This Smart Device Offers 5-Minute Workouts for Better Orgasms (and Bladder Control)

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Some women do it on the train. Others, at dinner. Or sitting at their desks.

You might even be doing it right now. We're talking about Kegel exercises, yeah? Good.

We get it. The words 'Kegel' and 'pelvic floor' aren't that exciting. But the prospect of better orgasms and less bladder leakages (or both) is, isn't it?

Our pelvic floor plays an important role in core stability, bladder control, postnatal recovery and even sex. One in three women will experience a problem with their pelvic floor at some stage during their life, so why aren't we talking about our floors more often?

Among other things, this is where doing your Kegels comes in. Only the thing about training the muscles that make up your pelvic floor - the ones that clench up when you sneeze - is you can’t see them.

So how are you meant to know if you’re doing the exercises right? Is clenching while brushing your teeth actually doing anything... other than making you need the bathroom?

That is exactly the problem the Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker solves. Allow us to explain...

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Quick recap: Your pelvic floor is a layer of muscles that sits like a hammock between your tailbone and pubic bone, supporting your pelvic organs.

Pelvic floor problems, including incontinence, are surprisingly common and affect up to 80 per cent of expectant and new mums. A number of factors can weaken your pelvic floor, two of the main ones being pregnancy and labour.

Alongside professional, personalised treatment from your medical practitioner, Kegel exercises (also known as Kegels, Kegel training, pelvic floor exercises or pelvic floor muscle training) are targeted exercises you can do to train and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

You can learn more about your pelvic floor muscles in our interview with physiotherapist Claire de Vos on the Beauty IQ Uncensored podcast below (from 05:39).

Benefits of Kegels.

According to physiotherapist Claire de Vos from Total Physiocare, Kegel exercises are all about getting underactive pelvic floor muscles firing.

Benefits of Kegel exercises may include: improved pelvic floor dysfunctions (urinary and bowel incontinence), increase in core strength and stability, more bladder control and support during pregnancy, faster postnatal recovery and a reduced risk of prolapse.

Oh, and Kegels build muscle strength, increase sensation and boost blood flow to the vagina, which in turn may help you to experience stronger orgasms.

How The Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker Works.

This Kegel thing sounds pretty ace, but only if you're doing them correctly. For example, 30 per cent of us push down when doing a Kegel exercise, which can actually lead to further damage.

This is where using a smart device like Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker can be helpful.

"Depending on the person, Kegel [devices] can be a little less intrusive than doing traditional pelvic floor training, which can be a bit tedious and boring," de Vos says.

Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker is a very small, smooth and comfortable smart device you can connect to an app on your phone for five-minute Kegel workouts you can do literally anywhere.

The chic mint green device is inserted like a tampon and visualises your pelvic floor movements in real time with biofeedback technology used by health professionals. This guides you through a set of quick workouts designed by pelvic floor specialists to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor.

Think of it like playing a video game or doing a virtual workout, but for your bits. As you follow along on the app, squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, a gem on the app lifts in response to the strength of the contraction.

Like a personal trainer would, Elvie knows when you're slacking off and will tell you if your form isn't right. Bloody Elvie. Such a taskmaster.

Here are some other facts about the Elvie Kegel Exerciser and Tracker:

  • Made from a 100 per cent medical-grade, body-safe silicone.

  • Comes with an optional cover for customisable sizing, and designed to fit all body shapes.

  • 100 per cent waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean.

  • Rechargeable device comes with a carry case that doubles as a wireless charger.

OK, But What’s It Really Like To Use?

Over 1,000 health experts including physiotherapists, obstetricians and personal trainers recommend Elvie's Kegel Exerciser and Tracker.

It's also won more than 11 awards for the way it uses science and engineering to start open and honest conversations with women about their needs.

Finally, here are just a few of the Elvie reviews on the brand's UK website:

"After three births, this smart, sophisticated little device has done wonders for me. I highly recommend!"

"No doubt, this has changed my life. Elvie has given me my sexual confidence back."

"This device saved my running career. I've been struggling with exercise-induced incontinence due to hormone changes (I haven't had kids). It looked like I'd peed myself on long training runs, I was so embarrassed. Elvie has changed all that."

"I love this product and have already recommended it to friends and family members. I believe it is a product every women should own."

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