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Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5ml 5mL

4.3 of 78 reviews


4 instalments of $6.00

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4 instalments of $6.00

Or 4 instalments of $6.00 with LEARN MORE

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A revolutionary, lightweight lip serum that uses Australian Red Finger Lime to hydrate, soften, protect and condition. 

  • Alcohol Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 82% recommend

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  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5ml Reviews

4.3 of 78 reviews

82% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Can't stop re-purchasing!


I cannot recommend this product enough. I'm on my second one now, and it is still better than ever. I use it morning and night (especially in this cold weather!), and I feel as though it sits really nice under lip balm or lipstick (once it's absorbed) - double the moisture!

Most Helpful Criticism

Great Idea - average execution


I was thrilled to find a lip serum, I have ongoing issues dry lips and lots of products make them dry & flakey (lipsticks, gloss, tints etc). The applicator is great and I love the true serum texture, rather than a balm. Absorbs nicely and makes lips feel nourished. However the results are not lasting & once absorbed lips start drying out again. it’s no different to just using Vaseline as needed.


  2. Can't stop re-purchasing!


    verified purchaser
    I cannot recommend this product enough. I'm on my second one now, and it is still better than ever. I use it morning and night (especially in this cold weather!), and I feel as though it sits really nice under lip balm or lipstick (once it's absorbed) - double the moisture!
  3. Hydrated plump lips


    I love this lip serum. My lips look and feel so hydrated. Don’t expect this to act as a balm as it’s not designed to stay on your lips it is a serum that penetrates the skin and hydrated from within.
  4. Hydrated plump lips


    I love this lip serum. My lips look and feel so hydrated. Don’t expect this to act as a balm as it’s not designed to stay on your lips it is a serum that penetrates the skin and hydrated from within.
  5. meh.. it's ok


    I was more excited about the idea of this than the actual product when it arrived. It seemed like such a good idea. But it's not that great. It's in a not great dispenser.
    It doesn't seem to do much. I don't know. The jury is out on this one. It's not terrible. It's not as good as I thought it would be.
  6. Loved this!


    This is very different from any other lip balms I have tried but I grew to love it. This is one of two lip products that can actually heal my extremely chapped lips!! I love it so much. I tend to use this at night I’ll put a few layers on and wake up with much better lips! I lost it for a while and my lips definitely noticed. This is now a staple in my routine.
  7. Beautiful hydrated lips


    This leaves my lips plump and hydrated. Doesn’t sit on your lips instead penetrates the skin on your lips to hydrate
    I have been asked if I’ve had lip filler but my lips are just plump because they are hydrated
  8. Lovely


    Great serum, makes my lips feel so soft and smooth and they don’t feel dried out afterwards.
  9. A little extra help for your lips


    verified purchaser
    This product is like a serum more than a balm. It doesn’t fix everything if you have exceptionally dry lips but seems to work a bit more like hyaluronic acid that you apply before a balm. It definitely soothes and hydrates quite well.
  10. MY PWDKWN!


    My sister bought us these and I was initially surprised at the thin consistency, however have been using it for a few months now and find myself constantly reaching for it. You just need to think of it like a serum not a balm. Same way you would use a serum for your face, under a thicker moisturiser or balm. At first I was liking it but not sure it was doing much, but my lips are surviving winter ...
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  11. Beautiful lip serum.


    I absolutely love this serum, it hydrates the lips so well but isn't sticky, the formula is a thin liquid. I haven't had dry lips once since using this serum despite it being winter and working in air-conditioning every day.
  12. Average


    Very lightweight serum texture. Nearly finish the whole product, but didn’t see any difference in my lips.
    Won’t repurchase.
  13. In the Lime Light


    I have chapped lips, and to try to fix it, I’ve tried every product available.

    Enter Biologi lip serum.

    The taste reminds me of the Bickford’s lime cordial I used to drink at my nans house in the summer.

