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O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum 50ml

4.6 of 64 reviews


4 instalments of $9.49

Or 4 instalments of $9.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.49

Or 4 instalments of $9.49 with LEARN MORE

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A lovely, sheer serum which will help minimise frizzy fly-aways and smooth down hair for a sleek, polished look.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum

O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum

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O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum Reviews

4.6 of 64 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Wow best serum


I received a deluxe sample of this product a while ago and it was in my travel bag, after a long time I had forgotten about it, finally in a short trip saw that and tried it , it was amazing, the highest shine ever and it also smooth the frizz in my hair, I just arrived an jumped to buy it before I forget about it.

Most Helpful Criticism



I don't think this is terrible, but I didn't find this really tamed my frizz. I have naturally wavy hair, and I definitely wasn't left unfrizzed. The serum did make my hair a bit softer and feel more hydrated
  1. Wow best serum


    I received a deluxe sample of this product a while ago and it was in my travel bag, after a long time I had forgotten about it, finally in a short trip saw that and tried it , it was amazing, the highest shine ever and it also smooth the frizz in my hair, I just arrived an jumped to buy it before I forget about it.
  2. Wow best serum


    I received a deluxe sample of this product a while ago and it was in my travel bag, after a long time I had forgotten about it, finally in a short trip saw that and tried it , it was amazing, the highest shine ever and it also smooth the frizz in my hair, I just arrived an jumped to buy it before I forget about it.
  3. Love


    After trying the mini size of this product, I knew I had to buy the full size. It works well but can make hair look oily so don't use too much - a little goes a long way!
  4. Like a Pina Colada for your curls!


    I have fine frizzy hair and have tried ALL the frizz serums, lotions and creams. I got this as a sample and was instantly hooked. The smell is GORGEOUS, it's pineapple, coconut and takes you straight to an island holiday. But more importantly it works. It leaves my frizz tame but now weighed down. I honestly don't know how I lived without this.
  5. Tiny bottle lasts forever!


    You only need a tiny amount for long hair. It works well against humidity. The smell is nice and the bottle lasts a long time. Affordable price too.
  6. Hair holy grail


    I looooove this serum! I have fine hair that tends to frizz after it dries and this serum works to tame it down. Smells amazing and I love that it can go on wet or dry hair and doesn't leave my hair feeling oily at all which so many other products have done to my hair. The fact it also protects from heat is such an added bonus!
  7. Great everyday product


    This product is amazing and smells great! It makes my dry hair feel soft and silky, and definitely gets rid of the frizz. And I only need to use 1 or 2 drops!
  8. Beautiful shiny hair


    I don't have frizzy hair but I tried this as a free gift and have repurchased. I have fine hair but lots of it. This oil smells gorgeous and adds a lovely shiny without there being too much buildup. Perfect to use before blowdrying if it's humid.
  9. Okay


    I don't think this is terrible, but I didn't find this really tamed my frizz. I have naturally wavy hair, and I definitely wasn't left unfrizzed. The serum did make my hair a bit softer and feel more hydrated
  10. Gives soft hair


    I received a sample of this with a purchase and gave it a go and have not stopped using it. Best used on damp hair before blow drying it leaves soft silky hair and minimizes flyaways. So good!
  11. Love this!


    I love this serum. It smells lovely and it makes my hair silky and smooth. It really helps to combat frizz. Even on a rainy day when my hair got wet it managed to keep my hair looking smooth with minimal frizz. I use my leave in spray treatments, the O&M project sukuroi and then layer this on top to seal in all the goodness
  12. Leaves hair looking smooth and shiny


    This leaves my hair glossy and smooth without looking oily or weighed down
  13. Its ok


    I just found that this oil lacked something for my hair. It goes on easy and does smooth out my hair but I didn't find it very nourishing.
    Love that its an aus brand!
  14. Finally


    Finally something that works on my frizzy thick hairs. I love this stuff. Can’t believe how well it has worked. Always hates my hair as it’s so thick and untamed now this has worked wonders for it
  15. works


    It really makes my hair shiny and lasts all day. But it is a bit on the expensive side.
  16. Finishing touch


