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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program 1ea

4.4 of 31 reviews


4 instalments of $1.00

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4 instalments of $1.00

Or 4 instalments of $1.00 with LEARN MORE

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A 3-step nose pack that targets blackheads and dirt with Jeju Volcanic Clusters.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program Reviews

4.4 of 31 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



this was really amazing and i love it

Most Helpful Criticism

not the best but still somewhat works


I found this not as good as previous pore strips i have tried. There were still some blackheads that came out but I have seen better from other brands
  1. Works really well for stubborn pores!


    verified purchaser
    I'm not a fan of these type of strips overall as I feel like they don't get "everything" out - however these are different! It was so satisfying seeing my strip at the end of the process as it had removed all my black and white heads really well, leaving my nose soft and smooth.
  2. Nice!


    verified purchaser
    Really enjoyed using this and the result was great!
  3. not the best but still somewhat works


    verified purchaser
    I found this not as good as previous pore strips i have tried. There were still some blackheads that came out but I have seen better from other brands
  4. Was pleasantly surprised.


    verified purchaser
    Actually works! I don't have an issue with many blackheads on my nose, but it removed some gunk!
  5. efficient, sooth


    verified purchaser
    deep clean of my nose. Very efficient!
  6. Not amazing but it's better than the other ones


    verified purchaser
    The pores on my nose are always clogged. Growing up I bought into the notion that pores can be "open" and "closed", and bought products like this, only to realise that acids were going to be a better bet to keep them unclogged. So I was hesitant with this. Step 1 does soften pores, but so does a warm cloth. Step 2 hardened way more around my nose than other products like this on the market. All my...
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  7. Smart nose strips


    I love the smart three steps to get rid of my ugly blackheads. Step two is the usual nose strip but with pre and post care to ensure our skin is not stripping off. Love it!
  8. 3 step nose


    I enjoyed using this! Very clean and fresh nose afterwards!
    Can’t wait to try the face masks
  9. Relaxing, at home spa treatment experience

    Jamie Brooks

    verified purchaser
    This is relaxing to do, but I didn’t notice much of a difference with my black heads.
    It definitely took off some dead skin though.
  10. Cult fave


    An innisfree cult fave. So so good. Perfect lil self care routine. The clay mask is the best!
  11. works!


    I love using these and feel so satisfied seeing those pesky blackheads on these strips and not my nose!
  12. Superb!


    I have huge blackheads and this product works amazingly at removing them. My skin is so much clearer since using it. I definitely recommend it.
  13. Small pores


    This takes my blackheads away and the strips work well
  14. Pretty good


    It's not bad at all, but not the best either. I would re purchase & use again. I liked that my nose did not get greasy afterwards, which happened with most that I have used
  15. My nose is super smooth


    Easy to use, and my nose is super smooth, however appearance is much the same.
    The only downside is the time it takes to use (45-60mins). Otherwise recommend as a weekly blackhead removal.
  16. Amazing


    I have large pores on my nose and frequently get blackheads. I thought I would trial this 3 step mask process because of the price! I'm so glad I did, I love the results! This definitely makes my pores look smaller and removes blackheads!
  17. It actually works


    I was super curious to try this and excited because of the price! There’s three masks: one to open your pores, one to extract the stuff, and one to seal your pores back up. I have sensitive dry dehydrated skin but have blackheads across my nose and this actually got rid of them! Before I could feel bumps when I rubbed my finger accords my nose - but no more! The last ‘sealing’ mask is really cooli...
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  18. genius!


    this 3 step process is super simple and easy to use. i always look forward to using it and i can see visible results!
  19. great


    I got this product because it was the cheapest one. I loved it and now my nose always feels so smooth and great. I would recommend this to anyone and I would definitely by this again!!
  20. Great blackhead mask!


    This is the best blackhead mask I have come across and I have tried a few. The first step really opened my pores, and I could already see stuff starting to surfacing before I even put step 2 on. By the end step my skin was feeling less gritty and I could see a huge difference.
  21. Average Joe


    This is a relatively average pore strip system. It does work, but I don’t think it’s out of this world extraordinary. It works like any other pore strip.
  22. good


    My nose always feels soft and smooth after using this 3 step treatment
  23. Put aside 45min to treat yourself!


    The packaging is straightforward with what you expect from a skin or nose mask. It has protective layers in all steps that you have to peel off before use. You get three nose mask for the one sleeve.

    The product’s intent is great with open, remove and close phases for each nose mask. The only down side for me was step 2. As the instruction is translated and may be unclear, make sure y...
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  24. Great product - full circle approach


    Really appreciated the holistic approach - starting with opening the pores, then removing the blackheads and finally closing the pores. Feels like a better way of removing them rather than just one step.
    PSA: Whole process takes close to an hour as each strip needs to be on your nose for around 15 mins+.
  25. Bye bye blackheads


    This product works amazingly at removing blackheads! My skin is so much clearer since using it so definitely recommend
  26. Gentle yet effective!


    The packaging is straightforward with steps for each mask that goes on your nose. When using the mask would recommend only using very little water in step 2 as too much will negate the activated charcoal!

    The purpose of the nose mask is perfect with a good hour of opening, removing and sealing you pores! And the price is great too for the three excellent steps!
  27. cleaned my nose up


    the three steps allow it not to hurt at all when you peel it off, my nose is clean and smooth after using it.
  28. Great for treating nose blackheads


    This three step mask is fun to do and i noticed a decrease in blackheads on my nose.
  29. Super effective!!


    I bought this item to bump my order up to free shipping and it turned out to be great!!! I get lots of blackheads on my nose particularly and not only did it get lots out it was easy to remove the rest. It Didn’t leave my skin dry and irritated like others I have tried due to the after serum. Will definitely buy again.
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