KEVIN.MURPHY Balancing.Wash

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*Winner of Best Shampoo in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards!*

An antioxidant rich shampoo that strengthens the hair and protects against colour fade or damage caused by hot irons or dryers.

This sulphate free shampoo contains Green Tea extract which gently cleanse the hair, while essential oil blends of Lavender and Ylang Ylang stimulate growth and regeneration.

Ideal for daily use.



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Meh - 25-06-2018 by

Not sure about this. Hasn’t helped my blonde streaked fine hair shoulder length. For me no game changer but the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and rinse I recommend it is fab maintains moisture and controls dry ends and smells amazing. This balancing wash has no scent which for me is a negative as scent is a big part of the experience. Cleans but no moisture.

Great for oily hair - 09-06-2018 by

I've got the unhelpul combo of naturally curly hair that's prone to frizz, oily roots and dry ends (from blow drying and straightening). Since moving to Sydney from the UK, my old shampoo (also prestige) was leaving my hair lank and oily far too quickly.

The Kevin Murphy shampoo was the break I needed - my hair feels properly cleansed to the roots and it seems to keep the oil at bay. It isn't quite as good at taming the frizz as the old shampoo was, but I am trialling a couple of conditioners to see if I can find a happy medium that way. As a few other reviewers have said - be careful when you open the lid or you'll lose too much down the drain!

Brilliant Product - 29-04-2018 by

Since hitting my late 20’s and now 30 (yikes!), my hair thanks to hormones i think, became incredibly oily at the roots within one or two days of washing. This shampoo has enabled me to go back to washing every 3 days. It really does balance my oily roots and dry ends. Smells divine! Shampoo twice for best results- hair feels SO Clean! Im in love!

Love washing my hair now - 16-04-2018 by

Having moved to Sydney, I found my hair was getting knotty, dry and lacklustre using my previous (also premium brand) shampoo. My hairdresser is a Kevin Murphy rep and suggested I try this range. Following the KM assessment online, I bought this shampoo and the Angel Rinse for my thick, fine hair that was getting oily by the 2nd day with dry ends. The combination has cured it perfectly! It looks and feels healthy, shiny and maintains my colour (blonde) whilst smelling great and I can sometimes get 3 days out of my hair. Even my hairdresser said my hair and scalp were much healthier. My only complaint is that the shape of the bottle means it does run out and you end up with too much.

Great shampoo, free of SLS, parabens etc - 13-03-2018 by

I originally wanted to try this shampoo after my hairdresser used it. She said it would help 'balance' my oily roots and slightly dehydrated ends. I find that to be true. It smells amazing, feels light in my hair and doesn't weigh it down. I also wanted a shampoo free of silicone, SLS and paraben, and this is that for me. My hair is fine but thick, and this works well. I'll be looking to try this with the Hydrating rinse next, I think that would work well

Best shampoo - 08-02-2018 by

I love a majority of the Kevin Murphy and this is my shampoo of choice from the range. It smells organic and I only have to use a small amount to get a good lather in my medium length hair. My hair feels clean and lightweight when I blow dry it or leave to dry naturally and doesn’t leave that oily residue that some paraben free shampoos tend to leave. I have ash blonde hair and it doesn’t make my hair brassy at all. It can be pricey but worth the $$ as you don’t have to spend money on other soothing products. Love it!

Works well as a clarifying shampoo - 19-12-2017 by

I was using this for my first wash as recommended by my hairdresser. It was supposed to help my hair get less oily by the second day after washing but I don't think it helped. It's a nice shampoo and I stopped buying it when I switched from the angel range back to the plumping range. It left my hair looking cleaner than when I double shampoo'd with the angel wash only, but again, no additional longevity to overall cleanliness of my hair.

Super impressed! - 11-08-2017 by

I have fine hair that tends to get oily quickly! My aim was to find a decent shampoo and conditioner that I could use twice a week to stretch out washing time but treat my hair at the same time! I found you really only need a 10 cent size amount which goes a LONG way! I loved it!!

Great shampoo for oily roots and dry ends - 27-06-2014 by

I have oily roots and dry ends. Kevin.Murphy Balancing Wash shampoo, in combination with Kevin.Murphy Hydrating Rinse is perfect for my hair, leaving it silky and not oily or dry.

- 09-10-2009 by

I used a sample on my oily hair. I also have a LOT of hair, so I require a shampoo that penetrates well. This didn't do the job for me. I needed to use a large amount of product, in fact, I used the entire trial packet and I still wasn't able to work it through all of my hair (despite lots of effort). It seemed to cleanse well in the areas that it did get to, though.

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