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Dr. Bronner Rainbow Sampler 59ml

4.7 of 32 reviews


4 instalments of $7.49


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4 instalments of $7.49


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4.7 of 32 reviews

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Amazing value


This kit is perfect for trying the lovely Dr. Bronners range. I use these as a body wash, makeup brush cleaner and hand wash in my bathroom. This would also be great as a gift for loved ones. I have sensitive skin and these products are so gentle and nicely scented without being overpowering.
  1. Amazing value


    This kit is perfect for trying the lovely Dr. Bronners range. I use these as a body wash, makeup brush cleaner and hand wash in my bathroom. This would also be great as a gift for loved ones. I have sensitive skin and these products are so gentle and nicely scented without being overpowering.
  2. Great way to decide what scent you like!


    I purchased this sample pack because I just couldn’t decide on a scent in the larger size bottles. It was recommended to me for cleaning makeup brushes and it has done an amazing job at cleaning them! I think my favourite scent is the Sandalwood and Jasmine or the Lavender. I plan on trying the citrus one for cleaning around the house. It smells so fresh! I love the small bottles which will be great for travel.
  3. The perfect way to try all the different scents


    I'm a big fan of Bronner's and have been committed to the lavender scent for ages. So it was good to get the sampler and figure out which other scents I enjoy and want to purchase in bigger sizes.
  4. A great way to sample all the soaps!


    Love Dr Bronners, great for low tox household cleaning, cleaning make up brushes, dog washing - SO many uses.
  5. Great gift or travelling


    Love this brand and these make a great gift. They smell lovely and are gentle on the skin.
  6. gentle but effective


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! This is a wonderful way to try the range as you are able to experiment with the different scents. highly recommend!
  7. Low impact and invigorating


    Love this collection. Gives a good sample of fragrances to try or regift.. enjoy the mild lather and fresh feeling at the end. Also like it as Castile soap is grey water safe. Most soaps contain sodium (salt) but this one doesn’t. Meaning it doesn’t build up in the soil...
  8. great range of travel sized samples


    I get super excited when I go travelling as I get to use one of these sampler products by Dr. Bronner. I purchased these initially so I can try out each of the different scents and see which ones I love. They are such perfect travel sized products and smell divine!
  9. Dreadlocks


    I bought these to shampo my dreadlocks,so many lovely smells,no residue,I love them
  10. Great sample pack


    Great option to sample different scents for commuting to buying a big bottle. Also good for travel
  11. Game changing


    It was receiving this a gift that first introduced me to the bronner range - I loved it! I have since purchased it as a gift for select Santa, such a great idea and wonderfully versatile washes!
  12. Great sampler


    I didn't want to buy a big bottle of a scent I didn't like, so I bought this sampler to try first. Good thing I did because some I really liked and others not so much so if you're on the fence about one of the scents, I'd definately recommend getting this sampler pack
  13. Great gift set!


    Wonderful set of trial sizes! This is great to try all of the different scents and the whole range. Would also make a great gift for someone. Would definitely recommend


    this is such an amazing sample set. Great as a trial to see which scents are your favourite and also amazing for gifting! Highly recommend this for everyone to try the amazing products and scents you will not regret it.
  15. Fun and handy


    A colourful collection of really useful and clever products. Great for travelling!
  16. Great


    I'll definitely be buying these products for all my cleaning ..
  17. Perfect for travelling and trying new scents


    After a very good experience with Dr. Bronner’s 473mL Tea Tree soap, I was keen to try their range of scents and this sampler set was the perfect option.

    The Sandalwood Jasmine is smoky and pleasant and the Citrus is refreshing. I haven’t used Green Tea a lot but it’s certainly not unpleasant. The Rose, however, legitimately smells like I am rubbing vomit into me when I use it in the shower. Regardless, they all lather extremely well and can be used for many different purposes, including for laundry and cleaning makeup brushes.

    The biggest perk to this set is the small size of each bottle, which makes them perfect for travelling. I have been using the Lavender as shower gel, face wash, shaving cream, and shampoo while on an interstate trip, which saved me packing multiple items. The Peppermint is also a great substitute for toothpaste, but the rest taste too overwhelmingly soapy for this purpose.

    In future, I will stick with my larger bottle of the Tea Tree. It’s still my favourite as it feels less drying on the skin than many of these and adds a bright, natural scent to laundry. But I’m happy to have been able to try out the range and, again, the bottle sizes have certainly been beneficial while away on short trips during the summer.
  18. Love this sample pack


    Great to be able to try multiple diff products
  19. Great


    This sampler pack has cute little bottles of liquid soaps, all with different scents. They're all quite mild and fantastic to wash with
  20. Great


    The soaps all smell different and the sample pack is a good starter kit to see which scent you prefer. They all work well and are good for washing/cleaning
  21. Lovely set!


    Wonderful set! This is great for trying all of the different Dr Bronner scents and they are the perfect size for travel. Would definitely recommend and this would make a great gift too.
  22. A great way to try product from a great brand


    I had never tried Dr. Bronner's before and bought this to sample. On first use I liked the way it felt on my skin (non irritating) and the handy travel size bottles, but I especially loved how versatile this product was. Hair, body, face, bath and then I went on to read that this can be used around the house as well! I loved all the scents especially the peppermint one and it has become a favourite in my home for all the family.
  23. Love this set!


    I LOVE this brand and these liquid soaps are the best. This is a great way to try them all and it makes a perfect gift. You can use these as body wash or as a nice bubble bath. Would definitely recommend trying!
  24. Awesome sampler


    Awesome pack of gentle soaps that can be used for cleaning, washing, the list goes on! The scents are all really different but nice
  25. Fantastic


    I was really skeptical about an all in one but this is awesome! I use it for cleaning (floors, walls, bathrooms etc.), and I also use it as a body wash and shampoo for my child with bad excema and while it doesnt cure the excema it doesnt make it flare up any worse which is a life saver at this point! And this mini pack is great because you get all the scents and they last ages because you dont need much at all!
  26. Nice sampler pack


    This is a really nice sampler pack which allows you to trial all the scented soaps. Fantastic for washing. Some of the scents I wouldn't have tried otherwise but I ended liking most of them!
  27. Great sampler


    A very great way to trial all the difference scented soaps available. Personally I love the lavender, mint and mild but they all have a pleasant scent


    I purchased this to get a feel for the products and I'm in love, with them all!
    I will definitely be purchasing the bigger bottles.
    Loved using them in my washing!
  29. The best!


    Super soft and nourishing with a beautiful scent to match. A little goes a long way. Big fan of this brand.
  30. Fantastic soap that lasts forever!


    The Dr. Bronner Rainbow Sampler pack is fantastic!
    I bought this pack almost seven months ago, have kept a bottle in the kitchen and in the bathroom and am only just down to the last bottle! As a soap, it's great for your skin. I find that most hand soaps dry your skin, this one doesn't at all.

    I was using the peppermint scented one as a toothpaste for a few weeks to see what the rage was about. It was good and didn't taste soapy, though nothing replaces actual toothpaste. To use as a toothpaste, I'd probably use it when traveling and am restricted on what I can take.
  31. Perfect Travel Companion


    These 59ml bottles are perfect for travelling with, you can use them all over and everywhere. When I'm travelling for short and long trips, it saves me bringing separate products for shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser. Even with sensitive skin, I find Dr Bronner's soaps are gentle enough to use on my face. I have also used Dr B's soaps to clean laundry whilst away from home - the stuff works great, even lifts oil stains. This pack is fantastic, all the scents all great!
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