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innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser 150ml 150ml

4.4 of 142 reviews


4 instalments of $3.75

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4 instalments of $3.75

Or 4 instalments of $3.75 with LEARN MORE

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Formulated with a high concentration of green tea, Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser is a cult cleanser that uses the power of pesticide free botanicals from Jeju to nourish the skin.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser 150ml Reviews

4.4 of 142 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great gentle cleanser I always come back to


The first time I tried Innisfree Green Tea foam cleanser, I was pleased with how it cleansed my skin so effectively without drying it out. It also has a lovely green tea smell. I love using it in the morning and evening after using an oil cleanser and it leaves my skin squeaky clean and soft. I have been using this for years and I am so glad Adore beauty stocks it in Australia. #yearofinnisfree

Most Helpful Criticism

Cleans well, smells lovely, a bit drying


If you are after a foaming cleanser this does the job.
I do feel a bit tight after using, more so than I would normally desire. Face feels very clean post cleanse however I worry it’s too drying for my skin.
  1. Great gentle cleanser I always come back to


    verified purchaser
    The first time I tried Innisfree Green Tea foam cleanser, I was pleased with how it cleansed my skin so effectively without drying it out. It also has a lovely green tea smell. I love using it in the morning and evening after using an oil cleanser and it leaves my skin squeaky clean and soft. I have been using this for years and I am so glad Adore beauty stocks it in Australia. #yearofinnisfree
  2. best foam cleanser


    verified purchaser
    removes dirt and make-up, leaving face clean and soft. Very refreshing and hydrating! #yearofinnisfree
  3. Super gentle


    verified purchaser
    This facewash is fantastic - I've even reordered it after finishing my first batch! It's super gentle and non-drying on the skin. My breakouts have also gone down immensely since I've started using it.
    A little bit also goes a very long way. It was around 7 months of daily use before I needed a replacement.
    If you're looking for a gentle daily cleanser, definitely use this one!
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  4. Has helped my skin so much!


    verified purchaser
    I used to breakout so much but since using this cleanser, my skin has cleared up so much. 100% will purchase this again! #yearofinnisfree
  5. Has helped my skin so much!


    verified purchaser
    I used to breakout so much but since using this cleanser, my skin has cleared up so much. 100% will purchase this again!
  6. Cleans well, smells lovely, a bit drying


    verified purchaser
    If you are after a foaming cleanser this does the job.
    I do feel a bit tight after using, more so than I would normally desire. Face feels very clean post cleanse however I worry it’s too drying for my skin.
  7. Soft and smooth feel


    verified purchaser
    This product is so cheap! 10/10 would purchase/recommend again. I have sensitive skin and can be nervous to try cheaper products, but this was perfect for me and I love the way it leaves my skin feeling.
  8. clean skin


    verified purchaser
    I have oily skin and i really like using this after using my oil cleanser
  9. Love it!


    I love this cleanser, it's so cheap and lasts a long time because a little goes a long way. Definitely recommend!
  10. Miracle Cleanser


    Since I started using this product as cleanser both morning and night, I have had significant decreased amount of acne. #yearofinnisfree
  11. Amazing


    Omg this is the best facial wash ever. My face feel soft, clean and not oil . Not too dry either . It is perfect .
    Definitely recommend it . My partner has sensitive skin too and he used it a few times , just because , and he doesn’t get pimples or any irritation .
  12. Lovely, clean skin!


    This is a solid cleanser! It lasts quite a few months as you only need a blueberry sized amount to clean your face! It produces a very thorough clean, my only complaint is that it is a little drying, not a problem if you have a good moisturiser though. I have combo-oily skin and I find it fine
  13. One of the best cleansers I’ve used so far


    This has become my go to cleanser because it truly takes the grime off without stripping the skin while retaining hydration and protecting the natural skin barrier. You don’t need to use too much product because it foams up pretty well and has worked wonders to clear up my skin. #yearofinnisfree
  14. Great for stubborn skin (and husbands)


    This is just a really good, affordable, cleanser that does what it says. It is not too harsh or stripping on the skin and I really like the smell (I found it not to be too strong). I recently bought one for my husband, as he is averse to using skincare but will use a face cleanser if I leave one for him in the shower - win! #yearofinnisfree
  15. Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser


    Beautiful product, lathers up beautifully and cleanses leaving face feeling fresh. Have used other more expensive products and this one wins hands down. Have even bought one for a friend of mine. Good value for money. #yearofinnisfree
  16. A little goes a long way


    Really good for oily skin and not too drying. Feel like it cleans my face decently.
  17. Amazing daily cleanser!


