrated skin and i find this nice and dewy. I did have a few breakouts when i first started using asap daily defence and this one but i think it was just the initial changing over of products from Elizabeth Arden (too expensive). Highly recommend!!
  6. Great SPF


    Lovely SPF for everyday. The tint is a little pink for me so I will likely get the untinted version next time. Though you cannot really see it once it has blended into the skin. Has a strong SPF smell and is a watery texture.
  7. Good


    An awesome sunscreen that has high protection and leaves no white cast. It feels so light on the skin and is very easy to blend
  8. Good


    I’ve been using different type of sunscreen in the past but when one of the dermatologist suggested this product for melasma, I quickly bought one. I’m on my 2nd bttle now.
  9. Couldn’t recommend more


    I’ve finally learnt my lesson that sunscreen needs to be a part of my daily routine after the shocking burns I’ve gave myself over the past summers leaving me with hyper pigmentation. I’ve been looking for a light weight sunscreen with 50+ and this is the ultimate one ! Super happy, can’t see myself ever using another product.
  10. Love it, just wish it didn't pill


    The was my HG sunscreen for a couple of years. I love the consistency as it feels more like skincare, plus, it's one of the few sunscreens that doesn't clog up my oily skin. The tinted colour was great, it completely blended into my skin so you couldn't even tell I was wearing it. (NB: I have quite olive skin, not sure how it would go on someone who is quite fair-skinned) HOWEVER, since majorly getting into skincare in the past year i've had to ditch Anthelios XL as it pills when layered over serums and moisturiser. I've now relegated it for use on my hands, or for my face on days when I have time to wait around for my skincare products to completely dry.
  11. Absorbs well don't love the tint


    Find this sunscreen absorbs really well but I'm not a huge fan of tinted products, I prefer the non-tinted version
  12. Really happy with this


    Lightweight sunscreen thats non greasy feeling & doesn't break me out? Big yes! I wear this under my makeup and haven't had any issues. This has lived up to it's hype.
  13. Pills big time


    This sunscreen does not allow skincare layering and makeup -- it pills the entire thing right off so your whole skincare layering effort is gone. Also, the colour is pigmented, so make sure it's the same colour as your skin or it will not look great. It's probably wearable on its own, but not the best option for workdays.

    Not a great experience.
  14. Finally a good sunscreen


    I LOVE this sunscreen! Finally something that does not leave an oily film on your face and can actually be applied under make up. Best sunscreen I have found
  15. Love it!


    I have been using this cream for 2 years now and absolutely love it. When I first started using it people commented on how nice my skin looked. The slight tint gives your skin a perfect glow. I am not a big makeup wearer, so I tend to put this on after cleansing my face, wait about 10 mins and then add some bronzer to my cheeks and off I go!
  16. Good for base makeup


    Nice light coverage perfect tint to wear as I don't like wearing much makeup. Love this sunscreen. Tolerated well with my sensitive skin.
  17. Can't go wrong with this sunscreen


    This is my new daily face sunscreen for summer. 2 pumps is about 1 teaspoon, which is the perfect amount for my face/ears/neck. It rubs in easily and is non oily and doesn't have one of those sunscreen smells. I'll be purchasing another one soon.
  18. Does its job


    So ive been using the anthelios XL non tinted version for a very long time and when this tinted version came out I decided to try it out since occasionally i am too lazy to put on any base makeup and walk out the door with just sunscreen on. I thought because this is a tinted version it would somewhat blur my pores a bit or brighten my complexion. However the tint does not really show (at all), yes the sunscreen itself looks tinted when squeezed out of the bottle but when u spread it out there is no trace of tint whatsoever. A difference to the non-tinted version however is that this version has a scent which is not too bad but those who dislike scented products would probably not like.

