6 Best Stretch Mark Creams

Tiger stripes, angel scratches, glitter marks——whatever you want to call them, stretch marks are one of the most common skin differences a pregnant woman will notice. To get to grips with your new lines, slather on some of these hydrating creams.

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Stretch marks can happen to anyone at any time. Gone are the days where we all struggled and strived for body perfection (no such thing—there never was and never will be).

Today, it’s all about embracing the skin we’re in. Instead of staring at your stretch marks with disappointment, build resilience and accept that, yes, your body is going to change.

Stretch marks are going to happen, and things are going to sag. Meh! Of course, that kind of acceptance isn’t going to happen overnight; it’s a work in progress. But there are little things you can do along the way to help build up your confidence.

Stretch marks are completely normal, but if you’re looking to help treat your stretch marks during pregnancy, it’s time to educate yourself all about them. A lot of the time, how visible and deep your stretch marks are comes down to the genetics lottery.

If your mum and nan experienced a lot of new lines during pregnancy, chances are, you will too. The best stretch mark cream for pregnancy uses a blend of nourishing oils, vitamins, and peptides to help repair the skin, prevent itching, and keep you feeling hydrated and nourished.

Check out the video below as Dr Michelle Rodrigues takes us through everything we need to know about pregnancy, from hair loss to stretch marks.

When stretch marks start to appear in pregnancy

One of the biggest changes a woman’s body goes through is pregnancy. As your baby grows and takes up more space (so greedy), you’ll probably start to notice those dreaded little lines across your tummy.

If you do see some tiger stripes pop up, you’re certainly not alone. Did you know that stretch marks develop in nine out of 10 pregnancies? As the skin around the ever-growing belly is pulled and pushed to its limit, the collagen and elastin in the skin stretch and snap.

So, how do you deal with this sudden change? As much as you want to be all body-positive about it, when you see red streaks all over your skin, you’re probably going to want to invest in a stretch mark cream and a new skincare routine for your body.

What works best for stretch marks during pregnancy?

Now, let’s be real: even the best stretch mark cream isn’t going to completely eradicate your newly acquired marks. A pregnancy stretch mark cream or stretch mark oil WILL help keep your skin soft, hydrated, and healthy, which will probably boost your confidence.

The best cream for itchy stretch marks contains a blend of Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and other nourishing, plant-based oils. Rosemary and Mint help keep the skin firm, and Hazelnut Oil nourishes and softens the skin. A good stretch mark prevention cream will help with the itching and keep you feeling your best.

Where do you get stretch marks in pregnancy?

Across your belly, breasts, and lower hips, as the baby grows and your skin thins, you might start to experience your skin itching and becoming more uncomfortable. That’s right: along with everything else your body is going through (swollen feet, a touch of hair loss, all the good stuff), your growing stretch marks might make your skin itch.

If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably going to experience a fair bit or itching and potentially some skin irritation during this time too. Pregnancy is no joke!

As you gain more weight during your second trimester, you might start noticing the lines look redder and more prevalent. Before you have a complete meltdown, stay calm. These new stretch marks look worse when they’re new. The best body cream for pregnancy stretch marks will soothe and moisturise your skin to keep it elastic. 

What is the best oil for stretch marks?

While you might not be able to completely get rid of your stretch marks, a targeted cream or stretch mark oil will certainly help the marks fade faster. We’ve found the best cream to avoid pregnancy stretch marks and listed them here for you.

Being pregnant for nine months and then becoming a new mum comes with a unique set of challenges. Your body will change like never before, and your sleep pattern will suddenly diminish. To keep feeling like yourself, it’s a good idea to invest in some products that will help bring you back into your skin. This luxurious, multipurpose body oil is lightweight and easy to apply. Completely cruelty-free and certified organic, the formula works to hydrate, nourish, and replenish skin that’s evolving. With a powerful blend of organic Noni Extract, Rosehip, and Sunflower Seeds, this body oil leaves your skin smoother and softer.

  • Designed to deliver long-lasting hydration to skin that’s been neglected, KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil instantly nourishes, and softens. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this body moisturiser offers the skin an abundance of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, so it begins to glow with health. Absorbing easily into the skin, this elixir softens rough patches and leaves your skin feeling velvety. Perfect for post pregnancy, use this formula as often as you want to help bring your skin back to health.