    Perfect for daily use and sensitive skin. Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and has a great scent! #yearofinnisfree
  18. a little goes a long way!


    This cleanser lathers up really well, so you only need to use a very small amount--which is great! My skin feels fresh and clean. I also like that it's not too expensive, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin #yearofinnisfree
  19. No Fuss Good Quality


    I have oily acne prone skin, and this cleanser is really good if you want something basic to let your serums do the heavy lifting. It foams up nicely and doesnt strip my skin.
  20. The Best Cleanser


    I have tried numerous cleansers and skin routines and without a doubt this is the saviour product for my skin. It has cleared it up over the course of a few weeks and after each use leaves my skin fresh and not dry at all. Perfectly paired with the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream, could not recommend this enough!
  21. Nice texture and fragrant


    I like the texture and fragrant. It doesn't dry out my skin after cleansing and pairs well with the green tea seed moisturizer. Love it! #yearofinnisfree
  22. An apple day . . .


    Lovely fresh feeling after use, the foaming consistency is great on my skin and smells divine #yearofinnisfree
  23. For oily skin


    I received this as a gift and I knew from the green tea that it wouldn't be ideal for my dry skin. However I gave it a try anyways and while it was quite drying, but it definitely thoroughly cleaned all of the sunscreen and debris off my skin. So I think this product would be ideal for someone with oilier skin.
  24. If you have oily skin, this is so worth it


    I got this for my boyfriend to steal and he loves it. He has oily skin and it’s great for him. He says a little goes a really long way and great value for money. I have combo skin so it can be a little drying so better suited for oily skin. He also said he LOVES the smell! #yearofinnisfree
  25. Just okay for dry to combination skin


    Gave the product a good go for a week or so but found it too drying for my combination skin. Texture is lovely but I found the smell quite strong. I’d recommend this to someone with oily skin.
  26. Incredible nice


    I love this cleanser. This give me a very clean face after using it. LOVE IT...
  27. Hydrating and gentle product


    This product leaves your face feeling deeply cleansed yet hydrated after the wash. It is gentle on your skin and complements the rest of the Green tea products
  28. Great value

    Mackenzee Deegenaars

    This cleanser is great and a little goes a long way. I’ve had mine for a few months, and when restocking my skin care, this was the only one that I still had plenty of. I find it lathers well and goes on nicely. I use this with other innisfree products, and have found my skin has really improved with continued use #yearofinnisfree
  29. Really good product


    This product is really good for oily skin. I have been using this product for a couple years now and it has never disappointed. I look forward to pairing this with the innisfree green tea balancing cream.
  30. A face hug


    Sick of your cleanser leaving your face tight? Use innisfree cleanser instead! My face feels fresh and clean after use. Also amazing at getting make up off
  31. Love it!


    Second time buyer of this product. I love how it makes my face feel clean! I have normal to oily skin and I don't wear makeup so having a clean face just feels so refreshing. Also, it lathers so well as you massage the product in. Will continue to buy!
  32. Great Cleanser


    I've been using this cleanser for more than a year now and it always leaves my face feeling refreshed after using it. I've tried switching to other cleansers but I would always break out. This is the only cleanser that has noticeably reduced my breakouts. it is also relatively cheap for the amount of product that you get. Definitely would recommend! #yearofinnisfree
  33. Drying


    I received a sample of this and I agree with many others in saying that it's a bit too drying. I have combo/oily skin which is also unpredictably sensitive, and this didn't do any favours for the dry, red patches on my cheeks, making my skin feel annoyingly tight. I prefer an oil-based cleanser.
  34. Very gentle


