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Benefit Boi-Ing Hydrating Concealer 3.5g

4.4 of 91 reviews


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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • Medium
  • Sheer

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness

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Benefit Boi-Ing Hydrating Concealer Reviews

4.4 of 91 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Sheer and hydrating


This is a great everyday concealer. It’s extremely hydrating and pretty sheer, so might not be suitable for extremely dark circles or oily skin.

Most Helpful Criticism

Benefit Boi-Ing Hydrating Concealer


I love this product as it glides on easily onto my face after applying sunscreen. It is also easy to layer on and reapply throughout the day. The coverage is moderate but that makes the concealer lightweight and moisturising.
  1. Sheer and hydrating


    This is a great everyday concealer. It’s extremely hydrating and pretty sheer, so might not be suitable for extremely dark circles or oily skin.
  2. Great everyday product


    This concealer has been my zoom meeting go to! It goes on so easily and I can just blend it out in 2 seconds with my finger and i look so much more awake. It will be my daily concealer from now on, it doesn't crease and looks good all day. Coverage is sheer to medium
  3. No creases, hydrating


    I've been using the Benefit Cakeless concealer for a while (with no complaints) and decided to give the hydrating version a go. Initially I was on the fence, and preferred the cakeless over the hydrating due to the ability to apply the product with the brush. Once applied though, the hydrating blend stands out. Hydrating, smooth, no creases or powder. Definitely better for my mid 30's skin.
  4. Doesn’t crease!


    I’ve been using the tarte shape tape for ages and this concealer has become my staple. It hydrates as well as conceals and doesn’t leave creases! Holy grail.
  5. Great moisturising product


    This concealer goes on really smoothly and feels nice blended into the skin, soft and nourishing but not sticky and doesn’t settle into lines under the eye. Very happy with it, and a good price. Cute packaging too.
  6. My everyday


    I use this everyday its hydrating for my eyes as well as really brightening for my dark circles. I will definitely repurchase this :)
  7. Go to!


    Amazing for dry skin! So easy to apply its my go to concealer
  8. Moisture and great for sensitive skin


    I use it every day before going to work when I'm in a rush and when I don't have to blend my liquid concealer with a beauty blender. All what you need to do is apply it and melt away with your finger and that's it. I have already hit the pan with my first one and here am I repurchased a one.
  9. Fab just good


    used this from a friends house and it seemed just so good! I want one now :D beautiful.
  10. very hydrating


    this concealer is very hydrating and the coverage is perfect. definitely recommend !
  11. Flawless under eyes


    This concealer is my second favourite after the Tarte shape tape. It hydrated my under eyes and doesn’t dry them out and it doesn’t crease!! I absolutely love it. The coverage I would say is medium.
  12. Amazing


    This is really hydrating and looks great on my dry skin
  13. Amazing!


    I love this product as it glides on easily onto my face after applying sunscreen. It is also easy to layer on and reapply throughout the day. The coverage is moderate but that makes the concealer lightweight and moisturising.
  14. Hydrating under eye concealer


    This is a really nice concealer for those "no-makeup-makeup" days. It's light coverage and hydrating, and it works great under the eyes. It's not high coverage, so if you have really dark circles it probably wont do much to help cover them up though. I find it doesn't really crease on me, but the key is to use just a little bit of product. I apply the product onto my fingers and then tap it onto m...
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  15. Natural & Moisturising Concealer


    This is the perfect concealer for a natural makeup look. The moisturiser/concealer combo gives a super lightweight feeling that melts into the skin and doesn't look cakey - an issue which I find with many concealers. I wear this every day and would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a natural light-medium coverage.
  16. Favourite Benefit product!


