A Lash Expert Showed Me the Trick to Applying False Lashes Perfectly, Every Single Time

ardell demi wispiesardell demi wispies

Fact: Part of being an functioning adult is knowing you can't do everything on your own.

Sometimes, you need to ask for help and that's OK.

Recently, I decided to follow my own sage advice because I've finally acknowledged I'm completely and utterly hopeless at applying false lashes. But rather than accept this as my lot in life, I want to learn and grow and evolve.

So, I reached out to Chloe from Adore's Customer Experience team. Not only is Chloe an expert lash technician who works with eyelashes every single day, but she's also obsessed with false lashes.

Chloe even has a controversial opinion: She swears applying and wearing false lashes is easier than mascara.

When Chloe used to work morning shifts at the Adore Beauty warehouse (now known as the Customer Fulfilment Centre), she would chuck on a pair of fake lashes every morning at 4:30am. Yep. True story.

To find out how Chloe aka the lash whisperer applies fake lashes in less than 60 seconds, watch our step-by-step false lashes tutorial below. (Or keep reading for the quicker version.)

Biggest False Lash Mistakes.

Let's start with what I was doing wrong. Basically, Chloe told me the most common false lash mistakes she sees are:

  • Selecting the wrong false lashes for your eye shape and occasion.

  • Yanking the lashes off the packaging (you must respect thy lash).

  • Not cutting your lashes to size.

  • Not using enough glue to stick the lashes on.

How To Apply False Eyelashes.

Step 1: Choose your lashes.

False lashes come in all different shapes and sizes to suit different occasions. Fake lashes that feature the longest lashes in the centre can lift and define the eye, whereas lashes that get longer towards the outer edge give an elongated effect.

Chloe's favourite fake lashes that suit almost everyone are the Ardell Demi Wispies Black - she's been using Demi Wispies since high school. And yes, these are THE "natural" lashes she wore every day while packing Adore Beauty orders.

But for real, Ardell Demi Wispies are the Goldilocks of lashes because they're not too dramatic, but not too subtle. Hot tip, you can even cut them in the middle and apply only the outer half for an even more naturally-blessed lash look.

ardell demi wispiesardell demi wispies

Step 2: Trim the lashes to fit your eye.

This step is VERY IMPORTANT. Always, always trim your false lashes.

"When you don't trim the lashes to fit your eye, people find the lash will jab them in the tear ducts and irritate the eye," Chloe says. And no one wants an irritated eye, do they?

The other reason to trim lashes is to ensure they enhance your natural eye shape. For example, if you have small eyes, not trimming the outer edge can result in a droopy eye effect.

OK cool, but how do you actually trim fake lashes? First, measure them against your natural lashes by placing them on top of your lash line. If you want a natural effect, trim your false lashes from the outer edge, or from the inner corner if you're after a dramatic look.

Once you've measured, gently trim any lashes from the edge of the fake lash that sit out further than your natural lash line using a small pair of cosmetic scissors. Another tip: Rest your elbow on a table if your fingers are shaking at the thought of such delicate, surgical work.

Oh, and always snip the band between the little groups of lashes, rather than through a group of lashes. (This will make sense when the time comes, trust me.)

Step 3: The best eyelash glue trick for fake lashes.

Chloe believes the main reason everyone's lashes fall off mid-event is because we don't use enough glue. Which is fine, but how do you apply enough glue without getting it... everywhere?

The expert trick is to grab your glue - most lash sets come with glue but you can also buy Duo Adhesive clear glue separately - and squeeze until a small bubble comes out of the nozzle. Then, run that glue droplet along the lash band. This will allow you to have more control over the glue, and avoid it exploding on your lashes.

Chloe also reckons it's best to apply more glue at either ends of the lash and less in the middle. So that's what we'll do.

Step 4: Listen to the glue...

Next, you must listen to the glue because, allegedly, it will tell you when it's... ready.

Translated, lash glue works best when you give it a bit of time to thicken and go 'tacky' or sticky.

Chloe suggests waiting at least 10-15 seconds. This is also a great time to gently mould the lash to fit your eye by holding it in a horseshoe shape and giving it a gentle wiggle.

Step 5: Applying your false lashes to your eyes.

Now comes the time to actually put the damn things on.

Rather than coming at your eye straight on, tilt your chin down and twist your wrist towards you so you can gently place the lash from above your natural lash line. You can do this holding the lashes with your fingers or a pair of tweezers.

Once the false lash is sitting on the skin just above your lashes (this will stop you from ripping your own lashes out when you remove the fake ones), gently press the ends to make sure the inner and outer corners are pressed in.

*Watch the YouTube video above to see this in real time.

Step 6: Cover up mistakes.

Finally, you can cover any lash glue with eyeliner, and chuck on some coats of mascara to help blend your natural lashes with the falsies.

And that's it! Oh, and the other mistake people always make with false lashes? Expecting to get it right on the first go.

Annoyingly, Chloe says "practice makes perfect". Ugh. I know.

But she's right, so excuse me while I go sit in front of the mirror and practice, practice, practice!

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