5 Best Natural Baby Products

It seems everyone’s jumping on the sustainable, green trend at the moment. And for good reason! Using an all-natural product on your baby’s skin could help prevent irritation. If you want to take the pure approach, we’ve got the natural baby products that will help.

From the ever-expanding vegan aisle at the grocery store to new plastic-free packaging options, things are becoming more sustainable. Taking an all-natural approach with your baby’s skin makes perfect sense. Why not start them early!

Treating your precious newborn’s skin to the very best formulas is, of course, a no-brainer. But why should you be picking out all-natural baby products?

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What are organic products?

The demand for all-natural beauty and baby products has only increased in the past few years. Not sure what organic actually means? You’re not alone. ‘Organic’ usually means that from start to finish, an ingredient hasn’t been near any toxic pesticides, artificial growth hormones, GMOs, sewage, or antibiotics. ‘Natural’ usually means that the ingredients in a product come from the earth (or the sea) rather than a chemical lab.

Why choose natural skin care products?

As the world moves towards a more sustainable mindset, it follows that new mums are becoming more conscious of what they’re putting on their baby’s skin. If your little one is struggling with atopic dermatitis, you might feel more reassured putting the best natural product for baby eczema on their skin.

And it’s not just the babies who are jumping on the all-natural train! Whether you're suffering with acne-prone skin or you’re looking for organic blends to help soothe sensitive skin, there are many Clean Beauty options for you to play with.

If you’re thinking of dipping your proverbial toe into some all-natural products, you could check out the Pai organic range. From stretch marks to rosacea and sensitive skin, this brand’s soothing blends will see you right.

If you like the idea of your little one splashing around with some all natural baby bath products, or you’d rather use natural products for baby eczema, we’ve combed through the reviews and found the formulas their skin will smile at.

Which product is best for newborn baby?

Navigating your way around the world as a new mum can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Suddenly, your priorities have shifted from Saturday brunch dates to breastfeeding (or not) and the best natural organic baby products. Everyone has an opinion and some words of advice to offer.

One thing is clear: when it comes to your baby, YOU are in control. You don’t have to take anyone's advice. Thank goodness! If you feel more comfortable soothing your baby’s skin and hair with all-natural, organic products, get stuck straight in.

If you're not sure why someone would choose natural products over the regular ones you’re used to seeing on the supermarket shelf, it all comes down to the ingredients.

Did you know that your body absorbs over 60% of what you put on your skin? Some grooming products are full of chemicals. Although some of those chemicals help keep us looking youthful and fresh, that’s not something a baby needs to worry about.

From the nappy cream you put on after each bum change to the lotion that soothes dry patches, taking a greener, more natural approach to baby skincare makes a fair bit of sense.

What are the best natural organic baby products?

Whether you’re interested in natural hair products for babies or you simply want to try out some organic blends, we’ve found some bits for you to try and listed them below.

As fun as bubbles are, when you want to nurture and protect baby’s skin, you might want to try an all-natural blend that has a creamy edge. Made with soothing ingredients that tend to skin gently, Weleda Calendula Cream Bath treats your baby’s skin with care. Cruelty-free and certified organic, this nourishing blend won't foam up in the bath, but it will leave their skin nourished and hydrated. Perfect for sensitive skin that flares up easily, this milky cream can also be enjoyed by a mum or dad whose skin is feeling a little uncomfortable.

  • If you want to try some all-natural baby products on their tender skin, you might as well start with bath time. This creamy bath blend cleanses their skin with care, so any dry patches are soothed and replenished. Working to help keep their skin touchably soft, this bath wash will help hydrate and protect their skin. Perfect for all skin types to enjoy, this moisturising baby bath takes just a capful or two to transform water into milky, creamy goodness.

  • The beauty of using all-natural products is that your precious little one’s skin stays as safe as can be. Super-gentle, non-irritating Weleda Calendula Cream Bathv is made with Sweet Almond Oil and Sesame Oil to keep your baby’s skin supple and soft. Calendula helps keep skin calm and smooth, and babies will enjoy splashing about in the creamy water. To use, fill the bath with lukewarm water and add a few drops of this formula. You’ll soon start to notice their softer, smoother skin.

With so many baby products available now, it can be hard to know which are best for your own baby’s skin. If you’re looking for an all-natural, vegan baby oil for their tender skin, consider Weleda Calendula Baby Oil. Made with only 2 ingredients, this certified organic, cruelty-free, and sulphate-free formula moisturises their skin simply. This oil is suitable for baby massage time, bath time, and anything else your little one might need. A soothing, gentle product, it can even be used to clean the troublesome nappy area.

