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elf Poreless Putty Primer 21g

4.3 of 69 reviews


4 instalments of $4.00

Or 4 instalments of $4.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.00

Or 4 instalments of $4.00 with LEARN MORE

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Create the perfect canvas with the influencer-approved elf Poreless Putty Primer. With a unique texture, this velvety primer glides effortlessly onto skin, minimising pores and other imperfections and creating a smooth base for makeup to grip onto.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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elf Poreless Putty Primer Reviews

4.3 of 69 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

hyped for a reason


makes my base super smooth and flawless. a little goes a long way

Most Helpful Criticism

Underwhelming. Didn’t do what it promised.


I tried this after reading many positive reviews. Unfortunately it did not work for me. I found it accentuated the pores on the front of my cheeks and on my chin, and no matter how thin a layer I applied, it made the foundation around my nose look cakey and crusty. It felt really nice on the skin and I think it would make your makeup last longer. But it failed miserably for me and my late 40s combination skin.
  1. hyped for a reason


    makes my base super smooth and flawless. a little goes a long way
  2. Underwhelming. Didn’t do what it promised.


    I tried this after reading many positive reviews. Unfortunately it did not work for me. I found it accentuated the pores on the front of my cheeks and on my chin, and no matter how thin a layer I applied, it made the foundation around my nose look cakey and crusty. It felt really nice on the skin and I think it would make your makeup last longer. But it failed miserably for me and my late 40s comb...
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  3. Flawless


    This makes my makeup look so smooth and flawless. It is also super affordable so you can’t go wrong!
  4. It work


    It helps to reduce the look of pores. Great value.
  5. Great!


    verified purchaser
    Really nice primer!

    Great cheaper alternative, smooths out pore and fine lines, lasts all day and holds back my oily skin.

    Would recommend to all skin types as it's a generic texture - not oily or silicone, moreso a cream.
  6. It work


    This is a great primer for the price! Whenever I use it my makeup always stays on longer and makes my skin look smooth. My only complaint is that it is challenging to get product out of the package.
  7. It work


    literally my favourite primer. the only one that I really feel actually works. its got a light tint to it, it's sheer and feels beautiful on the skin. you can wear the primer without anything else and it gives your skin a nice matt glow. I know it's expensive but its definitely worth it
  8. Affordable and Effective


    Definitely gets makeup to sit better on the fave, however, the texture takes some getting used to. Otherwise, it's a great primer at a great price point
  9. Hard to tell if its working


    This allows my foundation to go on well but I am unable to tell if my makeup lasts longer when using this. I don't thing it is necessary for my routine
  10. Good without being great


    Different consistency to other primers I have used. It is soft and goes on lovely, though sometimes can peel when going over certain sunscreens in my experience.
  11. Blurs pores


    I had seen so many people recommend this product and I decided to give it a try. It blurs your pores super well, however doesn't last extremely long. Would still suggest you give it a try if you want as it is very affordable.
  12. Good base


    I got this after all its hype online. I have to say I much prefer this to their Poreless Primer in the pump. I have found it work best when you dont have another moisturiser underneath if you are more prone to oily skin. I think for the price and amount you get its really great value especially if you are just starting out or getting back into wearing more makeup.
  13. Great for pores, okay for oil


    This is a very thick primer but it's got a quite slippery texture that makes application easy. Hides pores really well, but doesn't do a lot in terms of oil control so you'd want to pair it with a mattifying foundation and powder if you're on the oilier side.
  14. Nice


    This is so good! It makes my skin flawless. Blurs out all my pores.
  15. Not great but affordable


    I'm not a fan of product product. Putty is not the best word to use but unfortunately it is a bit like that on my skin. Got a sample. Its budget make-up and I'm sceptical of the ingredients. Wouldn't buy but might suit a younger crowd.
  16. This is ok. Especially for the price point.


    This is ok. Not a miraculous pore disguiser like I’d hoped and I get oily after a fairly short time, but my makeup goes on ok over it. And it is a lot better than the Benefit one I tried that was awful. I do tend to use this on my oily pore ridden nose, and a more moisturising primer on rest of face, it sometimes I put it over entire face and it’s ok. But still on the search for the best pore/oil...
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  17. OBSESSED!!!!


