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Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Mini 15ml

4.4 of 64 reviews


4 instalments of $6.25

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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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Choose your POREfessional Matte Rescue size - a sweet mini to mattify your skin anywhere, or your favourite product in full size!


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GREAT - 80% recommend

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Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue Mini Reviews

4.4 of 64 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Perfect for larger pores


I use this whenever I put makeup on and it really does what it says! Such a perfect size for travel and on the go make up!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for pores


I find this product to be too silicone-based and doesn't work all over the face for my dry skin however I do like to use it around the nose and cheeks to fill in pores.
  1. Mattifies


    This is a nice primer to mattify oily skin. A small amount is all you need. It feels lightweight.
  2. Perfect for larger pores


    I use this whenever I put makeup on and it really does what it says! Such a perfect size for travel and on the go make up!
  3. legendary


    I have been using this since 2016. Very good product to blur my large pores. Love it. Better value in bigger bottle if you can afford it
  4. Prefer POREfessional Face Primer


    verified purchaser
    This primer was ok. It worked to matte areas of the face but didn't create a smooth base like the POREfessional face primer.
  5. Love it!


    I hide my wrinkles behind this primer too and it appears all fine after makeup. It is great to apply on oily skin before makeup and my makeup remains so smooth and nice.
  6. Great!


    I have pretty large pores and I love using this as foundation lays so well on top. Its so beautiful.
  7. Fills in pores


    Good at filling in pores although I have noticed a huge difference in my oiliness.
  8. Fills in pores


    Good at filling in pores although I have noticed a huge difference in my oiliness.
  9. perfect for travelling


    this primer is the perfect size for travelling! it can fit into any makeup bag or hand bag. it is amazing, it makes you skin feel very soft and allows the makeup to blend out flawlessly on top. Definitely recommend!


    Used this under my makeup. Helps to fill in the pores on my skin
  11. Lovely product!


    Very nice primer, I have pretty large pores and I love using this as foundation lays so well on top.
  12. Average


    I suggest buying mini first to see if you like it before going for full size. I have on/off days with this product. Personally it doesn't sit well around my nose area and leaves pores there very exposed still but this may be due to fact I have very oily skin.
  13. Smooth makeup application


    It is very good to be applied on an oily skin before makeup and the makeup application after using this is so smooth and nice. I hide my wrinkles behind this primer too and it appears all fine after makeup.
  14. i dont get the hype


    I dont really get it! it just makes my makeup peel and I dont find it does anything to my pores
  15. Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue


    This is my holy grail primer. I’ve been disappointed by so many products after hearing hype but this is not one of those times this product is everything it’s cracked up to be.
  16. Good for pores


    I find this product to be too silicone-based and doesn't work all over the face for my dry skin however I do like to use it around the nose and cheeks to fill in pores.
  17. Worth to try


    Used this under my foundation. Helps to fill in the pores on my skin and it’s non-drying
  18. Just another primer


    I have very oily skin and feel like I’ve tried everything to combat it. This is yet another primer I’ve tried and and another primer I’m not in love with. You need to work quick with this product as it dries quickly. Decent primer, just didn’t see amazing results compared to other ones I’ve tried!
  19. Great for pores only


    You can not use this as an all over primer. it will separate on the skin. I have oily combo skin and i love using this on my t zone to fill pores and stop oil. This size is perfect for handbag
  20. bad for skin


    Has adverse effects on skin. doesn't really do anything good for the real layers of your skin - just a temporary smoothing effect which is nothing phenomenal. It is quite an average and slippery primer.
  21. Best primer for oily skin


    I use this product everyday under foundation. Best product for oily skin and fills in your pores and appears so smooth on the skin!
  22. i use this everyday!


    i love this primer it really helps to fill in those pores! for a matte smooth look!
  23. Does the job!!


