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Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer 3g

4.2 of 101 reviews


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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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GREAT - 78% recommend

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Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer Reviews

4.2 of 101 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



benefit boi-ing is a great concealer for spot concealing blemishes. I'm a big fan. The packaging does look a bit cheap though

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad


It has good coverage but seems to go cakey even when I set it with powder. May be it works better for other people but I have dry skin and it goes cakey no matter what.
  1. A little Cloggy


    I found this concealer hard to work with. It either didn’t blend in at all, or just cracked off over any spots I was trying to cover. Didn’t love
  2. concealer


    benefit boi-ing is a great concealer for spot concealing blemishes. I'm a big fan. The packaging does look a bit cheap though
  3. amazing


    This amazing if you want to cover your dark circles. It's very full coverage concealer.
  4. full coverage


    full coverage but can look a bit cakey and too heavy sometimes
  5. Lovely concealer


    Really good concealer, covers dark circles well, not too thick.
  6. Not bad


    It has good coverage but seems to go cakey even when I set it with powder. May be it works better for other people but I have dry skin and it goes cakey no matter what.
  7. Thick


    This isn’t my favourite concealer but I do reach for it when I have an obvious hard to cover blemish, it’s thick and builds strong coverage
  8. Hard to find shade


    This is a good concealer and doesn't crease, but i find that most of the shades are very pink toned.
  9. very suprised


    to be honest i was very suprised after using this! it is so much better than i expected! it blends out flawwlessly and looks great on the skin. definitely recommend !
  10. Lovely product


    It is like a dupe for the Bobbi Brown corrector - peachy and covers well. It errs on the heavy side and can crease, I always layer my skin-coloured concealer over the top and then powder to set it. Will repurchase, love that it comes with quite a lot of product for the price.
  11. Alright


    does cover dark circles but not pigmentation. light coverage concealer. bit pricey for light concealer.
  12. best concealer


    completely covers dark circles easily
  13. Good concealer


    Would not live without this concealer- always have compliments when wearing- not the most coverage but does its job for a lighter weight concealer
  14. Decent concealer


    This is a decent concealer. Covers my under eye circles quite well. Can feel a little drying though, but easily sorted with a good moisturiser at night.
  15. Decent concealer


    This is a decent concealer. Covers my under eye circles quite well. Can feel a little drying though, but easily sorted with a good moisturiser at night.
  16. Thick


    Good for covering spots, can be a little cakey
  17. Decent!


    I actually really enjoyed this and thought it made my under eyes look lovely. I really liked it!
  18. Great for covering blemishes


    The Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer is great for concealing blemishes on your face. I prefer the brightening concealer for covering dark under-eye circles because I find this one a bit too drying.
  19. Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer


    Not the most full coverage concealer, but it does give some sort of coverage, however it does give a more natural finish to the skin and it doesn’t really crease which I love.
  20. Great product


    I have re-purchased this concealer for the second time (and also convinced a work colleague to do the same!). This product has fantastic coverage over the most difficult to hide blemishes or dark spots. I have even used it alone on "no foundation" days to disguise blemishes and redness around my nose. I am blonde with fair skin and No. 2 blends really well. Would definitely recommend.
  21. I found it drying


    Super high coverage but I do find it drying and can cake
  22. Great for spot concealing


    Love this concealer for spot concealing. It doesn’t emphasise texture and blends really well with foundation.
  23. True to name!


    Definitely covered my dark undereye circles and faint wrinkles. Only works well with setting powder though so make sure you have a good one on hand. Will definitely repurchase.
  24. Heavy duty, I use it to cover a scar


    I've been using this to cover a scar on my chest. It works really well, it provides excellent coverage and lasts for ages. It's well priced too.
  25. Good


    Just so moisture and fit to my skin, fully cover my dark circle and/or unequal skin tone. I could not look at other brand's concealer anymore since i first use it on Year 2009!
  26. Abit drying


    This concealer works great for hiding those dark under eyes, only issue is it is abit drying and somewhat creates a muddy look. At this point I am unsure about the quality of the product.
  27. not the best but not the worst


    This concealer is ok, i found it quite dry on my skin!
  28. Not the best


    I had high hopes for this concealer, but I found it disappointing. It provides great high coverage, however I found the texture hard to work with. The concealer is very stiff and when applied stays put without much room for blending. It also creases very easily into fine lines.
  29. Kind of oily


    I did not love this product. I found it slightly oily
  30. Not a fan for mature skin


    Not a fan for mature skin. Creased, made me look older, exaggerated fine lines. Definitely look elsewhere if you have mature skin.
  31. The best!


