What are Hair Serums?

Like face serums, hair serums are incredibly versatile. Find out if a serum would be helpful for addressing your own hair concerns.

Like face serums, hair serums are incredibly versatile. You can apply serum on dry hair to add shine and smooth flyaways. You can also use a serum to detangle wet hair. With so many uses, hair serums are great products to have at one’s disposal.

What are hair serums?

How hair serums work

Hair serum coats the hair cuticle to help strengthen, thicken, and repair each individual hair strand. The product doesn't penetrate the cuticle as an oil would. However, serums do create a barrier against harmful elements such as pollution. Hair serums also control unruly hair and add gloss to dull hair.

Hair serums that help prevent and repair damage

If your goal is to repair damaged hair, it's often best to apply a serum when your hair is still damp. This strengthens the hair and protects it from upcoming heat damage from your blow dryer or straightener. High temperatures put pressure on the hair cuticles, making them more prone to breakage.


What are hair serums?

Hair serums that improve the overall appearance of hair

Applying a serum to dry hair can help tame flyaways and reduce frizz by smoothing and softening the hair fibres. We recommend O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum to achieve a sleek hairstyle.

Many serums contain silicone, which has light-reflective properties that create a glossy look. Sachajuan Shine Serum is perfect for maximising the shine of dull hair.

Serums have many great qualities, but it's best to identify your specific hair concerns before applying one. Of course, you can use multiple serums for different concerns to ensure beautifully healthy hair every day. Be careful not to overdo it though, or your hair may look greasy. And use a clarifying shampoo regularly.


What are hair serums?

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