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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint 946ml 946ml

4.5 of 48 reviews


4 instalments of $8.74

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4 instalments of $8.74

Or 4 instalments of $8.74 with LEARN MORE

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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap – Peppermint 946ml
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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint 946ml Reviews

4.5 of 48 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So nice!


I really love the scent so much, it cleans so well and the scent/soaap doesn't stick to the products

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favourite


I love peppermint but this one tingles a bit on my skin so I wouldn't repurchase.
  1. So nice!


    I really love the scent so much, it cleans so well and the scent/soaap doesn't stick to the products
  2. Devine!


    This stuff is the best!
    I use it for cleaning the fruit and veg.
    I use it for cleaning makeup brushes.
    I use it for hand soap.
    I've added a few drops in the water for cleaning the floor even!
    It smells amazing. AMAZING.
    This is a stunning product. And if you are in Melbourne during lockdown, you might have some spare time on your hands. Why not read the lable...
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  3. Amazing!


    The only soap that gets my makeup brushes really clean, like brand new! I also use it to clean my bathroom, smells amazing and leaves it sparkly clean! There’s so many things you can use this product for, which makes it a good all rounder! The peppermint smells amazing and feels refreshing!
  4. So fresh and so clean, clean.


    Minty fresh vibes errrday. This is hubbys go-to body wash. Added bonus, it doesn't leave any soap scum in the shower!
  5. All in on


    This liquid soap so amazing, you can use as a shampoo, as a shower gel, sometimes I also use it as a facial cleanser. You only need bring one bottle if you are travelling, or camping. I like this blue bottle best, smells so fresh, nice mint scent. Definitely highly recommend.
  6. The best


    This soap is the bomb. A little goes a long way and it can be used for pretty much everything. I use it to wash my make up brushes and period undies/reusable pads and nothing beats this for removing stains and odour. Must have
  7. Tingly clean feeling


    i use this as a body wash and i love the tingly cooling feeling it leaves. It's a good product that gets the job done, not too much lather but cleans well.
  8. Excellent multipurpose soap


    We mostly use it in the shower but it does tingle your skin a little. Love all the dr. bronners products though.
  9. Watch your eyes!!


    I love Dr Bronners soap for my face (dilute it with water as per instructions first!) it cleans very well and can also be used for many different purposes which is why I purchased originally - to reduce waste and cut down on the amount of products I use. I would probably go with another scent when I finish this bottle because the peppermint tingles a little, but it still is very enjoyable overall....
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  10. MUST have for cleaning brushes


    This product is a game changer for cleaning your makeup brushes. It gets the foundation out of brushes no sweat, along with black eyeshadows and cleaning makeup blenders. I don't recommend it for the bath though as it makes your skin feel squeaky clean and not in a good way. The peppermint scent is really light and almost edible (reminds me of a mint patty chocolate).
  11. refreshing, all right..


    i love Dr. Bronner's. this peppermint scented soap is best used in summer time, as it is extremely cooling to the skin.
  12. Must have!


    I love this product so much I literally have 5 different flavours on the go. You can use it for so many things and it lasts so long. It's a must have for me.
  13. Fav Dr B refill


    Love that I can refill my Dr Bronner pump soap containers with this soap - I hate buying new plastic every time so this is awesome. I've been using it for my laundry, too and it cleans super well and gives everything such a lovely, fresh mint scent. Also have been using one of the old soap pump dispensers refilled with this mint castile for doing the dishes. It's super versatile and a great price ...
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  14. Zingy and refreshing soap. The Best Doctor Bronner’s scent


    The Doctor Bronner’s range is absolutely fabulous. No nasties, quality natural ingredients, thick concentrate and foams really nicely. Totally obsessed with Doctor Bronners products, in particular their soap range and the peppermint is my absolute favourite. The minty scent (and tingle) in hot shower is the perfect way to start (or end!) your day. I LOVE, love, love this product and can’t recommen...
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  15. Way too intense


    Love these soaps, have tried most scents. Smells very strong of mint, so strong that it makes a tingly feeling.
  16. The best!


    My favourite soap. It’s refreshing on my face in the morning & so great for my skin.
  17. A little goes SUCH a long way


    Love this, have it in every size! Great for travel, great for the shower. A little goes such a long way and the smell really lasts. So refreshing, makes you just feel clean and clear headed!
  18. liquid soap


    I even use it in the guest bathroom as handsoap. I prefer the peppermint.
  19. so refreshing


    I just love this in the hot weather, it cools my skin and is so refreshing. Especially great when I come back from my very hot runs.
  20. Love being eco friendly and purchasing this size


    Love being eco friendly and purchasing this size. Bought this as a refill for our peppermint dispensers, this is great for kitchen hands and post garden work to refresh. I love that I can buy this size and reduce on waste.
  21. Love this


    This is a great liquid soap. Perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes. Lots of scents. Great product. Love the large size
  22. Love it, fresh and non-drying


    I was looking for a non-drying body wash as I have extremely dry skin and would tend to not use soap (!!) as it makes it crack. After I switched to a natural deodorant this was no longer an option!! I love that this is oil-based - it doesn't dry my skin and the peppermint scent is so refreshing. I could be imagining things, but it seems to help small cuts and scrapes heal as well. My husband love...
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  23. Minty fresh


    A good soap that makes you feel minty fresh. It is cooling to the skin but can be quite harsh on your face. Not recommended for sensitive skin!
  24. Fresh, effective and planet friendly!


