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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath 354ml

4.6 of 56 reviews


4 instalments of $4.99

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4 instalments of $4.99

Or 4 instalments of $4.99 with LEARN MORE

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Rub-a-dub-dub, naturally.
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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath Reviews

4.6 of 56 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A nice treat


This bubble bath is so nice and natural. Not alot, but enough bubbles to fill the bath and you can get quite a few baths out of the bottle. I'm happy with the product.
  1. A nice treat


    This bubble bath is so nice and natural. Not alot, but enough bubbles to fill the bath and you can get quite a few baths out of the bottle. I'm happy with the product.
  2. So good


    Full of good ingredients and no shame in using baby products when they smell this good and deliver such good results
  3. Smells amazing!! A little goes a long way!


    I absolutely adore Burts bees products especially the baby products, I could sit there sniffing it all day and the best part is how natural the products are and bubs loves it too! It’s so hard to find Burts baby products now, so thankful for this website! Lol
  4. Lovely and gentle


    Such a moisturising and gentle body wash. It is perfect and full of good ingredients.
  5. great


    it can be used as a bubble bath or a body wash. Seems to be very moisturizing on my skin. I
  6. So many bubbles


    Loved how soft and gentle this is in smell and on the skin and the amount of bubbles is magnificent
  7. I wanted to love this


    I really wanted to love it, but I can’t because it wasn’t very concentrated - will probably last 6-8 baths? My son has a bath everyday..
    It took a lot just to get a decent amount of bubbles. It did smell nice and I like how it has no nasties but I can’t afford to purchase regularly.
  8. great wash


    this is really nice, I know its for babies but I like to use it as my skin is sensitive. Really enjoy this
  9. Smells amazing


    verified purchaser
    This makes the bathroom smell like honey and is really nice and gentle on my baby's skin.
  10. a great bubble bath


    this is really good, sls free and it smells nice
  11. SO lovely and gentle


    I love this for the kids. It is really bubbly and gentle on the skin and smells amazing! The kiddies love love love it! Definitely recommend.
  12. Sweet and gentle


    I bought this for my nephew and ended up loving it for the fresh scent. It's also great for mild/sensitive skin and doesn't leave any residue
  13. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath


    I absolutely love this product! I have sensitive skin and this is the best product for my hands.
  14. Bath time made great again


    This is a lovely bubble bath for the little one. It leaves her refreshed and squeaky clean. It is also a good size and lasts a while. Such a brilliant product and so great for sensitive little one's.
  15. Good for kiddies


    I use this in my kids baths. It’s gentle on their skin and smells lovely
  16. Great for baby’s skin


    Smells lovely and lathers nicely . Leave baby’s skin smooth after bath. However, it seems expensive and doesn’t last very long
  17. Soft and gentle


    This bubble bath is soft and gentle on the little ones skin. This would be a lovely gift for a new mum. This is such a lovely skincare product to use on the little ones skin.
  18. Gentle


    A very gentle product that leaves skin soft and smooth.
  19. Smells great


    Really great bubble bath. You don't need too much and it smells gorgeous. Great product especially for the price.
  20. Great


    Beautiful product. Have used for all my children. Lathers up great and smells pretty
  21. Amazing!!


    I love a good bubble bath and this stuff is different to what else is on the market - smells fab and makes my skin feel lovely
  22. Lovely


    A amazing smelling, gentle bath product. Perfect for the whole family. A great bubble bath for sensitive skin. Very gentle on skin and the smell is devine.
  23. my bub loves it


    my bub loves it and we have never changed to any other ones ever since, and we believe this is a natural one for her.
  24. fantastic


    my little bub loves bubble baths and this is such a fantastic product and works really well for soft, delicate baby skin
  25. Perfect for sensitive skin


    My son has eczema prone, sensitive skin but loves a bubble bath. It took me ages to find a bubble bath that doesn’t irritate his skin and make his eczema flare up but I have finally found it. It makes a good amount of bubbles, smells good and most importantly doesn’t irritate his skin!
  26. nice gentle bubble bath


    It smells so nice. My baby really likes it. It's so easy for me to take a bath for my baby and makes her skin soft and nice.
  27. Love it


    This product is very gentle and smell really nice. It didn’t irritate my skin. It is so refreshing after using it. Definitely recommend.
  28. Amazing


    Love this product fro relaxing bubble baths. Smells absolutely amazing and creates a good amount of bubbles. leaves my skin feeling hydrated after using. Will repurchase.
  29. Devine


    Oh my god! I retrieved this as a gift recently for my daughter and wow it smells devine and gives the perfect amount of bubbles for sensory play in the bath. Love the ingredients no nasties at all. I actually caught my husband using it in the shower as body wash cause he’s obsessed with the smell haha. My daughters skin is left feeling super soft and hydrated which is perfect for winter as she is ...
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  30. good


    very good for baby's skin and smells amazing!
  31. Not only for babies


    Another amazing product from Burt’s bees!!!
    Excellent ingredients, gentle to the skin.
    Not only for babies, I am 35 and I use it all the time in my bath!
  32. Lovely bubble bath


