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Estée Lauder Double Wear Pump

4.6 of 109 reviews


4 instalments of $2.50


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4 instalments of $2.50


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Now you can dispense the perfect amount of Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup with a convenient, reusable pump.

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 109 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Helps a lot


Definitely needed.

Most Helpful Criticism

Essential addition to use this foundation (should be included)


This pump works really well and should be included with the product when you purchase it.
  1. Easy to use


    I bought one of these the last time I bought double wear. It made it easy to use and less wasteful. It also made it a lot more hygienic . 10/10
  2. Good buy.. just need 1


    Bought this with the foundation. You just need one can use it for good. Have been using it for 2years now. Hygienic and has locking.
  3. Definitely worth it


    So glad I bought the pump for the foundation it’s honestlt made me not use as much product which is amazing makes it so much easier to use
  4. A need for foundation!


    Saves so much product using this it’s a need for foundation bottles and it’s very hygienic. Has lasted me so long it’s great quality!
  5. Essential addition to use this foundation (should be included)


    This pump works really well and should be included with the product when you purchase it.
  6. MUST have


    Absolute must have if you buy the doublewear. Makes sure I don't use too much product which definitely makes each bottle last longer.
  7. Must have !


    You need this pump! I am on to my second bottle of double wear and I don’t know how I got through the first without it! It also locks which makes it perfect for travel :)
  8. Perfect pump


    Deposits perfect amount to do a full face. This pump lasted through multiple bottles and I could keep using it but I got a new one for hygiene purposes. Excellent. Annoying you have to spend another 10 for an already pricey foundation but oh so worth it!
  9. Love it


    Love this. It’s so much easier having a pump on my foundation bottle. Much less product wastage. I only wish it came with the foundation
  10. Must buy!


    I purchased the pump as I’ve seen friends own the foundation without and what a mess it makes. Easy dispense, only issue is that it seems like cheap-ish plastic and not sure how long it’ll last. For the price it’s definitely worth investing in!
  11. Must have


    I don't know how I went so long without a pump for this foundation you waste a lot of product without one and its cheap so I feel like the fact it isn't included can be overlooked also can be reused which I love,.
  12. Essential but why not included?


    This is sooo necessary for your double wear foundation - a great pump. But why do we have to purchase separately? Would be ideal if it was included with the foundation..
  13. Good


    I like the pump on the foundation but would have been nicer if they sold the cap with the pump too
  14. Good for backup


    I have 2 of these that I keep for back up and they really do come in handy and they’re at a good price too!
  15. Crucial for estee foundation


    You obviously wouldnt choose another pump for the estee double wear. And its a more simplistic pump than the old one
  16. A must have!


    I love the pump and would highly recommend that you add this to your cart it you are buying the foundation. My only tiny little complaint is the funny little cap that really only covers the part where the foundation leaves the pump rather than a full cap that covers the whole pump.
  17. Very useful!


    I have the double wear foundation and honestly couldn’t imagine life without the pump to go with it! If I didn’t have this pump I would get foundation everywhere! This is definitely worth the money it makes getting foundation out easier, the pump itself is super good no makeup gets stuck in there which is amazing! Definitely recommend if you are going to by the double wear foundation, but this pump with it
  18. Useful


    Though this pump is not an absolute necessity it's definitely useful and you end up using less product.
  19. Great


    I have used Double Wear for a while and only just bought this. It is definitely worth buying!
  20. Must have


    If you’re using the double wear foundation you must have this pump it or I found I was always using too much product, shame it doesn’t come with the foundation but it doesn’t fit back in the box if the pump is on for those who put their foundation bottles back in the back between use
  21. No


    Who made this new twist pump? Dont like it, bring back the old push pump! And why do we always need to separately purchase these...
  22. Necessary


    If you are using the double wear foundation, you need this. I saw someone commented that it should come automatically with the foundation. I can't help but agree. When I first bought the foundation, I wasn't aware there was a pump available. The foundation without the pump is much more awkward to use as you have to essentially tip the bottle to get any foundation out. You need this!
  23. Absolute must!


