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innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 78 reviews


4 instalments of $5.50

Or 4 instalments of $5.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $5.50

Or 4 instalments of $5.50 with LEARN MORE

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A deep-cleansing creamy clay mask—formulated with Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters™ and AHA - that helps clear pores while it exfoliates.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X 100ml Reviews

4.5 of 78 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So pleasant to use


Feels so nice on skin, feels so nice once taken off, satisfying

Most Helpful Criticism

Just okay


Felt nice on skin and wasn't drying like other pore refining masks I have tried. My skin felt soft and fresh after use, and looked brighter.
  1. So pleasant to use


    Feels so nice on skin, feels so nice once taken off, satisfying
  2. So pleasant to use


    Feels so nice on skin, skin feels so nice when you take it off. Never tried a bad product from innisfree, fave skincare brand forever :3 #yearofinnisfree
  3. Great product


    I have only used this product once (just recieved it), easy to apply and remove. Left my face feeling soft with a brighter appearance, also non-drying, unlike other clay masks.
    Will definitely keep using.
  4. Excellent mask


    Good mask for oily skin! Better than some more expensive ones on the market. Highly recommend. #yearofinnisfree
  5. Great face mask


    Helps clear out blackheads and doesn't dry down too tight
  6. Glowing skin

    Charlotte Z

    verified purchaser
    I have used a lot of mud masks as I suffer from blocked pores, this mask is light and easy to apply and after using once you can see the difference and the next day my skin was so dewy and smooth.
  7. Awesome product


    I absolutely love this mask. It's easy to apply and wash off. My skin feels soft, plump and brighter each time I use this product. Would definitely buy again! #yearofinnisfree
  8. New favourite mask and great value for money


    I’ve never been into face masks - I’ve tried a couple and never saw any difference, so I always thought they were a waste of money. This mask actually works though! I’ve always had a pretty average complexion, but in the weeks since I started using this product several people have commented on how great my skin is looking. It’s easy to apply, easy to remove and a little goes a really long way - th...
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  9. another favorite clay mask


    It is such a great creamy face mask. It is clay but doesn't dry up your skin and I don't feel too tight. The mask doesn't dry up and it stays creamy while on the face. After rinsing off, the skin doesn't feel dry out either. It is one of the great clay mask. #yearofiinisfree
  10. Love it.


    verified purchaser
    My skin feels and looks great.

  11. Good for sensitive skin


    I have very sensitive combination skin and this didn't irritate my skin at all. It was gentle and cooling on my skin. It's easy to apply and easy to wash off. #yearofinnisfree
  12. Gentle clay mask


    This mask was surprising gentle and not too drying for a clay mask. It makes my skin feel softer and clearer after every use. The price is reasonable too.
  13. Best at-home clay mask


    Loved this clay mask so much! Easy to apply, doesn't dry or crack too quickly like some masks do and leaves your skin feeling SO clean and smooth and lush.

  14. Better than others


    My favourite mask at the moment, you can really feel it work on the first go. I have combination skin so the dry parts of my face do need a bit of moisturising after the mask though #yearofinnisfree
  15. great mask


    Love this mask for cleaning out my pores and getting rid of blackheads
  16. Great product!


    I was looking for a clay mask that was not going to break the bank and this was midrange. The mask applies really well and I felt my pore were reduced in size after removal. I like the packaging, for being so inexpensive it does have a luxurious appeal. I hope that innisfree release some variations in clay, I'd love to see a pink clay. I'd definitely purchase again! #yearofinnesfree
  17. Best Clay Mask


    This is the best charcoal/clay mask on the market. Not only is it going to help control oils, it’s the perfect way to ‘detox’ the skin after wearing makeup whilst being hydrating and non-stripping. The price point also makes it a steal!
  18. Smooth Skin


    Wouldn't say it minimises the appearance of my pores- but certainly makes my skin feel baby smooth! I would recommend buying a silicone brush applicator because I'm not a fan of scooping it out with my fingers but overall so much product for a good price! #yearofinnisfree
  19. Doesn't do much


    This mask doesn't really do much for my skin. I have really bad acne and blackheads, and I haven't noticed any difference after using this product twice a week. Some positives are that it lasts for a very long time. I've had it for about 3 months and I've only used a tiny bit because a little goes a long way. Also, I find it doesn't leave my skin feeling too dry afterwards.
  20. Refreshing and cleansing


    My skin feels super cool and refreshed after using this, and it also feels unusually smooth! I love it.