    I love this concealer, I started using it a couple of years ago and still haven't found a rival to it. It's really hydrating around the eyes and helps me look fresh and awake. Easy to apply and lasts all day!
  17. Benefit Boi-Ing Hydrating Concealer


    I love this product as it glides on easily onto my face after applying sunscreen. It is also easy to layer on and reapply throughout the day. The coverage is moderate but that makes the concealer lightweight and moisturising.
  18. Very light coverage


    While the product does go
    On smoothly I’ve found it doesn’t have as much coverage as I’d expect. Doesn’t cake or crack though
  19. Pass


    Very creamy texture, unfortunately it didn’t do much brightening to my eye area, neither did it hide my dark circles well. I would not recommend this concealer.
  20. Very hydrating


    didn't dry out my skin! very creamy and glides on!
  21. Great for mature skin


    This is one of only a few concealers I can actually wear in my very late 30's. It's hydrating and super quick and easy. Great value as well. if you are struggling to find a concealer that doesn't make you look old and more haggard give this a try. Super easy to apply!
  22. Sheer


    Leaves very natural coverage - not something for those with heavy dark circles. Light and natural coverage for sheer minimal makeup
  23. Favourite concealer ever


    This is my absolute favourite concealer! I wanted something hydrating that left a really natural coverage and it does exactly that. I was finding other concealers way too dry especially when I was using it for shaping around my brows but this is perfect. It doesn't have high coverage but that's why I like it as I wanted something for day to day. Buying my next one right now!
  24. Beautiful skin


    This concealer is better at moisturising than it is coverage. I like using this under eyes & around the nose where I can sometimes be dry. If I’m after high cover for a blemish I use something else but for any dry areas or flaming I love this product. Will buy again.
  25. Hydrating


    Hydrating and doesn't irritate flakey and dry undereyes. My undereyes look great at the end of a long day with this product
  26. Hydrating and refreshing


    I have extremely dry under eyes and this is my little holy grail in a stick. Combined with Bobbi browns confidence in a stick this is my ultimate morning, confidence boosting routine without feeling caked and false looking. It is extremely light coverage but can’t be built upon by adding a tiny bit of foundation or setting with a matte powder. I absolutely love this product
  27. Super hydrating


    Omg I love love love this product.. you skin feels hydrated after smoothing this on & the colour is perfect to help get rid of dark circles under Ur eyes..
  28. Great coverage


    Great concealer that leaves my undereye area flawless and hydrated. Love it
  29. Not bad


    Moisturizing, but very sheer coverage, so i had to layer another over the top.
  30. Not bad


    Moisturizing, but very sheer coverage, so i had to layer another over the top.
  31. Natural coverage


    The concealer offers a natural coverage, to the point we’re you could wear it alone without any other product ie foundation or setting powder. However it doesn’t offer a heavy coverage. Wouldn’t recommend if you are chasing something with full thick coverage. This is more for a quick natural look. Can seem a little oily as well.
  32. Super hydrating


    Absolutely loved this concealer! I have dry skin around my eyes and other concealers normally just age me but this one blending so nicely and didn’t look cakey and dry
  33. not chalky


    only concealer that looks glowy not chalky. it doesn't get in to lines and it does a decent job of covering. i use it to cover other spots on my face too. worth the price
  34. Best concealer!


    This is the best concealer I've used because it is hydrating and provides great coverage!
  35. Works well


    I find lots of concealers cakey but this one is hydrating
  36. Far the best!!


    I think I have tried every concealer on earth. This is by far one of the best. Very hydrating and excellent coverage. Poor shade range.
  37. Great


    I love this concealer for my dark circles, its super hydrating
  38. Average


    This was my first concealer. It wasn't too bad but it didn't fully conceal my dark circles and it creased. It was definitely hydrating though.
  39. +1 for Hydrating


    If you have dry skin, I think this would be great at concealing and hydrating.

    It wasn’t a total fail, but I didn’t feel like it covered my under eyes very well and it just didn’t work well in the heat.
  40. good


    this works equally well as the brightening one but it probably depends on your skin type as well. personally, this worked better for me than the brightening one. it covers relatively well and stays on for about half a day before requiring any touch up. the hydrating balm leaves my skin feeling great like as though there's no make up on it.
  41. Ok


    This is ok, not very strong.. it's very light coverage but it is very mouisturising. I feel like its more like a moisturiser that's tinted.
  42. Creamy but short-lived


    Applies beautifully but doesn't last. I prefer it to Tarte maracuja for my dark circles, despite this.
  43. Great concealer.


    As the name indicates this is a really hydrating concealer which glides on easily. I have really dark eye circles and this concealer does a top job of lightening and brightening my eye area. Only negative is it doesn't have enough staying power, although living in the tropics, this is a tall order for any product!
  44. Simple and Worth It


    I take this concealer stick with me everywhere I go, it's really easy to blend into a bare face or even underneath a full face of makeup. I personally find it doesn't crease as much as other concealers which is a huge bonus
  45. nice


    super smooth and creamy! this is super hydrating but i wouldn't recommend for oily skin
  46. NEWEST HG Concealer!!