    And as for my lips, for the first time ever, they’re keeping their “just been exfoliated feel” and it’s absolutely wonderful!
  14. Another serum for the collection


    Love the concept of this lip serum - single ingredient with a consistency that sinks easily into your pout. I adore the packaging and find myself reapplying frequently. I still use a more nourishing lip product before bed, but this is great to have on my desk.
  15. Lips absorb this serum


    I suffer from dry lips and have tried everythingggg. I love the serum texture and when my lips are really dry, straight upon application my lips absorb this serum like no tomorrow. I apply everynight before bed and the frequency of my dry lips have reduced. The only negative, as it is a serum, it slightly spreads past your lip line and if wearing makeup dissolves a thin line of makeup. Nonetheless...
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  16. Good but..


    I’ve been using this serum for a few weeks and was really wanting to love it after reading all the reviews. It’s light and feels great when it first goes on but as I’m looking for something moisturising I find I need to layer another product on top of it. I like the applicator and it smells great. I wouldn’t purchase this again.
  17. Absorbs well, a little goes a long way


    This serum lasts a long time. Even after 3 weeks of applying it morning & night, i still have half a tube left. Which to me is good value

    Spreads evenly, absorbs quickly, nice for a temporary moisture boost

    In the day time I use SPF lip balm over the top (after letting it dry). I think unless you're using sun protection on your lips as well, it's pointless to invest in...
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  18. Plump me up


    After using this lip serum I have noticed my lips look plumper and the colour or my lips looks healthier
    I’ve even been asked if I’ve had lip filler because they look so plump
  19. Perfect for Winter


    I bought this serum after hearing Hannah talk about it on the podcast and I love it!! I don't know if it actually does anything for plumping, but I do love the way it sinks in and doesn't sit on top like lip balms Ive used in the past. I would definitely re-purchase, especially in winter as I get such dry and cracked lips, but this has really prevented it.
  20. 100% recommend


    I've always had chapped lips, i've been using those cheap off-the-counter lipbalms in pharmacys and supermarkets but none of them helped with my very dry lips, unless they're too sticky and oily which i don't like. Bought this product based on the high ratings and good reviews, i think i've found THE lipbalm/ serum! It's been a week since i started using this product and my lips has never been so ...
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  21. It does work


    This product definitely does work to hydrate dry lips. I reapplied the serum regularly while at work and my lips went from crusty dry to feeling like normal lips. The texture is just sooo watery and sticky so unsure if I will repurchase
  22. Wow!


    This stuff is pretty amazing! I bought it a bit skeptical, but wow it really does what it says! I use it at night and sometimes during the day, and I really find it has hydrated my lips and I don't need to apply lanolips a thousand times a day (which I normally do!!!). And we're in the middle of winter! Amazing!
  23. Nourishes the lips


    This lip serum is beautiful! It is great for winter as it really nourishes the lips.
  24. WOW


    So innovative and love the pure ingredients- really softens and heals lips like no other
  25. Winter must have


    I bought this after Hannah recommended this on the podcast and I am very impressed. Worth the money, especially for winter. I love the clean ingredients list and the applicator is amazing. Biologi really has great packaging.
  26. Plump Lips


    Love this water-soluble lip treatment that is super clean in terms of ingredients! Tingles a little on first application, but afterwards, the tingle disappears. Such a great product, especially if you have extremely dry lips and leaves you with plump and juicy lips!
  27. Nourishing


    I bought this after hearing Hannah talk about it on the podcast. It's a lovely, hydrating serum, that leaves a slight tackiness to the lips, but soon sinks in. Tastes great and has kept my lips from cracking during the cold of winter. I especially like to layer it under a lip sleeping mask at night for that added boost.
  28. My new favourite


    It's cold where I live, and I love wearing lipstick - as a result my lips get super dry. I now use this as the last step in my bedtime routine and my lips are so much better! I just pop some on and go straight to sleep. It's so nice and light but also replenishing - when I wake up my lips still feel lovely and hydrated. Buy this - you'll thank yourself later!
  29. Beautiful serum


    I can understand why others may not like this serum as when you first use it, it’s quite unfamiliar. It’s sort of watery but it doesn’t dry up yet it feels soooo hydrating. 100% recommend trying if you have the money as it’s a bit pricey
  30. Not revolutionary at all