    This primer makes my skin look great!!!
  18. Good


    Smooths pores and lines but texture isn't suited for everyday use. It is comparable to high end brands.
  19. Okay


    I found this one to be okay at priming my skin, but still had visible pores along my cheeks. Considering the hype, I had expected this one to work a little better so I’m a bit disappointed but I will probably keep using it.
  20. heard good things about it


    Heard good things about it, that's why i gave it a go. not bad, stayed all day, love it.
  21. Better than the Tatcha Silk Canvas


    This truly is my go to primer. Unlike the Tatcha primer (which is a 'more is more' formula), you can go overboard with this. A little goes a long way with the ELF primer and the price is unbeatable. It isn't the most pore filling or hydrating formula but it hits the perfect sweet point of letting skin look like skin, never getting heavy or slip sliding all over and locking foundation on your face ...
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  22. Don't get the fuss


    It's not a bad product but I guess given the hype, my expectations were set a little too high and it did not quite meet them. It didn't do a great job at covering up my pores but it did a decent enough job priming for foundation. I do have some texture on parts of my face that are recovering from acne and I found this primer didn't fare very well on those spots and I needed to wipe it off and app...
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  23. primer


    Makes putting on makeup seamless. Gentle on the skin, no sticky feeling, absolutely love this product and highly recommend.
  24. covers all the pores!


    Love love this poreless primer, it covers absolutely all the pores and not leave a heavy silicone feeling on the skin. It rather feels hydrating. It also controls my oil in the T-zone and helps makeup last longer!
  25. legendary


    it is such a lovely primer, People compare it to tatcha primer. It is great and so affordable.
  26. Great!!!!!!


    I expected it to be a blurring type of primer and it did not disappoint. If you like tatcha silk canvas this is a definite dupe. The packaging is normal elf packaging nothing special. For the price it is amazing.
  27. Great and affordable primer


    This is a lovely primer and super affordable! You get so much product too. Looks amazing on the skin and preps it well for complexion products.
  28. Ok primer


    Not bad at all for the price. Helps foundation go on smoothly but can dry out after a few weeks.
  29. works great


    does a great job of prepping my skin. my foundation lays so smooth over this and it really does fill my pores amazing.
  30. Not amazing but okay for the price


    I found it to be a strange consistency , found it did blur some impurities but not for long
    Good for price
  31. Not amazing but okay for the price


    I found it to be a strange consistency , found it did blur some impurities but not for long
    Good for price
  32. thick


    quite a thick primer. i wasn't expecting it to be quite so hydrating but it is! would recommend for dry skin too. the primer is great for filling in pores
  33. Didn't work for me

    Elf poreless putty primer

    This has a huge following and is said to be a dupe for the Tatcha silk canvas primer. I had to give it a shot but unfortunately it didn't look good under my makeup or feel good on my skin. I have a slightly dry skin type and I feel this is definitely suited to a combination or oily type skin. I just found it a little dry and uncomfortable
  34. great primer


    amazing primer, reminds me of the tatcha one. does its job and is effective.
  35. Great primer

    Isi Slater

    I wasn’t sure about it the first time, but the more I use it, the more I like it. I love how it gives you a blurring effect without being too drying, and doesn’t have that silicone-y effect. Also love the cooling feel
  36. amazing texture


    this gives my skin the most amazing flawless texture
  37. The best around


    I use this on my Big Pore Days, and it works like magic! It's so smooth, and doesn't break me out. One pot also goes a long way, so it's fantastic value.
  38. Good value primer


    I had heard great things about this primer from various beauty guru's, so had high hopes. It's a thinner texture than I expected, but it glides on easily, and doesn't pile. It's not bad for minimising pores, but not super heavy duty like some others I've tried. More if an everyday pore filling primer. Makeup wears well over top, and lasts well. A great value primer.
  39. An excellent primer, smooths skin and preps face for foundation


    I really like this primer. I have large pores on my cheeks and I find this primer smooths them out, making my foundation sit beautifully on my face. It's easy to use too.
  40. Poreless


    Really impressed with this bargain primer! It’s a thick smooth base that blurs pores and imperfections, leaving your skin looking super smooth!
  41. Amazing results & great price point


    I was recommended the Elf Poreless Putty Primer by a colleague and I am so glad that I purchased it!
    It achieves an instant bluring effect, my makeup sits perfectly for the entire day and doesn't clog my pores.
    At such a great price it's definitely worth a try
  42. Great primer!


