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Benefit Boi-Ing Brightening Concealer 4.4g

4.4 of 59 reviews


4 instalments of $9.51

Or 4 instalments of $9.51 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.51

Or 4 instalments of $9.51 with LEARN MORE

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Hide & perk with boi-ing brightening concealer!

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Benefit Boi-Ing Brightening Concealer Reviews

4.4 of 59 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This one is the best brightning concelar

Most Helpful Criticism



This product has great coverage but WOW was it thick. I wasn't thrilled with the color as it looked a bit off in the sunlight.
  1. Fantastic!!


    This one is the best brightning concelar
  2. Favourite under eye concealer


    This concealer is probably my favourite under eye corrector out there, it really does brighten your under eyes and I didn’t find it to be heavy at all. It did crease a little under my eyes though. I’ve tried some other highly rated concealers since trying this but I’ve found nothing compares and when I’m out of my current concealer I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.
  3. Great at concealing

    Brightening concealer

    I wasn't initially wowed by this but liked the creamy consistency (I have dry mature under eyes) then I came across a YouTuber who uses it as a colour corrected under her concealer. Now it's my holy Grail! It's hydrating, brightening and colour correcting.
  4. THICK


    This product has great coverage but WOW was it thick. I wasn't thrilled with the color as it looked a bit off in the sunlight.
  5. best correcter ever!


    i have the darkest circles ever with a light skin tone nothing worked for me until i found this one .. but i am afraid if its discontinued again since the shade 2 seems to be out of stock everywhere
  6. The best under eye concealer


    The Benefit brightening concealer is the re-branded 'Erase paste'.
    I've tried so many concealers and this is the only one that really works for my dark under-eye circles. I use it under my eyes with a setting powder every day. I think I preferred the old packaging of the erase paste, but it's the same great product.
  7. Benefit Boi-Ing Brightening Concealer


    doesn't sit well on top of my foundation and leaves a patchy area on the concealed parts after powder. good size product, handy and nice balmy texture
  8. Circles be gone!


    verified purchaser
    This is my all time favourite go-to for hiding my lack of sleep.. what an amazing product!

    Finding the right colour was a pain.. it would be great if they offered samples to help with this (It took me 3 attempts to get it right)..

    Doesn't crease or flake, and covers well. I find that the darker colours work best for far circles (seems counter intuitive hey?). I don't th...
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  9. Dark circles gone

    Stephanie G

    verified purchaser
    I have quite dark circles under my eyes, along with that over-60 under-eye skin. Heavy concealers are very unflattering. This rich emollient product is light but effective at covering the darkness, and helps my concealer to sit well, without that “crepey” look. It’s a bit more expensive but this pot goes on forever, I pop a teeny bit on my little finger and pat it on just in the dark area, and it ...
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  10. Covers all my imperfections!


    This concealer really surprised me! I wasn’t expecting something so amazing! This concealer is so easy to apply, covers all my imperfections without making my acne prone skin break out, covers my dark circles and doesn’t dry my skin out at all. It is very blendable and buildable, it is also the perfect concealer for carving out your eyebrows and priming your eyelids before eyeshadow! Definitely re...
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  11. Would not reccommend


    I find this does nothing for me, the cover is very thin and creases, and does very minimal work to brighten the under eye area. I have definitely found more affordable and effective concealers, and won't be repurchasing.
  12. Great for under eyes!


    Works well under eyes - the lightest shade isnt as light as i would have liked. Has a very orangey undertone. Would not recommend if you are looking for a concealer for the full face.
  13. Good under eye


    This is a good under eye concealer for dark circles however I do find a little bit of build up, which I blot with a tissue after a couple of minutes of application. I find this with a lot of concealers on my eyes though. You don't need a lot of this, a little goes a long way!
  14. great concealer for under the eyes!


    you dont need to use much under the eyes! just a little bit and blend! really good coverage! i like this concealer!
  15. Awesome


    suprisingly creamy and easily blendable
  16. set it with a powder


    i have aged skin and for that if you are using this concealer make sure you set it with powder. it applies good and very smoothly. i usually apply it with my finger and it applies quickly too. and it does brightens up my dark under eye area.
  17. Full coverage


    Slight peach undertone and full coverage - covers dark circles beautifully
  18. My 2nd lot


    This is the 2nd time I have purchased this.. & still I absolutely love this product.. it just glides on leaves a gorgeous finish.. absolutely amazing what it can cover up.. again I will repurchase this when needed.. amazing with such sensitive skin.. I get no reaction at all
  19. Great coverage but heavy!


    I did love this concealer, just not as much as I had hoped - have horrible circles under my eyes & thought this might be the fix! I don’t wear a huge amount of makeup - this concealer is quite heavy so I felt like it just sat quite obviously on my skin. Whereas when I wore a heavier foundation, I found it a lot easier to blend and looked much less ‘made up!’
  20. Wow wow wow


    Omg this has to be one of my favourite product from benefit.. I was in shock at how good it worked.. I purchased shade light.. it was perfect colour.. it’s very silly smooth & a little goes a long way. Definitely give this product a go
  21. Wasn’t sure about it but ended up being a favourite!


