What is a Tourmaline Hairdryer?

Tourmaline is known for quicker drying and healthier hair. But how does tourmaline work, and why is it beneficial?

Hairdryer technology has made many advancements in the last few years, one of which is the use of tourmaline for quicker drying and healthier hair.

Tourmaline hairdryers are becoming more and more popular due to their overwhelming benefits. However, such dryers are more expensive, as tourmaline is a rare gemstone. It’s worth researching whether the benefits are worth the extra cost.


What is a tourmaline hairdryer?


What is tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral known for its ability to emit negative ions. Negative ions break down positively charged water molecules in a similar way to ionic hairdryers. In fact, some hairdryers use both technologies for even faster drying.

The amount of tourmaline used in hairdryers varies. Some manufacturers break the mineral down into tiny particles, which are moulded into the internal parts of the hairdryer. Other makers just coat the insides with the stone. On the most upmarket tools, tourmaline is used in the outside coating of the dryer too.


What is a tourmaline hairdryer?


What are the benefits of tourmaline hairdryers?

Tourmaline is said to reduce drying time by up to 40%, which makes it the hairdryer technology of choice in many salons. By breaking down water molecules with negative ions, the hairdryer is less dependent on heat to dry the hair.

Heat can be incredibly damaging to hair, weakening the hair shaft so it’s prone to breakage. By reducing the amount of heat conducted and not damaging the cuticles, the tourmaline technology ensures much healthier and less damaged hair.

What are the drawbacks of tourmaline hairdryers?

Tourmaline dryers are known for leaving hair looking glossy and frizz-free. Whilst the heat from traditional hairdryers dulls the hair shafts, the negative ions produced from a tourmaline hairdryer will smooth the shafts for a sleek finish.

Doesn't sound like a drawback? Well, if you have oily or limp hair, the smoothing effect may leave your hair flat and encourage oils to travel down the strands, so tourmaline should be avoided.

Overall, there are many benefits of tourmaline dryers, but they're mostly loved for their dramatic reduction in drying time and prevention of heat damage. We have plenty of hairdryers to choose from to fit every budget.


What is a tourmaline hairdryer?

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