    Purchased this pump after struggling with the bottle without one for a while - definitely makes a big difference! Much easier to control the amount. The pump comes with a cap, but you don’t really need it as you can “close” the pump by also turning it.
  24. Essential too keep your product germ free


    Love this pump, does what it should without a fuss, keeps fingers out of my foundation.
  25. Works well


    Finally caved and purchased the pump and its definitely worth it. You don't realise just how much product you have been wasting until you finally use a pump!
  26. good investment


    An investment with the double wear foundation, with the pump I can get the last little bits of foundation out, it also stops the foundation being exposed to air as it is a lot when the lid is left off for long periods. Also helps control how much product I get out and saves the mess.
  27. lets face it. this should automatically come with double wear!


    every foundation (nearly every) has a pump now! why we get charged an extra $10 for a plastic pump is beyond me but anyway it is great to have. i need my foundations to have a pump as im heavy handed
  28. Need this


    You need this if you want no wastage. Honestly it’s a shame it doesn’t come with the foundation as it is a great pump. Definetly worth the $10.
  29. Works well


    Wish this was included with the foundation. But this pump works well to prevent spillage and dispense an exact amount of product.
  30. It's a pump


    It's a pump. It works well. I think it should come with the foundation for free. But I've only had to buy it once and I just re-use it when I buy a new bottle of Double Wear.
  31. Finally


    Finally they release the perfect pump! I was waiting for this for too long to complete my double wear foundation
  32. Makes Foundation Application So Much Easier !


    This pump really makes a big difference when I'm applying my foundation (and much less messy). I came across this by chance which I am so thankful for as I didn't know that it existed ! Although I wish this did come with the Estee Lauder foundation, it is still a must buy! Happy with the results overall.
  33. Fits perfect on double wear bottle


    Just recently tried the Double wear foundation and thought I'd get the pump, this pump works well and fits the bottle perfectly. I'm also not losing as much product. I like how it comes with a cap so the product does not dry out.
  34. Great for the double wear bottle


    Fits the double wear bottle perfect. Should be included with the product though.
  35. Functional


    I have been using the foundation for years but only just decided to get the pump as part of reaching the spend for a promotion. I must say that it fits well and is easy to use like most other pumps. I do generally agree that it is annoying that it's not inbuilt but I can see less plastic waste because of it - especially as a long term user. A previous review said about it not coming it a cap, but mine did and it clips on with ease! I'm pretty happy with the purchase considering the foundation won't be leaving my routine anytime soon.
  36. It’s a pump


    It’s always annoying when you have to buy a pump additionally but it’s needed to not overuse on product
  37. You will need it


    It’s frustrating that you have to buy it seperate, however it is a must have so you don’t chew through the product.
  38. must have but pricey for what it is


    ive use their foundations without the pump and have always had left overs of the products, its really good for portion control and one pump generally does my whole face
  39. A must have


    This pump is a must have if you use Estée Lauder double wear! I purchased one for my friend and myself and we Wouldn’t go back to using the foundation without it!
  40. Needs a cap


    Yes I like having a pump with this product, but it needs a cap to clip over the pump. A cap will stop any foundation left in the nozzle from drying out. I'd prefer if the foundation just came with a pump.
  41. Must have


    I mean it’s annoying that i have to pay for the pump separately- it should just come with it. But! Since I love the foundation so much it’s definitey worth it.
  42. YES!


    I had no idea they did a pump until my last Estee Lauder purchase and I was so thankful! I love the foundation but hate the bottle and the pump makes my life so much easier. You can get all the leftover bits and never have the problem of too much makeup coming out.
  43. Must have if you have the foundation


    Must have if you have the foundation! makes dispensing the foundation easier and more hygienic
  44. impractical

    perfecting skin

    the pump on itself can prove to be useful but the estee lauder double foundation's cap cannot be placed on the foundation with the pump on it therefore it is very impractical because i would not want my foundation pump to gather dust. and i if i want to remove the pump after use that would be messy too because the pump would have accumulated foundation in it and i would have to clean it before putting it away and it would just be wasting the product.
  45. Good


    Have been using Double Wear for years and didn’t even realised they made this till my last purchase.
    Expensive for a pump, but does the job and makes it so much easier.
  46. Can't go without it


    this is crucial when buying estee lauder liquid foundation, it makes it 10x easier to use. without it, a good way to minimise foundation waste
  47. You Need This


    To be honest, the pump should be included with the bottle. That aside, this is a absolute need for anyone using Double Wear foundation. It makes it so much easier to get the right amount and makes my bottle last so much longer than when free pouring it out with excess wastage.
  48. best $10


    if you love your double wear foundation then you will love this pump! the bottle is quite hard to get product out of without getting too much out or not enough at a time. this pump makes it so much easier on getting exactly the right amount out! it also helps get the little bits left at the end of the bottle that are hard to get out without having to tip the bottle upside down and leaving it overnight.
    Best $10 investment, you can re use it over and over just warm water wash in between bottles. It also fits on the MAC studio fix bottles too if you can't ever find a MAC pump.
  49. perfect with the double wear foundation


    all the double wear foundation needed was a pump and now we finally have one. makes life so much easier using the foundation, instead of having to pour it on your hands or sponge. mess free!
  50. Average pump