    Not a standalone lip product and not really complementary either. I struggle to find the point of this. I understand the purpose of serums and that they’re meant to be part of a multi step regimen, but I can’t say that this serum brings anything special to the table. I’m surprised to see all the rave reviews as this does nothing for me.
  31. A great all-natural lip serum


    This product is a true serum- it doesn't get sticky or need rubbing in; I find it is quickly absorbed by my lips and has made a noticeable difference. I have been using this every evening for over a month now and have seen an improvement in the hydration of my lips, especially now that the cold weather has hit. I also currently apply it around my nose where it is irritated from the weather and tis...
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  32. Soft lips without the feeling of a balm


    Soaks in fast and leaves my lips feeling hydrated, soft and supple without the feeling of having a heavy balm on the skin. I feel like it has a longer lasting effect than balms than sit on the surface.
  33. Soft and supple lips


    I have been on the search for a product that would help heal my very chapped and peeling lips all year round. This is the first time I've tried a lip serum so the texture is new to me. As a serum it has a slightly watery consistency and absorbs quite quickly into the lips leaving you with extremely soft and supple lips. I noticed a difference after 2 applications. I generally use it in the morning...
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  34. Beautiful


    Love this lip serum I put it on at night before bed and in the day I use it underneath my lanolips! Love that it is finger lime!
  35. My holy grail


    With the winter breeze, I use this religiously. Lip balm just don't work as good as lip serum.
  36. Whoever thought of serum for lips is a genius!


    Yes, yes and yes. I love this lip serum. It absorbs into your lips - but not before you have a moment to taste it - and boy does it taste good! Knowing it is vegan means I don't mind when I eat it (because anything that goes on your lips, inevitably ends up in your mouth) so at least I have peace of mind knowing my lip serum has no nasty's in it that are going to end up in my body. It nourishes my...
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  37. Not a fan


    Wanted to like this but not a fan. It goes on like water but doesn't sink in or feel hydrating. Not sure if a coincidence but I broke out really bad around my lips within couple of days of starting to use.
  38. very moisturizing


    This is super easy to travel with and you only need a little to keep your lips hydrated all day!
  39. A nice product


    My lips are always dry, though particularly so in the cooler weather.

    This product does make my lips feel more soft, as others have said it is quite runny and definitely more of a 'serum' than a traditional lip balm. While it does feel hydrating at time of application this lasts maybe around an hour, and if I'm going to bed I will still apply a night balm on the top as this feels mor...
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  40. I don’t love this at all


    I was quite disappointed with this product. Tastes HORRIBLE, metallic and bitter. I don’t see any significant improvements in my lips either. Won’t buy again unfortunately.
  41. Not a fan


    I bought this after hearing it on the Podcast as I have dry skin and lips that get worse in winter. Unfortunately I'm not a fan, the consistency is too waterey the only difference to just applying water is that it has sweet botanical smell. I've also had two big pimples appear on the edge of my lip since using it that has never happened before.
  42. No difference


    I really wanted to love this product.. The applicator makes it easy to apply and I love the serum texture. It absorbs well however after a few weeks of using it I haven't noticed any difference to my lips. Definitely a little disappointed
  43. Solid lip serum with consistent results


    I tend to get dry lips that get irritated by a lot of balms I have tried. Decided to give this a try after hearing about it via the podcast. I really like the consistency as it is quite light & absorbs well. The packaging is good although I’m not a huge fan of the applicator pad texture.

    I have been applying nightly as part of my routine and have seen results. My lips are less cracke...
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  44. The tequila shot to my reg lip balm.


    At the start I wasn't sold. I was using it throughout the day and it didn't feel like it was doing anything crazy for me. I was also so used to feeling a balm on my lips whereas this soaks straight in!
    I changed up and started to use it only at night and morning and was seeing much better results. At night I pair it with my balm and it's perfect!!! It gives my balm that extra kick which I wa...
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  45. Not a balm, but better.


