Everything You Need to Know About Baby Powder

Having a baby opens up a heap of new conversations. Who'd've thought you’d care so much about baby powder?! Crazy. From organic baby powder to applying baby powder, we've got the low-down and need-to-know.

Aside from completely upending your life and creating general panic and chaos, having a baby about the place can be pretty fun.

From the cute little things they learn to do, to the first smiles they crack, there’s a lot to experience when there’s a new baby on the scene.

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Now, before all this baby talk puts you in a complete tailspin, taking care of a little one means some serious shopping is ahead. Who doesn’t like a bit of necessary shopping? You’ve got cute cot decorations, nappy-bag essentials …

They may be small, but my word—babies and children come with a lot of stuff! Something you might not have taken too much time to consider is baby powder.

Baby powder is often used on a little one’s skin to prevent skin irritation. It’s not a magic formula, and it won’t cure anything. But powder will help you look after their skin and keep it healthy.

The best baby powder doesn’t contain any chemicals and helps babies stay clean and hygienic, which is no mean feat for a baby. Still, it’s not just kids who enjoy a good powder every now and again; women and men can enjoy the fine stuff too. Chub rub? Powder it. Runner’s nipple rash? Sprinkle it on.

Designed to ease skin friction and a touch of nappy rash, a good baby powder could come in handy for a number of reasons. If you’ve never used a baby powder before, we’ve done some digging and got to the bottom of your questions.

Plus, hop towards the end of the page to find some of our favourite products.

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Is baby powder dangerous?

The quick answer: no, in general, baby powder isn’t dangerous. These days, baby powders are made conscientiously, so they’re safe for you and safe for your little one. As with any product you put on your baby’s skin, you want to make sure it's the safest, most appropriate option.

What can be potentially quite dangerous for babies is talc. You don’t want your babe to inhale too much talc, as some research on talc suggests that it could potentially be carcinogenic. So, this ingredient is a big no-no. Chuck that old-fashioned talc that dear Auntie Judith brought you and explore some of the newer, kinder, more natural baby powder options.

Rather than talc, you could pick up one of the natural, kind formulas we have listed below. Make sure you use a baby powder on bum and try not to put baby powder on face—they won’t enjoy inhaling the powder, even if it is a natural formula.

A Cornstarch-based product will work really well on your baby’s skin, and keep in mind that you don’t need to use loads to experience the moisture absorbing benefits. Rather than pour powder on your baby’s skin like you’re icing a doughnut (mmm, doughnuts), use a light dusting instead.

If you’re thinking about using baby powder to help with the dreaded chub rub chafing (seriously, it works), that’s totally fine. Just pick out products that use natural ingredients and take a shower at the end of your day.


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Can you use baby powder on newborns?

Yes, you can use baby powder on newborns. But you might not need to use it every time they have an accident. Babies can be moist (anyone else hate that word?) little things. Combine that with their chubby little limbs, and they might start experiencing redness and a bit of irritation. Pat a light layer of natural, Cornstarch-based powder onto the baby to help soak up wet patches.

Baby powder and infants tend to work in harmony. Whether babies are experiencing a bit of prickly heat or they’re just constantly splashing about, a powder will help keep their skin safe and sound. When it comes to newborns, use powder only where they need it to help keep their skin baby-soft.

How much baby powder to use?

As tempting as it is to pour powder all over your baby to mop up after bath time, you don’t need to use so much. Babies often experience nappy rash. A good Cornstarch baby powder absorbs moisture and helps keep any skin-on-skin friction at bay.

Rather than dousing your little one in powder, choose an effective product instead. Cornstarch is a naturally absorbent ingredient that won’t harm your baby’s skin. Keep some in your baby bag so you can speed up the nappy-changing process when you’re out and about.

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How to apply baby powder after shower?

You don't need to be a babe-in-arms to enjoy a good baby powder. Grown-ups can apply a baby powder after a shower to soak up excess moisture and help keep skin soft and smooth. Once you’ve towel-dried your skin, simply sprinkle the powder where moisture tends to lurk. Think your feet, between your legs, under your arms and boobs, that kind of thing. And if you just love the SMELL of baby powder, you can sprinkle it anywhere!

From between-the-leg chafing (the worst) to freshening up your dog’s stinky coat, baby powder is good for more than just babies and showers. Run out of your favourite dry shampoo? A sprinkle of baby powder will soak up grease and give you a bit more time before you need to wash your hair.

You can also use baby powder to keep your bed sheets cool and fresh on a steaming-hot night. If your shoes are a bit stinky, leave a heap of powder inside each one and let it sit overnight. Dump out the powder in the morning, and (fingers crossed) the smell will be gone.

If you’ve spilt grease or oil on your favourite top (nightmare), instead of chucking it straight in the washing machine, sprinkle a bit of powder on the stain first. It will soak up the grease and help lift the stain away. Pretty cool!

Baby powder helps keep your skin smooth and safe after you shower, but it’ll come in handy for a number of other things too. It’s just one of those essential household products.

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Why baby powder is dangerous?

Baby powder can be dangerous when talc is on the ingredient list. Traditionally, talcum powder was used for everything. It was something your mum or nan probably always had in their bathroom! Some research has found that talcum powder is linked to ovarian cancer in women, though nothing’s been confirmed yet. These days, research shows that if you’re using a powder on your baby’s skin, you’re better off using Cornstarch.