    Average pump. Clinique used to have one that fit double wear but it's no longer available. Don't love the design of the lid, it's messy and feels cheap. It doesn't feel like a luxury product when you add this, but I haven't found another pump that fits so would still recommend this, because even though it's not great it's better than no pump. But seriously Estee Lauder, please designer a sleeker and more luxurious pump.....
  51. Does job


    Does job really well. Fits onto the double wear. Bit annoying you have to pay for the pump though overall
  52. Convenient


    Great little pump - makes applying so much easier not having to tip the bottle and get foundation everywhere. The foundation should come with the pump though.... it was a little frustrating the first time receiving it and realizing it didn't come with one and had to go back and order one.
  53. You need this!


    Like other reviewers have said, I agree that the pump should come with the foundation however as the Estée Lauder Double Wear is my absolute holy grail foundation, I’d pay anything to not waste a drop. If you want to use/ are using Double Wear you need this! Doesn’t clog and saves wasting product. A must have!
  54. Staple!


    If you wear double wear than you either have this already or will you want to grab one if you don’t!
  55. A clean pump but lots comes out


    I had been using the foundation for years by tipping the end of the bottle onto my finger for application - the pump removes this messy process (and no more foundation covered lid) but I find way too much comes out even when I’m being careful not to pump too hard. I’d still recommend though. It should come free with the foundation purchase though.
  56. Handy pump but gets jammed


    This pump is great for double wear foundation and helps save the foundation used and stop it from going everywhere however I notice through the lifecycle of a whole bottle i gets jammed and dirty which makes it hard to clean and reuse with another bottle. it would be great if it came with a proper cap for travelling rather than the small plastic cover for the opening which gets lost easily. would recommend but also wish double wear came with a pump and seperate purchase wasn't needed
  57. necessity


    this is crucial when buying estee lauder liquid foundation, it makes it 10x easier to use. without it, you waste alt of product.
  58. Must have for your foundation


    This pump is a must have for doublewear foundation. It saves the product and makes it much easier to use.
  59. Do yourself a favour


    If you buy the Double Wear foundation then definitely buy this pump to go with it! You’ll end up saving yourself money because the pump allows you more control over the amount of foundation that is distributed, making it last longer. It also has a twist lock function so you can travel with it!
  60. Perfect addition..


    Double wear was my holy grail for many years, until I recently found myself veering towards the dewy foundations. My only complaint about the foundation is that the packaging is a joke. This pump fits perfect, works well, but I honestly don't know why the foundation doesn't come with this pump in the first place..
  61. Essential


    I love this pump, and it can be reused over and over again, I’ve had the same one for over year. Everyone that uses the double wear foundation should buy this pump. It’s super handy
  62. Need it


    If you have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation then you really need this. I think it should be included with the foundation for the price but it s what it is so. Worth getting it because otherwise you will find you waste quite a bit of your product. Also just makes it so much easier to use.
  63. Essential, but you shouldn’t have to pay extra


    I love this pump, it’s an essential for the Double Wear foundation, I just wish it came with the product rather than being an added cost!
  64. Good


    Much more convenient but it really should come with it in the first place!
  65. Prefect for Double wear


    Perfect match for double wear foundation .Double wear foundation doesn't come with a pump .It's less control when you use without a pump.
  66. Perfect


    Perfect for the double wear foundation. Dispenses the correct amount without wastage.
  67. excellent pump


    I am so glad I came across this for my double wear. it pumps out the right amount.
    I wasted so much foundation in the past until I came across this.
    it can be reused with a new bottle as well.
  68. Useful but annoying


    Although Double Wear really should come with a pump as standard (another conversation for another time) getting the product from the bottle is frustrating and messy. Even though buying the pump makes life easier, it doesn’t come with a cap so travelling with the foundation isn’t ideal. I also think it’s kind of gross to keep reusing the same pump for each new bottle of foundation. Even though I clean it, it still has residue that I can’t remove.. and there’s no way I’m spending $10 for a new pump each time. So my feelings are divided.
  69. A must for Estee Lauder foundation!


    I wasted so much product before using the pump! You need this if you use the double wear foundation!
  70. perfect for the foundation


    This is a great addition if you already own the double wear foundation. It is cleaner to use and limits how much product you waste instead of pouring onto your hand.
  71. absolute must if you love double wear


    I have wasted SO much of my double wear foundation before this little beauty came along, im obsessed!
  72. bought this for my mac foundation


    I used this for my mac foundation and it totally fit and works just as well on the Estee Lauder foundation, so if you're looking for a pump for your mac foundation this is perfect.
  73. Essential for the Double Wear foundation


    I really don’t like using the Estée Lauder foundation the way that it’s sold, so this pump is a must-have. I have oil-prone skin and so it’s important not to over-apply the foundation - this pump is one of the best purchases I have made.
  74. Must have for double wear!


