5 New(ish) Hair Products Our Editor Is Loving Sick Right Now

best new hair productsbest new hair products

They say your brow technician has the power to make or break your day.

Agreed, however I'd argue there’s an even more sinister undercover day-ruiner lurking in your bathroom... average hair products.

Bit dramatic? Sure. But just like fresh, bouncy hair can make you feel like a billion bucks, ending up with a lank, greasy mop because of an average hair product is a bummer.

On that note, here are five new hair products that aren’t average in the slightest.

From a spray that’ll halve your blow drying time to an oil that's filler for your hair, very good hair awaits.

1. Klorane 2-in-1 Mask Shampoo Powder.

Klorane 2-in-1 Mask Shampoo PowderKlorane 2-in-1 Mask Shampoo Powder

What: Klorane 2-in-1 Mask Shampoo Powder

A powder-to-lather shampoo designed to deeply cleanse your scalp and help control oil production.

Why I'm loving it right now:

I thought this product was a gimmick when I first saw it, but it's genuinely impressed me. If your roots look and feel greasy not long after you've washed your hair, give this a go.

It's a mattifying shampoo/mask/dry shampoo hybrid because ingredients organic nettle and clay (which you'll find in the brand's dry shampoos) absorb excess oil on the scalp. You get eight sachets in a pack for weekly use, and they're easy to chuck in your bag for travel.

Using this reminded me of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Powder; you empty one sachet of the powder into your palm and add a few drops of water to lather it into a luscious foamy paste.

Massage into your scalp as your first shampoo, and try to stick just to the roots because clay can be drying on the hair. Leave it for a minute or two before rinsing and doing your second shampoo, and conditioner.

2. Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Filler Serum.

Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Filler SerumPrevia Reconstruct Regenerating Filler Serum

What: Previa Reconstruct Regenerating Serum 50 ML

The name says it all - this product is filler, for your hair. It also smells SO BLOODY GOOD.

Why I'm loving it right now:

Big hair oil/serum fan here. I’m obsessed with my hair feeling silky soft (who isn’t?), but a few drops of the wrong oil and BAM. You have to chuck it up in a ponytail and call it a day. Ugh.

I started using this lush hair serum when it launched on Adore in late 2020 and I haven't stopped since.

One pump applied on damp hair (avoiding your roots) before blow drying leaves hair silky soft and fluffed, but not greasy or weighed down at all.

3. ColorWow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray.

ColorWow Speed Dry Blow Dry SprayColorWow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray

What: ColorWow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray 150ml

A pre-styling heat protectant mist that magically speeds up your blow drying time. (It's actually science, but it feels magic!)

Why I'm loving it right now:

This two-in-one product does exactly what it says on the bottle. It's my heat protectant step, and it cuts down my blow drying time to roughly three minutes, which is quick for me!

The lightweight mist is alcohol-free, so it won't make your hair feel like straw or wreck your colour, woo! The way it actually speeds up your styling time is a bit technical, but the product essentially squeezes the water out of each strand of hair, allowing it to evaporate quicker.

It’s also made with keratin (the protein hair is made of), panthenol and amino acids to strengthen and moisturise your hair. Winner.

An FYI, more sprays of the product doesn't equal less drying time. You only need a few spritzes for your whole head. Using too much will only leave your hair with a filmy residue that takes away the soft feeling we love.

4. ELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Bar.

ELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Shampoo BarELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Bar

What: ELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Shampoo Bar 100g

This shampoo bar from cult salon brand ELEVEN Australia smells lovely, is suitable for all hair types and delivers clean, hydrated, shiny hair. It's also vegan and cruelty-free, and free from silicones.

Why we're loving it right now:

Shampoo and conditioner bars aren't for me so I outsourced this road-test to an Adore colleague. Many solid shampoos are fairly earthy or woo-woo, but this one is excellent if you're trying to reduce plastic in your bathroom but don't want to sacrifice on results.

The formula feels very similar to the ELEVEN Hydrate My Hair shampoo. You can try using it with the ELEVEN Australia Gentle Cleanse Conditioner Bar 70g - only con is you'll need to store them in a caddy or dish with a drainage hole, or in a spot that doesn't get covered in water.

My colleague said this shampoo bar actually foams up surprisingly well, considering most don't foam at all. This lack of foam takes some adjusting to, but my best tip is to always shampoo twice. You'll usually get a bit of lather on the second shampoo.

5. Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment.

Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In TreatmentDavroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment

What: Davroe Ends Repair Leave-In Treatment 150ml

A leave-in treatment lotion that reckons it can seal split ends and prevent further breakage.

Why I'm loving it right now:

I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy this product the first time I used it on damp hair. Then I read the instructions and noticed you can apply it on wet OR dry hair. Game-changer.

No product can actually 'get rid of' split ends, only scissors can do that. However, this temporary fix does make my hair look and feel like I've just had a fresh haircut. Partner loves the subtle fresh scent left behind, too.

For swishy, shiny, seriously soft hair, I warm the tiniest amount of product (literally the size of a jellybean) between my palms and press it into the midlengths and ends of my hair.

And just like that, we're done! That wraps up my recap of great new hair products on Adore Beauty this month.

Want to see what these new hair products look like and how they work in real time on my hair? You can watch me talk through them in this video below.

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