    Great primer - excellent dupe for the Tatcha silk canvas. Feels amazing on the skin, very nice and pore filling.
  43. pretty good for the price


    very good for the price
  44. Deduces my pores


    Great mattifying look
  45. amazing texture


    gives your skin an amazing poreless look
  46. a fantastic primer


    This is so great, feels nice on and makes my skin extra smooth
  47. Gold for enlarged pores


    This primer is incredible for open pores! My foundation has never looked better. Will purchase again.
  48. very different


    this is different to anything i have used before, i saw a lot of hype over this online. Gave my foundation and extra smooth look and minimised my pores.
  49. Great for large pores


    Great for my large pores. Makes my skin look very smooth. And flaswless
  50. Amazing


    Amazing primer that fills all the pores and provides a hydrating base. Would recommend for dry skin types.
  51. Great


    This elf primer blurs my skin and is great! Can't believe the price


    bought this primer as it has been so hyped up in the beauty community and it definitely did not disappoint me! It makes my skin so smooth and poreless for an affordable price!
  53. Amazing for big pores! Long lasting, fun new texture!

    Hannah Baker

    This primer is very true to its description! This is so luminous and light on your skin you'll be wearing it all the time. The product absorbs into skin a minute after applying. It fills pores to the best that I can find at this price. I use this before applying concealer and foundation and find that my makeup blends easier and creates a smooth, polished look. My foundation sits nicely on top of ...
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  54. Poreless


    Makes my skin look so smooth
  55. not bad


    Super lightweight, lovely to apply. Not sure it does the wonderous things I've read but still a great primer product
  56. Best primer for its price hands down.


    This primer is exactly what everyone claims it to be. It covers my imperfections and self doubt. My foundation lays down so well once I use this primer. And it lasts so much longer. I highly recommend this product.


    After trying this product, I really understand the cult following it has acquired! The product is really easy to apply and leaves an almost flawless finish ready to apply foundation and other products. The way it fills the pores is really exciting as it helps you achieve an airbrushed finished with little effort.
  58. Very impressed!


    I was super impressed with this! I’ve recently bought some cheaper products to try and minimize expenses and use my pricier products for special occasions. I thought the finish on this was lovely and my make up went on beautifully! Will definitely be buying again!
  59. No more big pores


    I have very big pores and this makes them sooo much smaller or just makes them disappear and makes my skin feel amazing in prep for foundation. So great for someone like me with oily skin.
  60. Great at blurring pores


    This a great primer for leveling the skin and blurring pores. I didn't find that it pilled up or negatively effected the primer. You get a really good amount of product for the price, hasn't broken me out either.
  61. Amazing for such an inexpensive product!


    Does such a great correcting job and really evens my skin tone so it’s perfect for applying foundation. Subtly illuminates without being too over the top.
  62. A new favourite!


    I can see why there was such a hype about this product. It is AMAZING for the price. Feels extremely smoothing and hydrating, and gives me visibly smaller pores. One of my all-time favourite primers.
  63. Tatcha skin canvas dupe!!


    WOW! I know everyone says this is a dupe for the tatcha skin canvas but I couldn't believe it, but it totally is! It makes your skin look and feels beautiful and the price is just perfect.
  64. Love it


    Visibly smaller pores, and makes my skin feel amazing in preparation for foundation
    so great for my oily skin.
  65. Great!


    I have been using it for a few weeks and it does the same as a much more expensive pore minimizer primer I use. This primer is amazing and so affordable!
  66. Amazing


    Works great at minimising pores and doesn't dry out my skin. Amazing.
  67. Affordable


    Great affordable primer for someone on a budget, the formula is great and feels very soft on the skin
  68. Great


    Great primer, feels beautiful on the skin and makes my pores look smaller
  69. I'm converted!


    This primer is amazing and so affordable! I have been using it a couple of months and it does the exact same as a much more expensive pore minimizer primer I use. I rub it between my fingers and apply. makeup stays put and pores minimised! Highly recommend! So happy to have found this product!!!
  70. amazing primer


    so great for someone like me with oily skin. visibly smaller pores, and makes my skin feel amazing in prep for foundation
  71. Works well with all foundations


    This works well with all foundations including water based and silicone based ones. I find it does make my make up last longer and minimises pores, however, it still doesn’t help my oily t-zone. I will definitely repurchase given the results and price point!
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