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Denman Medium Classic Styling Brush (7 row)

4.6 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $7.84

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4 instalments of $7.84

Or 4 instalments of $7.84 with LEARN MORE

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Classic 7-row styling brush.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Denman Medium Classic Styling Brush (7 row) Reviews

4.6 of 43 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best brush for curly hair


The rumours are true! I've heard so much about these brushes so finally got myself one and still can't get over how well it works on my curly hair

Most Helpful Criticism

not the best


I don't like this brush very much, I found it pulls on my hair a lot compared to my wetbrush
  1. Best brush for curly hair


    The rumours are true! I've heard so much about these brushes so finally got myself one and still can't get over how well it works on my curly hair
  2. Great brush


    Love this brush. For detangling insanely curly hair, for distributing product evenly, for defining curls. Couldn't do without it. It comes apart easily to clean. Unfortunately it does occasionally slip apart when you're brushing.
  3. good brush


    this is a really high quality brush that helps get my hair knot free
  4. Great for curly hair


    verified purchaser
    A good quality brush, love the design. Works well for curly hair.
  5. Defined, long-lasting curls


    I always use this brush when I want super defined curls that will last me all week. I do get a fair bit of shrinkage but it's worthwhile for how frizz-free and defined it leaves my curls. It is perfect for styling my naturally curly hair but not great for detangling so I wouldn't purchase this with the intention of using it to detangle.
  6. Love this for curly hair


    This brush is fantastic for detangling curly hair. It is really well made and it is perfect for wet styling curls and defining. I have thick wavy/curly hair and this hairbrush never tugs at my hair or causes breakage.
  7. Must have!


    The Denman brush is a must have for well defined curls. I have naturally curly/frizzy hair, but brushing and scrunching my curls after a shower w this brush has made my curls so much nicer and more defined!
  8. Solid Classic Styling Brush


    verified purchaser
    I've heard good things about Denman brushes for a while and when I saw that Adore was stocking them I thought it would be a good item to try it out!

    Works really well with hair regardless of if it's wet, damp or dry. I like that you can use this with your hairdryer but also really easy to use if you want greater separation in your curls / naturally drying.

    I definitely wo...
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  9. Good tool!


    verified purchaser
    Glad I purchased this brush as it differs from any other brush I use for my curly hair. It's very handy to separate the curls and minimise frizz. I use this then go in a scrunch with my favourite mousse/gel at the time. Curls are much more defined.
  10. Love this brush!


    verified purchaser
    Very happy with this purchase!
    I probably wont buy any other brush from now on.
    I'll be honest, I saw Zoe Foster Blake recommend this brush and bough it - now my bf and myself won't use anything else.
    It's not cheap but not overly expensive either, worth the small investment.
  11. Fabulous


    Sooo good for taming frizz. I think for how good the quality is, the price is super awesome too. I really like this and think everyone would like it!
  12. Best hairbrush


    Best hairbrush I’ve used.
    Great for my frizzy wavy hair!
  13. great for styling


    great for when I an blow drying my hair, works well
  14. a great brush


    I love to use this brush when I blow dry and straighten my hair, it works well
  15. 100% yes for curlies


    Using this denman brush on my curly wet hair for styling completely changed my curl game. I was getting ringlets again that I had not seen since i was a little girl. Definitely recommend to curlies out there.
  16. Love this brush


    Love my new brush! Firm and glides through the hair quickly and easily without any damage.
  17. not the best


    I don't like this brush very much, I found it pulls on my hair a lot compared to my wetbrush
  18. Perfect for defining curls!


    I have naturally curly 2C/3A hair, and I recently purchased this brush after seeing great videos and reviews! I usually just use a wide-tooth comb in the shower, but I find that this brush gives my curls so much more definition. I usually section my hair off and apply some curl defining cream/gel when my hair is wet, and use the brush by combing outwards and scrunching! So happy with this my defin...
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  19. Great for curly hair!


    I have been using this to style my curly hair after washing and after placing product in it. It has been really great at defining my curls and giving me less frizz.
  20. A satisfying brush-through every time


    Obviously fell unto the hype of this brush, and despite the price mark I thought "why not?" it's a long-term investment. Absolutely confirmed. Although it's still taking practice to get the right angle on my long curly/wavy locks, I've seen curls form within seconds that never appeared with regular coming. To be honest i RARELY brushed my hair - wet or dry. YES, I KNOW! This is easy to use, clean,...
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  21. Perfect for my curly hair!


    I love this brush it is perfect for working product through without frizzing my hair. Great slim design.
  22. I love this brush :) :)


    I have curly 3A hair and usually would never brush it, but this has been a game changer. I usually use after the shower, scrunch my hair with a t shirt and then if im lazy just brush through and scrunch, or if im feeling fancy I will section of hair, brush smaller sections and scrunch (I dont tend to use product in my hair).
    This really helps define my curls and leaves them in nice ringlets...
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  23. Less frizz!!!