    So if your looking for a general sunscreen and prefer things with fragrances then you might like this. If your buying this thinking it would somewhat give you a bit of coverage this is probably not the product for you. However, I do have very sensitive skin (due to eczema) and both the tinted and non-tinted versions did not break me out :))
  19. Every Day Use


    I use this every single day and am SO glad I found this product! It is super smooth and easy to apply, as well as not being too thick and feeling like it is clogging up your pores! I simply apply after serums in the morning and let sit before applying concealer. If in the sunshine i tend to re apply after 40 minutes or earlier if been in the water!
  20. Good product, received as a sample


    I received this product as a sample. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. My skin felt really oily , but hydrated. I like the sun protection in it though.
  21. Too greasy


    First of all, I do like the high sun protection in this product. The tint certainly cannot replace my foundation and I do find it to be a little dark for me if I applied this product liberally. If you wear foundation anyway, I would just stick to the non-tinted version for easier use. This product is a bit too greasy for my oily skin type, better suited to drier skins.
  22. LOVE!!!


    Love this stuff! Sits perfectly under my makeup. Primer is a must on top though so let sit for a few minutes first!
    Not tinted enough to be used on its own. I put quite a bit on and still don't notice much of a difference but i have bad uneven skin tone so maybe it's just me...
    Overall 50+ is awesome and its a lot less greasy than other products I've tried.
  23. Too tinted


    I used this product a fair few times, but have ultimately stopped using it for a few reasons... Firstly it's too dark for my skin. I do have quite fair skin, so if you have a medium skin tone it should be fine.
    The consistency is quite runny and oily, so it doesn't spread on with the coverage of a normal sunscreen. This may be a good thing for some, but it wasn't to my liking (I much prefer the dry touch sunscreen by the same brand). It also left the skin very shiny.
  24. Stung a bit. But really great sunscreen.


    This is a great product. I do have very sensitive skin. This did sting my skin a bit for about 15mins but it went away. It didn't leave any redness or break me out. And then my skin felt fine. The bottle is tiny. But unless u use lots thats not really an issue. There's no smell, which is great. It's a tiny tiny bit thicker then I was hoping but as I just had surgery on my face to have a skin cancer removed I'm really not complaining just mentioning it. As spring has only just started I haven't used it a lot as my foundation has sunscreen and I haven't been to the beach or anything. So not sure how using it regularly will b different but I'll see soon. Just fyi I'm 40. I think that's important to mention in reviews. As the skin of a 20 yr old is a hell of a lot different then us 40 and over ;)
  25. Great protection but a little greasy


    I have fair skin so always need sun protection. I was hoping that the tint in this could replace a BB cream, but it's unfortunately a little too oily on its own. But it does sit nicely under either a BB or foundation. I'd been using it for a couple of weeks when I went to a skin clinic to get a mole checked, and the Dr recommended this particular one to me as one of the best on the market…I felt pretty smug telling her I already had it.
  26. Perfect for cool skin tones and dry skin


    I have combination skin, and have found this sunscreen quite good. It's a little oily, but this ensures it doesn't cling to dry patches and leave uneven distribution of tint. On days when I have no dry patches, and I'm just oily, this tends to look a little too shiny and I need to powder two or three times throughout the day. The tint is slightly pink, which works well for me as I have a cool skin tone, and it's a nice change to most foundations, sunscreens, and other coloured products which seems to mostly cater to warm skin tones. I wouldn't recommend this sunscreen to those with warm toned skin, as it would look pink and odd in contrast with your skin.

    The fact that there's an "oily" and "watery" component of this sunscreen that needs shaking to mix is a bit annoying, and it means that, if I'm not super thorough with my shaking, the consistency of my portion is different with each use. Other than this it's a nice sunscreen that I will continue to repurchase until I find something better!
  27. Great product


    I love this! I find sunscreen quite difficult underneath my make up and I have so much pigmentation that I need a SPF 50. This fluid is AMAZING! It is quite runny when it comes out so you don’t need much but dries so well, you don’t even know it’s there! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  28. easy to apply


    I liked how light this was, it definitely had a lotion feel and it absorbed into the skin very quickly. It didn’t have a particularly strong scent, which I also liked. It didn’t feel greasy when I put it on, and I think that is because of how quickly it sinks into the skin. I have very oily skin, and I did find that my makeup didn’t last nearly as long with this on, so I stopped using it under makeup, which was disappointing as I’m still trying to find a good sunscreen to wear under makeup that won’t slide all my makeup around. I also wished this lasted a little longer, as I was in and out of the sun for about 3 hours one day, and by the end I was definitely a little bit burned. Overall it was a nice sunscreen, but perhaps more suited to normal/drier skin types for use under makeup You don't get a lot of product and it isn't cheap, so that's also something to consider.
  29. Stung my eyes every time