    I actually purchased this a while ago and wasn't too crazy about it. I have oily skin and visable pores around my nose and I'm prone to breakouts with most pore filling primers as they contain silicon which clogs the pores. But I ran out of my usual primer (hourglass mineral veil) so grabbed this quickly and oh my god was I impressed! It made my skin look absolutely flawless and I didn't get oily ...
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  24. Love it


    Works amazing! You don’t need a lot at a time so it lasts forever. Definitely a go to.
  25. Not bad


    This product works nicely as a smoother, it also does a good job of taming oils. However, I did find that it didn’t do much in correcting my pores unfortunately.
  26. I don't feel like it hold my oil


    I don't feel like this do anything on my skin to keep it matte. it does feel good when applying it as it is refreshing and make my skin matte, but ti doesn't keep my skin matte the whole day
  27. A pretty amazing product


    I find this really helps mattify my oily skin. It feels great on the skin and lasts a full day. It's well priced too. I recommend it for people with oily skin.
  28. Great on your skin


    You don’t need to use much of this product. As a little goes a long way.. even just using this product your skin feels so soft..
  29. Keeps me more matte than others I've tried


    I like this product, it definitely keeps me more matte than other primers I've tried. It is comfortable on my skin and my makeup goes on nicely! I'd definitely buy it again!
  30. Great matte primer, never changing.


    I have very oily skin and large pores on my nose and cheeks, and to be honest, this is the first time I have tried using a primer...and boy does it make a difference!

    I have had no problem with the movement of my foundation or my pores looking exposed at all...I am never wearing makeup without this primer again! love it.
    The matte finish works well with oily skin, and added bo...
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  31. Great product, not for me


    I was honestly shocked at how well this just blurred all the pores and lines on my face it was truly magic. My skin is dry so I prefer something a bit more hydrating, but if my skin is looking extra garbage or if you don’t need the hydration this is perfect
  32. Controls shine very well


    After only a couple of uses I really like this product. I have combination skin and always seem to suffer from t-zone shine regardless of the primer or foundation I use. A small amount of this product seems to spread well, and it definitely works to eliminate my shine under my foundation so I will definitely continue to use.
  33. Amazing! Loved the formula


    I do not generally like to use primers but ever since I have tried this product on before applying makeup, my pores have appeared airbrushed. It is especially helpful for my oily skin and does not let my makeup crease. This makes my makeup sit on so well and is totally worth the purchase. Would buy it again.
  34. Love this product, will buy again!


    I haven’t had much success with primers in the past but this one is AMAZING. I have combination/oily skin and this product prevented any oil breakthrough for most of the night (in the middle of summer). I will be buying this again.
  35. Foundation sticks on my nose, finally!

    jacjorjac (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This was bought accidentally, I meant to get the porefessional original, however this is BEST at using on my nose before foundation, every single foundation is usually REPELLED on my nose, I don't have oily skin. This was a fantastic mistake
  36. Matte Poreless and longlasting!


    I tried this product in the hopes that it would keep my oils at bay, provide a smooth base for my foundation and improve my foundations longevity and it totally delivered!
    It smooths every bump out and give my foundation the perfect surface to stick to, I find it improves the longevity of my foundation by a few hours and ensures it doesn't wear patchy. My T zone stays oil free for so much lo...
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  37. Makeup Saviour


    This product is my holy grail, I have oily skin and this makes my makeup stay on all day and helps keep my oils away. Also found that when using this my foundation doesn't move when i wear my glasses !
  38. Actually worth the price.


    I'm always sceptical with higher end products which cost so much for so little. Especially when there are so many good quality products that are very affordable, however this primer is definitely worth the price. A little goes a long way and it provides a fantastic base for your makeup, in fact I can wear this by itself to provide a matte finish all day long.
    I have also found it doesn't bl...
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  39. Effective


    I have tried a lot of primers, but this one takes the cake! I have oily skin and large pores. This primer really does work and keeps my skin relatively decent for the day. I'm into my second tube. A little goes a long way, and this one tube lasts forever!
  40. A good primer but not a lot of pore-filling


    Porefessional certainly helps bind makeup to the oily spots on your skin, however I found this a hindrance as it resulted in patches of thicker makeup where i had applied the primer. Applying to the entire face obviously made it remain even-looking all day, however is certainly not cost-effective.

    In terms of the ability to hide pores, I found it actually did the opposite - making all...
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  41. Best thing for oily skin


    I have oily skin and I have been looking for a long time for a primer that will actually help keep my make-up on. I only recently this product because of the reviews on this page and I've found that it definitely lives up to the hype. My make-up is staying on all day and it's matte & even. A tiny amount covers my whole face and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.
  42. Skin made matte


    This primer certainly works to make your skin matte however doesn't smooth the skin. It isn't a long wear product. I like wearing this without make up as it takes away any oiliness from moisturisers.
  43. Good product


    This hides my pores and makes makeup last longer. Doesn't irritate sensitive skin. I bought this is the mini size. I love how Benefit products are available in mini's. I only wear makeup 2-3 times per month so buying full size products seems a bit pointless.
  44. Great Product!