    Blowave or natural, just a little bit of the serum helps to smooth over the little frizzies. You only need a small amount so it will last you a looonnggg time!!!
  17. Amazing


    Amazing for taming frizzy hair, you only need a tiny amount and the shine is amazing!
  18. Amazing serum


    Absolutely love this serum and love that it comes in a mini size as it’s perfect for taking frizz on the go. Really smooths out hair and leaves hair absolutely flawless
  19. Amazing


    Amazing hair serum that was recommended to me by my hair hair dresser and I’m absolutely in love
  20. okay


    Much smaller than I expected for the price, but you only need very little. It makes your hair look so glossy and beautiful without the oily look that tends to happen with other products.
  21. Handy size smoothing and shine serum


    I'm a recent convert to O&M, and I know people who rave about Frizzy Logic for adding shine and controlling flyaways. I'd recommend you give this mini version a go before you purchase the full size product, because while it does a great job at adding shine, and is pretty good at taming my frizz prone wavy hair - it has a REALLY strong perfume! You only need the tiniest bit of this serum, smoothed ...
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  22. Glossy locks


    I love this - I have lots long wavy/slightly curled hair which can go a little wild - this is thick enough to control it without weighing it down, and really does add a superb shine. Smells fantastic. Find it protects quite well against a light straightenening of the frizz at my hair line.
  23. So silky


    I received this as a sample and it was the equivalent to the serum I usually use from Medavita. I loved using it!! It smoothes, detangles and controls frizz.
  24. perfect for holiday


    This is a great little travel accessory i always take with me everywhere. i love O&M and this is no exception. absolutely stunning product and smells beautiful
  25. Will definitely purchase again!


    After recentIy switching my shampoo and condition to O&M products, I wanted to try the Frizzy Logic serum too so I opted for the mini before purchasing the full size, and I'm absolutely in love! The smell is amazing and it leaves my hair feeling soft and sleek and tames those little fly aways. I don't hair frizzy hair, so I find I only need a tiny tiny amount of product to get a beautiful result. ...
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  26. Smells lovely but makes my hair super oily


    I have very fine hair but it's been quite dry and frizzy lately so I brought this serum. Firstly, its a really cute tube and I imagine that you would get HEAPS of applications from it as you only need a little bit at a time, so it's really good value. I LOVE the smell of it, and I do find that it makes my hair smooth and soft. I'm just struggling with it because by the end of the day my hair is fl...
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  27. good serum doesn't weigh hair down

    Mrs H

    I have fine hair that thends to frizz in warm weather, or after a blow dry. This serus is lightweight and didn't make my hair 'flop'. Smoothed down my frizzy bits on top, and kept the ends looking smooth.
  28. Little goes a long way


    I bought this for my handbag, I have shortish hair and frizzy prone and a fingertip amount is all I need. Not the best but pretty good.
  29. Love it!


    Love the smell and feel of this, love what it does to my long damaged hair, you don’t need much. This is a new fave for me
  30. Decent prod for more humid climates


    I live near the Whitsundays, have very wavy hair and struggle with frizz.

    This is a decent product, made my hair quite nice and I enjoyed using it but maybe wouldn't invest in the bigger item as it wasn't a Holy Grail product.

    Not sure if I would recommend this to a friend, probably only someone who lived up this way or in a more humid climate than most.
  31. Made my hair feel nice

    Mrs B

    This product made my hair feel really nice but made zero difference to the frizz. I unfortunately have curly hair that looks like I stuck my finger in a power socket. This just made it look like really nice frizzy hair. Might work if your hair was a bit more naturally straight.
  32. Surprised Me


    I spend my time straightening and blow drying and end up with a little halo of frizz around my hair line when I don’t. I was sceptical about this serum but I’m quite
    Impressed at how smooth my hair comes out when I use it. I would just love to see it in a bigger size !
  33. Light and Fresh


    I’m a fan of majority of the glasshouse fragrances and this doesn’t disappoint. Light and not overpowering, I love it best for smaller rooms like the bedroom. A lovely scent!
  34. Best serum


