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Cremorlab Hydro Plus Snow Falls Melting Cream 60ML 60ml

4.2 of 39 reviews


4 instalments of $16.25


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4 instalments of $16.25


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The Cremorlab Hydro Plus Snow Falls Melting Cream is formulated with T.E.N water, glycerin and squalane, creating a moisture barrier to ensure skin stay hydrated for long periods of time. A protective layer coats the skin to prevent moisture loss, as its unique texture melts into your skin, leaving behind a refreshing scent of jasmine.   

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GREAT - 74% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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4.2 of 39 reviews

74% recommend this product

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This cream made my skin feel very hydrated and soft. Definitely recommend.

Most Helpful Criticism

doesn't feel like it absorbs


I received this as a sample and I'm just not sure about it.
I have sensitive skin, and found that my cheeks flush - though it also feels like it just sits on top of the skin - I tried it a few times, but wiped it off with a wet cloth after a little while.
  1. So lovely, just a shame about the smell


    It makes a beautiful light moisturiser for summer while still offering deep hydration. But like other reviewers I didn't like the fragrance, it felt like I was putting something artificial/chemical on my face.
  2. Hydration


    This cream made my skin feel very hydrated and soft. Definitely recommend.
  3. Creamy and rich


    This is great for dry skin or if youre chasing a heavier based moisturiser. Melts into skin like promised and leaves a silky finish.
  4. Smooth and shine free


    I bought this product for my neck because it’s super smooth on my skin, plumping and shine free. But it was borrowed by my male friend who has dry flaky skin because he never cares for it. He loves it because it isn’t greasy and the skin looks instantly moisturised without shine. You can’t tell it’s on but the skin looks soft.
  5. Nice night cream


    I loved this lotion, it made my skin feel very hydrated and had a pleasant smell. It has a melting texture. I have used the whole tub and would repurchase.
  6. doesn't feel like it absorbs


    I received this as a sample and I'm just not sure about it.
    I have sensitive skin, and found that my cheeks flush - though it also feels like it just sits on top of the skin - I tried it a few times, but wiped it off with a wet cloth after a little while.
  7. Hydrating


    So hydrating and nourishing. One of my favourite creams. The tub lasts a long time and only a little it needed
  8. Absolutely fabulous - it's the dream cream!


    I received this cream as a sample and absolutely feel in love with it, it's creamy and smells divine! It keeps your face completely moisturised all day and I occasionally have dry skin and this facial cream keeps my face nice and soft throughout the day. Couldn't recommend this facial cream enough! Love, Love, Love!!
  9. Very sticky


    I received this product as a sample and have been using it the past two nights. The product smells nice and has a great feel to it but once I put it on my face and let it sit for a few minutes I actually questioned if it was face moisturiser and had to google to double check (the package didn’t specifically say it was for your face). It’s very sticky and thick feeling, it hasn’t settled into my skin well. I would say I have an oily to normal skin and this has definitely made it feel more oily than usual in my T section. It’s like a thick sunscreen on my face. I won’t be using it in the day time however I will keep using it as a night cream as I feel it does keep my face hydrated. Also noted no breakouts throughout the night which is a plus.
  10. Best of the best


    I got a tester of this with an order, threw it in my bag when I went on holiday and fell in love with it. My skin feels so hydrated and fresh after using it and it is so light. Using morning and night on combination skin. Have noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin
  11. This feels glorious


    I got a deluxe sample of this one and it was love at first application. It feels gel like and then melts into the face as you massage it in. I like to use this on nights where I have done a mask or some kind of treatment on my face. My skin feels bouncy in the morning and fresh. Its also one I love to use on weekends if I am not going to be wearing any makeup, makes me feel super fresh.
  12. Plump skin


    I received a sample of this in my order and was impressed with how plump my skin looked afterwards. I have combination skin and this provides enough hydration throughout the night- however, I did try this out when my skin was going through a very dry phase and this was not moisturising enough. Maybe if you top it with an oil it could work! I recommend this for those with normal to combination oily skin only. This is expensive but I will be purchasing after I finish my current moisturiser
  13. MMMM .. On the fence