    I went far too long without having one of these. Buying the pump saves so much product and the pump is lockable and also has a little plastic cap so you can travel with it. It is worth noting these also fit on MAC studio fix bottles also :)
  75. Necessary


    This pump is necessary for use of the double wear foundation, especially the water fresh as it is so liquidy. However, i dont believe this product is worth $10 and i find it frustrating that it doesnt come with all of the foundations and does not have a lid.
  76. A must if you lke less mess


    This pump makes this foundation so much easier and less messy , also gives you a good amount rather then wasting what you don't use. Can also be used with the mac studio fix !
  77. Extremely convenient, but not value for money


    Pump on foundation bottles are a livesaver, but I much prefer the double wear without the pump because I can't put the lid on otherwise. The value and benefit of the pump does not outweigh the cost of the pump
  78. Very useful


    I have yet to have any issues with this pump. It saves so much product which is a plus due to the high price point of the foundation. You won't regret buying this pump!
  79. Best investment


    Wish I had of bought this sooner!

    I'm on my third bottle of double wear and the drawback has always been that without a pump, you tend to pour out more product than needed. Happy I spent the $$ on this. Only down side is the cost..
  80. Worth the money


    While i do feel that this foundation should come with a pump by default i could never go back to using my double wear without it. Saves so much wastage and i know exactly how many pumps i need to get the coverage i am after.
  81. wish id bought sooner


    keeps germs out of your makeup and makes it easier to get product out
  82. Why didn't i buy this years ago?


    Stops your makeup from oxidizing. A must have!
  83. Great Product


    Great accessory to save you from messy fingers and wasted foundation! I found with the bottle I always poured too much out, now I'm saving my precious liquid and its lasting a lot longer! No issues at all with leakage from the pump as it twists to seal.
  84. Make your life easier


    This pump is a must have, the foundation is messy and hard to use without it
  85. Brilliant, practical, must-have addition

    Hannah Lily

    Sooooo much easier and less wastage than pouring from the bottle! I poured my water fresh nude foundation for 3 weeks before I bought a pump, and it's so practical. The pump also twists to lock, and has an extra plastic piece that covers the opening, which is perfect for travel or just keeping it in your handbag. One to two pumps to the back of my hand is all I need for applying.

    Obviously the pump doesn't look quite as nice as the gold cap, but I think its features more than make up for it!
  86. Excellent at minimising wastage


    This little pump is great at minimising wastage and mess... but I do wish it was included with the foundation. Would buy again though purely out of convenience.
  87. These should come with the original DW foundation


    I have no idea why they don't include these with the foundation since they're only $10. Surely don't take that much to make and include in the final product. Anyways, great little tool, no issues, should buy!
  88. Finally!


    Great! It’s more hygienic and also saves product. Before this handy little pump came along, I had to pour the foundation out which not only made a big mess, but also dispensed way too much product than I needed.
  89. Makes life so much easier!


    It's a shame the foundation doesn't come with a pump as it is so much easier to use this foundation with a pump
  90. Should be on the foundations


    I wish the foundation would have come with this. So much better with a pump and it really should have been included.

    Great pump though.
  91. Necessity


    This is a must have- great for the Double Wear foundation which is thick and hard to get out. Minimises waste too. Just very annoying that it has to be bought separately!
  92. Finally EL listened


    Wish these came with the DW standard but I suppose it reduces wastage so a plus for the environment right?
  93. Essential


    Get a pump! It makes application so much easier and your are less likely to waste product. This pump works well and you can continue to transfer it to a new bottle when you are done.
  94. Wish it was included with the foundation!


    I wish this was included with the foundation, but regardless it is so so helpful to be able to measure the appropriate amount of double wear and avoid looking cakey!
  95. Must Have


    I do disagree with the fact that you have to buy a pump for the foundation; but that shouldn't sway the rating of the pump. It is a good quality pump and pretty much a necessity if you've bought the foundation.
  96. Essential with Estee Lauder Double wear foundation


    This pump is really necessary if you have the Double wear foundation. It prevents mess trying to tip foundation out of the bottle, stops waste of foundation and is much more hygienic. I am surprised that Estee Lauder doesn't include the pump with the foundation, considering the price of the foundation.
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