    The texture of this serum is so interesting. Balms etc, are always so sticky and shiny and can take ages to sink in, this however goes on almost like a slightly thicker version than water, sinks in super fast and then feels like nothing. However, so hydrating and has stopped the peeling/cracking that usually happens to my lips in the super cold weather around this time where I live. I have one to ...
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  46. Impressed!


    This arrived in the mail today, after I listened to the beauty IQ podcast. I believe Hannah recommended this. I’ve used it twice today and already my lips appear less cracked and feel more nourished than if I was to use lip balm alone. Plus I feel boujie AF using a lip serum!
  47. Interesting little lip serum


    This was my first Biologi product and first lip serum purchase ever, so I went in with no idea what to expect (but deep down, very high hopes). Love the idea of natural and clean skincare - big win. The serum is more on the thinner side so don't do what i did and twist the applicators life away as the serum sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you've got too much to work with. Post my initial mess...
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  48. Nice to Try


    I've always used lip balms but thought I would give this one a try thinking it might be similar but it is absolutely nothing like a lip balm - in a good way! It has more of a liquid texture and goes on really smooth, the applicator is really good too. I haven't noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my lips and still use a lip balm regularly throughout the day. I've been using this ...
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  49. This is my PWDKWN


    Who knew I needed a lip serum! This product has become a beauty staple, particularly as the weather becomes cooler. It absorbs really quick, and has a really sweet taste, which I don't mind. I love that the ingredients are simple. I let it absorb before putting on my lip balm and then I am ready for the cold winter days.
  50. I want to love this but....


    I honestly bought this after listening to the podcast with high hopes. It is lovely and tastes lovely but is not that moisturising. It's ok but I think my lips just need more. I find lip balm with HA work better and cost about half of what this does.
  51. Great lip serum


    So I bought this after reading Joana’s article and didn’t think highly of it. Then I listen to the podcast and it’s was Hannah’s PWDKWN and Hannah said give a week. So I did and it’s amazing especially in this cold Melbourne weather. My lips feel supple! Love it! Just bought another one as a backup! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  52. makes your lips super smooth


    makes your lips super smooth and hydrated, really liked this!
  53. Different but good different


    The texture of this really surprised me! But I love it! Great and long lasting for work in air con as lips crack if I don’t look after them in air con. Always carry this on me now. Great price too!
  54. Nourishing and moisturizing


    I have been looking for a nourishing lip balm for ages, one that really soaks in and doesn’t leave any glossy/oily residue - and I’ve found it! I use it morning and night and my lips haven’t been softer (the sweet taste is an added bonus!)
  55. Amazing long-term benefits


    I have perpetually dry lips and this is such an amazing long-term solution. I like how it absorbs into your lips, it feels like it is penetrating really well. I've noticed my lips are the most hydrated they've been in a very long time!
  56. Holy grail lip serum


    I love this. My lips can get super dry and wind-burned especially in winter, I also constantly wear matte liquid lipstick. I hate lip gloss and lip balm though, this lip serum is everything I ever needed. It goes on easily with the sponge applicator and it soaks in really quickly, so I don't gave to put up with any stickiness. Personally I also enjoy the mild bitter-sweet taste.
  57. lovely


    feels super nice on the lips. love the smell and the packaging. it’s very unique, would buy again
  58. Not even worth half a star


    I cannot believe I was charged $24 for this. I love lip balms/serums, and I was excited to try this after reading about it. As soon as I opened it up the product just ran everywhere, it was like water. The taste was so so disgusting. Very disappointed with this. Cannot use at all
  59. Super smooth and long lasting


    I really love this serum! It's in such convenient packaging and it's super easy to use and carry around. Once you pop it on your lips it soaks in quickly but still keeps your lips moisturised for a long time. It's not heavy so I love using it throughout the day when I'm doing a lot of talking, eating, drinking water etc. As it soaks in fast, it doesn't wear off and keeps the moisture in while doin...
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  60. Delicious, but mixed emotions!