    Of all the numerous under-eye concealers I've tried over the years this is definitely one of the best. It's long-lasting, easy to apply and works brilliantly at masking deep dark circles. It is a bit thicker, but this is a plus.
  32. Meh


    This creases on me. If you don’t have wrinkles then you should be okay with this but it’s not my favourite.
  33. Perfect


    I love this concealer and I’ve used it for a long time. I’m very pale and thought the lightest shade would be too dark which is often the case, but it’s not. It hides redness really well without being cakey and highlighting dry skin. It’s a staple for me.
  34. Great for under eye shadows


    I have mature, fair skin. I love using this concealer in my inner corner, over those purple smudges under my eyes and over my eyelids. I apply with flat concealer brush, then pat out and in with my fingertips. This helps blend it in and melts into skin. Love it!
  35. Hides everything


    I recently had a huge cyst acne breakout and needed a concealer that would hide it all. I didn't even have to touch up after a 8 hour working day. Very impressed and use when breakouts occur!
  36. Not terrible but not great


    Dries your skin and creases, and for the price would recommend another concealer.
  37. Great concealer for oily skin


    This concealer has longwear and great coverage. One little pot goes a long way. Would not recommend for this with dry skin as the formula is quite drying.
  38. Lasts!


    I bought this concealer months and months ago and it’s still going. I’m blonde with fair/medium skin tone and no. 3 suits me perfectly and the creamy texture blends flawlessly. I mainly use it to cover little patches of redness around my nose or if I look dark under the eyes and it does the job very well. Will repurchase when I eventually run out.
  39. a fairly nice concelaer

    perfecting skin

    i have dry under eyes and i've got darkness under my eyes too. this concealer is longwear and hides my dark circles as well, it does the work and i found it hydrating as well. it did not leave my under eyes dry. i like it.
  40. Strong concealer


    Thick and covers everything but makes my pores obvious
  41. Covers


    Very thick concealer good for blemishes but is quite dry
  42. Does it’s job


    I’ve used a number of different concealer brands over the years and have found this one to be really good value for money. My skin gets the occasional breakout so I’m not sure if it would be thick enough for more breakout prone skin but it does a dream job covering the redness of my chin.
  43. Does the job!


    Resilient and creamy, covers my age spots and redness really well.
  44. Great coverage


    This was great for hiding my dark circles but did crease if applied a little heavy.
  45. Drying and limited shades


    I found this concealer quite drying and I didn't even use all that much. I have combo/normal skin type. Also the shade range was limited, the lightest two shades are not yellow toned so they don't suit my skin tone and are either too light or too dark. Would not recommend unless you have super oily skin and are confident it will match your skin tone (get matched in person to be sure)
  46. Great product


    looks dry and bad but is actually really creamy love it
  47. Covers spots


    Works best with your finger, good for spots but can go slightly cakey
  48. Good coverage


    Pretty good coverage, but not light enough for my skin tone and a little greasy.
  49. Great


    It’s a great concealer for covering acne scars
  50. Great Concealer


    I have a sample of this Concealer in the medium and lighter tones from a Benefit set. I find the medium one is great for hiding my under eye dark circles. It is very thick and when warmed with your finger applies easily and covers well.
  51. very thick


    I decided to get a concealer such as this to help carve out my brows. IT does quite a good job of it but it almost seems like its TOO thick to use. I havent had it for very long and its already beginning to dry out. Maybe I should spritz it with some fix+ to give it some life again
  52. Good coverage but doesn’t last long on my dry skin


    I bought this concealer to spot conceal acne scarring I have along my jawline and while the coverage is good, I find it hard to get the product to stay put on my skin. I think this might because I have super dry skin and need something more emollient. Probably better for normal to oily skin
  53. Cover spots


    Very thick, conceals well but can look cakey if not applied well.
  54. Almost perfect


    I loved this concealer everywhere but my under eyes. It’s got great coverage, but wasn’t quite the right tone to hide my dark circles.

    Would still repurchase. Even the mini - a little goes a long way!
  55. Love this product


    Love this product for covering acne scars and redness. Would definitely repurchase!
  56. Not for under eyes


    Tried a lot of concealers but so far this have been the best. I Have been using this concealer for 3 years and it is the best concealer I’ve used. It is Very good coverage and not drying for the face but I would suggest not to use for the under eye as it was a bit too drying.
  57. Dark circles disappear


    I absolutely love this concealer. The medium is perfect for my skin tone (which is probably more of a light-medium in other brands) and literally covers EVERYTHING. Has a matte finish but has a creamier consistency and doesn't feel like it is drying out my skin. I've tried blending it in with a brush but definitely works best using fingers. Only wish there was more product in the container, I powe...
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  58. Good for blemishes


    I use this on spots and it mostly covers everything up, but I’ve recently found a cheaper brands colour correction palette that does it better.
  59. Incredible


    I have dry under eyes and they're very dark. This doesn't crease and makes my under eye look really bright I love it.
  60. Amazing coverage


    This is amazing g for acne or scars. This works so well and is a perfect match for me.
  61. Good, basic concealer


