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Harnessing the powers of botanicals, the hair care experts at Klorane have developed hair treatments and styling aids which use powerful plant actives to deliver exquisite results which are as gentle to the hair as they are to the planet. Founded in 1966, the popular hair care brand’s first creation was the Shampoo with Chamomile. They’ve since expanded their range to not just include more shampoos but in recent years have become leading experts in the increasingly popular dry shampoo market.


How does Klorane dry shampoo work?


Launching their first dry shampoo in 1972, Klorane were years ahead in this innovative field. Their Oat Milk Dry Shampoo has become a staple, known and loved for its ability to leave hair looking fresh and cleansed without leaving the typical dry and chalky residue of dry shampoo. The dry shampoo uses highly absorbent micronised powders to gently cleanse the hair and scalp of dirt and excess oils while organically harvested oat milk soothes and protects the hair. A simple spritz will impart a soft and smooth texture, extending the freshness between washes.


What dry shampoo is good for oily hair? 


As well as the original Oat Milk Dry Shampoo, Klorane have also created the Nettle Dry Shampoo which has been an instant hit. This has been specifically designed for those with oily hair as it helps to control and remove excess sebum, leaving hair feeling lighter, volumised, and fresher. Just like the Oat Milk Dry Shampoo, this won’t deposit an unpleasant chalky or dry residue.


What Klorane dry shampoos are good for dark hair?


For darker hair colours, Klorane have developed both the Oat Milk Dry Shampoo and Nettle Dry Shampoo in tinted versions which have an invisible finish, meaning no white-cast or dulling of brunette and black hair.
Klorane dry shampoos have gained cult status, being not just bestsellers amongst Klorane products but being bestsellers amongst all dry shampoos. Effortlessly extending the vitality of hair between washes, the Oat Milk and Nettle Dry Shampoos are must-haves in your hair care arsenal.

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Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo
Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo


Klorane's range of dry shampoos have been my favourite dry shampoo for some time now but this is my first time giving their nettle version a go. I find this product to be really great for the warmer months when the hair can become more oily than normal since I feel it to be a more heavy duty version of their regular oat milk line. The product doesn't leave that much of a whitecast and also doesn't...
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk 250ml
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk 250ml

Fav dry shampoo

This is one of the best dry shampoos I have tried. Works really well. I have vey dry hair and this does not leave my hair feeling over dry like some others do. Highly recommend.
Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo - Tinted 50ml
Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo - Tinted 50ml

best dry shampoo

Klorane has offically become my favourite dry shampoo. Its the only one that doesnt smell like pure chemicals and doesnt give a white cast all over my scalp.

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