    This concealer is SUCH a great all-rounder. If you just want a little colour correction, it comes on quite light/sheer so you can get that perfect, natural look for daily life. While it's tricky to get it right at first, the formula is actually nicely buildable so with enough practice you can totally get the cakier coverage if that's what you're after!

    Extremely hydrating formula mea...
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  47. A very hydrading concealer


    I have been using the Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in shade no.2, but during winter my skin has been getting very pale and dry, so I thought of trying the Hydrading Concealer in shade no.1.
    As it turns out, this lighter shade is a bit too light for my skin. It is perfect to brighten your undereyes, but if I use it too much it makes me even more pale.
    Also it has a pretty ligh...
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  48. Best for cream highlighting


    This doesn't have much coverage but is extremely hydrating and creamy. I found it wasn't enough to conceal under my eyes so I have been using it on the high points of my face as a cream highlight, which works wonderfully.
  49. Better than NARS


    I loved this for its ability to make the under eye area fresh and glowing. I have dry under eyes, no matter how much eye cream I apply and found my concealers always made the area look worse. I like this much better than my NARS radiant concealer for making the eye look bright. I do have to blot the oiliness away with a tissue once applied to increase wear time.
  50. Perfect to even skintone & brighten undereyes


    This concealer is my HG for when I haven't been getting enough sleep! It is light to medium coverage so I wouldn't use it if you're keen for a heavy concealer to cover blemishes, but damn, does it brighten your face!

    This hydrating concealer is designed for the real world (not Instagram) where you don't actually want a cake face, but to look like a cleaner, fresher and (maybe) younger...
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  51. Smooth but sheer


    I love sheer products as I don't like the unnatural look of cakey and full coverage products. I really liked this product as it appears natural, however I don't recommend for covering up red acne or anything too obvious like that (scars etc)
  52. Hydration


    I've never tried a hydrating concealer before and wow. Very light coverage but so smooth and feels great.
  53. Definitely would recommend


    I’m very cautious buying concealer as I have really dark under eyes. This concealer is definitely worth the money. It’s not full coverage (for me) but can definitely be built up to do the job
  54. Benefit Boi-Ing Hydrating Concealer


    I do enjoy this product as it is very hydrating under the eyes. I wouldn’t recommend it for blemishes as it’s coverage isn’t as good as benefits other concealers. I would definitely recommend setting this concealer under the eyes as it creases quite easily. But I definitely recommend this product for everyday use!
  55. Everyday concealer


    This concealer has its pros and cons. Its extremely light and glides on really nicely. I wear it daily but the coverage is really sheer. Its really beautiful as a primer but as a concealer its not the best if your looking for something to hide your dark circles.
    Another pro is that it does not crease at all for me.
  56. Application dream


    The best part of this is the easy application! Works an absolute dream. Although it's a bit harder to build on colour/pigment, it is beautifully hydrating and great for dry skins like mine.
  57. Yasss from me


    When I bought this product I had REALLY dry flakey skin and eczema near the corner of my eye. It didn’t really apply well to the flaky damaged part but it felt really nice on my skin. It didn’t apply well to my really damaged skin but no makeup really did. In the days after that when it started to clear up, I was still a sufferer of dry skin but not as flakey. As someone with dry skin it was a won...
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  58. Great under eye concealer - doesn't get into creases


    I use this under eye concealer, it is fantastic under foundation. Great if you have a few creases around your eyes. I have sensitive and pale skin and it's absolutely perfect for me. I have been using this product for several years and need to purchase it every 6 months or so. Great value for money!
  59. Best concealer!


    This is the best concealer for my dry skin. It is well pigmented so it lasts a long time and a little goes a long way! It helps hydrate my under eyes and blur my fine lines. I love the packaging too!
  60. Not bad


    I have oily skin and I do enjoy this product for under my eyes. It is very hydrating, which can become a little oily after a few hours of wear however I always prefer my under eye concealer to be more on the hydrating side than the drying side.
    I got the shade 01 and it has a nice yellow undertone which works well with my fair/medium olive skin tone.
    I would recommend this, only to bea...
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  61. Great under eye cover


    This is the best. I use it everyday to cover my tired dark eye circles. It last well and hydrates the skin beautifully.
  62. Finally..