    The packaging for the cremorlab is super sweet and pretty.

    it looks like whipped snow when you open the product.
    This felt a bit too thick on my skin and i am super prone to acne/breaks-out so i tried it on hubby! he felt that it was nice... smell was very strong and it did the job.
    not for me...... hubby was stoked though
  14. Luxurious and smoothing


    Received this as a sample from Sephora and simply loved it. Could only find it on Adorebeauty site, and bought it straight away. So smoothing and moisturising for my face. Not oily or greasy and makeup applies so easily over this cream. I have very sensitive skin and this is just lovely.
  15. Smooth and creamy but doesn't nourish skin


    I've just finished my tub of cremorlab, the product was smooth and creamy to apply but I never really felt like it was nourishing or hydrating my skin. If i didn't exfoliate properly it clung to my dry spots and made my makeup do the same. A good before bed cream, but not for the day.
  16. It really does have a light melting texture


    It makes a beautiful light moisturiser for summer while still offering deep hydration. But like other reviewers I didn't like the fragrance, it felt like I was putting something artificial/chemical on my face.
  17. Nice product


    I liked this moisturiser. It didn’t do quite as much for my skin as my spa-brand expensive one, but at half the price I was quite satisfied. It has a fresh clean scent, an unusual texture, and it melts into the skin.
  18. Hydrating and smells lovely


    I love the smell of the Hydro Snow Falls range, its so delicate and fresh. A very rich texture in how it melts to the skin, so I find that I need a very small amount. I often prefer to use more of a gel like texture for daily moisturiser, but this is still nice and definitely feels hydrating.
  19. Um


    I like the formula and texture. But absolutely disliked the fragrance. I would 100% consider buying another one if the smell had changed.
  20. Great


    I have sensitive dehydrated skin and this is the only cream I have ever found that keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. Feels plump throughout the day. After a week of use friends noticed a difference in my skin. On my third purchase and will continue to use. Love it!!
  21. Broke Me Out


    I received a generous sample of this cream and was quite excited to begin using it; however, upon opening, I couldn’t help but notice the heavy frangrance, which irked me as I have sensitive, eczema prone skin. I decided I’d still try it regardless. I woke up the next morning to a forehead of tiny, pimple-like bumps. I kept using the cream, as I assumed it might’ve been something else, but the bumps kept coming. I decided to stop using it and within days the bumps cleared. I recommend a healthy dose of caution with this one.
  22. Love the texture


    I use this as a night cream and am very happy with the smell and results
  23. Used a sample


    I got this as a sample and it's such a unique feeling cream. It really does melt into the skin as soon as it's applied and makes my face feel so soft. Great to use before applying make-up. I only use a small amount, as it does make my face a little shiny. I wouldn't recommend it to those with oily skin. I'm definitely keen to purchase the full sized version.
  24. Very fragranced


    I received a deluxe sized sample pot of this with an adore order, and I am really not a fan. First of all it is incredibly fragranced, and the smell lingers. Also i didn't find that it 'melted' into my skin at all, it sat for ages on top and needed lots of help to work it into my skin. Also left my skin with a residue. I would not purchase the full size.
  25. Very good but don't use too much if your skin gets oily


    i got this as a present and its amazing but i do get oily skin so i only use the smallest amount. better that way as it lasts longer lol
  26. Melts into your skin


    This cream is amazing. It feels and smells good on application and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised without any of the greasy feeling you often get with thicker creams. Its a thick cream which applies thinly melting into your skin and a small amount goes a long way. I got this as a free gift and am seriously considering buying a full size to replace my other products.
  27. Beautiful hydrating cream


    Gorgeous cream with a fluffy texture that goes on like silk and melts right into your skin. Smells subtle but divine. I have combination skin that tends to go a bit dry. Makes my skin super soft and have that 'bounce'. Got as a sample - great advertising as I will definitely buy a full size now.
  28. Not For Me