    This is a good concealer that easily covers any spots and dark undereye circles. It has a nice creamy texture that blends in easily, however I'm not a huge fan of the packaging of the product
  62. Great for acne spots


    I used to use this concealer every day when I had some pretty bad acne scars. Now that my scars have faded, I don't have much use for this concealer anymore, but I would definitely pull it out if I ever started to break out of have any hyper-pigmentation issues. I would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with redness/scarring. It covers up seamlessly.
  63. I would buy this again


    Very easy to apply. Best used if you go lite and build it up for heavy coverage.
  64. Nice texture


    Nice, smooth texture. Works wonders on my blemishes but is was way too much for the under eye.
  65. Creamy and Great Coverage


    I really love this product the concealer works so well. But you really have to use a brush it gives a much nicer finish when you do. It does a great job at covering my dark circles. Which is amazing.
  66. My favourite concealer


    I love this concealer, for my skin it’s the right consistency for both under eyes and blemishes. I like products that multi-task. I’ve been using this for years and haven’t found anything better!
  67. My absolute make up must have


    I love this concealer, it gives great coverage for dark circles, blemishes, everything really. My only issue is that the size is pretty small and if using everyday it dies the last long. I would love it if benefit brought out a bigger version. Once you start using this concealer it is hard to go back to using any alternatives.
  68. Best for spot concealing


    Super full coverage but very dry to the touch, I use this to cover scars/acne etc. It doesn't move on the skin! However, this is too dry for larger areas of the face and the shade range is so limited it can be difficult to match. Shades 1 and 2 run very pink and shade 3 is yellow but medium-dark.
  69. PRetty good


    Tried a lot of concealers but so far this have been the best. I Have been using this concealer for 3 years and it is the best concealer I’ve used. It is Very good coverage and not drying for the face but I would suggest not to use for the under eye as it was a bit too drying. It is much better suited to covering up breakouts, or to be used as stage makeup.
  70. Amazing


    Shade range was disappointing, but the product coverage and formula itself is perfect.
  71. Covers everything it should!


    Perfect for the one off blemish, or redness, or dark circles under your eyes!
  72. MUAs go for it


    This is a fabulous heavy duty concealer that is wonderful for MUAs, especially to be used on stage. This wouldn't be for people just doing their own makeup, you wouldn't want to wear such a thick concealer as an everyday thing.
  73. Great to Cover Scars


    I first came across this concealer as a sample, and I instantly loved it. I have only used it to cover acne scarring, though after reading some reviews I am eager to try it as my under eye concealer (I usually use NP for that) as I often have dark circles from lack of sleep. This covers and blends beautifully, but ensure it doesn't come into contact with any dry spots on your skin - I attempted to...
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  74. Great coverage for under eye dark circles


    This is a great concealer that hides under eye dark circles. Number two is the perfect pink shade for face skin. This blends perfectly and stays put all day.
  75. Stays Put and Covers


    Blends really well and actually stays put! I use with a sponge to blend seamlessly. Honestly can not fault this.
  76. Conceals


    Concesls so well. Makes me look wide awake when even coffee doesn't work.
  77. Great coverage


    I have bad pigmentation marks on both my upper checks and this concealer has the best coverage. Works really well under eyes too. This product does do as promised.
  78. Great buy


    Great concealer, It hides my baggy eyes and makes me look awake!
  79. Definitely industrial strength!


    This is a great concealer to blend under the eyes, or pat onto blemishes for full coverage. I like to put a lighter shade of this underneath my eyes to brighten them up, and it stays on well throughout the day!
  80. Fantastic product


    This is one of my favourite concealers. I mainly use it for dark spots/acne scarring (not so much for under the eyes) and it does a great job!!
    It has a balm type consistency so it is very easy to apply - especially if you’re in a rush.
    The only thing that could be improved is the shade range. I have yellow/olive coloured skin and use No 2 which I find is slightly too pink for my skin ...
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  81. Love love love this concealer


    I started using this concealer a few years ago as I was having some hormonal breakouts on my neck which were bright red. It covered these up perfectly and lasts ages. I then started using it under my eyes to hide the dark circles and it was fantastic under foundation. I have sensitive skin and I am a red head so there is always something I can use for cover up. I would highly recommend this produc...
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  82. New Fave!