    I have very oily & acne prone skin, this stuff keeps my skin looking matte all day when applied underneath the pore perfection primer!
  45. Nah


    As someone prone to blackheads, I'm all about trying to keep my pores clear of gunk rather than filling them with poly-filla (which is what this felt like). This is essentially a spackle for your pores full of propanediol, silica and silicones. There's no niacinamide or salicylic acid or anything that might help to keep your pores clear or control oil once you've filled them with this stuff.
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  46. Vanished pores


    This is such a thick creamy and smooth primer. It completely blurs out all imperfections and pores and makeup applies so beautifully on top. I am obsessed
  47. Not the best mattifying primer


    I have oily combination skin where a lot of foundations separate in my t-zone. I didn't find this primer to be that mattifying. I still got just as oily throughout the day. It does make the skin feel nice and foundation go on nicely but didn't increase longevity for me
  48. Another hit from Benefit


    Another flawless product. Does what it says it will - blurs pores and leaves skin smooth and perfect blank canvas for foundation. Can even wear without foundation to leave an airbrushed finish. Admittedly I don't have huge pores - but works great for me.
  49. amazing


    great product, does what it says it does, highly recommend
  50. Pore pore go away


    Love this gem! I hate my pores but I'm stuck with them. This makes my pores go away and I love using it all over my face too.
  51. Amazing!


    I absolutely love this stuff! I have super oily skin and this keeps me matte all day!
  52. Amazing- love the gel formula


    I was introduced to this product by a make up artist and purchased it straight away and I haven’t looked back. it’s definitely a product that does what it claims to do and helps with coverage of pores and also combats oil.
    You only need a tiny bit. I have had mine for months now and have barely noticed anything gone out of the tube.
  53. Surprising


    I don't normally believe in or like 'matte' products, but a travel size of this is great for travel. I went to Bali and tropical north Queensland with this - both times is worked great in the humidity and was by best friend in not turning into a sloppy mess. Would recommend for this reason.
  54. the original is better


    to be honest i jumped on this primer when it came out and had so much hope for it. unfortunately it didn't work for me, despite its promise to cover pores. i have oily skin and large pores. i have used smashbox and hourglass primers before, but the original benefit primer still works best for me.
  55. 1 star less than real rating as benefit is not cruelty free :(


    A gimmick, don/'t purchase. Just go for the original porefessional. Matte rescue does not live up to its claim.
  56. Best primer for oily skin!


    I have very oily skin - I have tried various primers and nothing compares to this. By end of day my foundation still looks matte with no shine. Definitely recommend!
  57. Life changing for this oily girl!


    I have extremely oily, acne prone skin. I used to have to check how oily I looked throughout the day to blot and apply more powder. This product has changed all that! I'm still surprised when I look in the mirror hours after doing my makeup and it still looks good. Now I look fresh, sometimes a little dewy, but not oily. I highly recommend it! It has not caused any breakouts.
  58. Disappointed


    I have oily skin and have large pores around my nose and I was looking for a matte primer that would help my makeup last all day. Unfortunately it hasn't help my makeup from melting off my face during the day compared with not using a primer at all. It doesn't seem to help that much with the appearance of my pores either. On the plus side, the product does have a nice fragrance, feels nice and lig...
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  59. Matte


    This is a great product, does what it says it does, highly recommend
  60. Works great!


    I have very oily, sensitive skin, and I love this primer. Its texture is thick and creamy and it applies very smooth. My makeup applies beautifully when I use it, reducing the appearance of my pores and creating a blurred effect. Can't live without it.
  61. Smoother application and longer wear


    I find my foundation lasts longer and applies easier when I use this primer. Definitely recommend!
  62. I love this product!


    Using this before my primer and foundation has really helped my skin and makeup look flawless all day long! My skin is naturally oily and with using this product after my moisturiser, my make up has stayed on and keep my T zone under wraps! Thankyou!!
  63. Perfect size for a trial or the handbag


    Great little product - slightly more expensive than some other products but Benefit has the reputation and quality to match. Definitely try this size if you're not sure whether the product is right for you. Does the job of mattifying and improving skin's appearance extremely well.
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