    I really like this product! I have sensitive skin and I've had a lot of issues finding the right face cleanser. It's super gentle on my face and my skin feels so clean after using it.
  35. Amazing


    This cleanses very effectively and takes off my oil cleanser
  36. Highly recommanded


    I have been using it for over 5 years. It is full of foam and not like other foam cleanser makes the skin dry and sensitive. It still cleans the face well and worth the money.
  37. Bit drying, but face feels super clean


    I enjoy using this cleanser after removing makeup with an oil based cleanser as it makes my face feel super clean. However, it can make my skin feel a bit tight/dry so I recommend having a solid skincare routine after cleansing to add and retain moisture.
  38. Not my fave


    Kind of gave me a rash.. also not a fan of the brand, I think a lot of the ingredients don’t seem nearly as clean as they make it look. Not for me.
  39. Quite stripping


    Only use if you're very oily as this was quite stripping
  40. Not for me ! :(


    I have no issues with the packaging or the feel of the product but I must say it's heavily fragranced.
    I feel like my skin has been stripped of moisture after using this cleanser.
    I will not be going back to this one as it did not match any of my expectations
  41. Great Cleanser


    This is the perfect cleanser to remove makeup and leaves your face clean and fresh. I use it every pm and works so well in my routine. I love the more natural ingredients of this product.
  42. Great value


    For the size and price it is great value, lathers nicely and cleans effectively without over drying, don't get it in your eyes through
  43. My new HG!


    After discovering this through Hannah's #PWDKWN, I have found my new holy grail. This is SUCH a great cleanser! I have dry skin and find this works perfectly for me. Lathers and removes makeup without drying. Only need to cleanse once. 10/10 would recommend.
  44. Cleansing staple


    Well priced cleanser that does the job. Lathers a decent amount of foam and my face feels squeaky clean afterward. Good price for a good product.
  45. Excellent natural cleanser


    I found my skin kept breaking out with my old cleanser and decided to try a more natural line of skincare products. I've found this cleanser to be very gentle on my skin and has improved my acne.
  46. Good standards cleanser


    I find this cleanser great for the price tag and volume. Pleasant scent, lathers well and left my face feeling fresh.
  47. good for combo/ dry skin

    Perfecting Skin

    it is a good everyday cleanser for dry or combo skin. my entire face is dry and T zone is a bit oily and i have loved using this cleanser as my everyday cleanser. i use it every morning and my face feels fresh and clean after using this.
  48. Unbelievably gentle!


    As someone with EXTREMELY reactive combination skin, I was nervous trying the product for the first time, but just as advertised, it left my skin feeling hydrated, glowing and super fresh. Considering the price, this cleanser was amazing in quantity, quality and did not disappoint in the long-run. I definitely recommend!
  49. Great cleanser


    This is a lovely simple cleanser. Gentle on sensitive skin and foams nicely.
  50. great


    great cleanser for oily skin and great for removing makeup
  51. Nice and refreshing but too gentle


    This product was such a pleasant experience to use. there was a good level of foaming on the face, although it started off as more of a cream. The green tea smell was wonderful and refreshing, definitely not overpowering at all.

    However my main concern with this product was that I felt like it did not clean my face well enough. Although I'm not a fan of the squeaky clean feeling itsel...
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  52. Clean and Green


    A great water-based foam cleanser. You can use this as the second step in a double cleanse (oil-based cleanser, water-based cleanser), or on its own to keep your face looking clean and fresh. In my experience it isn't stripping or drying, and it has a nice, mild, fragrance. You only need a pill-sized amount, too. You can either lather it up in your hands or massage it onto wet skin to create foam....
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  53. Cleans skin properly


    I have dry skin, so it's hard to find cleansers that clean skin properly whilst not being too drying. I've found this to be great and definitely cleans off all makeup.
  54. green tea


    personally couldn't get a green tea scent but it was very heavily fragranced. after a while you get used to the fragrance and don't notice it as much. my skin improved after using this cleanser, made my skin more balanced and not stripped or dry
  55. foamy


