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Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask

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Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask by Estee Lauder


Treat your skin with this refreshing foam that cleanses gently yet thoroughly.

The creamy formula rapidly lathers into a rich foaming cleanser that gently removes makeup and other impurities without drying. Unclogs pores. Leaves skin healthy, fresh and luminous.


Use it 2 ways: Morning and night as a daily cleanser to purify skin. Or twice a week as a 3-minute purifying mask.


The Perfectly Clean Collection: Our proprietary, cleansing technology is combined with natural skin-loving botanicals and minerals for a deep but gentle cleanse.


Works for all skintypes. Ideal for Normal/Combination Skin.

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Better options available - 31-12-2018 by

This cleanser is not for me. There are other more gentle foaming cleansers that don't smell so heavily fragranced or irritates sensitive skin. I would recommend Ultraceutical's foaming cleanser over this one.

Clean! - 06-12-2018 by

Removes all makeup very easily. I use with a washcloth and my face feels super clean afterwards. A little bit goes a long way. I received this as a sample and will repurchase. I would suggest that this is best for oily/combination skin types as it may feel too drying otherwise.

I wish I could afford to always use it! - 15-11-2018 by

This is my all time favourite face wash and if my husband didn't love it as much as I did and use it on his gigantic face, I may be able to afford to use it all year round. As it stands, I buy it for myself as a Christmas present once a year and if I hide it from the hubby, it lasts me a good 3 months. It removes all traces of makeup and doesn't dry out my skin. If you don't have anyone sharing it with you, it doesn't end up being expensive and is well worth the effort of buying online/in store as opposed to whatever is on sale at the supermarket.

Bit drying - 13-11-2018 by

Used to love this but it’s quite drying on my skin and I have oily combination it’s feels like I’ve been using soap in my face

Clean - 31-10-2018 by

This stuff removes absolutely everything on your face no need to remove your make up before cleansing so it perfect if your feeling lazy and want a all in one product also smells really good

leaves your skin feeling super clean - 26-10-2018 by

This product is probably the most amazing cleanser I have used so far. It genuinely leaves your skin feeling soft and deeply cleansed after use. I haven't found a cleanser that has been able to do the same job for a more affordable price, highly recommend giving this a go especially if you have oily skin

Beautiful Cleanser - 24-09-2018 by

I love this product as it is not too harsh on your skin. Helps to remove make up and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. I am a big fan of estee lauder and their skin care products. recommend this cleanser.

Very good cleanser - 19-09-2018 by

Indeed this is the best cleanser i have used. It does remove all kinds of nasties on the face very very well . Easy to use. Skin is left feeling clean and soft.

Mum loves it - 24-08-2018 by

I got a free sample of this in one of my orders so I gave it to my mum to use and she loves it and the sample lasted her months so I bought her a tube and she hasn't even put a dent in it yet, it's going to last her forever and its made her skin a lot softer.

Do not recommend - 30-07-2018 by

This cleanser is so heavily fragranced and I do not like that in a face cleanser. It also feels really harsh on my skin and I don't have overly sensitive skin. It's concerning how much it stings when you accidentally get some in your eye. This feels very cosmetic and doesn't feel good for my skin

Nothing great - 19-07-2018 by

Theres really no difference between this cleanser and cheaper ones. I felt I only really paid for the brand as I broke out after using this. People who have sensitive skin should probably consider a different product.

Skin feels AMAZING - 11-07-2018 by

I received a sample sized of the Perfectly Clean cleanser. It's a little more expensive than I would usually spend on a cleanser but after the first time I used it I could tell it was worth it. My skin feels amazing after using it, clean and soft. Worth every cent.

Good - 21-05-2018 by

This is a pretty standard foaming cleanser, although Estee Lauder now advertises it as "Multi-Action" - meaning that you can leave it on your skin for a couple of minutes as a quasi-mask. It's OK - a functional cleanser than does a good job of cleaning your skin without any bells and whistles. As a foaming cleanser, it's probably better for oily or combination skins rather than drier or more sensitive skins.

Nice but not special - 08-05-2018 by

This is just a standard cleanser, it worked well but didn't seem any better than cheaper cleansers.
I also prefer a gentler cream cleanser, so I will not repurchase.
But I did use it all up and had no problems with it, my skin felt fine, maybe a little tighter.
I would not recommend this on sensitive or dry skin.
I didn't try this as a mask, I felt it would be too drying.
The tube packaging is easy to use.

Great - 27-02-2018 by

I use this cleanser often (have a couple of cleansers) It is so easy to apply, it is very effective and your skin feels really nice after you remove it. You can apply it to your dry face (handy) and then wet your fingers a little bit and massage your face for a deeper cleanse. You don't have to remove with face pads. It washes off really easily and you're ready for your next step.

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