  21. Just okay


    Felt nice on skin and wasn't drying like other pore refining masks I have tried. My skin felt soft and fresh after use, and looked brighter.
  22. #yearofinnisfree


    See previous post - wrote the best review forgot the hashtag
  23. Unbeatable Clay Mask!


    I can confidently say that this is the best clay mask I have used. A dealbreaker for me is the ease and convenience of application and in comparison to other clay masks, this Innisfree one is so easy to apply because it doesn’t rub off if you were to go over the same spot twice. My skin feels softer, cleaner and my pores feel tighter after use. I use it once or twice a week and it’s been working w...
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  24. Good mask


    I ordered this one as I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the Glamglow super mud mask. It does the job or sucking out impurities and leaves your face feeling fresher.
  25. So far so good!


    Only got this recently but so far I've really liked it! It isn't too drying and left my skin feeling soft and smooth.
  26. okay


    this is okay, nothing to special but it is pretty affordable and left my skin feeling fresh.
  27. Volcanic Facial Explosion!


    I “borrowed” this off my sister when I was at her place recently. It was amazing. Left my skin feeling so smooth and dewy, and less oily. Most clay masks tend to make me feel on the drier side. It was so good I had to buy it to give me a pick up while being stuck in government mandatory isolation in Brisbane. Can’t get home but can still have beautiful looking skin. Highly recommend.

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  28. Great mask


    This has helped improve my skin's texture and feels really calming on my skin. My skin is visibly smoother after I use this mask.
  29. Fresh and Tingly


    It feels great on my skin and doesn't dry it out. Feels fresh and tingly during and after. My skin looks a little brighter. #yearofinnisfree
  30. Best clay mask


    I LOVE this Clay mask. So smooth and easy to apply, and such great results after 10 minute application. My skin feels super soft and clean :—)
  31. As good as the real thing!


    Since having a volcanic mud bath in new Zealand I've been searching for something similar to purchase for my face. My partner uses this also, we just use once in a while as it is a little messy to wash off but leaves your skin so smooth and fresh.
    It does harden on your skin and cracks which some people may not like.
  32. Your go-to mud mask


    I love the texture of the clay - as it's quite sticky and a tiny amount goes such a long way! It's also very gentle on the skin and doesn't irritate at all but at the same time you can feel it working its magic (with the tightening of the skin and the absorbing of the pores). I will continue to buy this as my mud mask.
  33. No difference


    No change in pores or skin. My skin did feel clean but no more than a cleanser would do
  34. Good Mask


    great mask! mt skin felt amazing in two weeks and overall cleared up so quickly
  35. not drying


    i like that this clay mask doesnt dry my skin out. after using it my skin feels tighter and more firm, im not sure if it does anything for my pores or break outs and such but i do like using it twice a week to keep my oil at bay
  36. Love clay masks


    Helps get all the gunk out of my pores and has gentle exfoliation too
  37. Wow in love!


    I was totally wowed by this product! I like to use a clay mask every now and then as I have acne prone skin. This one is so nice and cooling on application which I love. I also love how it is flexible as well and you are still able to move your face muscles without disturbing the mask. Great price point as well!!
  38. Great for skin


    Helps reduce blackheads but doesn't feel drying like other clay masks
  39. Lovely Face Mask


    Soothing for my skin and makes pores look smaller
  40. Lovely clay mask


    Great for pampering and makes my pores look smaller
  41. Lovely clay mask


    Great for pampering and makes my pores look smaller
  42. So soft!


    Really like this clay mask, leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards. Haven't noticed a change in pores but probably haven't used it long enough to notice a difference yet.
  43. Love it!