  • With a unique blend of skin-nourishing ingredients, KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil helps support skin cell rejuvenation. If you're struggling with stretch marks, this formula will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturised, so the marks begin to fade over time. Designed to help improve the skin’s tone, every application makes your skin look more radiant. If you’re struggling with textured, rough skin, this elixir will help keep you feeling soft and cared for without leaving a greasy after-effect. Warm a few drops between your palms and spread over your skin until well absorbed. Use after a bath or shower to boost the hydration even further.

Whether you’re pregnant or simply battling everyday stretch marks, taking care of your skin and keeping up with its never-ending changes can feel like a lot. Rather than pile on chemicals and harsh ingredients in an effort to fix your skin, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil is a nourishing, natural blend that soothes. A Rosehip Oil that takes its job seriously, this formula is more protective than most. Alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, vegan, artificial fragrance-free, and certified organic, this formula helps smooth out imperfections. If you’re struggling with stretch marks, this formula will help give your skin a more even finish.

  • A cult classic for a reason, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil has been extracted through natural CO2 processes. This means the formula is unusually stable and actually pretty potent. Completely natural, with a high level of irritant-free antioxidants, this formula contains omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, which help with scarring, stretch marks, blemishes, fine lines, and more. Working to help ease your skin and leave it feeling softer and more nourished, this formula can be used during and after pregnancy (and even before!).

  • Made with sensitive skin in mind, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil deeply hydrates the skin and leaves it looking plumper and fresher. Renowned for its scar-healing capabilities, this elixir contains a high vitamin concentration, so the skin is left looking smoother and more even. Helping reduce the signs of ageing, this oil is ultra-pure, certified organic, and free from animal testing. Plus, you can easily recycle this bottle once you’re finished with it. Dispense a few drops between your palms and gently massage onto your skin. Allow the oil to dry before you get dressed. Use before bed too, to let it really sink in.

When you're pregnant, your skin might feel taut, tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. As soon as you give birth, things flip into reverse: your skin might feel loose, sagging, and stretched. It’s hard to keep up with all these changes! Your body might not feel like your own any more. To help you stay on top of all these shifts, Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil helps keep the skin firm during and post pregnancy. This sulphate-free, this unique treatment oil has been particularly recommended to help keep the skin looking healthy and keep stretch marks at bay.

  • As soon as you lose weight after you’ve had your baby, you might notice that your skin slackens and looks a little loose. Apply this oil to help bring back a sense of firmness. While stretch marks are tricky to get rid of completely, this elixir contains 100% natural essential oils and extracts, which work together to help minimise stretch marks. The elasticity in the skin is restored, and scarring and imperfections are taken care of. This unique tonic treatment helps keep the skin looking fresh.

  • Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil is a great body oil for pregnant women who’re worried about stretch marks. The delicate scent isn’t overpowering, and the oil feels luxurious on the skin. Penetrating the skin deeply, this formula helps keep the skin strong, regardless of the changes it's going through. Working to define the contours of your body, this tonic smooths the skin out and helps even the skin’s tone and texture. Rosemary, Geranium, and Mint help firm, tone, and naturally improve the elasticity in the skin. Hazelnut Oil nourishes and softens skin that’s lost its lustre. Apply daily or as often as you need.

As much as body positivity is a thing and getting more comfortable in your skin is the goal, it can be quite the journey to reach that point. Especially when your body is changing all the time. To help you feel good about your body during pregnancy, it’s good to have a set of products close to hand that you know you can rely on. Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil has been carefully crafted to help alleviate the development of stretch marks across the body. Cruelty-free and sulphate-free, this formula is rich in vitamins and smooths onto the skin easily. Perfect for all ages and even sensitive skin to enjoy, it deeply nourishes textured skin with every application.

  • Designed to help improve the overall appearance of the skin, this oil has been especially formulated to ease stretch marks. You don’t need to be ashamed of your stretch marks; they’re completely normal. But if you want your skin to look more even, this daily oil might help you achieve your goal. Made with Vitamin E and Almond Oil, this formula promotes skin elasticity and firmness while keeping dryness at bay.