    This product is just wonderful- it has many uses however I generally use it as a body cleanser, hand wash and makeup brush cleaner. You only need a few drops mixed with water for all of these uses, and the first bottle I had lasted about a year with regular use. The peppermint makes your skin feel tingly fresh which is especially nice in summer, and I'm happy to be supporting a family business tha...
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  25. Great value for money


    Bought this as a refill for our peppermint dispensers, this is great for kitchen hands and post garden work to refresh. I love that I can buy this size and reduce on waste.
  26. Good foot soak


    These bronner liquids work really well for some things - think handwash or foot soaks and bubble baths (as long as they’re super diluted). Personally I think they’re too stripping for washing the face or hair, they leave a film on dishes/glasses, and are not ideal for housecleaning in my personal opinion. Certainly not quite as versatile as claimed.
  27. Great product


    A small amount goes a long way, leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped of moisture. Doesn’t irritate my skin
  28. Not my favourite


    I love peppermint but this one tingles a bit on my skin so I wouldn't repurchase.
  29. Love the scent!


    I love this soap! Great formula with an amazing refreshing scent. This is a huge bottle and lasts for ages.I love that you can use it for a variety of different things. Would definitely recommend!
  30. Favourite for summer


    This is my favourite to use in summer. Makes you feel so fresh and clean because of the minty flavour on it. Will definitely buy again
  31. I love these range of soaps but not a fan of the tingling


    I love these soaps. You literally use a few drops that lather up so each bottle lasts a lot longer than you would expect. I wasn't a big fan of the tingling feeling from the peppermint so will stick to other scents.
  32. Makes you feel squeaky clean


    I use this as body soap and I have never felt cleaner. It leaves a great refreshing smell that lingers in the shower and gives your body a tingling feeling. I haven't used anything since.
  33. Really great soap


    Great soap! I love the scent and the formula is really good. Lathers nicely and you get HEAPS of product in this so it's great value. I was really surprised how much I liked the minty scent. Would buy again
  34. Gentle minty soap


    Gentle minty and fresh scented soap that's great for washing a variety of things. Love this brand!
  35. great


    the peppermint smell is a bit strong but it's a great soap to wash things with
  36. So refreshing!


    I love Dr Bronner soaps! The formula is so nice - it lathers great and doesn't dry out my skin. I love the more natural ingredients and this scent is so good! Didn't think I would like peppermint scented soap but it's so refreshing and great! Would definitely recommend!
  37. Overall great purchase, very versatile soap!


    Definitely worth the purchase! The peppermint scent is so refreshing and leaves you with a fresh tingling feeling after having a shower. I noticed the bumps on my arms started to clear up as well once I started using this. You also don't need to use a lot of the product, so it should last you for a long while. When using it to wash my hair, my hair texture improved and became more softer and smoo...
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  38. Great all rounder


    We use tank water and can therefore only use natural products if they are going down the drain. I originally bought this as a body wash (which I love, nothing smells cleaner than peppermint) my senstive skin feels soft and clean after using it but what I love the most is that I can use it for everything from a hand wash to floor cleaner. I even like to add it to the laundry to make my clothes smel...
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  39. Favourite!


    I LOVE this brand and these liquid soaps are the best. Peppermint is one of my favourite scents, it's so refreshing and energising. You can use it as body wash or as a nice bubble bath. Would definitely recommend trying! This big bottle is great value too
  40. The best


    Awesome sized bottle of liquid soap. Very minty and soothing and gentle on the hands
  41. Mint perfection


    This is my personal favourite Dr Bronners soap. I use it in the shower as well as for handsoap and laundry liquid. The litre bottle is the best value for money and I will continue to purchase this time and time again.

    Unlike other mint soaps, it doesn't tingle too hard on your skin. It leaves your skin clean but not stripped at all.
  42. Soapy minty goodness


    Fantastic versatile liquid soap that I can use for so many things. As a handwash, it isn't too drying. Nice fresh peppermint scent.
  43. Fantastic soap!


    Love everything about this - size, scent, versatility. Not too drying either
  44. The best!


    Super soft and nourishing. A little goes a long way. Big fan of this brand.
  45. Multi use


    I use this to clean my makeup brushes, dilute in water and swish your brushes through the solution, rinse clean and allow brushes to dry, works better than any other brush cleaner I’ve used. It’s also a good body wash, hand soap, and bubble bath.
  46. Great make-up brush cleanser


    I use this product (diluted in water) to deep-clean my makeup brushes once a month. This product leaves them squeaky clean without damaging the bristles, and leaves a really pleasant fresh peppermint scent. I've used purpose-made brush cleansers but this wins every time.
  47. My makeup brush cleaner


    This is my favourite product to use to clean my makeup brushes. The peppermint brings a refreshing scent to my clean brushes making them feel great when applying my makeup. I have used the other scents for body wash and am keen to trial it on the other things. Love the large size as well.
  48. Go to facial and body cleanser


    This liquid soap really does wonders for my face and skin. It’s been my go to facial and body cleanser for years. Not to mention how much product you get for the price. Never changing to another cleanser again :)
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