Why you need cleansing water in your life NOW

Does the following scene sound familiar?

You hop in the shower, clean your face, wash your hair, soak up the scents and textures, feeling a million bucks…only to get out and catch up a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You recoil in horror, as the reflection staring back at you appears to be member of Kiss – all black make-up dripping down from the eyes. Thank goodness for locks on bathroom doors!

And thank goodness for cleansing water. ‘What water?’ I hear you ask.

Let me fill you in on a little secret. Not all make-up removers are created equal. Some are so sudsy your eyes get irritated, some could pass for paint stripper, and some have the efficacy of a toner – ie. totally redundant.

Taking a leaf out of the books of beauties such as Monica Bellucci and Gisele Bundchen, I’ve recently converted to cleansing water.

With the ability to remove make-up while purifying the skin, cleansing waters are the sort of gentle treatment your face craves at the end of the day. And any product that performs two tasks at once scores major brownie points in my world!

Yi Chieh Tan, Bioderma Asia-Pacific trainer, explains that the secret to its potency is micellar water. These are special molecules derived from micelle technology.

“One part of the micelle has an affinity for water, which sticks to the cotton pad rather than your skin,” he says. “The other part has an affinity for fat, so it atracts all the dirt, impurities, pollution and make-up, just like a magnet.”

Got you so excited you could pretty much remove your cosmetics right now? Check out our recs for which cleansing water is best for you.

My skin is sensitive
Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire Cleanser (formerly Crealine) – ultra-gentle, its formula dissolves instantly while respecting skin’s natural balance

My skin is combination
Clarins Water One-Step Cleanser – available in Peach, Iris and Camomile, this foam-free cleaner targets a range of concerns

My skin is dry
Guinot Instant Cleansing Water – sans detergents and alcohol, to prevent further dehydration. A personal favourite!

My skin is normal
Embryolisse Micellar Lotion – tested under dermatological and ophthalmic supervision to soften and tone all complexions

My skin is oily
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micellar Water – contains AHAs to unclog pores and improve skin texture

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