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Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum 30ml 30ml

4.8 of 24 reviews


$24.49 x 4

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$24.49 x 4

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum 30ml

Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum 30ml

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4.8 of 24 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it
I have been using on my 54 year old sun damaged skin and it is giving my skin a glow I haven’t had for a long time. I really, really love it and will be ordering more.
My 15 yr old has been using on her acne/pimples and within 7 days it appears to be making a positive difference.
  1. Love it

    I have been using on my 54 year old sun damaged skin and it is giving my skin a glow I haven’t had for a long time. I really, really love it and will be ordering more.
    My 15 yr old has been using on her acne/pimples and within 7 days it appears to be making a positive difference.
  2. Dewy complexion

    I have only been using this for a few days but love how dewy the texture is. It does remain sticky on your face so I can’t imagine applying under make up, but will try it after a week as per instructions. Waking up with this on, my skin feels amazing. Look forward to reviewing again after a few weeks use.
  3. Suprisingly nice!

    My concerns are dry skin and hyper pigmentation after my pregnancy. This serum gave me very nice moist skin when I woke up. I haven’t seen any improvement toward my pigmentation yet, but I know it would take some time, so I will continue to use it. Only two pushes and this level of moisturisation, I m pretty happy with it. ;)
  4. Nothing else like this

    At 40% pure vitamin c — there’s nothing else like this on the market! Great for pigmentation. Cost effective considering the concentration. Will buy again.
  5. Gave me dermatitis

    I really wanted to like this product given the lack of chemicals and additives. I used the Luminosity serum for approximately 5 weeks paying very particular care to the instructions provided by Biologi.
    Unfortunately I had to discontinue as my peri-oral dermatitis made a very unwelcome reappearance. My skin felt dry and was not happy.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to use again.
  6. Dry skin gone

    This is amazing for my dry skin, it really helps hydrate my skin and I prefer to use this at night so I wake up with hydrated skin.
  7. Most Luxurious Face Serum

    My biggest skin concerns are dryness, dullness and pigmentation and I tell you what within the first 2 weeks of using this my skin had never looked better! People had complimented my "glowing" skin and I could notice the difference myself but I think it's an obvious change if other people are also noticing. It can feel a little sticky the first few times you use that but let that put you off from what I've read that's totally normal with this product and it does stop once your skin is adjusted. The price may be off putting but the Biologi products have made me cut back on all the other serums/face oils/masks etc because you don't need all that extra skincare. Biologi has simplified my skincare routine!
  8. Best serum on the market

    This serum is my fave seriously makes your skin so healthy and glow!!
  9. Life changing!

    This serum/moisturiser has changed my skin! I pop this on after cleansing at night. My skin care has never been so easy :) It did feel a little sticky for the first week or so which they mentioned in product training is normal but once your skin adjusts to it - it's pure hydration juice! My skin is so much more softer, smoother and definitely less breakouts and congestion around the time of the month. Will definitely repurchase!
  10. Repairing the damage!

    After using the Bd serum I am already noticing significant changes in my 'problem areas'. Redness has decreased, blemishes are beginning to heal and my skin, which felt painful and tight before, now feels so much more relaxed and calm. It's easy to apply and as someone who is not known for my ability to stick to beauty regimes, I love that it is just ONE product. It makes me feel like this is doable and maintainable.
    Could this be the answer to my skin nightmares? Highly likely.
  11. Life Saver!

    LOVE this product!! As a pilot I find my skin constantly being dried out and dull being exposed to altitude and the air con systems flying every day. Since using the face serum my skin is glowing!! Highly recommend!
  12. Revolutionary

    Bd feels incredibly natural on the skin and is completely free from any chemicals!! It’s never failed to heal my face from dry skin, sunburn and pimples. It’s a must have in my skincare routine. It’s also a great substitute instead of moisturiser before applying makeup. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
  13. Don’t leave home without it

    This is one of my must haves each day and I take it everywhere with me. I must say I also take my bk serum to use when flying, as it stops that crisp feeling experienced when my skin dries out and my bf, to stop that itchy feeling on arms and legs.
  14. Worlds best face serum! Cannot recommend enough.