  • Creating a barrier between your baby’s precious skin and the harsh realities of the world, this oil helps look after chafed, irritated skin that’s dry and uncomfortable. Perfect for helping you mop up a nappy explosion, this oil won’t tug or cause any further redness. If you’re looking for new ways to bond with your baby, you could use this oil and set aside some baby massage time. Gently rubbing your hands with this oil over their skin makes your love tangible and leaves them soothed and nourished.

  • When it comes to baby products, multitasking options are often your best bet. You can add Weleda Calendula Baby Oil to a lukewarm bath, use it as a nappy wipe, or smooth it over their dry patches to bring them comfort. The light, organic Sesame Oil blends perfectly with the smoothing extract of Organic Calendula. Suitable for daily use, this moisturising oil with no nasties will keep their skin in the best condition.

With a new baby in tow, the one product you can’t live without is a nappy changing cream. From unexpected poop explosions to wet bums that need extra love, Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream keeps them covered. The perfect size to travel with, this tube will help you protect their precious skin when you’re on the go. Certified organic, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulphate-free, this all-natural nappy cream helps soothe skin that’s a little sore and uncomfortable. A rich formula that smooths onto the skin easily, this nappy cream won’t break the bank—which is good considering how many times you might be changing those nappies!

  • Made with Calendula, a natural anti-inflammatory, this nappy cream takes care of their skin with no hidden nasties. The skin-friendly Lanolin in the formula blends perfectly with Zinc Oxide to build a protective barrier against wetness over your baby’s skin. The Chamomile Extract in the mix works to soothe irritation and help prevent redness. Designed to support the skin’s natural functions, this all-natural cream takes care of their skin in the gentlest way. Plus, it’s suitable for vegetarians to enjoy. Even midwives agree that Weleda has got this product nailed!

  • Taking care of your baby’s skin can be tricky. A lotion for this, a potion for that—it can be hard to know what exactly you’re putting on their skin. With Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream, you’ll know exactly where you stand. The Sweet Almond Oil and Sesame Oil work together to help nourish and comfort skin that’s red and textured. Free from synthetic fragrances and colourants, this gentle, natural blend is one you can rub on their sensitive skin with confidence.

Some brands have been playing with natural, organic, and sustainable formulas for years. Beloved amongst the green community, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm - Baby Unscented helps you look after most of your baby’s (and your) skin complaints. Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, and Organic Hemp Oil help heal tender skin naturally. When it comes to clean skincare, there’s no bigger brand in the business than Dr. Bronner’s. This magic unscented balm works as well on adults as it does on children and babies.

  • Once you use this unscented balm, it’ll probably become a mainstay in your skincare shopping order. Whether you’re looking after baby or simply soothing yourself, this balm keeps skin nourished and protected. Offering instant relief to chafed and chapped skin, this moisturising balm is also great for helping tattoos heal (we’re not sure baby will need it for that, tbh). Perfect for hands, cuticles, and bottoms, this balm coats the skin in goodness and sinks in quickly.

  • Some products are so good, you never want to stop using them. Dr. Bronner Magic Balm - Baby Unscented helps ease chapped lips, sore skin, rough patches, and nappy rash. With no hidden nasties, the natural ingredients are never tested on animals, and they’re all certified organic. Taking care of your baby’s skin can be confusing. Help keep things simple with this multipurpose, all-natural balm. Keep it in the bathroom cupboard and whip it out when you need it. Or pop it in your nappy changing bag to help make the process just that little bit easier.

When it comes to taking care of your baby’s skin and tender hair tuft, you want to use a natural product you know you can rely on. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash is one of those all-important, all-natural baby hair products that doesn't contain any hidden nasties. Cruelty-free and artificial fragrance-free, this formula is an affordable way to wash their skin with goodness only. A tear-free blend that works hard to cleanse your baby’s skin without scrubbing, it leaves them moisturised and nourished for longer. With 99.3% natural ingredients, this mix is gentle enough for everyday use.

  • If your little one loves bubbles in their bath, they’ll have fun with this shampoo and wash. The non-irritating, plant-based formula is also free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and SLS. Approved by paediatricians, this natural shampoo and wash cleanses their skin without causing any irritation. Perfect for use on a baby’s delicate, soft skin, this formula contains Soy Protein, which helps leave your baby’s skin moisturised and smooth.

  • More than just a body wash, Burt's Bees Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash also cleans your baby’s hair, helping tease out any tangles. You (hopefully) won’t get many tears when you wash them with this gentle blend. The fresh, clean scent won’t detract from their natural baby goodness, and the formula naturally moisturises their skin. Pour a few capfuls onto a cotton washcloth and hold baby’s head gently while you clean their body. To wash their hair, apply a small amount directly to their head and rinse away—quick, before they notice!

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