    Product is great! It leaves my skin smooth afterwards and I have reduced my blackheads.
  44. Pampering mask


    Love doing this mask as a bit of self care. Always feel refreshed afterward
  45. Silky smooth


    My skin looks and feels great after this mask, my boyfriend also uses it and it has made a huge difference to the texture of his skin
  46. Really like this mask!


    This clay mask has lasted me ages and makes me skin feel super soft after every use. Love it!
  47. It’s Okay


    I really wanted to like this mask, but i found it very stripping. I only used it on my T zone for 5-10 minutes. I didn’t use it consistently enough to see any massive results.
  48. Great value


    I love this mask. My skin feels sooo smooth afterwards and doesn’t go concrete hard on skin
  49. Good!


    I've bought this 2 times already and this is my favourite mask! I have a dry skin and it felt a bit tight and dry but when you wash it off, it feels like skin is smoother! It's also interesting that you can see your blackhead when applying the mask!
  50. Amazing!


    I first cleansed my face with the Foreo Luna Play and then put this mask on, it felt really nice and I really noticed a difference in my skin, it was much clearer and smoother, especially on my nose area where I have the most blackheads, I used it on my partner as well and same great results! Can't wait to see how it goes after a few more weeks!
  51. It’s okay


    I honestly didn’t notice any change in my skin. It came off well but other than that not much to report.
  52. A bit dry


    It is just a bit too dry for my normal to dry skin. I don’t see big different after use it. My pores look the same in the mirror.
  53. Skin feels nice


    My skin feels really smooth after I use it but it doesn't do any hard core pore decongesting. My pores were still clogged but my face felt clean.
  54. Yes Yes Yes!


    Love love love! This mask, just like so many other Innisfree masks, delivers. It gives a smooth texture and makes my skin feel so clean and soft afterwards. I would recommend this to anyone.
  55. Not the best


    I don’t notice any difference after using this product. I love how it feels but it doesn’t work to decongest my pores at all.
  56. Great Value


    I think this is a great quality mask for the price point. It is a lovely smooth texture and consistency. It is easy to apply smoothly. It dries after 10-15 minutes. Whilst I haven't noticed any drastic changes to my skin, the mask does leave my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. It makes a nice addition to my weekly skincare routine. It would be especially great for people with minor skin con...
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  57. Great for congested skin


    I love love love this face mask for decongesting my skin and for reducing the frequency of my breakouts.. The clay mask doesn't dry to an uncomfortable tightness unlike many other clay masks and leaves my skin feeling refreshed after use. My skin feels so smooth after washing it off. I use this mask once or twice a week, whenever my skin feels extra clogged and I can notice an immediate difference...
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  58. Top innisfree product


    After reading all the positive of this best seller product, I decided to give it a try (actually I got it as a set with the green tea seed serum). It effectively removes stubborn blackheads and minimises my 'chronic' pores which leaves my skin so nice and blemish free. This is a my ultimate substitution for nose trips.
  59. I couldn’t wait to recommend this to my friends!


    As a teenager, I got the occasional hormonal pimple but never acne. Since hitting my late 20’s and turning 30, and especially now with stresses, ummm breaking out more than ever, so I’m always on the lookout for something that will clear up my cystic acne (and take me back to the fresh faced teen I was).

    Every time I use this, my face glows like I’ve spent the day at a day spa. I’ve n...
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  60. Great product!


    I've only used this twice and I already know I'm going to repurchase! Makes my skin feel so soft and nice afterwards!
  61. I loveeeee this


    this product contain AHA help ur pore and pimple. I use it when I have redness and breakout. It isnt expensive like K'iels and dry as it ! Great choice for acne pone skin
  62. Like a spa at home!