  • If you want to keep your skin protected, Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil might be good to try. A uniquely nourishing oil that sinks into the skin easily, this formula will leave you looking and feeling softer than usual. Perfect for all skin types to enjoy, the oil can be applied to your stretch marks to help diminish their appearance. Dermatologically tested, this formula can be massaged onto the skin whenever you need or want to. If you’re battling stretch marks, apply the oil to the targeted area twice a day for maximum effect.

Whether you’re pregnant and battling new stretch marks, or looking for a new way to nourish your skin, Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is a bathroom essential for many. A cult classic with an army of devoted (and vocal) fans, this all-purpose cream helps with a number of skin issues. A great stretch mark cream for sensitive skin, this formula is a healing balm with ingredients that derive only from living plants and botanicals. Even goddess Cleopatra is thought to have used this unique blend to keep her skin in the best condition!

  • Perfect for use all over the body, this balm helps keep the skin looking smooth and feeling soft. A great organic stretch mark cream for pregnancy, this formula also helps with eczema, psoriasis, and many other skin complaints. If it’s stretch marks that are causing you trouble, this blend smooths over the skin like butter and helps diminish the look of tiger stripes over time. Great for nappy rash and skin rashes in general, this blend can be enjoyed by both you and your newborn.

  • Some products are so versatile, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is one of those products. Great at helping with razor bumps, blisters, chicken pox scars, and itchy, ashy skin, this cream can be used where you need to see the nourishing effects. A great stretch mark cream breastfeeding helper, this formula soothes skin that’s cracked and lacking in hydration. Use as a hair mask, an all-over body moisturiser, a cuticle oil, and for wind protection. Whatever skin complaint your body has, this cream will probably help. Let the cream-to-oil formula completely absorb into the skin before you get dressed if you’re using it as a body moisturiser.

Day to day, your skin goes through a lot. From general wear and tear to big life events like pregnancy—from stretch marks to pimples to sunburn and more—you put your skin through a lot as you go through life. Ella Baché Botanical Skin Treatment Oil is an intensive skin treatment that contains the potent oils of Hemp Seed, Jojoba Seed, and Evening Primrose. This powerful blend combines to nourish the skin on contact and leave you feeling smooth and looking radiant. A healing formula that can improve the look of stretch marks, this oil helps repair skin that’s damaged. Deeply hydrating, the ingredients in this blend work to leave your complexion soft and plump. If you're struggling with stretch marks, this oil will target the area and deliver a nourishing effect.

  • Made in Australia, this skin treatment oil works to boost the moisture levels in your skin. With added Kakadu Plum Seed Oil and a unique Berry Seed Complex, the formula helps keep you protected from free radical damage and irritating pollutants. The perfect oil to help brighten a dull complexion, you can apply this oil on your face or all over your body. An elixir that can be enjoyed by all skin types, it leaves your skin looking more hydrated and feeling seriously moisturised.

  • If you like the idea of using natural ingredients on your skin, you’ll love Ella Baché Botanical Skin Treatment Oil. Designed to help reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, this oil can be used during and after pregnancy. Revitalising dull skin that’s lost its lustre, this formula helps fight the first signs of ageing. If you’re dehydrated, this blend will nourish your skin and leave you looking revitalised, with softer feeling skin. It’s ideal for all ages to enjoy, and dry skin will drink this formula up. Mix a couple drops of oil in with your cream, or apply directly to your skin morning and night.

How to help stretch marks after pregnancy?

You’ll also want to use a stretch mark cream after birth, which offers a skin-tightening effect. Now, don’t get it twisted: your skin is very much in recovery, and it’ll take time for the lines to fade. But using a stretch mark cream or stretch mark oil will help the lines fade to a silvery, light hue. If you consistently use the best cream to reduce stretch marks, over time, the marks will fade and you’ll start to notice them less.

Of course, while you’re pregnant and even after you’ve delivered, you might want to invest in some natural, no-nasties skincare products for the rest of your body. As important as an organic stretch mark cream for pregnancy is, it’ll also make you feel good to tend to your face, feet, and hands.

If you’re looking for a skincare range that’s certified organic and completely natural, you could try Pai Skincare. Made for sensitive skin that needs a little TLC, the range helps with eczema, rosacea and any number of issues that might pop up during and after pregnancy.

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Need a recap? Here the best treatments for stretch marks

Stretch marks can be annoying. Rather than fight them, try embracing them! A good cream or oil will ease your skin, so you look and feel more confident.

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