    I absolutely love Biologi's whole range but the Bd Luminosity is truely magical.. I have had no issues with acne, breakouts or unwanted pimples for over a year since I began using biologi's Bd on my face each morning. It's amazing all year round keeping my skin soft, hydrated, clear and bright. I no longer feel the need to wear make-up daily because I have an even skin tone that is naturally bright, hydrated and clear. The best part is, biologi's range are all single ingredient plant extracts.
  15. Reversed premature ageing

    These serums definitely reversed my signs of premature ageing caused by sun exposure. My skin is fairly oily and since using the serums for the last 2 years my breakouts are less frequent and my skin tone is more even.
  16. Perfect for sensitive skin

    I have very sensitive skin and can be prone to breakouts if I don't use good products. Biologi has made a massive difference to my skin. I apply this serum daily - it absorbs straight into my skin, its super hydrating and no oily residue or film is left. 100 % recommend trying this product if you haven't yet!
  17. Skincare we can both use

    My Girlfriend has been asking me to buy her all of the serums from Biologi and told me they were now stocked on Adore Beauty so thank you. She has been using them for a couple of months and the incredible change in her skin is amazing. Im now using them hence the reason I need to replace them.
  18. Wonderful product, friends and customers were commenting that my skin was glowing!

    Really love this product,
    it made me feel confident in my won skin, enough so to not have to wear Foundation to work, it is a nice dewy fresh feeling on your skin, doesn't feel oily, and definitely no concerns of dry skin, I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of winter last year and I wouldn't have survived without Biologi, I had friends and customers asking me in winter how my skin looked so good still! I told them my secret- Biologi! would recommend to all! can't get enough!
  19. Life Changing

    This product has totally changed my confidence, skin care routine and approach to skincare in general. I no longer get aggressive breakouts, any small pimples are gone sooner and I no longer wear makeup. It is beautiful to use and the team at biologi are super friendly and helpful. Love this product and brand!!
  20. Your Pigment Go To!!

    I’ve been using this product since 2016 through 2 pregnancies and I can not rave about it enough. I’m a Cosmetic Nurse and have used and been exposed to loads of products and nothing compares. This product hydrates and leaves the skin supple like no other.
  21. Wonderful product for sensitive skin

    This is the first serum that delivers on their promises. It has helped my highly reactive, sensitive skin to become a lot less inflamed and irritated. A little goes a long way
  22. Amazing, revolutionary Product!!!

    Ive been using this product for about 2 years now, my skins cleared up, its glowing, hydrated, and I feel confident! The best part, I haven't worn foundation in 2 years!

    Plus you can use these product in more ways you'd think! Some of my other favourite uses are for sunburn, as a lip balm, and on my tattoos to keep them moisturised and vibrant.

    I 100% recommend these products!

    Try it out for a month or 2 see the results for yourself! You will be amazed, and most importantly feel confident in your own skin!
  23. Lush, smooth and radiant glow

    Highly recommend this face serum which leaves a smooth radiant glow to your complexion. I love how this product only contains 100 per cent pure active plant ingredient and have really noticed the difference since applying this product twice daily from other skin care ranges that most commonly are not active and contain chemicals that cause irritations.
  24. This is strong!

    Consider this your warning, this is indeed a high strength product - work into your routine accordingly.

    I wasn't expecting much from this to be honest. I've a science background and a healthy skepticism for "if it's from nature it must be better" given that there are plenty of natural poisons out there. I also can't stomach a whole lot of "synthetic is bad" because synthetic doesn't start from nowhere - everything's natural, some things are more refined.

    The reviews are what compelled me to give this a go anyway. Man, people love this stuff.

    This is effectively an extremely concentrated antioxidant serum, all dervied from a plant that deserves far more publicity than what it gets.

    I can't find fault with this - the results for me were very similar to a certain $400 retinol. Bear in mind though, there's nothing much to correct on my skin to begin with (through skincare vigilance mind you!), though I looked very glowy the next day.

    It did make me react though - this is not something to put near your eye area lightly. I had angry redness near the outer corners of my eyes that didn't go away for a few days, both times I tried to use this. So, buyer beware - I think this reacted with the teary eyes I'm prone to getting near bedtime?

    I also don't know if I buy that you should use this without any other serum products as they suggest, as I paired this with a hyaluronic acid serum the second time I tried it, and my skin seemed thankful for the extra hydration the next day.

    Overall - a really good product! Just keep it away from your eyes.
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