Why You Need This 100 Year Old Hair Brush

Before I even begin trying to convince you to spend over $100 on a hair brush – I have to warn you, once you use this brush, you’ll never stray from Mason Pearson.

But you won’t have to, because this brush will literally last you a lifetime. That’s not an exaggeration, I have proof.

★★★★★ Indestructable Virginia

“I bought one of these brushes over 40 years ago. It is used every day. It still looks great and is as effective as the day I bought it. Yes it is expensive but it is simply the best brush ever made. I cannot recommend it highly enough. You will not regret purchasing it. Mine has lasted perfectly.”

★★★★★ Perfect for thick hair – Emma

“Got this brush for my daughter who has super thick red hair, after having been given a Mason Pearson brush by my parents in the 70s that still kicks along…. Needless to say, it’s the only brush that has ever worked on her hair. Glad I bought it! I hope it lasts for her as long as mine did.”

★★★★★ The best brushes – Annie

“I have been using Mason Pearson brushes for over 30 years and they are the best. I have bought both my daughters one and they also love them, now I am wanting to buy my baby granddaughter one. So thank you Mason Pearson for the best brushes in the world.”


Why Is Everyone So Obsessed?

This is the type of brush your grandmother gives you as a child, and carries on as a family tradition.

Mason Pearson brushes have been around since 1885, and are still handmade in England. They’re designed to be long-lasting, hard-wearing and suited to individual hair types.

But what separates Mason Pearson brushes from a $10 brush from the supermarket?


There’s A Version For Every Hair Type

Everyone loves a product that’s just made for them. Mason Pearson brushes come in several varieties designed for all hair types.

Fine/Thinning: Pocket Pure Boar Brush B4 (shop here)

Normal/Curly: Bristle/Nylon Pocket Brush BN4 (shop here)

Thick/Course: Universal Nylon Brush NU2 (shop here)

Child: Child Bristle Boar Brush (shop here)

It Actually Makes Your Hair Shinier

The unique bristles distribute the hair’s natural oils. The more you brush, the more you move these oils along the hair strands. By coating the hair in those natural oils, the brush instantly increases shine and reduces frizz. This action also helps to prevent dry ends on fine or long hair.

It’s Good For Your Scalp

Upon first inspection, you might think the roughness of the bristles wouldn’t feel nice, but it’s actually like getting a little scalp massage while you brush your hair. The flexible bristles stimulate the scalp (which can encourage hair growth), and distribute natural oils through the hair.

The Quality Is Superior

You can’t get much better than handmade, honestly. These rubber-cushion boar bristle and nylon hairbrushes are still made with love, using the highest quality materials, so you know the price is actually worth it, and your hairbrush will stand the test of time.


Shop Mason Pearson Here

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