    I’d heard mixed things about this product and just decided to give it a go, and it ended up being such a lovely product. I would highly reccomend giving it a crack if you can!
  22. Fiddle application but lovely finish


    This concealer is great when you have a bit more time to do your makeup, i find it is not as convenient as a product that has a wand with a doe foot but oh that finish is so worth it, like a insta filter for your face
  23. Great


    This definitely brightens your under eyes without being super cakey. I put a little of this on my ring finger and dab under my eyes to blend and then quickly set with a powder. It is quite a thick formulation so I feel the fingers are the best way to apply it.
  24. Love it


    I put a little bit on my middle finger and dab under my eyes and hey-presto... dark circles are gone! So easy to use, and great coverage without being cakey. Such and easy and useful little pot of gold.
  25. Holy grail!!


    I have chronic dark circles under my eyes and have been trying to find my perfect concealer for years. This completely covers my dark circles and makes me look like I’ve had 1000 hours sleep!

    It is a thick and creamy formula so I warm it up in the back of my hand before application, I blend with my ring finger then finish with a beauty blender - works every time!
  26. Creamy & Easy to Blend


    Really great formula - my only issue was finding the right shade to counteract my dark circles.

    Blended in better when I used my finger rather than a brush. Would definitely recommend, and will be going in store to test and find a better match for myself.
  27. Amazing coverage! So creamy


    This concealer is amazing especially for dark circles under the eyes. This is my favourite concealer as it's very creamy and easy to blend. Definitely recommend.
  28. Good


    This concealer is just what the doctor ordered for under my eyes. Less is more, like I said, though - and it's best when I apply it with my finger tips rather than a brush as the heat of your finger makes it blend a bit better. I will keep buying this again and again!
  29. Wow


    It brightens beautifully and blends like a dream . It covers my dark circles so well.
  30. Good but light


    This is a good concealer but it is pretty light. Good for a natural look and is quite creamy.
  31. Very nice


    I love this produce for everyday use. this is more if you like a "natural face" type of look. more on the light coverage but also very creamy. easy to blend. I will definitely repurchase
  32. If I could only use one makeup product, THIS would be it!


    I use this concealer every day for all occasions. It is great for dark circles under eyes or any areas that need color correction prior to foundation. Anytime I don't want to wear makeup, such as when going to the gym, I use this product as a stand alone for dark under eye circles and areas of redness. I always carry extras in my purse and in my gym bag. If I could only have one makeup product, th...
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  33. Really liked this


    Really liked this - didn't crease too badly and it didn't need much setting. Nice:)
  34. Great buy


    I love this product. This is my favourite in the bo-ing range. So good!
  35. Great purchase


    In love with this product amazing
  36. Amazing


    cancels out blue under the eyes perfectly and doesnt crease on me even without setting it! i have dry skin and doesnt look cakey under my eyes
  37. Great concealer


    Was talked into buying this at a Sephora in Rome when I was on holiday, was sceptical but tried it out and wore it the rest of my holiday! Goes on so naturally when applied with beauty blender or finger. Love!
  38. Good coverage however it was too oily and thick.


    My version of makeup is natural yet still covering. This 'new' concealer from benefit has INCREDIBLE coverage however because my skin is already oily, I found the concealer's formula was oil-based which directly contradicted with my skin combinations - especially during the summer months it would basically melt off. And during the cooler months it was so thick i could barely blend it into my face,...
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  39. I can't find any better!


    I have loved this product since the first time a beautiful Benefit MUA applied it on me over 10 years ago. I am a product junkie so have tried numerous other brands to see what else is out there, but I ALWAYS come back to this product and now I'm sticking to it. I'm in my mid 30s now and have a few fine lines around my eyes, but unlike some other concealers this product never falls into fine lin...
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  40. One of the only products that helps cover my dark circles!


    Trying to find a product that hid my dark circles was what first got me interested in makeup, mostly because I had to try so many different products until I finally found this! I get very dry around my eyes and try to not wear makeup when they are particularly bad but on the days I do have to wear makeup, this concealer works much better than others I've tried on my dry bits. I use this to neutra...
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  41. overall great product!


    Boi-ing has a great creamy consistency, which is even better for people with dryer skin under their eyes. I am personally quite dark under my eyes, I find the product to be a great under concealer brightener if I am going for more of a full coverage look. day to day, it has a medium coverage on it own.

    Overall, I like the product and would purchase again.
  42. Great highlighting concealer!