    This cleanses my skin properly and my oily skin likes this
  56. Good foamy cleanser


    I got a small sample from Innisfree store to try, which I really love! So I decided to get a full size of it. It's so foamy and Refreshing after washing my face. However, I find my face a bit dry during winter time as I have combination skin. This popular greentea cleanser from Innisfree is probably best for oily skin.
  57. love it


    I was looking for a new cleanser for my face and this one is great for my combination/dry skin. I'm very happy with my purchase. the delivery was very fast and i received generous samples of other products.
  58. love it


    I was looking for a new cleanser for my face and this one is great for my combination/dry skin. I'm very happy with my purchase. the delivery was very fast and i received generous samples of other products.
  59. Wasn't the best for my sensitive skin


    I tried this since I use the rest of the green tea range however my skin didn't like it and I broke out into a rash. Smells divine though! Hopefully will suit other skint types
  60. Best product!


    My skin is so dry but this product has just changed my life. I am constantly jumping from skin care to skin care and have never found anything that I have been happy with. Until I found this, I have never been so happy with a cleanser in my life! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and tight. Highly recommend
  61. Enjoyable to use


    This cleanser has a really silky texture and pleasant scent, it foams up really easily and removes any leftover makeup. It is pretty gentle on my skin.
  62. Not for oily skin


    Bought this as I was looking for an affordable everyday cleanser. I have oily combination skin and it leaves my skin feeling tight and stripped after use. The scent is pleasant but may be too strong for those who are sensitive to fragrances.
  63. extremely drying


    skin feels very tight and dry after use, it is good for removing make-up but i do not reccomend if you have dry or normal skin.
  64. lovely!


    this is great! I'm on to my second lot and love the deep clean
  65. Does its job


    This basic cleanser is fantastic for its price and does a great job at removing dirt, oil and leftover makeup from your skin. I find the scent a bit over powering but it's not too bad. I would repurchase it!
  66. not for oily skin


    I have used a tube of this in my younger years (mid twenties) as I approached 30, I found this cleanser too strong and stripped my skin of its natural oils. After washing, I felt my skin was tighter and drier, definitely needed to follow up with good hydrating serums and moisturisers.
    I have oily skin and this made my skin produce more oil.
  67. Good cleanser for oily or combination skin


    Definitely could be great cleanser for young skin or oily/combination skin type.
    I have mature, sensitive and combination type skin which tends to be more dry in winter. Still using so far but it makes my skin a bit thight. After shower I immediately use hydrating toner and Green tea serum plus cream. Perhaps in hot summer or tropical climate could be wonderful cleanser. So yes mixed thought...
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  68. Love this so much!


    I have normal to combo skin depending on the seasons and this cleanser works so well for me! I know foamy cleansers can be a bit controversial but this doesn’t leave my skin dry or right after using.
    I use this as my second cleanser and you only need the tiniest amount. The price point is great and this will last you ages! Love it :)
  69. I love this!!


    wasn't expecting anything spectacular when I received a sample, but holy hell, I love it so much it's my new go-to cleanser! It smells good, it foams up nicely, and makes your skin feel clean without feeling dry. My sensitive acne prone skin is a massive fan! And, it's great value!!
  70. Love it

    KimLove it

    I initially got this as a sample and loved the smell and feel so went ahead and bought myself two bottles.
    The scent is super refreshing and not overpowering. It comes out as a creamy consistency and it lathers really nicely. You only need a small amount for it to clean your whole face so a bottle will last a while. It least your face feeling squeaky clean but also really hydrating so I don'...
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  71. Works well as a morning cleanser


    Love the foamy texture and smell of this cleanser. Use only a small amount with water to create the foamy texture.