    I received this as a sample, but it definitely doesn’t suit me. It is fragranced and I find fragrances skin products tend to irritate my skin. After about half an hour of applying it (I used at night), my skin felt oily and itchy. I also woke up with a few breakouts. My skin is slightly oily with enlarged pores. This might suit very dry skin that isn’t sensitive to frangrance in skin products.
  29. Lovely skin hydrator


    I got a free sample of this product from Adore Beauty. I've been using it every morning for the past 2 weeks. A little goes along way and you only need to use a small amount for the hydrating effect. It absorbs really well and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I ran out 3 days ago and i cant believe how much my skin misses it! I'm just about to purchase a full sized one :) I feel like this is my new summer 'go to' hydrator :)
  30. Amazing


    feels soooo lovely! my skin is super soft and smooth and i love putting it on!! lasts for ages and def worth the price
  31. Fun light hydrator


    I bought this because it sounded so light and fun to use. And it is! It's very light, makes the skin feel so soft, primes well under make it. It is pricey, as much as I love it I'd have to think twice about buying again due to the price tag.
  32. A perfect cream for winter or whenever your skin is driest.


    A perfect cream for winter or whenever your skin is driest.

    The scent is unique and distinct - quite fresh but also dissipates quickly. So too does the cream once applied. As another reviewer mentioned, only a tiny amount is needed and the jar lasts a very long time, and the cream itself, while having an almost icing sugar consistency practically melts into the skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished, soft and hydrated.

    If there is a complaint, it's a minor one and that is perhaps the hydrated feeling doesn't last as long as it should. Again a minor complaint.

  33. Disappointing


    I have only just received this and used it twice. For me this cream is not rich enough however it would suit young skin. ( I am in my 50's). I wish I could have smelt the cream before trying - the perfume reminds me of old womens skin care , something like ponds cold cream, not nice at all. I must admit I purchased because I liked the name !
  34. Interesting


    More than anything, I love the name of this cream! It is a little odd that Alcohol Denat. is so high up on the list of ingredients, but that's OK. I don't even mind the floral scent! At least it doesn't smell like citrus and lavender like every other product on the market right now. The cream is a little too hydrating to put all over my face, but it is lovely to hydrate my cheeks and forehead in winter.
  35. Super impressed!

    Corinne (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Like others have said, this cream really does melt like the name suggests! I find that I only need a tiny amount so I can see one jar lasting a long time. The scent is a little fruity and fresh and the cream itself seems to make my skin glow without looking oily. For the past few days I've been applying this all over my face and spot concealing and my skin looks healthy and radiant without all the effort I usually have to put in!!
  36. Melting, lightweight formula that leaves you glowing

    Vanessa (AdoreBeauty Staff)

    This cream legit feels like melting snow! It's a thicker consistency than most hydrating moisturises, however when you blend this product into your skin it melts into nothing. It left my skin feeling very hydrated with a slight glow to the skin.
  37. Melting cream is right!

    Elle (AdoreBeauty Staff)

    Looking at the consistency of this cream, it appears quite dense and rich. That's a complete mirage because the second you scoop some up and put it on your skin, as it's name suggests, it melts right into your skin, and feels so light and fluffy.

    Its a lovely consistency that absorbs instantly, and smells lovely and fresh.
    I have quite dry and dehydrated skin, so this product is perfect for me! My skin is left feeling moisturised, plump and smooth.
  38. Lightweight Hydration

    Shannon (AdoreBeauty Staff)

    I believe this is meant for dry skin, my skin is normal-combo but prone to dehydration. I strongly prefer heavy, rich moisturisers, especially for overnight, as this seems to ward off flakiness for me.

    This would be best used on normal-dry skin with a rich serum underneath - used by itself, for me, it didn't offer enough protection against dehydration, however, my skin felt really nice and soft after using, and my skin looked good in the morning too.

    I think this is a great choice for a night cream for all skin types except oily. It is lightweight yet, somehow, very rich in a way that melts right into the skin.
    This would be a great choice for someone who needs a moisturiser who doesn't want to use something heavy, but still two steps up from a gel.
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