    It took me a while to find a concealer that was hydrating and still gave me the right amount of coverage. This has worked really well for me, it brightens my discolouration and doesn't look too cakey.
  63. Love it


    I really like this product. I sometimes have dark, puffy circles under my eyes and this really helps conceal them. I actually put it on after my foundation, blend with my finger, then finish with some light powder. It will leave your skin looking shinny and dewy, but if you don't like that look you can use a finishing powder for a matte finish.
  64. My fav


    I have hereditary dark circles
    I first use becca brightening colour corrector, then foundation, then this. Works sooo well. It is thick and creamy so don’t use it too close to under eye or creasing will happen. Just use where the darkness is and it’s just beautiful. It’s an essential daily product I use with both a B.B. cream and full coverage makeup
  65. Moisturises... but only for a while


    I bought this as the Ooh La Lift was out of stock.
    And whilst it smoothly glides on, conceals and hydrates your skin, the feeling doesn't last long leaving your under eye area dry.

  66. ummm


    i only bought this based on all the good reviews i read about it,however for some reason it’s doing the opposite to me ,it’s actually made me have wrinkles under my eyes that i don’t even have .
    maybe i chose to the wrong colour or i’m not using it right so i’m not sure cause everyone swear by it and looks like it’s only me not working for lol
    and it wasn’t easy to apply to be hones...
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  67. Great hydrating under-eye concealer


    I’m at the age where my concealer was emphasising the fine lines under my eyes. This hydrating concealer is great - no dryness or caking. Also, I have sensitive skin and have no issues with Benefit products.
  68. Lightweight and moisturising


    I love this concealer I’ve tried so many and all of them make my under eyes look dry and cakey.
    So glad I found this it’s coverage is a little lighter but the texture and how it brightens up your under eye area is great.
  69. New fav!


    Coming from the NARS concealer I wasn't sure what to expect with this, but I fell instantly in love! It's genuinely hydrating, goes on smoothly and lasts all night (for me 6-8 hours is all I need).
    Only concern I have is the OCD part of me doesn't like when the concealer mixes with the hydrater aspect ruining the look, but that's a me-problem haha. Again, Benefit I find, is well worth the $...
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  70. Best under eye product and concealer


    This product is fantastic. I use it every day under my eyes and also on minor blemishes. Sometimes I use this product as my foundation and only put on light make to achieve a natural look. Since using it I have received many compliments on how young I look. I am now 50 and sometimes less is more as you age. This product has a lot of moisture but good coverage and therefore is great for concealing ...
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  71. Great product - best under eye product I’ve found.


    Really love this product. Am going to order a couple to keep in reserve. It gives a great finish under the eye - not good coverage for dark bags but I use it more to freshen up and brighten the area, which it does very well. Doesn’t settle into lines. Only downside is perhaps how fast it runs out - I’ve had mine for two weeks and I’m already well into it. I estimate I’d need one per month, wh...
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  72. Love this product ("v")


    This concealer is sooo nice and creamy!! I am 28 and I was using a Nars concealer but I was finding it quite drying, and it would settle in my wrinkles by the end of the day.. When I use this Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer, it keeps the underneath of my eyes really hydrated all day long and still provides great coverage. You can build it up if you want it a little heavier. Love this product! Highly r...
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  73. Greta Hydratign concealer


    I love this concealer for dry areas, it hydrates rather than dries out like a lot of concealers due. i have used this a lot over Winter especially around my dry / flaky nose area.
  74. Not worth the hype


    I was really excited to receive this and purchased mainly because of the reviews and the fact it's hydrating. My skin is dehydrated, I'm also quite dry and sensitive under the eye area.
    So I obviously really wanted to love this product, applying the product feels like your running a lip balm under your eye. However product sits nicely on the skin and makes the under eye look hydrated but th...
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  75. Absolutely in love


    Bought the benefit boing hydrating concealer in hope of some kind of pick me up in my pregnancy with my dry skin and omg I'm in love. People have now been complimenting me on my glow despite my little secret that I have help from a little friend benefit boing hydrating concealer! You've got a friend in me benefit thank you!
  76. This innovative product has joined my morning ritual


    Let me start off with saying that I love this product. I bought this after reading an article by Adore Beauty. Ageing is a major concern for me, so I don't want something that will dry out my eyes. This concealer blends in nicely and is sort of like a lip balm for the under eye - I love the hydrating effect. I have extremely sensitive eyes and this product doesn't irritate them like just about eve...
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  77. Good but not what I was hoping


    I was hoping this would be great for under the eyes as it's hydrating...however this just doesn't cover the darkness that lurks beneath them.

