The Pore-Disguising Primer Made For Dry Skin

Crucial for both oily and dry skin types, priming your skin before makeup application could mean the difference between a hint of 3pm shine and your whole base sliding off by 11am. But you probably already know that, right?

Your primer sets the scene for your makeup and can help you to customise the finish of your foundation - I always recommend smoothing or mattifying primers for oily skin, and hydrating primers for dry skin (a pretty straightforward concept, if you know your skin type).

But what happens if you want the benefits of a smoothing primer without compromising on hydrating benefits? Well, you get your hands on Benefit's POREfessional Hydrate Primer, of course.

The-Pore-Disguising-Primer-That's-Also-Hydrating Benefit-POREfessional-Hydrate 0036The-Pore-Disguising-Primer-That's-Also-Hydrating Benefit-POREfessional-Hydrate 0036

How Is This Different To The Original POREfessional?

It's one of Benefit's cult faves for oily skin types, and a staple in many kits. The original POREfessional silicone-based primer disguises the appearance of enlarged pores and provides an ultra-smooth base for foundation to glide over. It also prevents excess oil from surfacing and separating your foundation.

POREfessional Hydrate Primer boasts most of the same benefits and velvety-soft texture, but with added hydrating properties, making it the ideal alternative for drier skin types that are still looking to minimise the appearance of pores and unwanted texture on the skin.

Oh, and we can't forget the Pearl version of POREfessional, which is your answer to tackling dullness and adding brightness and radiance to the skin (plus, you guessed it, smoothing and texture-refining properties).

The-Game-Changing-Pore-Disguising-Primer-Made-For-Dry-Skin Benefit-POREfessional-Hydrate 0192The-Game-Changing-Pore-Disguising-Primer-Made-For-Dry-Skin Benefit-POREfessional-Hydrate 0192

How Do I Choose Between The Original & Hydrate?

The right primer for you really does depend on your skin type - but a lot of you out there may not really know your skin type, so let's break this down to make your choice easier.

I have larger, more noticeable pores, get quite shiny all over, and often find my makeup separates or slides off throughout the day. I'm particularly shiny through the T-zone, and can sometimes be prone to congestion. Your match is The POREfessional Pore Primer.

I have noticeable pores around my T-zone, and get shiny through that area during the day, however my cheeks and outer perimeter of my face can feel dry, tight or get flaky at times. I've been told I have a combination skin type. Your match is BOTH. You can use the original through your T-zone and typically oily areas, and the Hydrate on your dry areas to create the best base for your foundation to last.

My skin can feel textured, flaky, dry and tight. I find my foundation gathers in dry spots if I don't prep my skin correctly. I don't really ever notice shiny areas on my face throughout the day. Your match is POREfessional Hydrate Primer.

The-Game-Changing-Pore-Disguising-Primer-Made-For-Dry-Skin Benefit-POREfessional-Hydrate 0135The-Game-Changing-Pore-Disguising-Primer-Made-For-Dry-Skin Benefit-POREfessional-Hydrate 0135

What You Need To Know About POREfessional Hydrate:

  • This primer has a lightweight, hydrating (obviously) texture that blends easily into the skin

  • It's packed with Hyaluronic Acid to provide long-lasting hydration & prevent moisture loss

  • Also contains nourishing Shea Butter to keep the skin feeling smooth & moisturised

  • Improves makeup wear time, minimises the appearance of pores & softens the look of fine lines

  • Gives the skin an even finish in both tone & texture, so it can be worn alone or under makeup

  • The formula is best applied and worked into the skin with clean fingertips

  • It's particularly suited to mature skin types, and those with normal to dry skin

We joined Benefit and some very special guests at the Australian Open to celebrate the newest addition to the POREfessional family (and celebrate some old faves). Check out what we got up to...