    This is a lovely bubble bath for the little one. It leaves her refreshed and squeaky clean. It is also a good size and lasts a while.
  33. Simple product that does what it says


    This is just a great basic baby wash - nothing irritating, a nice gentle smell, a pretty bottle. I often buy this as a gift. The smell takes me right back to having my little babies!
  34. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my body very hydrated compared to other bubble bath products. I would recommend this to anyone! Another great product from the line.
  35. great for winter


    This smells very natural and after using it in the bath my kids skin is very soft and nourished. Great for winter and doesn't irritate the skin at all.
  36. Great


    This was my babies' first bubble bath--never a tear and I love that it's made with safe and lovely-scented ingredients!
  37. lovely :)


    beautiful bubble bath with a soft smell
  38. Yum


    I love bubble baths (i’m thirty something) and I have to admit I got this for myself. It’s super lovely smelling and does give good bubbles. But, I can’t always use it. I sometimes get really bad rashes that are eczema/auto immune related, particularly on my upper arms, and if these are playing up this aggravates them, badly. So I wouldn’t recommend it for little ones with similar problems if they...
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  39. great


    my uncle loved this! makes him feel at home


    I love this bubble bath, it throughly cleans and leaves my babies sensitive skin smelling fresh and hydrated.
  41. Lovely


    Smells beautiful but not too strong. Doesn’t flare up my toddlers eczema like all others I have tried. Nice and nourishing
  42. Devine


    Best baby bubble wash!! Smells absolutely gorgeous!!
  43. awesome product


    My daughter has super sensitive skin that reacted to everything. Until I found this. Heaps of bubbles so she can have fun. And leaves her skin looking and feeling heaps better afterwards. Really can't recommend this enough
  44. Nice and gentle!


    Love all things Burts Bees. A great smelling, gentle bath product. Perfect for the whole family!
  45. Lovely


    Love this bubble bath!! I brought it just to use for myself and it's gorgeous. I love the scent and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. Definitely think it would be great for a bub.
  46. Soft and gentle, lots of bubbles


    Pleasantly surprised that this gave lots of bubbles considering that this bubble bath has gentle cleansers. Smells lovely, but not too strong. My kids love it - especially as they have eczema flares come up, and this bubble bath has not triggered them. It means my kids can enjoy having a bubble bath.
  47. Bubble bliss


    My babies loved bath time with this product. I had been looking for an organic product that would be gentle on their skin and this bubble bath was exactly that.
  48. Great


    This is great for little ones. Very safe and very gentle.
  49. Great for babies


    Very gentle bath wash that's great for babies sensitive skin. Doesn't leave skin feeling to dry
  50. Great for Baby's Skin


    I use this bubble bath to bathe my baby daily. She suffers from eczema but this bubble bath does not aggrevate her skin. It has a great smell and there is enough in the bottle to give me a few months worth of baby baths.
  51. Winner in our household


    My son suffers from dermatitis and I can't use alot of bubble baths because they dry his skin out too much. I found this to be great and he has had no reaction. It is low on fragarance, so perfect for delicate bubba skin. Would recommend!
  52. On to our second bottle


    We love this at our house. I've bought it again as I like that it's not full of nasties. Excellent bubbles!
  53. A favourite of mine


    I love this. This is my second bottle. I'll definitely continue to reorder. It hasn't really got a fragrance, so my husband used it on his very dry skin. The pump pack is heaps better that the tube. My mother now uses this now also.
  54. Gentle and smells lovely


    I bought this because supermarket bubble bath seemed to be drying out my son's skin and giving him an itchy rash. The Burt's Bees Bubble Bath seems to have cause him no such problems. I only use two capfuls and that produces lots of bubbles and a lovely light honey scent. I think you could probably just use one capful and it would still be sufficient for most kiddies to play with. I would defin...
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  55. Mmmmmm


    So gentle on my baby's skin and makes him smell scrummy!
  56. You will beeeeee impressed!


    Great for babies with sensitive skin who also want the fun of bubbles! We've tried all the natural/organic brands and this one was the only one that cleaned well, didn't break our baby out in a rash, smelt great, and made decent bubbles! Will keep repurchasing, well worth it for the joy it brings at bath times.
  57. Anonymous

    I like to use gentle products for my son's skin as he has had sensitive skin in the past. Normally I would purchase Little Twig but they were out of stock so I thought i would try this. Smells great and you only need 2 squirts to get lots of bubbles. Purchased this for a friend and her little girl has had skin problems but no worries using this.
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