    Lovely elsewhere like my dry chin and smile lines, that the foundation tends to crack and break up in.. sadly it just doesn't give the coverage I'd hoped for.

    None the less, a great product if you're happy with something light and ...
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  78. Outstanding


    I've used this concealer for many years, I recently purchased two other brands, used them once and reverted back to my old favourite.

    The formula is beautiful, it glides on effortlessly, blends well and has staying power, I recommend this product to everyone and will continue to purchase and use for years to come.
  79. One of my daily essentials


    I really love this product. It's a light weight concealer but still gives great coverage and adds moisture at the same time. I apply this concealer everyday under my eyes & on my cheeks and chin, blend it & then I'm ready for the day.
  80. Love this!!


    This is the best concealer I've used yet! It's so light on my skin, doesn't feel oily or greasy, doesn't look oily or greasy!
    This is my new go to concealer & I'll definitely be recommending this to everyone!!!
  81. Nice texture but poor coverage


    I was disappointed with this concealer - the coverage is just not good enough for me (I've got infant twins, so maybe need more help in the dark circle department!). Lovely moisturizing, hydrating feel, though.
  82. Fabulous


    This is the best concealer I have ever used! It cover under eye dark circles, does not settle into the fine lines and is super hydrating. It needs to be set with powder afterwards or otherwise strays shiny looking from the hydrating part but it just kind of melts into your skin and blends in beautifully.
  83. cute packaging nice product

    rach (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I Love the packaging of this concealer, great to take anywhere. I have combination skin with fine lines and this works beautifully under my eyes, it dosn't crinkle stays looking smooth and moisturised.
  84. Overall

    julia (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I really love this product! I have light skin and awful dark circles under my eyes along with dry skin and this helps with everything!

    The outer ring is a moisturiser with vitamin E and apple seed extract and this really helps to hydrate the skin and relive puffiness from the eyes.

    You really see a difference once you put it on and the coverage is really great. Unfortunat...
    Read More
  85. Best Concealer Ever

    Renee (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I don't like concealer because most of them are thick and cakey and just don't look right. this is completely different. it gets rid of the dark circles under my eyes, the weird pigmentation on the eyelids, and i just wear it by itself because it blends and gives the most natural look. when worn with makeup it gives this amazing glow around your eyes and it's so hydrating. best concealer ever.
  86. Excellent product

    AMCW (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I received a sample of this product and have found it lovely- have dark circles under my eyes and so have used many concealers over the years. This would have to be in the top 1-2 I have used. Excellent colour, moisturizing and good coverage without looking dry or gluggy. Love it and will buy more!!
  87. My favourite product. Ever.

    Barbara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I am 43 years old, and have the usual fine lines around my eyes. Not only is Benefit Fake Up the perfect colour, it is long lasting and hydrates the skin around my eyes. Benefit Fake Up really is a wonderful product.
  88. You'll love it!

    Claire (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I am so happy with this product!
    The creamy texture covers my dark circles but it doesn't look un-natural. It's also hydrating so it still looks fresh by the end of the day.
  89. Love Love Love!

    Jaimie (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is the best concealer I have ever used and I will continue to use it. Perfect coverage without feeling or even looking heavy. Its so moisturizing and doesn't leave blemishes looking dried out.
    I could rave about how much I love this product all day!
    The price is pretty good too considering the quality and that it does last quite a while too.
  90. Beats all other concealers!

    Rosie (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is by far the most hydrating and smooth creamy concealers I've used. After years of searching for a concealer that doesn't settle into fine lines or emphasize my dry under eyes, the search is finally over! This is phenomenal. I will never buy any other concealer!
  91. Great product

    Joanna (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This concealer is lightweight, easy to blend, hydrating and doesn't cake or crease throughout the day. Covers blemishes and dark circles without looking heavy. Love this concealer!
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