    I received a sample of this concealer and loved it so much that I purchased the full size. I don't have extreme dark circles just average darkness under my eyes and I find that this concealer instantly covers this and brightens the whole area. It is very creamy which I like for under the eyes and I haven't had too much trouble with creasing. I do however use another concealer over this one for ble...
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  43. Very Lightweight


    OK, so i have a fair amount of darkness under & around my eyes, even with concealer on you can still see greyness peeking through & i bought this thinking it was going to solve all my problems as i had seen many reviews on youtube of people using this & it looking FANTASTIC, which it is, dont get my wrong, but it doesnt fully cover the darkness i have. It brightens beautifully & blends like a drea...
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  44. Okay but not great


    This concealer is okay - but I don't think it brightens very well. The dark circles under my eyes aren't well hidden by this product. I much prefer the Industrial Strength Benefit Concealer.
  45. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Fantastic concealer! I love it sooo much! So soft and creamy and really covers dark circles. It really brightens the under eye area and gives a youthful glow. I love the packaging too, the spatula is the perfect idea!
  46. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Possibly my HG under-eye concealer. Good coverage, doesn't crease (much - I think only Botox could prevent creasing completely!), and the brightening effect really makes you look wide awake and perky. I don't bother with the spatula though, I just use a brush to apply and then blend with a fingertip or sponge. Sometimes I also set it with a teeensy dabbing of BECCA loose powder. I use the #1 Light...
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  47. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love this concealer. It glides on smoothly, and provides excellent under eye coverage (where I need it most). The container is small, but I can tell already that it will last a long time. Also comes with handy instructions for covering different sorts of problem areas.
  48. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    A HG Concealer for sure! Perfect shade for me, not pinky at all. Does not crease, even at the end of the day this still looks perfect. I tiny bit goes a long way and the little jar is super cute!
  49. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    As someone that has always had under eye circles i've searched high and low for a concealer that 1. reduces the darkness, 2. stays put for a reasonable period of time, 3. is not drying or cakey. Gladly i can tell you that Benefit Erase Paste col 2, is just right for me. It's much more pink than any concealer i've ever tried so i was skeptical at first but pleasantly suprised. It is quite thick ...
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  50. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This concealer did nothing, wait it did do something - make my skin dry out and flake. The areas that I used this became red and swollen. Maybe this would suit the mannequin that represents Benefit...chemical crap is what I'd call this! My skin is a horrible mess! So disappointed :( I sent the other products back as I didn't want to risk my skin looking like a red chilli pepper with puss. You...
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  51. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This has got to be the BEST concealer I have ever tried! I am seriously considerinf stocking this in my makeup kit to use on my clients because it covers & hides flaws in nanoseconds! I will admit that I was hesitant to invest in this for my next concealer because I wanted to try another brand out there but the girls at adorebeauty.com.au highly recommended this one and so I took their advice - ...
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  52. -

    Anonymous (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a pot of miracles. The Fair (01) shade is perfect for me and really peps up dark undereye circles I get if I am a bit tired! It has tiny little light reflecting particles in it, so it really brightens the area. It is a creamy paste but you can apply it very thinly so it never looks cakey. Occasionally in the afternoon I need to blend it under my eyes a little bit, as it can show up fine...
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  53. -

    Insanely Vain (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This stuff is amazing!!! Like YSL Touche Eclat in a jar...but better. I was in two minds about trying this out...due to the very limited colour section....but i'm so glad I did. ...the #3 is perfect for dark skinned gals like me...and gives a nice luminous glow ....while concealing. A little goes a long way...and it takes a little bit of time to 'roll' and 'pat' this till its invisible...but...
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  54. Love this product!

    mia (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I absolutely love this product. I've tried so many concealers over the years, but this one has to be one of the best. I'm quite pale, and 01 fair works really well concealing tired eyes and the occasional blemish. The colour is great, not too pink or yellow. It also blends really well using just a ring finger. I definitely recommend this product!
  55. Best concealer for dark circles under eyes

    Aleka (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have very dark circles under my eyes, and this is the best concealer (No. 2) I have used. It may seem expensive initially, but a little goes a long way, so the jar lasts a long time.
    Love it!
  56. Really torn about this product!

    Kelly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've been using this product for a fortnight now and I'm just really torn on this product. On the one hand, it looks great after I put it on. It covers my under-eye dark circles and gets rid of the redness at the corner of my nostrils and helps cover up my acne scars. The texture is really creamy and it goes on without any troubles. BUT, I've tried to use this product with three different primers ...
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  57. Great for Under Eyes

    Ame-J (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is such a beautiful creamy camouflage that I use mainly for day. It doesn't dry out your eye area, nor does it disappear into any creases you may have around your eyes. I found I need a bit more coverage at night time. Its quite good value for money as it lasts a lot longer than some of the other camouflage products I use.
  58. A miracle

    Lyn (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This product is truly amazing.
    My dark circles, which are extremely obvious in the mirror in my bathroom, both with and without glasses, with overhead sunlight from a sky light, are invisible to me now in the same type of light conditions, with and without my glasses.
    I only need a tiny amount, so the price is reasonable - this will last me an age+ - and it does the job beautifully.
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  59. The search is over!!

    Ally (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have been looking for a concealer that doesn't cake up and settle into my fine lines and I think I have found it! So far nothing has worked in my favour until this little beauty came alone and it has changed my life.
    I have super dry skin and this just keeps my under eye so hydrated without looking sticky and slippery.. My skin is light in the winter and olive/medium in the summer I picked...
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