    When I first started to use this concealer I didn't like it at all but after continued use I have come to really enjoy it. As someone with oily skin I have struggled to find a concealer that do not crease and slide off my face throughout the day but this one has been amazing! It covers my dark veins under my eyes without creasing and sticks well on blemishes. The only down side I have found is tha...
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  83. Great concealer


    This concealer is fantastic for covering redness and significantly brightens my under eye area, although it does seem to cling to the fine lines under my eyes, but I'd rather that than looking like a panda! It is also fairly good at covering dark spots and scars. I would not recommend for dry skin as I found it exasperated any flaky areas around active acne, however for oily skin it works wonders!...
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  84. Not a fan


    I purchased this after reading an article about the best coverage concealers so was excited to try it.I have only used once. I have fine lines under eyes and it dried this area out and made my wrinkles more obvious. Also went oily as the day went on. I use the estee Lauder foundation so opted to then use the matching concealer which was perfect coverage
  85. Disappointing


    I have combination skin with hormonal breakouts & I was really excited to try this concealer. Unfortunately all it does for me is dry my blemishes out making them more visible. Oilier skin types might have more success with this one, meanwhile my quest for the perfect concealer continues!
  86. Good coverage


    I’m pretty happy with this concealer, I’ve had terrible skin lately and it does hide all blemishes really well. However, it doesn’t stay all day and can often make my skin feel oilier than normal.
  87. Good but not the best ever


    Don't get me wrong, this is a great concealer but not the best for me and my skin type. I find this is too thick to use under my eyes but it works on any scars/problems that appear on my skin. The coverage is really good!
    If you have dry skin, maybe avoid this product. On my breakouts, it tends to cling to any dry patches. If you have oily skin and need to cover up discolouration/scarring......
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  88. Good But Not Great...


    I really wanted to love this concealer but as some have mentioned, it is a little too dry and can accentuate my dry patches rather then cover them. I find that by adding a tiny bit of argan oil to my concealer brush this becomes a lot more workable and smooth when applying. Apart from that avoidable issue this concealer is definitely a great full coverage option.
  89. New favourite!


    "Boi-ing" is correct indeed! I suddenly feel like I can bounce back from any makeup tragedy with this product. Until now I've been a committed liquid concealer girl, but consider me a convert, because Benefit's Boi-ing industrial strength concealer has definitely changed the way I used concealers!
    As someone who suffers from oily skin, it's important to me for a concealer to cover blemishes ...
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  90. Not as great as you'd think


    I dont know whether my combination skin and imperfections are just too much for this concealer but it definitely didn't do as fabulous a job as reviews might lead you to believe. The consistency is reallu dry and if you have any raised marks or pimples it will only dry on them and eventually rub off. Definitely dont think its "industrial strength". However the colour is good for minor spots.


    I love this concealer - it covers everything and is oil free. Only negative is the packaging which is sometimes hard to open, but other than that it's a must!
  92. Love it


    I absolutely LOVE this concealer. It glides on like silk and covers even the most stubborn blemish. It's the best concealer I've ever used
  93. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is the best concealer I've ever used. It actually does what it claims to do... conceals! When applied under foundation, this product will indeed hide even the most stubborn blemish,dark circle or pigmentation issues you may have. I like that this product is not runny, but rather in a 'balm like' consistency, meaning that only the smallest amount is required. The fact that this fabulous produc...
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  94. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This concealer is fantastic! You only need a small amount & it covers really well and stays put. A little pricey but worth it. I am reasonably fair skinned & wanted it for under my eyes, so I purchased the 01 Light and it is very pale. I would suggest going for the 02 Medium unless you only want it to conceal or brighten under the eyes. 01 Light would be perfect for red heads or very fair skin to...
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  95. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    A friend recommended this product and I'm glad I've tried it - I use it as a blemish concealer mostly as it is quite thick and covers well. I also find that it dries out any blemishes and actually helps them to clear up. The only downside is the old packaging which was a flip top packet with a mirror in the lid - nice idea but as soon as I accidently dropped the compact the hinge broke. I guess th...
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  96. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Finally a concealor that covers my dark shadows! It goes on really easily, not cakey at all and lasts through the day. I'm quite fair and found light a perfect colour.
  97. Best concealer I have ever used

    Kelly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Lovely thick concealer that actually conceals blemishes, dark circles and other flaws and actually keeps them concealed all day. Really impressed with this product. It is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way & it lasts well, so I think it is worth the expense. Works very well in conjunction with the Benefit Hello Flawless powder - since I have discovered both these products I have not had...
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  98. Fantastic!

    Raelene (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I was very impressed with this concealer as it is easy to apply and doesn't leave you with that cakey smudgey look in creases that some concealers do. I used it sparingly and lightly patted it under my eye area with fingers and the effect is brilliant. It gives you a brighter fresher look. I'm olive skinned and found the medium (03) perfect for my skin.
  99. Wonderful product

    Emma (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This concealer works brilliantly without being too thick or pancake-like, in fact it's really light. It's a great product and I recommend it.
  100. Product a bit hard and dry for delicate skin

    Lauren (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I do like this concealer and I think that it does an awesome job of concealing- hooray! However, I find the balm consistency a bit too dry for the delicate skin under my eye. Perhaps because it is winter, the product is a little harder than it would normally be... but I really have to push into it to get any and press quite hard into my skin to transfer it.
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