So, what are the baby powder side effects? A powder can have very fine particles that can become dangerous if a baby inhales too much. Always apply a powder to your hands before you apply it to your baby’s skin, so you don’t use more than you need to. Let’s face it: if you have a newborn at home, you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. Use an organic baby powder Australia rather than talc to help keep you and your baby as safe as can be. We’ve found our favourite natural baby powders and listed them below for you to check out.

Is baby powder good for dry skin?

Yep, a baby powder is good for dry skin, which might seem weird because powder is so … dry. If you have dry, rough patches on your elbows, ankles, or knees, a quick rub with some baby powder after you shower will help keep your skin nice and smooth.

If you haven’t had a pedicure in a while, baby powder will soothe cracked heels and make them feel just that little bit softer. And as plump as your baby’s skin is, irritating dry spots can appear. A little bit of powder after their bath will help their skin stay comfortable and soft, you so you can enjoy fewer tears.

What is baby powder made up of?

What baby powder is made up of usually is a question about the main ingredient. In the good old days, baby powder always contained talc. Unfortunately, too much talc can cause a few issues if you’re not careful. Baby powder for babies good or bad all comes down to the ingredients in a specific product. These days, a good baby powder is made with Cornstarch rather than talc. You might also find Kaolin and Elm Bark in the formula to help keep your baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth. We’ve found a couple of our favourite 100% talc-free formulas and listed them below for you to check out.

What does baby powder do for babies?

A good baby powder will help you take care of your little one's skin. The dry, silky texture is perfect for soothing the skin after a poop explosion (babies aren’t ALWAYS cute). Apply the powder to your hands and then smooth your hands over the nappy area. This will help soak up any excess moisture before you pop (yet) another nappy back on. By soaking up all of the dampness, you’ll help prevent skin irritation before their next nappy change.

What mineral is used in baby powder?

The mineral traditionally found in baby powder is talc. Talc is a clay mineral that’s been found in baby powders since your nanna was in nappies. To help keep your baby’s skin safe and soft, the best baby powders you can find at the moment contain Cornstarch. Cornstarch soaks up moisture and, amazingly, prevents dryness—no problems. So much more natural than talc, cornstarch baby powder is something you’ll be happy to use all over your baby’s skin and your own.

We’ve found the baby powders that’ll help you out in a pinch and keep your baby’s skin as soft as can be.

Run out of your dry shampoo? Shake a bit of baby powder on your roots to help soak up the grease!

When you’re looking after a newborn, one thing you want to hold on for as long as possible is their newborn scent: indescribable and totally intoxicating. A newborn smells like nothing else! Rather than piling heavily scented products onto their skin after each nappy change, it’s a nice idea to use very gently fragranced products instead. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder Bottle is a cruelty free baby powder that’s phthalate-free, paraben-free, and 100% talc free. Made with Slippery Elm Bark, Cornstarch, Kaolin, and Rose Flower Powder, this soothing formula tends to your baby’s skin with care.

  • Containing 99.63% natural ingredients and no nasties, this easy-to-use dusting powder is a baby changing-bag essential. Simply pour a small amount between your palms and smooth over your baby’s skin after a bath or when you’re changing their nappy. You can trust that this soothing Burt’s Bees powder, with its barely-there scent, won’t irritate your babe’s skin or cause redness. Offering relief from prickly heat, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder Bottle can be applied whenever you need to.

  • Not just for babies, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder Bottle is for you too. Sprinkle this powder on your hair roots to soak up grease. And use the powder on your feet to soothe cracked heels. The Cornstarch in the formula soaks up unwanted moisture from the skin and leaves you feeling soft and balanced. To use on the baby, smooth the powder onto your baby’s skin and reapply as often as you need to. Always keep the powder lid firmly in place. Store the product in a light, airy room to keep it in the best possible condition.

If you have a newborn baby in tow, you’re probably getting used to the constant nappy changes. Seriously, it never stops. To stay on top of things, you’ll want to arm yourself with a set of products you can rely on. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee 2 in 1 Diaper Cream & Baby Powder is 99% natural and does two jobs in one. We love a multitasking queen! Working to absorb wetness and keep your baby’s skin smooth, dry, and soft, this effective formula is easy to use. Completely cruelty-free and 99% natural, this cream does the same job as a baby powder with added moisturising power.

  • With a powdery-dry finish, Burt's Bees Baby Bee 2 In 1 Diaper Cream & Baby Powder smooths onto the skin softly. Perfect for targeting areas that are a little red and irritated, this cream tends to baby's delicate skin quickly, so you can crack on with your day. Once the cream dries, you’ll notice a powdery texture on the skin, which helps keep the baby’s skin cute, plump, and soft. Paediatrician-tested, this 2-in-1 cream-powder is talc-free and can be used as often as you need.

  • Taking care of your baby’s skin can be tricky. You don’t want to use too many products, but you also want to get the job done quickly. With Burt's Bees Baby Bee 2 In 1 Diaper Cream & Baby Powder, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a nappy cream and a baby powder in one. Made with Cornstarch, Shea Butter, Soybean, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and more, this natural blend works hard on your baby’s skin, so you feel reassured. The perfect size to pop in your nappy-changing bag (those things get so heavy!), this unique cream is easy to pull out and apply to your precious little one’s skin whenever you feel the need.

So there you have it: baby powder in a nutshell. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sprinkle powder or a cream with a little more clout, there are options for you and baby to enjoy.

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