    First and foremost, we love Biology! Unfortunately, when I first started using the product I was left a little underwhelmed. It is very thin in consistency and leaves a slightly sticky residue when it drys. I was using it during the day but have recently moved to morning and night and the results are much better! Leaving it overnight leaves my lips plump and rejuvenated in the morning, however, I...
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  61. Effective Lip Serum


    Within a day of using this serum, my cracked lips have calmed down. They were finally healing. This is the first time I have used a lip serum, and it does wonders. Easy to apply, feels light and definitely repairs the lips. This can easily be worn under lipstick or lip balm. Has a sweet taste that I'm not a fan of, but after a while you get used to it. I recommend this product to anyone who has be...
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  62. Love this lip serum


    I’m in love with this serum. I put it on every night as a part of my skincare regime and I wake up with plump and juicy lips. I have definitely noticed the difference and cannot go without it now. It gives my lips this lovely natural colour and kind of outlines my lips. When you put it on it sinks in quite quickly and feels almost dry but once you get past this you’ll love it. it Great value for m...
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  63. Plump luscious lips


    I was sceptical at first about this lip serum especially because it was rather expensive
    Once I started using it I realised it was with every cent
    My lips are hydrated soft and more plump
  64. WOW


    Never tried a Lip Serum before but saw it was a recommended product on Adore Beauty. Gave it a go and wow, this is amazing! My dry lips are gone! I apply it twice a day (morning and evening) and cannot recommend this product enough!
  65. Great Idea - average execution


    I was thrilled to find a lip serum, I have ongoing issues dry lips and lots of products make them dry & flakey (lipsticks, gloss, tints etc). The applicator is great and I love the true serum texture, rather than a balm. Absorbs nicely and makes lips feel nourished. However the results are not lasting & once absorbed lips start drying out again. it’s no different to just using Vaseline as needed.
  66. Hydrating


    I find that the serum has worked really well in keeping my lips hydrated and has definitely helped them to stop cracking, however I tend to end up reapplying lip balm not too long after as it absorbs so quickly and I prefer the creamier feel of a balm.
  67. Very light moisture


    It is definitely a serum texture as opposed to a lip balm. I like to use it when I don’t want the heavy balm feeling. The moisturising effect is reasonable and I think it would be great to put under lip stick. It also gives a subtle healthy shine. The design of the product and packaging is appealing. The sponge applicator is great for applying.
  68. Another banger


    Love this lip serum...not at all texture I expected...absorbs nicely...not oily not sticky and I love even when it absorbs I don’t feel like I need to put more on...sooo nourishing
  69. Wow


    I love the idea of having a lip SERUM, how revolutionary is that? I love how it sinks deep into your lips and truly nourishes them. The sweet taste is lovely too.
  70. Great lip serum


    This is a beautiful and nourishing lip serum that really helped heal my dry cracked lips over night, one of few lip products that really work.
  71. Unsure


    this is such a different texture - it's a liquid, not the usual gel, so it is absorbed within a few minutes. I have issue with most lip balms because they tend to make my lips dryer. this did that the few time i used it but since then I've not had that issue, so that's a plus, I'm just not sure it's made them super moist (although I only use it once a day)
  72. Very effective!


    This lip serum is very hydrating! It's definitely a serum and not a balm to it does feel quite "wet" when first applied but it sinks into the skin within a minute or two. Little to no stickiness and super effective. I find it best to turn the notch at the bottom and then wait a minute for the serum to soak the applicator tip as this seems to ensure you get the most product distribution.
  73. Super hydrating


    I actually am struggling to find the words to tell you how badly you need to have this amazing lip serum! It was a different texture to what I expected but really loved the feeling, my lips were hydrated instantly and the feeling lasted for hours!
  74. The only lip treatment you need


    Game changer! I applied this product for the first time last night and I'm very impressed. You need only apply the tiniest amount and the results are evident the very next day. Being water based, the serum is quite fluid, yet easy to apply with the applicator. I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet taste that imparts from this serum. My lips were aglow but not sticky. Looking in the mirror ...
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  75. A beautiful lip serum


    This is actually the first lip serum I have ever tried and it is just magnificent and really nothing else compares after using it. My once dry old lips look so lovely and smooth.
  76. Nourishing


    This is a beautiful and nourishing lip serum that really helped heal my dry cracked lips over night
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