Hair Extensions for Fine Hair: Do's and Don'ts

While they can make your hair stunning, extensions can also lead to long-term damage. If you have fine or thin hair, it's important that you choose the right extensions and treat your tresses well so you don’t cause hair breakage and loss. Ready to find the perfect extensions for you? Here’s everything you need to know about hair extensions for fine hair.


Clip-In Hair Extensions Can Damage Fine Hair

Clip-in hair extensions are a daily essential for many women. They're affordable, quick, and easy. You can clip strands in each morning and unclip them every evening.

The problem, however, is that clip-in extensions are heavy. If your hair is fine, the clips can actually be heavy enough to snap your stands. In fact, they can even cause bald spots in the long term.

If you want to add a lot of length to fine hair, clip-in extensions aren’t the best pick. Stick with a couple of ultra-light clips to add volume.

Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion Extensions: A No-No for Fine Hair

Whether they're connected with heat or copper cylinders, fusion extensions aren’t a great pick for fine hair. Not only can these kinds of extensions cause serious damage, but they also tend to be visible through fine strands.

A Fantastic Pick for Fine Hair: Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are a wonderful option for fine hair. Attached with a special type of hair tape, these wefts are incredibly lightweight, so they rarely cause breakage. This type of hair extension can be installed in about half an hour and lasts for around three months. 

Glue-In Extensions: A Sticky Situation

While a lot of cheapo salons will try to push their glue-in extension, these aren’t a good choice for anyone. The glue is notoriously difficult to deal with, tending to either fall out instantly or needing to be pulled out, taking precious hair with it. Gluing anything to your head is generally a bad idea.

Just Say 'No' to Sewn Weft Extensions for Thin Hair

Also known as flat-track extensions, sewn wefts are another DON’T for fine hair. Because your hair supports the weight of the extension, you need thick hair or you’ll end up with bald spots.

Faux Ponytails Fix Up Fine Hair Fast

Cheap, long-lasting, and instant, faux ponytails and buns are definitely among the top hair extensions for fine hair. No matter where you look these days, you’ll find a massive selection of messy buns, curly ponytails, and so much more.

And it’s easy to see why these hairpieces are so popular. You don’t need much hair to add in these lightweight extensions. Try a few of these low-commitment styles and see what works for you. Maybe try our Showpony 18" Clip In Heat Resistant Synthetic Ponytail.

showpony-18-clip-in-heat-resistant-synthetic-ponytail-by-showpony-473.png?transformations=f auto,w 500,h 500showpony-18-clip-in-heat-resistant-synthetic-ponytail-by-showpony-473.png?transformations=f auto,w 500,h 500

PRO TIP: Why not go the natural route and prevent damage? Grab beauty in a bottle with stylist faveO&M Atonic Thickening Spritz. This stuff gives you your dream hair in an instant!

Choose products that boost the volume of your hair to work alongside your extensions or, more importantly, when you're not rocking them. evo gluttony volume shampoo 300ml and evo bride of gluttony conditioner 300ml is a cult-classic couple for fine hair, giving it the perfect boost for augmentations or natural styling.

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