    So I brought this denman brush in hopes of minimising my wet frizz when I squish in my products. I apply my curl cream (praying hands and raking method) and in sections, use the denman brush for product distribution. I need to use a mirror for it. I then scruch it to further encourage my hair to curl. I didn't bother using it after my gel. Ploped as usual in my cotton long sleeve. When my hair wa...
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  24. Love this for my Curly hair


    I have 2c-3a hair and I love using this to style it and disperse product through my hair, I was also very pleasantly suprised at the quality of this brush and how sturdy it is! (My cat constantly knocks it off the bench when I'm in the shower and it has not broken!)
  25. Perfect for styling my wavy/curly hair


    I’ve been using this for about a month to wet style my wavy/curly hair and I love it. It did take a few wash days to figure out the best method of use for my particular hair (YouTube is my friend on this curly journey lol), but now that I have, it’s been a major contributing factor to me having the best wash days and day 2 hair I’ve had since starting this journey. I also love how you can alter th...
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  26. Smooth and Shiny


    I have medium length straight hair that is getting thinner as I get older. I wanted to add volume while minimizing frizz when I blow dried my hair. This brush added body and smoothed my hair and gave me more control when blow drying the hard to reach back of my head. I am very happy I purchased this brush.
  27. Gets though my thick hair right to my scalp


    I have thick hair and this brush gets right through the mop to my scalp. It’s also great for removing tangles. Also, the bristles don’t have those little balls on the end so it’s really easy to remove the hair and keep clean.
    Love this brush.
  28. Gets it done without the tugging or snapping


    This is my favourite everyday brush as it detangles my very fine hair without tugging and snapping it.
  29. Amazing for curly hair


    My favourite brush of all time for my curls. Use it in the shower with plenty of conditioner, for detangling and achieving great clumpy curls. Great quality and lasts forever.
  30. Denman Styling Brush


    I've been quite happy with the brush so far, especially for the price. Brushing from the top, the bristles easily reach all the way through to my scalp.
  31. Great brush


    Really useful brush for blow drying - slides easily through hair without tangling. Feels very sturdy and looks like new after a few months of being used every day - plus it's easy to clean
  32. Brush Your Cares Away


    I received this brush as a free gift not only once but TWICE!

    That's how much I LOVE these brushes! So comfortable to use and great for massaging the scalp. Pure bliss!

    Easy to use and great to style with. A great grip and nice weight to it. Highly recommended and well worth the money to buy separately!
  33. My Go-To


    This is my favourite everyday brush as it detangles my very fine hair without tugging and snapping it.
  34. Great brush for detangling wet hair


    I purchased this after reading Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster Blake. Disappointingly my first brush snapped at the handle while brushing untangled dry hair... but I love it so much I purchased another one. It easily brushes through wet hair and the bristles glide through hair nicely.
  35. hairdresser recommended!


    This is my hairdresser's standard blow dry brush, so I got one too. Always leaves me with smooth, shiny locks. I bought one originally a good 7 years ago I think! Only just replaced it this year. So it will last a long time with good care, despite the constant high temps it's subjected to.
  36. Brought as a gift for mum she loves it too!


    Because I love my denman brushes I brought one for mum also and she loves them as much as I do. Slides through hair and takes out knots easily. Would definitely recommend this brush.
  37. Best!!


    This hairbrush is heavenly!!!

    I have a balayage blunt LOB (fine hair) and tend to tease my roots to get volume and this brush brushed all those awful knots out quickly without any pain at all!!!
    I'm very excited that the rubber pad and bristles are removable so I can clean the hair and gunk out of it as needed!

    Cannot fault this item and will continue to repurchase!...
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  38. It’s a keeper!


    I saw my hairdresser using this brush for my blowout and fell in love. It’s not bulky and I no longer need multiple brushes. This one is great and it’s so easy to clean instead of having to throw old brushes away when you can’t get the product build up off. It’s a keeper!
  39. Easy to use


    I have battled with round brushes for years when blow drying my hair. My hairdresser recommended this and she was spot on! Easy to use, lightweight, and doesn't give my hair static like most brushes. This also gives a lovely head massage when I use it on my dry hair. I have short, fine and colour treated hair.
  40. Great brush for every day


    This is my favourite everyday brush as it detangles my very fine hair without tugging and snapping it.
  41. A gamechanger!


    This brush is amazing for use on damp hair for dispersing product. I feel like my conditioner is now able to coat every single strand of hair. Easy to use and glides through my hair like butter.
  42. Great


    I have had the same brush for 20 years. Maybe they aren't the same anymore but mine is an absolute pearler...
  43. Great


    I have been using Denman traditional styling hairbrushes for longer than I care to remember. They're just right for my hair and make blowdrying easy. However, for the past few years I've noticed that they just don't last very long. Despite keeping my brush clean, and removing hair on a daily basis, it doesn't take long before the rubber 'bed' starts to split. I don't know if they've changed the ma...
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  44. Denman Brush


    This is a really good brush. I have thick, long, curly hair so use it as part of the 'curly girl' method. Nice and sturdy and smooth through the hair. I'm not sure if I should have gone a larger option though.
  45. Must have for hairdressers


    I love using the denman brushes after doing sets/blowdry’s and even blowbrying my own hair at home. If you set hair or have your hair set, they’re definitely good for brushing out the curl to make it look a bit softer and help give you a nice overall shape! I use mine when blowdrying my own hair instead of a round brush. Definitely would recommend.
  46. Best all - rounder brush for damp hair


    Purchased this from Adore a couple of years ago now - still my favourite all rounder brush. I have a lot of long thick hair, and I find the best way to use this is on slightly damp hair when I've just added product (serum, oil, heat protector ect.). It smooths through the hair easily without snagging, disperses product well and feels great on the scalp. Despite being used a hundred or so times mi...
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  47. Mixed feelings


    I purchased this after reading Zoe Foster-Blake’s recommendation in Amazing-er Face. I use this with a hairdryer to get rid of my cowlicks. Honestly, it’s a bit difficult to use as sometimes it feels like the rubber part is about to pop out, and I prefer to use a cheaper brush from Kmart day-to-day. That said, I get a slightly neater result when I perservere with the Denman.
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