    I LOVE THIS MASK. This is just as good as a mud mask at a spa or if you have plane tickets to New Zealand. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean and just so god damn good.My fave part is washing it off with warm water and lightly scrubbing my face with the clay like a little exfoliation! :--)
  63. Nice


    This was a nice mask but it wasn't a super-strength version that I was after (i have bad blackheads). I have definitely had other masks work better. I will still use it like a gentle mask for every now and then.
  64. works


    so I got this to help with pores but it makes my whole face feel so fresh and clean, double win!
  65. creamy and detoxing


    Wow, absolutely love this mask! its thick and creamy, and left my skin super clean. Absolutely love it and I cannot wait to try more products from this brand.
  66. New Favourite


    As a self confessed mask addict who has tried plenty over the years and has a fridge full of them, this is the only one i have used since purchasing. Even if I'm skipping out on my glycolic treatment, this mask still amazes the F*** outta me. My skin is so super smooth after using, my pores are so freaking clear, my entire face appears so much brighter after use and my other products go so much fu...
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  67. Awesome Clay Mask


    I have extremely sensitive skin and was worried that it would sting. It didn't! Felt smooth and relaxing. Made my skin feel so soft and definitely saw reduction in pore size.
  68. Great mask from Innisfree


    This is an overall good clay mask, only down side is that it is a bit thicker than ones I've used before.
  69. Good clay mask!


    I bought this to try and help my filaments on my nose. I’ve used it twice and it seems to have helped both times. It’s lightweight and leaves the skin feeling soft. I would repurchase!
  70. Clay mask


    This is my go to clay mask.
    It doesn't dry out my skin or cause too much tightness, living my skin feeling clean.
  71. Great overall clay mask


    this clay mask is amazing as it is not drying. It helps to clear out sebum and exfoliate your skin.
  72. not drying


    I really like the fact that this clay mask doesn't dry out my Skin, add my skin is normal to dry. I like to use this twice a week and it really helps to exfoliate and makes my skin feels a lot more clean unless Clogged. A little tip I like to do is when I do this mask on days where I don't need to wash my hair, I would put this on and then pop in the shower and by the time I'm done with my shower ...
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  73. Not sure what the hype is about


    I was excited for to use this for the first time yesterday. I didn’t notice any change in my skin today and if anything feel like my skin is drier and needing extra hydration today.
    It’s kinda zapped all the moisture out of my skin.
    Had better results with Kiehl’s clay mask.
    Bit disappointing as I read so many great reviews.
  74. Draws out muck


    This clay mask is really excellent at drawing out anything that may cause blackheads and pimples and such good value. Use a good moisturiser after or skin will dry
  75. Great


    Never been a fan of wash off face mask but this one is good. Will def get more when mine runs out.
  76. So good!


    So affordable and great quality! I noticed a difference in my pores and texture after the first use. It’s a really lovely, light texture which feels cooling and doesn’t accentuate dryness. Plus the packaging is so pretty!
  77. Recommend


    I’ve tried a lot of clay masks over the years. I have very oily skin and blackheads down the t zone and this mask works well. Great price too.
  78. Cooling but not very effective


    I’ve heard and read many great reviews on this product and about the Innisfree volcanic range. However it’s not worth the hype. It claims to do many things. It does have a cooling effect but it’s very subtle, not a tingling sensation. However my pores remain the same. It did not tighten them, or clean them per se. For the same price, I think you could invest in a better product.
  79. like it


    I think it well worth the try. I have sensitive, dry skin and did not find it too drying.
  80. AMAZING for the price


    For the price of this bad boy it's really good goes on super easy and my face is so soft and clean after use, is best to use a really good face oil after use tho just to replenish any lost moisture
  81. Beautiful


    this mud mask is so soothing. It is cooling and draws out all of those deep bubbly pimples. I have very oily acne prone skin and this mask reduces oil and overall calms any breakouts
  82. Incredible


    This mask is incredible! My skin had so much blackheads and this has cleared them right up! So luxurious and really clears up clogged skin
  83. Definitely recommend


    This is comparable to GlamGlow's masks, for only about a quarter of the price. Really powerful and cleansing, I use it when my skin breaks out or at times when it feels clogged from makeup and is sweaty during the day. Definitely follow up with serum and moisturiser so your skin doesnt dry out.
  84. Leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without dry or stinging.

    Alessandra R

    This mask is really nice. Once you wash your face, it will give it a bright effect and your face will be really smooth. I love how it didn’t dry my skin after using it. I felt like my pores are cleaned after washing it. It also left my skin soft and smooth. It also has an instant brightening effect!
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