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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint 237ml 238ml

4.6 of 32 reviews


4 instalments of $3.57

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4 instalments of $3.57

Or 4 instalments of $3.57 with LEARN MORE

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Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Organic Liquid Soap is made with certified Fair Trade and organic oils.
  • Cruelty Free

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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint 237ml Reviews

4.6 of 32 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

What an inhaler !


This product had my sinuses from the first hit ! Intoxicating, ugh love the scent ! Cleanses well too, and is budget friendly.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great brush soap


This is absolutely fab for cleaning make-up brushes!
  1. Great brush soap


    verified purchaser
    This is absolutely fab for cleaning make-up brushes!
  2. Effective!


    verified purchaser
    A little goes a long way. It works really well for everything I’ve tried: bath, makeup brushes, clothing stains, even diluted it and sprayed on to my house plants/ wipe them down and the plants are totally fine.
  3. Love the scent


    verified purchaser
    I use as shower gel and love the scent and tingling on the skin.
    Good quality products
    Appears not harsh on skin.
    Not cheap and nasty.
  4. What an inhaler !


    verified purchaser
    This product had my sinuses from the first hit ! Intoxicating, ugh love the scent ! Cleanses well too, and is budget friendly.
  5. Great for everything


    verified purchaser
    I love Dr Bronners castile soap in peppermint scent and is such a must have.
    I always have a bottle with me at home and especially when I am travelling as its just so versatile with washing clothes/dishes and also as a face cleanser!!

  6. Super fresh


    These are great sizes to try out the fragrance in case you hate it. But I wasn’t disappointed as it’s such a fresh scent that leaves your hands feeling squeaky clean.
  7. Versatile


    I bought this product with the intention for using it as a body soap and it fulfilled this purpose. I did find it quite drying until I started diluting it so it’s important to dilute this product. For washing my body I just put a couple of drops in my hand and then filled my hand with water. I love love love the smell and how versatile it is. I’ve also used it in my hair as shampoo and it was amaz...
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  8. Versatile


    Lovely scent! I use this in the kitchen and bathroom, leaves my skin feeling very clean.
  9. Nice soap


    verified purchaser
    Nice soap which I use for washing my make-up brushes. Not sure about all the religious stuff on the label, that irks me a bit, but the product itself is great!
  10. Delicious smell!


    verified purchaser
    I love my Dr Bronner's castile soaps. I make up foaming hand washes with them. Economical, no nasties and smell great.
  11. Love it


    My family like the smell of it very much. Take a shower in the morning with peppermint scent, and feel refresh. We use Lavender liquid soap at night.
  12. Favourite scent


    Love Dr Bronners soaps and this is by far my favourite scent. Very fresh and pleasant to use on face and all over body.
  13. Nice


    I really like the smell, you feel super clean and fresh when you get out of the shower. It's a thinner shower gel than I'm used to but I enjoy it.
  14. Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint


    Looking for soap for my hair all these years, and I finally found it.
    Only soap that is moisturizing and leaves it soft.
    Thank you!!!
  15. This smell (drools)


    A very minty yummy scent. This scent is my favourite out of the range. Good value for money as a little goes a long way. Can be a little bit drying, however I do have normal to dry skin.
  16. Love


    This is a great liquid soap. Perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes. Lots of scents. Great product. The mint is nice and refreshing.
  17. Loved by all!


    I bought this to use as a body wash for the summer and my whole family ended up loving it too! It's just such a nice cleanser that doesn't strip the skin and is gentle and doesn't upset sensitive skin. The smell is also so minty fresh! I'm tempted to try other scents but Peppermint is defs a winner for summer!
  18. Great For Make-Up Brushes!


    This works amazing for deep cleaning your make up brushes. It's super effective and a little goes a long way. Smells super fresh and clean! The price is great too for the amount of product you get.
  19. Smells so fresh!


    This stuff smell fresher than toothpaste - every time I smell it, it clears the sinuses.

    I predominantly use it to clean my make up brushes and add it to my carpet cleaner machine.

    You only need a small amount to get the result you need and the bottles lasts ages!!
  20. Love this product


    I use this Castile liquid soap to make DIY body wash for the whole family.
    The addition of peppermint feels fresh and invigorating on the skin, and smells divine. An excellent cleanser.
  21. Great fresh fragrance, very gentle


    Love this. Very gentle and no allergic reactions after months of use.
  22. great soap


    Really lovely soap - I love the minty scent and the formula is great. Would definitely recommend and this smaller size is quite nice for travel.
  23. Very minty


    Very minty scent which is nice and fresh. The soap is non-drying and fantastic to wash with!
  24. Smells so good!


    A very minty yummy scent. This scent is my favourite out of the range. Good value for money as a little goes a long way. Can be a little bit drying, however I do have normal to dry skin.
  25. Great liquid soap


    The peppermint has a refreshing scent that's good to clean with. The liquid soap is versatile and you can use it to wash so many things
  26. Great multi purpose and minty scent


    Not a fan of mint scented things usually but love this stuff - minty clean smell unlike the usual citrus that you usually get associated with clean and fresh.

    I use this for everything - to wash makeup brushes, my hands if I'm feeling fancy, hygiene products, most things!
  27. Fresh minty scent


    Peppermint is another favourite soap of mine. Nice and minty and very fresh. It's also not too harsh but cleanses effectively
  28. My life smells like peppermint now


    This is an excellent soap for pretty much everything! It's refreshing for showers, great for cleaning floors etc and leaving a subtle scent, and cleans brushes better than anything I've found (I forgot some were actually white).

    You need such a small amount for everything, that even a little bottle lasts forever. Definitely worth the investment
  29. Love the scent!


    I keep the peppermint Dr Bronners in the shower for days when I need a bit of a pick me up. The peppermint is very refreshing and it's a nice natural product (though minty, so not for senstive areas). It's very liquid so you need a loofah or body scrubber of some sort.

    I use the unscented or almond version for cleaning makeup brushes and it works really well.
  30. Multitasker


    Foams up nicely, its not a viscous shower gel, so make sure you have a loofah on hand to dispense it onto. PLUS it works a wonder to clean brushes, better than shampoo! My brushes have never been whiter!
  31. Multi-purpose cleansing

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    So this has a lot of uses which you should definitely look up if you own this or you're considering buying.... but i'm just going to talk about three.

    a) shower gel. My boyfriend uses this. He works in a dusty, disgusting warehouse and comes home with skin that is grey some nights. This cleans off everything, and you don't need to use much at all to get it working! It is fairly neutra...
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  32. Amazing!


    Its a really good multi-purpose cleaner. Put a splash in a bucket of warm water to clean your floors, splash some on the bottom of your shower to get the gunk off (it just peels away) you can wash your body with it, probably even your hair, dishes car, Everything!!
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