    It doesn’t dry my skin but I do use it with an essence in winter and leaves my skin really nice and smooth after using it!
  72. Clean


    I have oily skin and always double cleanse. This cleans my skin well after I use the oil and I do not break out or have inflamed skin
  73. Ridiculously good


    For the price point this cleans like a super star.
    You do not need much to clean the entire face and removes makeup well.
    The scent is a little over powering like a men’s cologne.
    My skin is dry and it does not strip it.
  74. Left skin a little stripped


    This is a good cleanser, it lathers really well and smells quite refreshing. I usually double cleanse, but I found double cleansing with this product left my skin a little stripped / dry. It's great on it's own, but avoid if you want something fragrance free!
  75. Left my skin feeling very dry


    My skin is normally dry however using this it stripped all the oils from my face. I wouldn’t recommend for people with dry/dehydrated skin.
  76. best cleanser


    it is the best green tea cleanser i have came across. it is so gentle on the skin and leaves my skin so smooth and soft. i use it morning and night
  77. Good


    It smells nice and foams up well to clean the skin without drying it.
  78. Good texture


    The application of this cleanser feels great. it is foamy and smooth. I have combination skin and I feel it dries out my skin a bit. I would still use it but not every day!
  79. Good


    A loyal user of Innisfree and this product does not disappoint. Will definitely repurchase.
  80. Sensitive skin


    I have really sensitive skin and every form of facial wash I use always breaks me out. But this one wins hands down. So subtle and calms my skin when it’s irritated. Good.
  81. refreshing and smells great


    i use it every day and it feels so nice on, smells great and leaves my skin smooth. works great for sensitive skin and with the other products like the green tea seed serum
  82. lightweight and refreshing


    this product is super refreshing to put on and leaves my skin soft when washed off, my skin is sensitive and it doesnt irritate my skin when used daily which is great!
  83. amazing


    Love this cleaner. It does not leave my skin dry and the scent is not too strong. would recommend.
  84. Luxurious cleanser


    Oh wow as soon as you apply this cleanser it feels luxurious - the consistency is somewhere between foaming and a thick cream, it feels like it’s actually moisturising as well as cleansing - I love it, used up the sample and ready to purchase the full size - and is so cheap!!!
  85. Good cleanser


    Nice smell and foams up well. Cleans thoroughly and doesn’t leave my skin too tight and dry. Great price!
  86. Great value


    I love a foaming cleanser and wow does this one fluff up! You only need the tiniest bit so it’s really great value for money. Cleanses very nicely. Only downside is that i think it has the potential to be a bit drying - but if you have a nourishing PM routine, you’ll be fine. My skin is combo/dry and so far, no issues. Great budget friendly substitute for anyone struggling to finance their boujie ...
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  87. great and affordable


    didn't irritate my sensitive skin and cleansed without overly stripping. it is very affordable definitely worth it.
  88. Love it


    I got this as a sample and as I ran out of my usual cleanser, I thought I would give it a go & now this will 100% be apart of my next purchase! I wanted this product regardless of the price and then I came to find it’s one of the most affordable cleansers is just a total bonus!
  89. good


    My face always feels soft and smooth after using this cleanser. It helps to remove my makeup at the end of the day. Also, I love the fresh smelling scent
  90. Smell great and affordable


    A little goes a long way, it foams up quite a lot with such little product! However, I do find this product is quite drying for my combination - dry skin.
  91. it's ok

    ivy lee

    I think this is a pretty normal cleanser. It's not bad nor good. If you have good, clear skin this might be a good cleanser for you as it is very gentle.
  92. Good cleanser


    I have really enjoyed this product. My face always feels fresh and cleansed after use and my sensitive skin does not react to it.
  93. Great Value


    This is an ok cleanser. It has a really nice refreshing scent and foams up really well so a little goes a long way. However I didn't really enjoy the consistency as it was too sticky and didn't wash off easily. If you prefer gel cleansers like me I wouldn't recommend this cleanser.
  94. Smells incredible!


    I have oily skin and my skin feels super hydrated and smooth after using it, and the scent smells very calming. It's not too overpowering.
  95. Affordable with great scent!


    I really love the fresh scent of this cleanser. It is also amazing value for money. My skin feels fresh without any tightness.
  96. Good and affordable


    Wonderful foaming cleanser. Gives a great clean, pleasant smell.
  97. A great soothing cleanser


    Leaves my face feeling so clean and soft without drying it out, makes me excited to wash my face. Will definitely repurchase.
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