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Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream 30ml

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Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream 30ml


The Rose Day Cream, a Dr.Hauschka face care classic for 30 years, is still one of the most popular skin care products. Its special properties support the skin's own regenerative powers and provide optimal protection for normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and mature skin with a tendency to premature ageing.

Precious rose oil and extracts from wild rose hips envelop the skin with a protective film. Shea butter, rose wax and avocado extract prevent the skin from drying out The lipid-moisture balance of the skin is restored, all skin functions are harmonised. Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream provides a protective, nurturing film for skin with a tendency towards redness and dilated, broken capillaries (couperose skin). The fine skin structure is given care that combines the strength and the gentleness of the Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream.

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Rich cream - 06-06-2018 by

This is a lovely cream for everyday use.
I tend to invest in serums but use a more basic moisturiser, and this is great one.
Although it says day cream to me it's quite rich, I usually use more lotions during the day. But in the colder months my skin does appreciate the richer cream for day.
My skin feels extra hydrated and soothed.
It layers well under makeup with no pilling, which usually happens with richer creams.
The scent is subtle, it's a true rose fragrance rather than an artificial scent.
And I like how this brand is more on the natural side.
This is a gentle cream for all skin types.

Excellent Thick Cream - 31-05-2018 by

I have combination skin that is also quite sensitive. This cream is super thick so you only need a little amount. I actually find it quite difficult to spread out and would recommend mixing it with a serum or face gel to help it emulsify better. Aside from its thickness, this is a really great cream that keeps my skin hydrated and protected from the elements. I especially like using this in the winter time!

Love this product - 13-09-2017 by

I was recommended to use this, after having hit and miss experiences for my acne rosacia. Although its thick, you don't need too much (about the size of a pea) to use on your face.
Love this product!
My skin has cleared up and I dont need to use a night cream, eye cream or decollete cream as it can be used for those areas.
Highly recommend

Heavy but delicious - 15-09-2014 by

This moisturiser is a little bit heavy for me to use every day but I am absolutely in love with the smell! It's like pure roses; so sweet and feminine. I would use it more as a hand cream or a treatment-type moisturiser for when your skin is super dry and in need of a pick-me-up.

Skin-changing! - 25-06-2013 by

I switched to Dr Hauschka a few years ago and people have commented on the tone of my skin ever since. I'm 40 and have quite fair, and sensitive, skin, which was prone to redness and dry patches. It now glows. I bought a travel/trial kit and tried all the different moisturisers and this was the best for me. The bonus is that it smells delicious. However, the tube is quite small, so if you use it day and night (which I do, against the brand's philosophy/recommendation), then you'll go through it quickly.

There is a LIGHT version of the same cream if you find this one is too heavy.

After I discovered this moisturiser I switched all my skincare to this brand (except for cosmetics - I prefer Inika).

Try the trial size!

Smells gorgeous, but a bit heavy for me - 23-05-2013 by

Absolutely love the rich texture and scent of this cream, but it feels a bit too heavy for my face, even though I have slightly dehydrated skin. I've been using it on my neck or on particularly dry patches on my face in winter. I'll enjoy having it while it lasts, but unfortunately wouldn't repurchase.

lovley product - 16-11-2012 by

Beautiful moisturising face cream. Make my skin look hydrated and fresh - love the rose smell too :)

Dr. Hauschka Classic - 03-10-2012 by

My skin in super sensitive, and this product is the only thing that works. Its amazing stuff.

Perfect for dry skin - 23-09-2012 by

Fantastic product applied at night to face.

- 08-06-2010 by

I love this cream! It works wonders on my sensitive, breakout prone, and flaky skin. I find it plumps my skin, takes out redness, and makes it baby soft. It is also helping reduce the appearance of my pores and has not broken me out even though it's really rich. Expensive, but worth it.

- 18-06-2009 by

This is beautiful. It feels like a date with the dermo!

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