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It is our mission to produce divine natural cosmetics that people fall in love with.


INIKA has been awarded one of the highest safety ratings in the world by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and is committed to maintaining our Certified Organic, Halal, Cruelty Free and Vegan status.


We guarantee our products are ‘Free’ of the following ingredients:

No petrochemicals and other synthetic substances
Non-organic products of animal origins
No talc
No fragrances and other colour components of non-organic or synthetic origin
Anti-microbial agents not produced from organic sources
No chelating agents based on EDTA and its salt
No fatty chain source material of petrochemical origin
No sulphonation, ethoxylation or propoxylation
No alkyl sulphates (eg sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium coco sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate)
No alkyl ether sulphates (eg sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate)
No polyethylene glycol (PEGS)
No polysorbates (eg polysorbate 20)
No ethanolamides (eg cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA)
No chemically synthesized sunscreens
No potentially harmful preservatives such as parabens, sodium benzoate & parfum.


Mineral cosmetics are made from natural minerals like mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxides and were developed to offer a more natural alternative to conventional make-up, free from synthetic chemicals and fragrances.

A true mineral product should also be highly pigmented (a result of not including fillers like talc), offering intense colour and excellent coverage while being gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.
INIKA products contain: no harsh chemicals, no talc, no genetically modified ingredients, no parabens, no bismuth oxychloride, no harmful preservatives, no harmful fillers, no mineral oils, no fragrance and no petrochemicals.


Mineral cosmetics are the only products recommended after certain facial procedures, surgery, laser re-surfacing, chemical peels and so on. That is because traditionally mineral cosmetics don’t contain harsh chemicals like so many traditional cosmetic products. Also, mineral cosmetics tend to contain ingredients like zinc, which is known for its soothing and calming properties, thus making it ideal after facial treatments. Hence you will find mineral cosmetics are commonly applied in beauty salons and spas after waxing, micro-dermabrasion, IPL and other facial procedures.


INIKA offers no pressed products as we believe that once the minerals are pressed it can compromise the ingredients and the products integrity. We also refuse to press our minerals with any chemicals. However with the advancement of technology, we hope to one day be able to infuse the pure minerals with certified organic ingredients to enhance the skin’s texture over time, offering anti-ageing benefits.


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