    Absolute favourite serum that was recommended by my hair dresser and I’m sold! So nice and eliminates frizz perfectly
  35. Moisture and shine


    I've been through a few bottles of this, love it and will repurchase again. I have long, fine, slightly frizzy, wavy hair. I smooth a tiny amount over the hair once its dry to add shine and moisture. I also sometimes use it as a pre-shower treatment if my hair gets really dry like after swimming in summer, I apply a decent amount on the hairends for about half an hour, then just shampoo and condit...
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  36. holy grail


    this is an absolute necessity for me now I could not live without it. I use this on my damp hair once I have washed my hair with all the o&m products and my hair has never dried so nice after using this products, my hair is so so soft its unbelievable and makes it so much easier to straightin. I also use this after I have straightened for the nice glossy shine. you only need a tiny amount and it m...
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  37. Great for fine hair!


    So wonderful to find a serum that isn’t too heavy! Great post styling! :)
  38. Love it


    Love this serum, it instantly leaves my hair feeling softer and gives it a wonderful gleam. Easy to apply and doesn’t have that greasy feeling a lot of other similar products do. I wouldn’t buy anything else.
  39. Great


    This serum has mild coconut scent that doesn't linger. Very lightweight can used on wet/dry hair and my hair absorbs this like a sponge. Results are soft shiny hair....love love love this product.
  40. Great


    I learned about this product from a blog last year. Happy I was willing to give it a try! It seemed thinner than the usual hair serum, and I was happy with that since I have fine hair. The older I get the more frizzy my hair gets and this seemed to help. The smell is light and tropical. I apply it on damp hair before I blow-dry.
  41. Works magic on my hair


    Smells divine and defiantly stops the frizz and makes my hair look shiny
  42. Best product for frizz


    This serum is the best product I've come across to remove frizz. I have blonde, fine, straight hair with highlights. It can get dry and frizzy from the colouring and using a hair dryer and curler frequently. This product is great used on both wet and dry hair and leaves your hair shiny and smooth. It also has a great fragrance. Would definitely recommend this product!
  43. Smells great, works well


    I have fine, prone to frizz hair. This is lovely and smooths out the frizz and leave hair shiny -- smells great too. Bit exxy but a little goes a long way.
  44. does really stop frizz


    i have blonde, colored hair and my hair has taken quite a toll because of all of my color sessions, so when i need to tame those frizz's down, this is what i use. you really need to be careful with how much you use there is a fine line between using the right amount and keeping the frizz down and using too much and becoming an oily mess! start off with a little then add more if needed. i like to m...
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  45. Love it!


    I use this after I wash my hair and love it! It is a small bottle but lasts for ages as you don't need too much product.
    If you use too much your hair can feel oily.
    It is great as it keeps my hair shiny and not frizzy.
  46. Takes frizz, but can leave hair oily


    I bought this product on a whim. I always have fly aways after blow dry or straightening but I find it a bit hit and miss in terms of taming these. You only need a very small amount - I find that too much of the product (or repeated use over a few days) makes my hair look and feel oily and limp
  47. An absolute blessing to hair


    You only need a couple of drops to tame any type of hair, my hair is thin but super erratic, it has a mind of its own but a few drops of this and it is silky and smooth and super manageable. It also smells like coconuts and summer so that’s a plus.
  48. Coconut smell


    This product is very effective at doing what it's meant to do, however it's not for me. I've received compliments from others about the coconut smell, but I don't like it. I find it makes my hair look and feel a bit oily too.
  49. The Bomb


    This stuff is liquid gold! I have very thick and wiry hair, and a small couple of drops of this stuff and the shine is there, and looks more tameable without weighing down hair.
  50. Glossy Locks!!!