    I tried to use this for a few weeks and each time, without fail, it would make my eyes sting and water to the point where any makeup I tried to put on later would become mixed up with my tears and get all in my eyes. I’d heard great things about the product and because it was so expensive for such a small bottle, I kept trying to make it work for me but in the end I just couldn’t deal with the way it stung my eyes (the chemical-y smell isn’t very nice, either)
  30. Good protection


    I love that it's tinted and SPF 50.
    It's very runny, so be careful when you first get it out of the bottle because it's easy to pour a little too much out.
    My ONLY criticism is that because I'm so pale, it does look a bit too orange on me if I'm not careful. If I put it on, wait for it to dry and then put on my foundation, it's fine. But if I just put this sunscreen on I do tend to look like I have a slight foundation line on my neck.
    BUT that being said, I'm on the extreme end of being pale (so much so that even the lightest of foundations often aren't a match) so I imagine for just average pale skinned people this wouldn't be an issue for them, just beware if you're very very pale.
  31. Love this brand

    Kylie Q

    LP make some of the nicest sunscreen products that I have tried lately. I’ve had issues reacting to other brands but have had no reactions from any of the LP products.

    I love this sunscreen. Sinks in easily. Goes well under make-up. Does not irritate my skin. Will definitely re-purchase this product. I only wish it kept my skin more matte as I’m a bit shiny by the end of the day but for an spf with 50+ I’m probably never going to be 100% shine free.
  32. Awesome


    Used this during my marathon. Amazing sunblock, I love how its tinted but doesnt smudge on my sweaty face.
  33. best sunscreen ever


    this product didn't break me out, love it!
  34. Works well but wish it was unscented


    I really like this sunscreen as it is light weight and I like the tint. However, I find that if I wear it without makeup it has a slightly pink tone to it so I prefer to use it as a base for makeup. It is slightly oily to put on however this doesn't seem to make my skin oily throughout the day which my skin is prone to doing so that's a plus! I wish it came in a larger size as it is quite small but seems to go along way. The scent is quite strong which I don't mind but I wish it was unscented. All in all, I will continue to buy this product as it is high in SPF and seems to work well.
  35. Love it


    I have combination skin and can break out, I am constantly searching for the perfect tinted moisturiser and this is a winner. It gives light non shiny coverage and feels comfortable on my skin, I also like that it is not overly fragranced. High spf and liquid consistency makes it blend in really well.
  36. Love


    Love both the unturned and tinted versions of this daily face sunscreen. So light and easily absorbed into my skin, sits perfectly over my moisturiser and under my foundation. I’ve recommended both of these to many friends and family. They are only tiny bottles but one lasts me an entire season with daily and reapplying through the day usage. Great purchase with no breakouts
  37. So flattering.


    This sunscreen is perfect. I have very acne prone skin, this does no ot break me out one bit. The thin, runny consistency makes it so easy to apply and I love the smell. It leaves my face with a beautiful even glow and I get compliments on my complexion. I wear this instead of any BB creams and for more formal events I mix it with my foundations as sun protection. After a few hours on a hot day it does get slightly greasy and I dont have oily skin, this doesnt bother me too much though. But just a pat down and its fine! Im on my 3rd bottle, i love it!
  38. Best


    This is the beat sunscreen that I have used. It is so lightweight and I can use this under my make up too.
  39. Excellent


    This is probably the best sunscreen on the market at the moment. It is non-greasy yet provides just about the most comprehensive coverage of any sunscreen. Fantastic.
  40. Best sunscreen out


    this is a beautiful, lightweight sunscreen that gives a hint of coverage and a dewy glow. Its SPF 50+ and literally i couldn't ask anything more of it. I use it every day and it lasts about 3-4 months. Highly recommend
  41. Sheer SPF for everyday protection

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a perfect everyday sunscreen (which is a must!) as the sheer fluid can be easily worn over moisturiser and under my foundation - just make sure to shake before use. While I have combination skin, I find that it absorbs better if left for a couple of minutes after application before applying foundation. The size is convenient to carry around in my handbag too.
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