I'm Here To Explain The Difference Between 3 Best-Selling Hairdryers

Hair dryers have gotten a serious makeover of late. Speed. Weight. Turbo. Ergonomics. It can feel like you almost need a specialist qualification to work out which one to buy. Almost.

Lucky I have my Masters in Hairdryology* to break it down for you, explaining the difference between the three best-selling hair dryers and how to pick the best one for you. From the best affordable hair dryer to the best professional hair dryer, consider this your ticket to so many more good hair days at home.

*totally not a thing

Best Hairdryer For Fine & Medium Hair:

Dyson Supersonic

It took four years, 100 engineers and $71 million to create the Supersonic. Little wonder, then, it was dubbed a category game-changer when it was released in 2018 and regarded as the best hair dryer of 2019, too. “It’s just so revolutionary,” said Jen Atkin, ambassador, celebrity hairdresser and Chrissy Teigen favourite (and to address the coiffed elephant in the room, exxy too - but we’ll get to that!) 

The Technology:

  • Uses the same revolutionary bladeless technology in Dyson’s vacuum cleaners, which combined with an impeller (a combination of turbocharger and jet engine tech) in the handle pushes out 13 litres of air per second. 

  • Motor is three times lighter than your average hairdryer and located in the handle to make it less top heavy

  • Measures the air temperature 20 times per second to ensure it never exceeds 150 degrees, the point at which damage to the hair begins

  • Attachments are magnetic for ease of use & changeability


  • Much quieter than other hair dryers, so you’ll actually be able to hear your music/podcast/tv show/partner yelling at you to hurry up

  • Gets the job done faster

  • Lighter and easier to manoeuvre, making you less likely to  pull your back trying to work out how to blowdry your own hair

  • Won’t overheat, meaning a shinier, stronger and safe-from-singed scalp 

  • Three speed settings based on your hair needs


  • Not in everyone’s budget. But if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

  • Not tailored to those with super thick hair.

Use it with:

Shu Uemura Blow Dry Beautifier Thermo BB Serum

If you’re going to use a hair dryer, the best way to dry your hair is to ensure you use a heat protective spray. Perfect for those with fine to medium hair, this hard-working pre-blowdry serum protects against heat, hydrates without overloading, and smooths and softens hair.

Christophe Robin Curved Blow Dry Hair Brush

A good brush is half the secret to helping you get a salon-worthy finish. Made with 100% natural boar bristles, this will make drying long hair easier and helps create gorgeous loose curls or waves.

Best Hair Dryer For Thicker Hair:

Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryer

Yes, it sounds a little like something from Back To The Future, but it truly gives future you sleek and shiny looking hair. The first environmentally friendly dryer, this brand is a favourite among hairdressers. And this one (no surprise) is lighter, quieter and more powerful than any Parlux models before it.

The Technology:

  • Uses ionic air technology which produces negatively charged ions that break down positively charged water molecules faster (and so dry your hair faster)

  • Negative ions also don’t open up the hair shift, minimising damage and keeping hair smooth

  • Comes with four temperature settings for ultimate control

  • Has a motor life of 2000 hours with 2100 watt power


  • Great for thicker or curly hair

  • Gets the job done faster, leaving hair healthier and less frizzy, too

  • Has an instant cold shot button, which helps set your style and give a shinier finish

  • Parlux models are recyclable

  • This is the most affordable option

  • Comes in six different colours


  • If you have fine hair, it can be easier to overdry with ionic hair dryers

  • Not as light as others on the market

Use with:


Strengthen, restore and detangle hair with this treatment packed with nourishing Aussie fruit extracts. Ideal for dry or curly hair that needs an extra dose of moisture. Plus, it has added heat protection too!

The Wet Brush Pro Paddler Detangling Brush

Despite the name you can use on wet or dry hair, although it’s designed to minimise damage when wet. Great for thicker and curly hair, you can also use it to apply treatments pre-blowdry. Using this with the dryer’s temperature controls (opt for a cooler setting) will help you master how to blowdry hair straight without frizz.

The All-Rounder, For Any Hair Type

ghd Helios

Chic and sleek are two words that come to mind, both for what your hair will look like and about the hair dryer itself. Powerful and intuitive (with fewer complicated terms and claims!) this is all about style and ease.

The Technology:

  • Contoured nozzle concentrates airflow so it travels at 120km/hr

  • Ergonomically balanced

  • 2200W brushless motor

  • Variable power and temperature controls


  • Relatively affordable

  • Lower sound levels

  • Works for most hair types

  • Faster drying and styling

  • Available in four colours

  • Comfortable to use and feels quite light to hold


  • Still looks like a hair dryer (rather than a space age piece of tech)

  • Not specifically tailored for a hair type

Use with:

evo Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray

A great multi-tasker that protects from heat damage while also adding fullness and texture to hair. The name says it all!

Tip: Don’t want to use a brush? Learn how to rough dry. This blowdrying technique adds volume and saves time (tick, tick). Simply use your fingers to lift hair at the roots, pointing the blow dryer a few inches away. Use your fingers as a comb and keep going until your hair is almost dry. Cue hair flicks.

How To Create A Blow Wave At Home - Marie Uva Masterclass

Yasamin tests out the new Dyson Corrale on her naturally wavy, thick hair and shares her first impressions:

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