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Intimina knows that true intimacy is getting comfortable with your own body.


When it comes to periods - personal choice and empowerment is paramount. Pads, tampons, menstrual cups - even free-bleeding, the choice is yours. If you’ve been wanting to explore period cups, or are a seasoned professional with an interest in the latest and greatest innovations in the world of waste-free periods, Intimina has something for all.


How do I know which Intimina cup is for me?


For the first time, or teen user - consider Intimina Lily Cup One
Smaller in size, and with a convenient pull that makes retrieval effortless, this is a fantastic beginner option that will make the transition from other period products easier.


For use during sex - consider Intima Ziggy Cup
With a wide, flat shape, this cup sits higher up towards your cervix and allows for mess-free period sex. A little trickier to navigate, this is best used by someone more comfortable with their body, or an experienced period cup user.


For someone concerned with ease of insertion - consider Intimina Lily Cup
With two size variants, the lily cup can be rolled (rather than folded) into a smaller tube, making insertion similar to using a tampon. With a mess-free folded rim, the Lily Cup is most popular with Australian women for its ease of use.


For someone on the go - consider the Lily Cup Compact
The world’s first collapsible menstrual cup, the Lily Cup Compact easily folds down into a small disc and comes with a carry case, so is great for throwing in a handbag and also comes in two sizes.


Why choose a menstrual cup versus pads or tampons?

Not only do they save money in the long run (cups will last several years if properly cared for), an Intimina cup also helps out the environment, as pads and tampons contribute to landfill. Intimina goes so far as to estimate that one cup will save 3250 tampons from landfill!

Additionally, dryness and odour are issues of periods-past thanks to menstrual cups like the Intimina Lily Cup, and will allow you to go about your day (or night!) without thinking of them for up to 12 hours.


How do I clean my Intimina cup?

We would recommend thoroughly cleansing your cup by properly disinfecting between periods, but between days, the Intimina Intimate Accessory Cleaner is an easy way to disinfect and clean your Intimina cup safely.


What if I find it difficult to insert my cup?

With a bit of practice, you’ll have no problems inserting your Intimina cup - but in the meantime, applying some lubricant, such as the Intimina Feminine Moisturizer may allow you to slip the cup into position more easily.



If you’re still not sure if the period cup life is for you, read through our Intimina Lily Cup Reviews from our unbiased community of beauty lovers.

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I found this cup to be my favourite. I like that you can have sex during wearing it. I also love that all the intimina cups are pink. It’s very comfortable, you can’t feel it when it’s in.
INTIMINA Lily Cup Compact
INTIMINA Lily Cup Compact

Nice cup, comfortable

This cup is very comfortable. I have had a caesarean a year ago, and went with size A as recommended. This fits comfortably and works well. Would recommend. I love not using pads or tampons anymore.