    I LOVE this serum. I have a lot of long, natural hair which can be a bit wild. I like putting some of this through my hair once it is mostly dry, and the result is a beautiful glossy shine without weighing my hair down. Smells lovely and natural too. Easy to use packaging, and a great size for travel. Will be repurchasing.
  51. Shiney McShine


    You'd be forgiven if you thought the name of this product had anything to do with the piano genius from Shine, David Helfgott. After all, he had thick, curly, and unruly hair that could have benefited from some Frizzy Logic. Fortunately, I have tried this product, and Shiney McShine is an apt description.
    I was worried it would be rather oily, and on first application I went a bit nuts, and...
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  52. Great product, smooths your hair without any residue


    I have been using this product for awhile and it's one of my favourites. I have a lot of wavey dry hair and this really helps control the fizz. It like how it helps to get a smooth finish and makes your hair feel nice and soft without any residue or making it oily. Plus you only need a tiny bit
  53. Staple product


    I am glad i found this serum. Its so worth every dollar, i cant fault the product. It smells great, its light and keeps hair so smooth. And its even good for the hair compared to other serums. And unlike the shampoo and conditioner bottles, this one is so easy to use. Its a soft little squeezy bottle.. so u can have better control of how much or how little u need. I will definitely be purchasing a...
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  54. Best hair product for curls!


    I love this product. After years of trying to find the perfect hair product for curls - I think this is it.

    I apply it after I have dried my hair with a hair dryer diffuser and it tames my curls and gets rid of the fuzz. I then run it through my individual curls too and it makes them sit perfectly.

    I buy this two at a time now as don't want to run out.

    It i...
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  55. Great product


    I have very fine oily hair. Goes frizzy in the Queensland humidity and gets very dry on the ends. I have tried a number of products and this is by far the best. It keeps the ends of my hair moisturised and tames the frizz caused by humidity but doesn't weight my hair down. The smell is great and you only need a small amount of the product so I don't consider that it's expensive.
  56. Wonderful


    I love this serum - I have tried a few oil serums, and most of them have weighed down my fine hair, and made it greasy, but this one is wonderful. The smell is amazing, and you don't need a lot - my bottle has lasted a very long time. Helps control flyaways, and makes my hair soft and shiny. Definitely worth a try if you find other serums too heavy.
    Love it!!!
  57. Awesome


    This stuff tames my hair, and if you knew my hair you would understand what a huge feat this is! Cannot recommend high enough!
  58. Smells lovely!


    This serum is really great in getting rid of flyaways and frizz in my hair. It's got a very thick consistency so you only need to apply a tiny amount. This is great because it is a small bottle but since you only need to use a tiny amount, it goes a long way. I also love th packaging. It's a squeeze bottle rather than a pump so you can control how much to squeeze out. My favourite thing about this...
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  59. Best serum ever!!


    I have used so many serum in my time and never have been satisfied! This serum is simply the most amazing one i have ever used, it smells sooo amazing and actually controls my fox all day long! This product is a must would recommend it to everyone!
  60. Best serum ever


    Love it smells great like all their products and its amazing with frizz and your hair drys to much fast when blow dryer it and feel so nice and silky every defiantly needs this serum.
  61. Love it


    Smells gorgeous and feels great; offering some weight without making your hair oily looking. I love that you can use this before drying hair as well as a finishing product. Big plus is that it's a natural product too. Will buy this again.
  62. GREAT


    I loved this product! It has a lovely coconut like scent to it, and it complimented my cleaning routine perfectly. I have been using the fine intellect shampoo and conditioner, and have seen great results! Frizzy logic shine was fantastic, and it finished off my hair with that extra shine and moisture without making it greasy and heavy. You don't need to use much at all!!!
    Very Happy!
  63. Blank


    Presented in a rather trendy looking little dark brown bottle with a white lid and containing 50ml of product Frizzy Logic is a silicon based anti-frizz serum containing Argan Oil designed specifically for fine hair. The first thing that hit me was the amazing smell of the product. It has a sweet strong scent which disappears upon application to the hair. The consistency is quite thick and the...
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  64. Great serum, but quite pricy.


    So the first thing I love about this serum is the smell. I love it so much that sometimes I feel like I want to eat it. The smell of the serum is a coconutty smell. It''s so delicious. However, the smell goes away after I apply it to my hair. I think it would''ve been good if the smells stay lingering around so my hair will smell nice all day long. Nevertheless, I still like it. I have been tri...
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