The Completely Natural Cleanser Changing The Face-Washing Game

Byron Bay skincare brand Biologi is famous for creating products containing just a single ingredient. Yep, literally just one. 

They take native Australian fruits that are naturally high in skincare-boosting active ingredients like vitamin C, antioxidants and AHAs, extract their potent juices and turn them into glorious skincare products. 

I know, it's hard to believe - but it's true. They’ve got a lip serum made from Australian Red Finger Limes (Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum), a morning and evening serum duo extracted from Kakadu Plum and Quandong (Biologi Bqk Radiance Duo) and the perfect fix-everything serum made from Davidson Plum (Biologi BD Luminosity Face Serum)

What You Need To Know About Biologi:

The best part about Biologi products is that they’re completely natural and contain 99 per cent active ingredients. The remaining one per cent is filled by a safe preservative, to keep the extracts from going off. You’re paying for an extremely potent product that’s packed full of natural ingredients scientifically proven to make you look glowier. There’s no water, glycerin or other random “filler” ingredients added. All you get are those concentrated fruit extracts. 

Biologi products are hugely popular with people who have sensitive skin that reacts badly to many of the synthetic ingredients added into some skincare products, along with hardcore “clean” or “natural” beauty fans who don’t like using any man-made chemicals on their faces. 

And now Biologi have released a brand new product - a cleanser - that looks, feels and yes, even tastes, completely different to any cleanser on the market. 

If you’ve got sensitive, reactive or painfully dry skin, we might have helped you find your next favourite cleanser! 

Why Biologi’s New Foaming Cleanser Is So Different:

Many traditional foaming cleansers use synthetic foaming agents to create that lovely frothy texture. 

But Biologi’s Refresh Cleanser, contains 99 per cent soapberry, a plant that actually naturally foams all by itself. 

“It is completely natural and 100 per cent active. You won’t find synthetic foaming agents, emulsifiers or filler ingredients in this product, it’s simply nature at its best and pure self,” says Biologi’s co-founder Ross Macdougald. 

The cleanser certainly foams all on its own, though you won’t get that same big puffy foam you’re used to in other foaming cleansers. 

“The small amount of foam that you see is simply how the soapberry extract foams naturally,” Ross explained. 

“So it comes out like a foaming cleanser, but when you massage it onto the skin it doesn’t feel like a foam - it feels silky. 

“Other brands create a foamy feeling by adding in synthetic foaming agents. However, it was really important to us to not compromise on our brand ethos by including any synthetic ingredients. So, what you get is nature providing us with a brilliant extract that foams mildly, but is gentle and good for the skin.”

And yes, because it is a natural fruit, the cleanser tastes sweet and is even safe to eat! Not that you'd really want to eat your cleanser... but just in case.

Does The Biologi Refresh Cleanser Take Makeup Off?

This cleanser is best used on its own in the morning on clean skin, or as the second step in your double cleansing routine at night. 

You could use a micellar water, oil cleanser, cleansing balm or microfibre cloth such as the Face Halo to remove makeup and surface grime, before using Refresh to actually wash your face and get deep into your pores. 

Biologi recommends you remove your “makeup, sunscreen, dirt and surface oil” first with a microfibre cloth, before using their cleanser. 

The best part? This cleanser treats your face while you wash it.

As well as working to wash away dirt, grime and sweat, soapberry is bursting with lots of other nourishing active ingredients. These help to treat and soothe the skin while you wash your face. 

“It really is a multi-beneficial extract that does a lot more than just cleanse,” Ross says. 

Amines: Powerful source of antioxidants that protect the skin against free radical and environmental damage, reduce blemishes while building moisture into the skin to avoid  it drying out, while also removing surface dirt and oil

Amino acids: These work to naturally condition skin while reducing redness and irritation.

Phenolic acids: Provide antioxidant protection, reduce redness and irritation, also plump the  skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Want To Try A Complete Biologi Routine?

Here's how to use the entire Biologi range together - consider it your complete Biologi x Adore Beauty routine:

Morning: Cleanse with Refresh, then apply Bqk Morning Radiance Serum, followed by your favourite sunscreen. 

Evening: Double cleanse your face, starting with a microfibre cloth and then washing with Refresh during your second cleanse. Onto clean skin, apply the Bqk Evening Radiance Serum, followed by Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum.

Add in the Biologi Rosehip Oil for extra hydration if needed, then a swipe of the Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum before bed (you can read our review of the lip serum here).

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